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A Celtic Fan Abuses PFC Over Petrov

This Celtic fan wrote the following about Portsmouth Footaball club (ouch!)

'I think all you POMPEY fans should face reality your club is a joke, your nowhere near the size of celtic, your only positive would be the location and therefore league,which allows you to get beaten by some of the worlds top clubs, portsmouth however are in the scale of things complete nobodies,who i imagine are followed only by those in your rather pointless city,where as celtic has a worldwide support about 100 times what you could show, even compare your stadium to ours your inferior in every way.

Also what you stupid little portsmouth fans seem to have not taken in consideration is that even if you pay the 7 million for him,petrov only wants to play in the epl and he's so desperate to do so he'll even join your club to get in,however he's not going to want to be faced with a relegation battle or at best some mid-table no hope joke like you could be on your best day,so the second he gets a better offer he'll leave you in a tenth of the time it took him to turn on us and judging by his recent antics if he dosen't get a move to a real club after hes been with you for a short while better he just won't bother.

Face reality,your never even going to get into europe nevermind the champions league,obviously the epl is a million times what the spl is however i personally would rather following a winning team who are able to actually get into the champions league sometimes even if we do get beaten its more than you'll ever achieve with your epl of which you are the whipping boys for most teams.

Perhaps for the portsmouth fans its more enjoyable to lose most weeks and never win anything and more than likley never will win anything in your life time of supporting your little club because at least at the end of the day you can say you play and usually lose in a good league.

Also what kind of name of nickname is pompey anyway,that about sums your whole club,laughable and pathetic,pretty much nobody cares about portsmouth and to think your better than us just because you are destroyed by better clubs more regularly just shows how little you have going for you in the first place and ultimatly how delusional and pointless you truly are.'


Thanks for that Chris!


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The Journalist

Writer:  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 26 2006

Time: 4:33PM

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Well, we've won the ENGLISH football league TWICE, which is more than they will EVER do. And if all he's worried about is following a winning team, he'd best stick with celtic in the epl. He obviously has no idea what it's like to follow your team through all its trials and tribulations. If celtic ever got overtaken by someone like Herats and they kept winning year on year on year, then i'm sure he'll change his allegiance.
Nobody likes a bitter jock! Guess he's got a lot to be bitter about! Petrov wants to come in England to prove himself in one of the best leagues in the world and not keep wasting his time in the equivalent to the conference. I'm a Villa fan and I hope Petrov signs for you and you have an excellent season next year. Your fantastic support deserves a top half finish and I think you'll get it
Not all Celtic fans are like this goon - far from it. The Celtic fans I know are decent people; yes they're a bit miffed about the Petrov affair too, but it's fools like this that influence peoples' perceptions of them. Be ashamed...
Can i just say that Chris is upset because Celtic fans the world over saw Stan as the mainstay of Celtic for years to come. Celtic fans have nothing against Portsmouth in general, the aggravation and frustration is aimed at Stan, and because it's your good selfs that would appear to be benefitting from his play this season it's Pompey that bore the brunt of the previous Celtic fans ire. Good luck to yourselves in the epl this year.
I can see he's upset about us losing a player like Stan, but still no need to act like a muppet and slag of PFC because of it. If they do get hold of him then I hope he helps your season. End of the day, he wants to go, he has given us great service, and would rather he stayed, but no point keeping someone who isnt going to be playing with his heart. Happily take the cash and concentrate on getting another striker and left back!
Well, you've all but proved you you only follow Celtic as they big, have a good stadium and are successful... If Celtic were that great then Petrov would not be wanting to leave, I guess even winning at times becomes boring, although (and I'm not anti-Celtic, Scotland or the SPL on the whole) lets face it there isn't much of a challenge up their. To really prove, and test yourself as he wants to you have to play in the best league in the World, the English Premiership, if not then Spain or Italy are the places to be. As for Pompey itself we are looking to move forward, we've never claimed anything more than just that. Yes we are a small club, and we do have an old stadium not in keeping with the "giants" of football, and the chances are we'll never win the title again but do I care, I'm proud to follow the club not their reputation or history, and have through thick and thin, and will continue to until I die. I'm not saying this is the way it should be, but I'm Pompey born so I follow the team of my birth, I've not jumped on any band wagon like so many of those 100 times more fans Celtic have have done!
As a True Celtic fan I feel I must apoligise for this morons blatint lack of disrespect towards your club. You must know that the majority of Celtic fans are good people and dont act like this person has chosen to. Petrov wants to leave PFC want him, the majority of Celtic fans do not want him anymore. Simple. I once again apoligise and hope you will see past and idiot like that.
My guess is he's hacked off at the way Redknapp has conducted his business in the public domain that is the press. Redknapp may be the Portsmouth manager, for the moment, but he isn't Pompey. It's totally unfair to wish all those ills on Portsmouth just because one person acts like a used care salesman. Ask most Celtic fans where they'd rather be, the EPL or the SPL and I reckon the majority would jump at the EPL for two reasons, better income, better teams to play against. I'm a Celtic supporter and bear no ill will to Portsmouth, good luck to you. But, put simply, tell 'arry to put up or shut up. If he wants Petrov then pay Celtic's asking price. Otherwise, shut up and go look elsewhere. Trying to beat Celtic down in the press won't do himself any favours. After all, when Gordon Strachan tried to buy Niemi from Southampton when Redknapp was there Strachan was told you'll pay our asking price. So 'arry don't be a hypocrite, pay our price. Good luck Portsmouth, no ill will here, but 'arry is a different matter. Managers come and go but fans remain! @ DougInABox - does that good will extend to pumping your team twice? You'd do better worrying about who's going to be your new manager than worrying about us bitter jocks and our mickey mouse league. Nobody likes an opinionated git!
As a Celtic fans while I disagree with abusing other clubs, I'm pretty annoyed at Portsmouth. Celtic have given their valuation of a player on a 4 year contract that we have already stated we want to remain with us. It's simple, Portsmouth must pay what we asked, otherwise Petrov, like it or lump it will remain with us. To be honest I would tell Portsmouth that if they come back with another offer that does not match our valuation then under no circumstances will we do business with them now or in the future. Thet are unsettling a player we wish to remain with us.
Saint Shug
What a****. Thats all i've got to say. Im fed up of bitter jocks coming on here and giving abuse. Lets just ignore them. Sad Sad**** of a man
I wonder what provoked his reaction, maybe attitudes like Pompeyrug. Yes his statements were a bit harsh but like me he was probably p*ss*d off with the way PFC have behaved over the whole saga. I've said some pretty harsh comments on your site myself and if i offended anyone i deeply appologise i can't help but deffend my club when some of your less intelligent members slag us off our league and all things CELTIC. All said and done i've enjoyed the banter on this site and i'll still be looking in after you've bought Stan. Bear this in mind Stan choose to play for us for 7 years he was not obligated to sign another contract if he went about leaving in a different manner we would not have the hump, No one slagged off Ghod when he moved to Barca just thanked him for his services.
There has been plenty of banter between both Pompey fans & the snot jock scums. We have our views as an ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP ON THE UP and they have theirs. We couldn't give a t055 what they think. I rather get beat by Liverpool & Man Utd, knowing now & again we will beat them. Much better that stuffing Dundee & Falkirk week in & week out. Sod them all.
it does seem a little hypocritical of celtic to moan about us not asking for the quoted valuation sice GS refused to confirm it in the first place, a tactic frequently used when he was at the scummers. furthermore they also need to look at some of their dealing methodology. The Celtic fans i met last night agree that problems where the palyer your team is based upon wants to leave are usually caused by parasitic agents (we here remember Yakubu for one) they also can agree it's a bit ironic that two of the most notorious were given a "helping hand" by celtic (sound familiar) then they then drank about 9 pints if Guiness in lieu of heavy. Anyway being Pompey i'll believe we have got him when i see him play. Finally you have to feel sorry for the Chris G's of celtic and read the cathals, but he does make me wonder am i right to want to see the return the home internationals.
If you 'couldn't give a to55 what they think' storagetwit then why do you get so hot under the collar, and bother to comment? Says a lot about you rather being beaten by the likes of who you mentioned. Wouldn't you rather be beating them all the time? Night night sonny, near your bed time.
well you know what you can do with your racist views storagematt........... premiership club on the up me arse . You clawed your way out of the bottom3 what makes you think it's going to be any different this season MONEY DOES NOT BUY SUCCESS. as for home internationals none of the other home countries want to be associated with your fans .
FAO paulmac67 I've said nothing negative against Celtic or any other club on vital football at anytime (may have said some things in my response to him but I was angry!) not gone on any other clubs site slagging off their team or players, quite the opposite, more often than not defending those clubs or players under attack!!! I maybe attack Pompey's players on here but its my team so I feel I can do so. So my so called attitude will not have brought on that uncalled for attack. The guy all but confirmed he only follows Celtic because they are successful, so I've merely pointed out there are probably many, many more that are just the same as him. My reaction is only that in response to what he's said. As I've said I have nothing against Celitc, Scottish football or the SPL but the EPL, Italian or Spanish leagues will without doubt challenge Petrov more, and are where he needs to play if he really wants to find out how good he is and not just win things season in, season out.
I am sorry i completely misread your comment i read it as you all(Celtic fans collectively). My point was though it was retaliation to comments to get your back up as thoose written prior to Chris g writing his evaluation of you all. I have no ill will with any of you i do not agree with going on another clubs site and blatantly slagging them off in that way Chris did, I've never met a gloryhunting Celtic fan in my life We've followed Celtic through some pretty sh1te times and thats 99.9% of us
A truce is called between us then paulmac67 ;) we will not have to do battle in a fiery circle al la Spock & Capt Kirk :)
Dear johnsta & paulmac67. Yeah we can trade personal comments but at the end of the day I wouldn't swap with your team & league for ours. No doubt you wouldn't swap either. We'll enjoy our season & you can enjoy yours. We don't have too justify anything to anybody & neither do you. The 2 clubs are haggling over a player like it was a second hand car. We would do the same if we were the seller. Yes there is a bit of history with your manager & our club which adds to the spice. I care very little about anything Scottish, why should, I'm English, not British or European, English. Doesn't make me racist. So I trust as Scots you care little about all things English? I'm really very bored with it all as I couldn't care less if we sign him or not. He'll leave you anyway & no doubt we will sign someone else.
battle in a fiery circle....haha nice one.
no problem pompeyrug but i do prefer a little battle now and again. As for you storagematt i am not suggesting your racist because your English, It's the use of the term JOCK and as for you not bieng interested it baffles me why you keep commenting on the subject. After our performance tonight i take it all back we played like a pub team and we was embaraced by Man U under19's
we lost to the pub reserves, it was painfull
Paulmac....were we that good? lol Any freebies from Portsmouth gratefully accepted lol
we were woeful!! you come on these sites telling people how goog we are and then..............
If you take Stan then you must also take Virgo and Telfer. Shambles tonight of artmedia proportions.
Saint Shug
We'll not totally forget the "fiery circle" battle then just yet paulmac67, a little battle hear and there is good for us all :) we'll just put it on the back burner (pardon the pun)
Manchester Unitied THREE (3) Celtic NIL (0) actually should be the other way around as it was a home game, Oops sorry flogging for Celtic.
nae worries, more important things to worry about at the mo. Stan didn't play tonight not sure what thats telling us.As for taking Virgo & Telfer i say you can have the *****ng lot they should be ashamed of themselves.
Doesn't really mean anything him not playing does it, although you never know...
no it doesn't but i feel the deal is all but done i think he'll be at pompey by the weekend.
Well hasn't 'no brains Chris' really started something here. We all readily accept that the vast majority of CELTIC fans would distance themselves from this moron, regrettably deprived of interlect. They are avery successful side and I for one would like to see a BRITISH PREMIER LEAGUE encompassing sides like Celtic and Rangers. It is never nice when a so called fan slags others, remembering of course that the very word 'fan' is derived from fanatic. I think we should all feel fortunate that Chris was not born as a muslim fanatic or he would be heading South with something strapped to his under-carriage. As I see it I don't think he has got any balls anyway. You really have to feel sorry for delinquents like this.
every club has fans that let you down from time to time i wonder if Chris g has looked in and seen the response least he could do is appologise.As for a british league, never work in my opinion the trouble between fans is plain to see all this comotion is over a signing of a playe rcan you imagine what it's like if something serious happens. Not that you'llbelieve it i'm happy playing in our league and i like it the way it is.
First off, I can't fully understand why this was made a separate topic of debate,if what I said earlier was so ridiculous and idiotic then to copy the entire thing out again here so more people could see the untrue deluded rantings of some "bitter jock" and class this as some sort of news headline?, seems somewhat strange, unless I would imagine you realised some of the things I said about your club such as your never likely to actually win anything and in the scale of clubs your not very important are true and this is just a way of insulting me back since I insulted you. I wrote what I did because I was sick of reading on this site fans of your club ranting about the "$hit league"/" SPL Micky Mouse" league we play in and how pathetic we are for that and therefore why you are better than us and why most players in your opinion should want to play for the mighty portsmouth just because of the fantastic and sexy epl you happen to be in at the moment. Much more than that however it annoyed me reading the posts on here from various small minded bigoted idiots saying things like "f00k off back over the border and play in your tiny league", along with a lot of irrelevant and usually unprovoked anti-scottish comments and views,such as "let the slimey jocks suffocate in their pathetic little league" by one of your typically intelligent posters "storagematt" who despite his protestations to the contrary of not being racist sounds exactly like some bnp spokesperson with his talk of how he doesn’t care about anything scottish or european or even british only ENGLISH because he is ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Even if you’re not the sad little racist you sound like, you are showing at the very least the kind of close minded thinking that everything about and around you is the best/most important attitude that caused me to insult your precious club in the first place. Since you asked unlike your dumb self as a "scot", i don't measure how much i like or am interested in something by its geographic location in relation to me no, for example i went out with an english girl for about 3 years and i know this may sound crazy to you but i didn't actually care about her less because she was ENGLISH!!!. I don't rank or prefer people based on where they were born and i can't believe there’s still people like you out there that think this way, most things i am interested in have no scottish connection at all as shocking as it may seem to someone like yourself, i hate this attitude and pretentious groundless assumption the place your from is automatically the only, best and most important in the world and its attitudes like yours making fun of the "jocks" because there not english and subsequent over exaggeration of your standing that i was against, but whatever you sound like a sad stupid little man who needs to open his bigoted eyes to the fact there’s a whole world out there than just england, there’s nothing wrong with being patriotic and being proud of your country although i am not particularly myself, but to dismiss most of the world because your english shows what a loser you surely are, wake up its 2006 not 1296,its not like scotland and england are at war or something you idiot, unlike many of my fellow celtic fans probably even some posting against me, i have nothing against the english at all,as a nation i don't want you to lose and i didn't say what i did about portsmouth because it's an English club. I would like celtic to play in a british league even though i doubt it will ever happen,the reason i would want this would be because we would get more money and be on a more equal standing with the bigger english clubs however personally if it was a choice of fighting relegation every week than i probably would prefer the spl,but again thats my choice. When i was looking for news about petrov and found this site i couldn't actually believe there were so many idiots posting stuff like the fact petrov has "a sick look' that many people who have lived in Scotland for some time develop"and lets not forget this other well thought out classic from top pompey fan "POMPEYMEV" who wrote on here that "your country is a joke where men wear skirts, eat haggis and talk like a bunch of knobs".
I feel somewhat unfairly singled out when this scum don't get their own little section on the site for their backward and bigoted comments,but i guess that’s because this is a portsmouth site so your going to be somewhat biased and i understand that although I can only imagine how many sections on this site there would be now if i had said for example all you people in portsmouth talk like knobs which i wouldn't because i don't believe in stereotypes that i'm pretty sure weren’t true several hundred years ago. What i was saying was that you people who post about how we're so pathetic in our mikey mouse league and are such a joke should think twice about making fun of us as a club and thinking your above us, because we are in the scale of things a bigger club than yourself,now if this was the man u or chelsea board or many others that said that i wouldn't have responded this way, i don't think celtic are bigger than portsmouth because i think we are the biggest club in the world like a few misguided celtic fans actually do and i would never have said this or posted anything at all if it weren't for the anti celtic and anti scotland garbage on here before. In truth i have nothing against portsmouth or portsmouth fc apart from the people that annoyed me with their small minded racism and delusions of grandeur along with this. What i meant by saying i'd personally rather follow a winning team was that i would rather be in the spl and be us with whatever comes with that than yourself fighting relegation or perhaps hoping for mid-table with little chance of any trophies etc, if you feel different to me and that there’s more honour or something by usually losing in the epl than fine that’s your perception. However I don't only follow celtic because they are a big club or because they win, celtic fc is my local club the same way i imagine portsmouth is most of yours, and i think it is somewhat ridiculous all the people that do follow us that should be supporting their local team and who truly are glory hunters or whatever your referring to me as,although if all these people from around the country and more didn't then we wouldn't be the size of club we are i guess. Even though we win some domestic trophies now and were in the uefa cup final 3 years ago,due to my age (23) i only properly started supporting celtic in about 94 and therefore spent many years watching celtic win nothing at all, so this talk of me only supporting celtic because they win is crap, i was just saying if i had to pick a choice i'd rather be us than you and if you disagree then fine and again the only reason i said this was because of what came before. I think its somewhat unfair of you "pompeygravy" to call me "no brains chris" and a moron , but just out of interest what is this interlect thing i am deprived of, do you mean intellect?. Since your so interested in my intelligence i've just graduated from a law degree and i'm about to start my masters in september,i'm sorry i can't rise to the interlect of someone like you however.
I don't plan on coming back here or posting again being this is a portsmouth site and i have no real reason to be here, as i said i've already wasted enough time on this,so if anyone else actually reads this then there’s no point asking me anything,or letting this run anymore with me anyway, i'm surprised this got as big as it did and as i said i shouldn't have attacked your club for the sake of some stupid fans or at least not explained myself as to why i did,so thats why i'm doing it now to end this and apologise for that aspect to those i feel deserve that, you can ether insult away to whoever or just leave this now because lets face it really doesn’t matter what i say being a slimey jock anyway.
I'm not understanding your comparisons of me to a muslim fundamentalist ether,your bizarre thought process makes me think you too are perhaps thinking along the same lines as some other bigots on here although i'm sure you may claim your not due to your probably massive interlect. Just out of interest why does this terrorist have to be a muslim anyway i'm sure there’s many other examples that would have suited what weird argument you were going for which was of course complete trash. Your character profile couldn't be more off, i am in no way fanatical, i support celtic and want them to win that’s about it,i don't even hate rangers other than wanting us to win,i am the complete opposite to this "delinquent" you've painted me out to be as my comments above to your fellow portsmouth fan hopefully show i'm a fairly open minded person, judging by what you called me probably more than you,so perhaps its not a great idea to judge my entire character over the fact i said some portsmouth fans should get some perspective,or does thinking that alone make me a delinquent. Also as for the comment from my fellow celtic fan "cfinn1888" that made me laugh calling yourself a true celtic fan,like i'm less than you because i said something about portsmouth, but even more hilariously referring to me as both a moron and idiot yet spelling blatant as blatint and as A and I are not letters very close to each other on a keyboard i am honoured to be called a moron by such an intelligent man as yourself, not to mention a true celtic fan,perhaps your bad spelling is also part of this trueness you hold. Finally i don't really think i "let celtic down" like this paulmac67 guy has said, for a start i would be interested to see who put you as the moral conscious of celtic,personally i think the people that really let celtic down are the bigots and scum which follow our team as they do to all clubs portsmouth included judging by many people here,people that go to parkhead and sing sectarian songs and want to attack opposing fans because of the team they support or even worse religion. However to end this nonsense i will offer at least half an apology to the normal decent portsmouth fans which i am sure are the majority, even though i think most of what i said was basically true and i imagine many of you at least subconsciously agree which is why we're having this debate, i did go over the top by calling your club a joke and pathetic, making fun of your name was also somewhat childish so i'll take that part back.I realise your just another side trying to get by and i actually do respect the non scum portsmouth fans for supporting a team based on where your from rather than how often you win,which is why me saying what i did and insulting you for this was unfair as without people supporting clubs like yours there would only be a few big teams around at all. Basically i shouldn’t have lowered myself to the level of insulting your entire club because you have some stupid idiots that follow you. Its true i am probably also slightly bitter about petrov leaving at all, he's my favorite player and has been for years,i even have a celtic shirt signed by him in my room,however as i said i shouldn't have tried to attack your entire club and place in football based on some of your fans, so sorry to the real portsmouth fans who don't insult people based on their location and think there much better than me as a celtic fan because of this,if you think where you are is better than celtic's situation then thats good i'm happy for you and i hope for your sakes you do alright this year but hopefully without petrov!!, or at least by paying what we want. Having already wasted half an hour of my life typing all this out, i hope if anyone does read this and was offended by what i wrote can understand why i did it even though i realise now i did go the wrong way about it, what i should have probably done was attacked the people not the club and in doing so was only bringing myself to their level although as i don't remember acting like a racist or bigot then i doubt i could ever reach them on my worst day and i obviously i don't feel in any way ashamed of telling them to get some perspective on the world in general and stop thinking there better than everyone else for no real reason.
in case someone was bored enough to read any of that,the site messed up the order and post 4 should come before post 3 for it to make sense
2 things that I can never understand: 1, why do some fans of the big clubs deride the fans of smaller clubs. It must make a fascinating psycholgical study. Their lives are so empty that they really believe that they are themselves bigger than other people just because they support a bigger club. We've all met the simple folk who say they support Man U (or whoever), but in reality are the little boys who hang around the popular kids at school. if you come from the place and actually go and watch the team - fair enough - but most of the 'fans' who make these clubs big neither come from there nor watch the team 2, is it really satisfying to watch a team that will always win (or come 2nd in a bad year) ? I have played cricket with guys who play several leagues below their own ability and regularly score hundreds against poor bowling. another fascinating pychological study there too. why don't Celtic (and Rangers) join the Premiership (not EPL please - the Scots invented lots of things - but we invented the PL). They would become like Barca are in Spain - like a national team playing in a domestic league - awesome. Why not? perhaps it's the little boy mentality again?
sorry pompeymark we call your leapue EPL because we was the premier league a long time before you. I as a Celtic fan and probably all others that have posted on this site are not posting comments to intentially deride you, it is in defence of our club it is a natural thing to do. You are still yourself taking the ***** in a roundabout way . Do not class Celtic fans in the same bracket as Man U fans, We do not have a big fan base due to Asia and American soccer fans. 99% of Celtic fans have a true link with club and this is the world over.
and F**k me dont he go on. Chris I think now is the time to take up golf.
My eyes are bleeding after reading some of Chris' amusing diatribe....I did stop after sheer boredom his first new posting however. Nope, my opinion of him his not changed, although I still acknowledge that other Celtic fans are decent football loving types.
Glad to see this matter seems to be over now. I live in Bristol, a season ticket holder & have supported Pompey for over 40 years and could never support another team. I have good friends that have always been Celtic fans, and although we have the usual banter, have never heard abuse like that, apart from the opinions of our candy striped neighbours up the road.
I know I can have a tendancy to ramble on, but when reading what chris posted at times I found myself maybe starting to understand or agree with some of what he might have typed but then I'd forget what I'd read, so wasn't even sure what I would be agreeing with...
Sorry did I say something to upset you Chris? By the way if you find the word 'Jock' offensive or even rascist, who named Jock Stein?
Get a life Paddy boy! Your SPL we are premership! Artmedia, enough said!!!
in case someone was bored enough to read any of that,the site messed up the order and post 4 should come before post 3 for it to make sense Bad work men always blame there tools, then again maybe you are just a tool!
Portsmouth enough said Knobber.
I heard Jock Stein was the man with the knowledge. Did Big Jock really know ? On another note where in Ireland is Glasgow ?

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