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Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

First and foremost, and from the off, I think I have to say that whatever is decided no one should be viewed as 'any more' or 'any less' of a fan for whatever they do decide to do next - being viewed as one or the other is incredibly unfair for me...

Granted, if a decision NOT to go next season - assuming there is a next season, which there would be if what is meant to happen does happen! - is based upon Portsmouth Football Club being s***e and playing in league one, as we probably will be, so the clubs is not 'glamorous enough for you' is the decision then I am in total agreement that your loyalty and support levels suck, and should be questioned!

So, it looks like Balram Chainrai is going to become a 'reluctant owner' again then?

What a dilemma this will leave, probably, many people with!

Lets make it clear this guy is not to blame entirely for our problems is he, well he did not start our decline lets put it that way. He has 'put money into the club' but has also not always done things to help us, far from it. Remember this same guy has put us into administration once, and had a hand on putting us into it a second time.

Although lets also make it clear that he returns for one reason, and one reason only - MONEY!

Ok, fair enough he put money into the club - conspiracy theories about his motives and/or him actually doing this or not need to be put on hold for the purposes of what I write - so you cannot blame him for wanting this back. What sits incredibly uncomfortably with me is the fact that having played his part in our most recent history, and the troubles that have come about as a result, is that he would be allowed to come back in by the football league to 'potentially' just take what he can before again 'potentially' leaving us for dead again!

More disturbing is that some would 'welcome him back with open arms'...

He would 'reluctantly' clearly be coming back in clearly to see that the club stays afloat merely long enough for him to ensure that his parachute payments, via the agreed CVA, are made to him with any player of any value sold to enable him to claw back more of that money, as much as he can before accepting a more 'minimal' loss on his 'investment'.

Like I say you cannot blame him for wanting his money back - the conspiracy theories about how much actually has gone in, and to whom remain though and some answers still need giving - but can you blame people for deciding 'enough is enough' and being against renewing season tickets, or buying matchday tickets for games at Fratton Park?

Doing so out of fear that they believe they know exactly what is going on with the 'possible', maybe even 'probable' outcome being that we end up in the same position as we are now some 18-24-months down the line anyway, with quite literally no way whatsoever out this time?

For me going to Fratton Park at the moment is not even something you need to question - the club quite literally needs every penny to survive, so to stay away is totally wrong. Assuming Chainrai does return then that need for payment is not so great, with the more we put in the more he takes out before, quite possibly if not probably leaving us for dead. Then again every penny he takes is also penny less that we 'owe' him!

On the other hand could a 'reluctant owner' be what PFC needs to once and for all sort us out?

Put it this way we can quite safely say that he will put very little money in, and whatever he did would likely be in form of a 'loan' to further build up debt, so that would be pointless for him to build up too much of this as he would actually end up being no better off.

He will quite safely sell whatever, and whoever, he can and players coming in will be free agents, cheap as chips or loans all with minimal outlay in terms of fees and wages - as they should been anyway for the past 12-24-months. We were lead to believe this was the case, with the football league paying particular attention to this?

Quite clearly, with a £12m annual wage bill, no due care and attention was being paid with the monies dished out, with the football league not monitoring this at all, since our last brush with administration!

So it is actually feasible that we will, for the first time in a long time, see this club run within its means...

The likelihood is that, even if relegation does not come this season, relegation from the championship will come next season? If we are already in league one, as it looks like we very well will be, we could have a struggle to stay in that division.

As Chix pointed out in a year or two, if we can last that long, all the high earners will be completely gone, as they will be out of contract - so yep it would be a major struggle for a while, and chances are we slip further down the football league pyramid but 'if' we do this within our means, depending on the level of debt left behind when Chainrai finally does leave having recouped as much as he feels he can, we may well have an outside chance of coming out of it with some life once he finally rides off into the sunset.

That is exactly what we need, for Chainrai and Sacha Gaydamak to finally ride off into the sunset once and for all...

I do not like, nor do I trust, Chainrai - the man is a proven liar!

He promised to personally pay-off all the small creditors below £2,500, including some charities, after out last administration but did he do this? Did he b******s! He saddled this upon the club. Now that is as low as it gets, promising to pay these small unsecured creditors that were in desperate need of the money, as said some charities, but then not do this.

His return, should this happen, stinks and it is not something that I 'hope for' or something that I 'want' in the slightest but if it is that or liquidation what would I prefer?

Liquidation, and Pompey going out of business - even if starting a fresh seems the most realistic option of riding ourselves of these parasites, and seems to me almost 100% certainly the only way we can prosper - when all is said and done is not something that I want, not something I want at all!

Whilst I fear we may well face this anyway after another period of limping along, if it were possible that 'minimal investment' with a downward spiral that followed, eventually allowed us to have a sustainable future as PFC as we know it then in a perverse way is Chainrai the best option for this?

Well, as it stands he is the only option between us being liquidated and living on anyway, good or bad!

It might be only a shell of PFC left over but is a shell better than nothing. By that I mean you cannot really prefer, as much as you might dislike and distrust Chainrai, us going bust over carrying on, even if it is only limping along?

I absolutely hate the thought of us doing this, limping along, for another year or so and then going pop anyway, but as much as I keep stressing it 'seems' it is out only way out I do not willingly want us to go bust...

Whilst I fully appreciate the gravity of our position, and understand the nature of the process of administration, if Chainrai is genuinely coming back in - even if it is as a 'reluctant owner' surely a stipulation of this is that the loaning out of players, within reason, is put on hold for a couple of weeks at least?

As I understand it the loan window is open until the end of March, lets at least get nearer to this before the 'fire sale' really kicks in, or continues depending on which was you view it! Reluctant owner or not surely it must be preferential to remain in this division, even if it is only for one more season?

Continued player departures, especially the 'better players' yet 'lesser paid' will do little to help our relegation fight and relegation will do little to help even a reluctant owner offload the club, well this depends on the nature of the would be owner to follow, and I would hazard a guess that you can get what I am getting at with my 'nature' of owners thoughts...

Like I say if we get to Coventry and that result goes against us, and if others have, and we are pushing on for 10pts, or more, adrift then fair enough loan out more players but the way I see it surely - deferred payments or not - PFC will have to pay the wages for March anyway, right?

Without any shadow of a doubt any player that could be offloaded in the summer will, but lets just have one last fighting chance of avoiding relegation - this is in every bodies best interests Chainrai!

One thing that we can quite safely say is a return to Portsmouth Football Club of Balram Chainrai, the rights or wrongs of this, will without a doubt divide the fans massively and that is the last thing that is needed for this club.

Like I said at the very, very beginning of this waffle it is essential that people view whatever decision is made as a personal one and everyone has the right to do this with no one labelled any more or any less of a fan whatever they decide, nor should anyone presume to speak for others...


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Date:Tuesday March 6 2012
Time: 1:10PM


Thats an interesting article Rug, but I still believe that the club needs to be kept afloat, and BC will not be the worst person we could have in charge. If we all look back through Pompey's history we have been down to Div 4 and returned, been in administration umpteen times and sold for a pound! This old girl is a fighter and it's life blood is the fans. Player manager and owners come and go but the fans are always there, whether glory hunters or die hards, that's where the income is found to carry on. And I believe that if the club is liquidated that will be the end of the club at Fratton Park. Just look up the road, Scum went down to League 1 and have slowly pulled their way back up and will probably be in the Prem next year. So if they can do it, why can't we? Lowe was hated by the fan's but he bought them a long way. A true fan will continue to support the club however they can and thats what we should all be doing!
06/03/2012 13:40:00
at times i did not even know what i was going to write with what i wrote i just blurted it out - but, for all the waffle, have i not basically said i want the club to stay afloat come what may tho Phill?
06/03/2012 13:46:00
I agree that its important to keep the poor old club alive and keep fighting for it. It is terminally ill, and it seems that the medicine that might save it is hard to take, ie Chanrai, but I believe we have to. If we are going to die, please lets at least complete the season. I do agree about not loaning out any more players and giving us a fighting chance at avoiding relegation - wouldn't that be something to cheer about!
06/03/2012 14:12:00
"have i not basically said i want the club to stay afloat come what may tho Phill?" - it's difficult at times to know what you want, Rug. You sway with the wind. You say you can't physically support Pompey with BC at the helm and that it's your right to stay away. But isn't that a tad hypocritical when last week the non-attendees were being slagged off? Wasn't that their right also? Phill is spot on with his comments about fans.
06/03/2012 14:19:00
This goes to the heart of the subject that most fans sadly are arguing about at the moment. The vast, mostly silent, majority would accept anyoine who will keep the club alive, the small minoity are attempting to organise boycotts if Chainrai returns.

It is now well known that the Fan's Conference were asked by TB to vote on this last Saturday and let me make this clear they did NOT vote either way but agreed to seek a meeting with Chainrai organised by the City Council leader to find out his plans and perhaps get answers to questions that have been long standing.

I was there remember so believe NO other version.

Me I agree with Phil that we must be True fans and support our club - but remember it is our club but we don't own it we are simply the customers.
06/03/2012 15:43:00
Theres an old marketing maxim Eastneydave, and that is "The customer is King" There is only one thing BC is interested in and that is to get his money back and get out of Pompey FC. Nothing else. We will still be here long after BC, SG, PS, MM and all the other bad apples that have ripped our club to shreds..
06/03/2012 16:51:00
thats the problem blue so much changes, and so quickly so it changes views quickly. i have not once said that i WANT the club to fold have i tho, my views have always been that i want us to live on but fear we will not regardless so ultimately starting again is 'probably' going to be the eventual outcome?

still totally disagree with you tho that not going now and not going if/when chainrai takes over is the same thing!!
we are in administration and EVERY penny quite literaly keeps us afloat at the moment. so i think it is different NOT going now and NOT going next season under chainrai's ownership.
06/03/2012 17:43:00
This does make painful reading but you do still have a chance if BC returns. Us Saints in the majority do not want to see you fold as we would not have a local derby to have banter with and score points off every now and then.
06/03/2012 18:24:00
MONEY!!!!! As if it's a bad thing. It's the one thing I go to work for! Really don't get why everyone's so anti BC. He didn't put us in admin, the board did. If they hadn't HMRC would've liquidated PFC. It's the way the world works. As for BC wanting his cash back, why not. If any of you want to laend me £1k - and not want it back I'll be pleased to meet you. BC is a businessman but by putting money into PFC he's made the mistake of his life and he knows it. He realises he'll never see £17m again, He will take an offer without doubt. Sadly there's nobody else about with any money. Now if there's to be a boycott, good. It'll save me having to listen to "get out of our club" incessantly. Some people believe the hype that's been written about them. If BC does go and PFC phoenix is formed then at least I'll only have a few yards to watch us at Fareham Town. Football is a rich man's plaything (sadly) or we can put up with a level of football our pathetic gates will pay for -12k attendence = 3rd or 2nd Div (in old money). Gates have been at that level for all my life. The sleeping giant hasn't awoken in the 40+ years I've been at Fratton.
06/03/2012 19:35:00
Rug, quote "Is Chanrai the answer. I say thanks but no thanks as I cannot see that he is! I love this club, I always have and always will, but I cannot take seeing us limp on much longer – much like a loved one you do not want, nor can you stand, to see pain inflicted, or them in pain, time and time again..." I took that to mean you would rather the club die than limp along under BC. I'm sorry if I misinterpreted.
06/03/2012 19:38:00
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