Portsmouth - Not cut and dried yet?
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Not cut and dried yet?

Right, after the initial influx of thoughts and reports 'perhaps' - even if it does 'seem' likely it will be him - there is no 100% certainty that our new owner will even be Joseph Cala is there?

Like I say it 'seems' like it will be but though.

All we can base this on is a series of articles in The News, try as they might they are hardly the most reliable of sources - with all due respect, the thing that seems to be making more think it will be Cala is 'The Man from Atlantis' talking to The Telegraph...

'Cynical' and 'sceptical' are words that have been used as to how we could, even should, view him - and I think that is more than fair.

'Eccentric' has also been used within the media, and words of a stronger nature by many of us online...

Calls for him to 'be given a chance' have come from some, and to be fair this has to be the case, but you do get tired of this being the case time and time again, we have heard this about previous owners, and said we will do this and look what we have ALWAYS been left with.

Of course should Cala become our owner I will give him this time but my gut instinct, maybe driven more by his wild claims and plans coupled with our 'previous' leaves me fearful of what the future would bring under him?

Put it this way I cannot see it being a bright one...

One thing that I will credit him with are his thoughts on '8 players earning too much!'

The wages, absolutely ludicrous amounts, that we have dished out over the years has been a major contributing factor to our downfall, and with too many still earning way over the odds this will continue to hurt us.

As much as I loved The Herminator I am under little illusion that he was still among one of our top earners so it was right for him to go, one down seven to go?

My issue with his (Cala's) wage thoughts are that it, as history has proven, is all very well saying you want this or that high earner to leave but actually getting them to go is another matter!

We are then left with the problem of actually having to sell the better quality players, albeit on less money, that are more important to us in order to bring money in. So unless we can manage to offload these big earner you do fear that the likes of Joel Ward and Jason Pearce, who should form part of our longer-term future, will be sacrificed out of necessity as much as anything...

I think that we all know we are up to our necks in brown stuff and possibly, maybe even probably, under Cala this will not improve?!

Giving a whole 'lets give him a chance' speech is not something I will do.

I worry, I seriously worry what our future will be should he come in but if it is a future under him or no future at all you then have to make that decision, in line with Tim's poll really, what is it that you want more?

Do you want a Pompey that will limp on for a little longer, with an outside chance of recovering, or would you want us put out our misery once and for all?

Putting us out of our misery is something that I have said 'seems' our only option, and the thought of us lurching from further crisis to crisis already leaves me drained but I know it is an easy conclusion to know that that I do not want Portsmouth Football Club to die!

So, after serious contemplation even if this will happen in the future, as difficult as it will be, I know that I would sooner we did limp along really, the pain, suffering and misery it would cause could be unbearable but what can you do?!

Should we eventually go under I know, sure as night follows day, that I would follow a newly formed PFC come what may!

Cala does not seem 'credible', far from it, but whilst he is by far our 'preferred option' there is nothing 100% certain to say that he is Admin Andy's preferred option, should it transpire that he is 'the only option' then we take a deep breath I guess, strap ourselves in and see where we end up...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 18 2012

Time: 2:23PM

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Worried to the point i've almost given up...
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18/01/2012 14:41:00

I absolutely do not want the club to go out of business, I don't agree with this self flagellation thing that seems to feel we fans deserve this thing to happen to cleanse ourselves. Nope I'm quite happy that we limp along for 2 years or so long enough to pay off the CVA and those small creditors, and club employees.
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18/01/2012 14:48:00

For what we are about to receive, heaven help us!!! If we were a child, we would be in care or a horse, we would be glue!!!
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18/01/2012 15:40:00

Russ.. I'm with you on that completely ... Rug I wouldn't follow a newly formed PFC if we died .. Can you just imagine all those self serving busy bodies who would want their piece of the limelight .. jeez it makes me shudder to even think about it .. I'd spend my money visiting the grounds of the 91 clubs that are left in the league (those I've not already done) ... far more enjoyabe.. Anyway it ain't gonna happen .. Even if it is Cala (which I hhope it isn't) .. I'd give him a chance .. but what we must not do is cut our noses off to spite our face .. i.e. hound Cala so much .. he gets *****ed off and walks aways .. in my book money is money .. I don't really care where it has come from or where it is going as long as I can watch Pompey ... and If I can't .. so be it !
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18/01/2012 16:09:00

The problem with a lot of pompey fans is they had it Easy & been spoilt over the last 15yrs or so. when we were in the PL we all moaned about the prawn sarny brigade they moaned about westwood. now we are moaning about the owners creditabillity i think its time for a reality check guys we have the same club that we had 30yrs ago & its a shambles. but hey i can remember watching pompey in the old 4th division & do you what i really enjoyed it. so if we end up turning full circle all you moaners probally around 30 or younger need to get a grip you aint seen nothing yet. we are pompey no one likes us everyone hates us . thats what we used to sing in FE . bring it on Aldershot away on a tuesday night what mouth watering prospect
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18/01/2012 16:19:00

Now you are talking Rob(sea-juicer) Aldershot away!!
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18/01/2012 16:43:00

Forget all the reasons quoted everywhere for not wanting Cala. I would not want him for one simple reason. He is a LOUDMOUTH, no thanks. We have had them in the past and we have seen all the damage they inflict on the club. CSI, excluding the money problems ran PFC in a very acceptable manner.
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18/01/2012 17:22:00

It is rather that it is hard to see where Cala has got his money from, which leads me to think he doesn't have very much of it. An owner with limited funds is fine if he is business savvy. However, the only real evidence of a business track record we can see is Cala p1ssing away many millions on a business to build underwater hotels. It is so laughable it isn't real. So I don't think he is savvy. So I'm left thinking that Cala has no money or business savvy. So why should I give him a chance?? Why must we give every Tom, Dick & Harry a chance when all evidence points to the fact that he is a laughing stock & will only further damage our club? If someone can put a reasonable case forward for why we should then I'm all ears.
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18/01/2012 17:44:00

Ok I'm not keen on this guy but there are some positives- 1) CVA will start to be paid, therefore the debt will get smaller as time goes by and payments are payed! 2) His ownership and investment could avoid a points deduction, of which would see us in the relegation zone! 3) Avoid losing Ward and Pearce 4) Avoid administration 5) We have a club to support! I'll say again Im not for this man but what is the other option??? Remember this is a club in 10's of millions of pounds in debt in second tier football - are you surprised no 'sensible' wealthy buyers have come forward? Cala appears to be our best option! Risky and perhaps ugly? ... Probably, but we have to deal with it! A point I'll highlight is this man will pay off installments of the CVA and therefore lowering debt and making us a more attractive buy for future!
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18/01/2012 18:35:00

If Pompey FC was a TV mini-series, it would be panned for being unbelievable and unrealistic. And now the writer would be crucified for the predictability. Guess what.. there's another new owner, and he's dodgy! What a suprise! If I could I'd switch channels, but I can't because I'm Pompey Til I Die.
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18/01/2012 20:08:00

I sent this to AA's email today and got a pretty quick reply. To Mr Andronikou I may not be able to put it as eloquently as some, but as Portsmouth FC fans we are pleading with you not to do 'business' with the self publicist dreamer that is Joseph Cala. The Portsmouth Evening News, hopefully, are 'barking' up the wrong tree, and if so then ignore my email, but if it is true then you seem to be putting us in a more precarious position than before with CSI. You stated that the potential buyer wanted to remain unidentified and then this joker comes out the woodwork with his dreams of 'top four' premier league positions one day, then next that we are paying players too much as it is. His plans to 'float' us on stock exchange are more likely to sink us as its never worked with better potential football clubs, and his business background does nothing for us, 'realists' to believe in, when he's supposedly investing his money in ridiculous unsellable floating (but not 'sailable') casinos. Giving this man our club is like chucking your house on a roulette spin, although I think we'd have a better chance with that. If he really is 'the' contender then we obviously have no other options because the guy just doesn't come over as credible. PS We keep getting told by similarly 'famous' potential owners (but supporters of the club at least ie Brian Howe etc) that they did not even get the chance to bid (or what ever the term is) for the privilege
Super Bock 1898
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18/01/2012 23:12:00

The reply :- I am not ignoring your email and I fully understand your concerns. Please be rest assured that we will do the very best for the Club. We are here and have been here for nearly two months to talk to interested parties. Everybody who has shown an interest has been given the same opportunities to exploit their interest. Some parties however have rather concentrated on talking to the fans through blogging sites than to talk to us? Mr Cala is not our preferred bidder because we haven't got one. The only matter that concerns us is to find a party in the very short term to finally bring some stability to the club and believe me after saving this club from the clutches of the revenue two years ago why would anyone think that we would risk the clubs future by putting it in the hands of someone reckless
Super Bock 1898
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18/01/2012 23:13:00

Aldershot away-4yh division-lost the home match in front of massive crowd (24000) played at the Rec - april bank holiday i think- i was in Bolton staying with friends- had tickets for new band to me that they followed all over Manc land( along with the Fall) called Joy Division- i said no mate we got Aldershot away- see them next time i am up- we win at the rec hoards of Pompey fans- about a 100 mods with blue scarve passed us..saw our village copper on duty there ( Im from Overton the nearesr clubs were Shots, then Reading, then Scum, then PFC and Oxford about the same)..gave Colin Garwood a massive reception ( our top scorer who had transfered following rumours of an extra marital affair within the club)..we win..hooray..Ian curtis passes away -never to see that JD gig-did see New Orders first gig at Hacienda though-not the same though
plymouth graham
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19/01/2012 07:52:00

20/01/12. According to The News, Cala has pulled out. Was he ever in?
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20/01/2012 14:38:00


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