Portsmouth - O'Driscoll 'keen' but Jones it is?
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O'Driscoll 'keen' but Jones it is?

The News has said that Sean O'Driscoll has 'applied' for the Pompey job but Dave Jones is going to be the new manager I reckon - and that is an appointment I would be happy with.

WOTS, and plenty of weekend 'rumours' seem to support the fact that it is he that will take on the challenge at Fratton next...

Lets look at it this way, taking these factors into account.

He is a manager with a good track record, and is proven at this level - and to be fair he has even done ok at a higher one, so has done well throughout the English league pyramid.

He can get his sides playing decent and entertaining football - and being 'entertained' for my money paid is something I want more of.

He even has a bit of personality about him without being overly cocky or arrogant (sorry Cotts, no 'dig' at you...honest!)

Jones 'seems' to tick most, if not all, of the boxes that David Lampitt said that a new manager needed to tick.

Some will argue we could 'do better' but more importantly, and dare I even say realistically, we could do a lot worse, right?

Forget the fact that he is a former 'scummer' - I suspect he does not remember his time with them that fondly to be honest! - and remember that he is now a 'skate' and back him, assuming he does of course get the job...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 17 2011

Time: 10:31AM

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On what basis is Dave Jones going to be appointed.. Sticking ya neck out on this one a bit Ruggers.. All I've heard is word of mouth rumours that have been elaborated at ever turn.. I think this is a bit of 'carried away' gossip mongering by Pompey fans
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17/10/2011 11:05:00

.. and as for O'Driscoll .. one win in 19 games when sacked from Donnie .. Wasn't that some peoples problem with Cotterill ?
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17/10/2011 11:07:00

based on what lampitt has said someone like jones, like i say, ticks the boxes...
i know people often 'mock' WOTS but if this tells you that he is one of a couple 'approached' it tends to make you think it more likely? so, i guess this - coupled with lampitts thoughts - is what lead me to this conclusion.
is 'sitting on the fence' something that you often criticise me for chixy, well surely this is the opposite. a 'hunch' i guess like you and your previous hunches with eriksson but more likely ;-)
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17/10/2011 11:18:00

totally agree on o'driscoll tho, would not want him tbh.
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17/10/2011 11:18:00

I saw Peter Reid at Fratton Park before the game... ;-)
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17/10/2011 11:29:00

Dave Jones was at the club ahead of the game on Saturday. He was escorted to his car behind the Fratton end by 2 suits, at approx 1:45pm Now i do not know if he was there agreeing terms, having an interview, or what, but i can swear on anyones lives you ask me to, that he WAS there.. So read into that what ever you want. I then asked one of the suits who said they could not TELL me anything, as not aloud, but when i asked Is Dave Jones to appointed one nodded. I asked if that would be today (Saturday), he shook his head. I then asked if it would be today (Monday), he again nodded, but the other shrugged shoulders. I would assume that means he IS the new manager, but the suits were not able to confirm exactly when to be announced?
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17/10/2011 11:35:00

Chix...you're getting far too antagonistic :-) hee, hee... PS : I like the one on the left, he's got a nice smile ;-))
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 11:38:00

sorry Rug but Lampitt has said a whole lot of nothing about who they want and from what I've heard they've received some 40 applications (but thats about as reliable as wots probably :P lol), if thats true i'd imagine (or at least hope) theres at least 1 or 2 better candidates in there than Jones?
That said if Jones does get appointed i won't really have any problems, he's got a 40% win record and HR only had a 44% record and look where he got us, although hopefully this time we can do without the ridiculous over spend lol
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 11:38:00

is that a 40% win record wherever he has been or just with cardiff m@? and is redknapp's just with us or overall?
if both are overall througout their careers then looking at who both have managed over these careers if jones has an overall win rate of 40% then that is bloody good...altho i am guessing it is only based at cardiff and redknapp us?
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 11:57:00

well HR actually has a 46% the 1st time and a 42% the 2nd time around with us but is only at 40% overall probably because of the 26% from scum (he's at 48% with spurs which is more than a little impressive)
Jones on the otherhand was 41.9% at Cardiff and 41.1% overall (but he had 48% with stockport) but HR's had a lot more time in the prem and so the harder games etc but DJ's 40% with Wolves says hes not far off imo
so yea should be a good manager
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 12:05:00

Midge - Did YOU see him ?

Rug - I'd read what Lampitt totally differently

Corny - What does antagonistic mean you tosser ? (lol)
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 12:16:00

you say 'harder games' altho looking at some of the clubs that redknapp has managed, and the squads he has had, you would 'expect' them to do pretty well... 'stats' do not make or break someone but they go someway so for him to have a 40% (maybe more) win rate given his clubs, and often at a more 'competitive' level where anyone can beat anyone, its not bad is it?
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 12:16:00

well how have you read what lampitt said then? as i said in the other article the first sentance 'pretty much' sums up what i think we are going for (someone with english experience, and experience in the championship) but he is not 'ruling out' anything really...
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 12:18:00

Nah!!! it doesn't mean you're a "tosser" Chix... hee hee..
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 12:22:00

So has anyone seen Dave Jones around Fratton today?
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 13:02:00

I had a long chat with a friend of mine 'in the know' on Saturday. He knows (from coaching courses etc) all the likely candidates and feels that either Dave Jones or Sean O'Driscoll would be excellent choices. Midge needs to confirm whether he saw DJ at FP on Sat but it was reported on radio I gather that he was there. The problem is with a game like that quite a number of names in the game would be there for all manner of reasons.
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 13:25:00

lol .. Rug .. so English and experienced equates to Dave Jones .. OK fine... So what about .. taking our time to get the right man ... that hardly fits with a 'sighting' which nobody has actually seen themselves .. Perhaps the board meeting went like this .. Ok men we have agreed we need the right man at the helm, we have a shortlist we want to look at but let's take our time .. OK then Dave Jones it is !
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 14:00:00

Thing is we all know CSI work in secret and they are hardly gonna let the cat out of the bag on day one are they .. Given what Lampit has said i think it is also highly unlikely that they have made a decision yet and IF Dave Jones was at FP on Saturday .. Do you really think CSI would have let him leave an hour before the game knowing he would be seen.... IF he was there I reckon he may have been picking up an application form for the job at the very most ;) .... Sorry no way I buy this one.. Two many people 'claim' too many things with no substance.. tittle tattle at best
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 14:04:00

"We have to look after the best interests of Portsmouth Football Club," said Lampitt in The News. "We've already drawn up a short-list of names to replace Steve. "Now we've got a proper process to go through to identify the key targets for us. "We're not going to rush it because it's such an important decision for the club and the club's future. "We want to find the right candidate - someone who reflects the ambition of the club and the ambition of the owners. "We were working on names straight away. I've had quite a few people get in touch already. "It's no surprise there's been a lot of people calling with all the speculation out there. It's a good reflection of where we've got the club to that people want to come and manage here."
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 14:08:00

chix i am just expessing my opinion on the topic - as it happens, 'english', 'experienced', 'experienced in this league' ALL see jones tick the boxes. just as lampitt says they will 'take their time' it does not mean they will, its not always been the way PFC have said it would be is it...
add to all this i also base MY opinion on what 'sources' tell me, you are not the only one who has these you know :-)
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 14:46:00

Rug .. I don't claim to have any information on this whatsoever .. I am just expressing my opinion too .. but your article all but welcomes him to the club.. and all I am saying is 'based on what ?' .. I stand by what I say in as much as I think this is just a bit of 'carried away' gossip mongering by Pompey fans.. I'll be more than happy to be proved wrong.. but I bet I won't ;)
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 15:07:00

well at the risk of agree with Chix, i agree with Chix (seriously its becoming a habit.. and not 1 i want to keep up lol) I got no problem with people expressing an opinion actually just the opposite as i've said before but reading the article it sounded like he was hear already and i reckon we've got at least a week or 2 to go and a lot of candidates to interview etc before we get there so was just trying to calm down the buzz a little
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17/10/2011 15:29:00

Don't know why we consider O'Driscoll anyway as he was sacked by a club who are doing worse than us this season, so don't know what he could with us.
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 15:40:00

just like you werent proven wrong with eriksson...twice lol :-)
like i say i base it on an opinion and 'WOTS' that has come through to me, maybe it will be proven wrong, perhaps not but time will tell i guess? sorry if it seems like i am 'welcoming him' - that is not my intention entirely, i am just stating, what i think, is a 'good case' for his possible appointment?
at this point in time i think he is the strongest, and probably most likely, appointment but should this not be right, and a stronger case for someone else comes along - then like this article - i will put down my own arguments for them.
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 16:36:00

Jones-Davies or O'Driscoll..I would take any of them tbh.. I have shouted their names for weeks now, even before SC left.. The is no way i would want Ince, Ried..or Coleman.. Curbs would be fine too,.. Zola would not come, nor would O'Neil..Hughes, or Hoddle .. so suspect Jones will get it..or as ive said before a forriegn bloke no one has heard of
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 17:03:00

Jones is certainly the name that is touted the most, at least from what I've heard/read. The steward near us told us DJ was at FP Saturday, but I didn't see anyone myself, might not recognise him in any case. I'd be happy with his appointment. Don't know anything about O'Driscoll at all, except what I've read on this thread, which doesn't fill me with confidence tbh.
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 17:25:00

Rug .. The Eriksson tip was just that a tip that I revealed my source on ... it was not an opinion .. the fact that it turned out to be wrong doesn't worry me ... Sorry mate you missing my point .. I say the headline on Newsnow and thought .. Jeez .. we have Jones then.. then I read the article and it's based on nothing.. at the risk of being pedantic . I thought you'd got a new job writing for The News (lol) .. anyway .. you think It'll be Jones based on what you heard or read and that's fine.. that is your opinion.. My opinion is that your opinion is based on tosh !... So best leave it there
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 17:55:00

ok, maybe i should have made it clearer i have some opinion of my own (that is what i think jones brings to the table, thats the opinion) but it is also based on a 'tip' that i have got. when you add this to that of a wider range of 'rumour' i form more of an opinion based on that tip. i cannot see that from 'o'driscoll 'keen' but jones it is?' i am saying it will be jones tho - as the editor of this site, and you being a co-ed, i am sure that you can appreciate that you have to try to appeal to people to come on here, look and comment so a headline is written to try and do that...
why should a tip that i get be any less credible than any tips that you might get tho chixy as this is how it seems to be coming across to me as being the case? yes i base some of it on what i have heard and read but also some on a tip and then form an overall opinion.
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 18:12:00

No more credible whatsoever Rug.. But again I didn't suggest that. No worries Jones it is !
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 19:02:00

probably is best we leave it here now then chixy...
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 19:22:00

indeed .. just wanted the last word xxxx :)
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 20:05:00

but not before i do :-)
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 20:07:00

NO...no no - lets have a fight after school.. In the white corner "Rough House Rug" weighing in at 12 stone 2lbs..in the red corner "Chix Kicks the Kung Fu Mix" (at this point the stadium PA plays Carl Douglas' famous single intro "OH ho ho HOOO-Oh hoho Hoo" weighng in at *^7 and 3lbs.. and the bell goes as the two fighter circle each other slapping each others arm with their Folled A4 sheet containg their tips.. and the secret names of their sources (tinker tailor soldier and Pikey scummer-a source of disinformation that one)... to see the whole fight a subscription should be made..byr
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
17/10/2011 20:10:00

PG - I'm gonna pick on you next (lol) .. how many times do I have to say I do not have ANY information or tips on the vacant position !! PS Don't tell Rug but I think I've got the last word in ;)
Report Abuse
18/10/2011 14:08:00

dont tell chixy but i think i have...
Report Abuse
18/10/2011 14:51:00


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