Portsmouth - Season ticket prices and why
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Season ticket prices and why

Season ticket prices for the 2011/12 season have been announced with them now on sale to existing season ticket holders at a reduced 'early bird' price until the end of the month.

There is, compared to what we paid this season if we are honest, a significant increase really but this season was a substantial drop on the season before - and with more games.

Next season is still a fair amount cheaper, and again for more games, than that final premier league season but still, as said, a fair amount higher than this season.

The prices, and explanations of them and how we go about paying for them, were explained on The Pompey Site - see below...


2011/12 Season Ticket Prices

Pompey fans can get their hands on 2011/12 season tickets from 11am tomorrow (Friday, March 18).

Sales will be in different stages with existing season ticket holders given first option to purchase their seats for next season at a special early bird rate.

They will have until Thursday, March 31 to take advantage of this offer before seats go on general sale from Monday, April 4 until Tuesday, May 31.

Existing season ticket holders will have until Thursday, April 28 to renew their seat before it is made available to other supporters.

Pompey commercial director Lucius Peart said: "This season Pompey fans have once again shown they are the most passionate in the country and we hope they continue their fantastic support next season.

"There has been a slight increase in prices from this season due to the rise in VAT and payment of a levy to The Football League.

"Despite this, we feel the prices offer value to our fantastic fans, while also making good business sense. We have also come up with some improved payment plans to make buying a season ticket more affordable."

During the first phase of sales, seats can only be bought by cash, cheque (made payable to PFC Realisations Ltd) or by using Zebra Finance (application forms will be available to download and from the megastore shortly). Supporters can either purchase their tickets by post or in person from the Frogmore Road ticket office.

In the second phase of sales, supporters will also be able to pay by credit/debit card, by calling 0844 847 1898 or online here.

2011/12 Season Ticket Prices:

Fratton End/South Stand/North Stand - Adult

First Phase: £450 - £19.56 per match
Second Phase: £499 - £21.69 per match

Fratton End/South Stand/North Stand - Junior
First Phase: £200 - £8.69 per match
Second Phase: £225 - £9.78 per match

Fratton End/South Stand/North Stand - Unaccompanied Junior
First Phase: £225 - £9.78 per match
Second Phase: £250 - £10.86 per match

Fratton End/South Stand/North Stand - Senior/Young Person
First Phase: £300 - £13.04 per match
Second Phase: £330 - £14.34 per match

Family Enclosure - Adult
First Phase: £340 - £14.78 per match
Second Phase: £380 - £16.52 per match

Family Enclosure - Junior
First Phase: £115 - £5.00 per match
Second Phase: £140 - £6.08 per match

Family Enclosure - Unaccompanied Junior
First Phase: £140 - £6.08 per match
Second Phase: £165 - £7.17 per match

Family Enclosure - Senior/Young Person
First Phase: £200 - £8.69 per match
Second Phase: £240 - £10.43 per match

Season Ticket Q&A

Why have season and matchday ticket prices been increased?
The rise is due to the change in the rate of VAT from 17.5% to 20% over the course of this season. In addition, Championship clubs have to pay a 3% levy on all season and matchday ticket sales to The Football League. This means that the club has received less money than expected from ticket sales this season.

Once we have taken into account these factors when setting the season ticket prices for next season, the club will only be receiving an additional £1 per game for a top-price adult season ticket and less than £1 per game for those in the Family Enclosure. For seniors and juniors this amount is considerably lower.

The club feels that this is the minimum increase that they can offer fans for next season.

Last season we significantly reduced season ticket prices by, on average, in excess of 30%. The new season ticket prices are still over 20% cheaper than the 2009/10 season which included four less home games.

Why are season tickets going on sale now?
Last season we were unable to put season tickets on sale at this time due to the club entering administration two weeks earlier. This season, however, the club is in a position to put them on sale at the usual time.

Why can credit/debit cards not be used for payment in phase one?
Last season, due to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the club, the merchant service provider would only allow the administrators to use these methods of payments on the basis that the money from these sales would be released to the club after each home game had been played.

The club is currently renegotiating these terms and we hope to have these payment mechanisms in place for the second phase of season ticket sales.

As a result of this, the club have negotiated with Zebra Finance to offer our fans extended payment terms as compared to those offered for this season, due to season tickets being put on sale two months earlier.

What payment plans are available from Zebra Finance?
There are three interest-free plans with payments over either four, five or six months compared to one three-month plan available for this season. In addition, there is an interest-bearing instalment plan over 10 months, compared to six months for this season.

This gives fans the option to spread the cost of their season ticket over a considerably longer period than this season.

Why is the club introducing Category A pricing for next season?
The club has decided to classify no more than six games next season as Category A matches. These will obviously be the more popular fixtures that fans wish to attend and by doing this we want to encourage more of our fans to be season ticket holders, so that they can enjoy a larger saving against matchday prices.

Why is there no separate pricing for seats in the Milton End?
Both home and away fans pay the same price in the Milton End and this season away fans visiting Fratton Park are paying the cheapest price in the Championship.

For security reasons some games require us to offer the whole of the Milton End to visiting fans and this allows the club to recover some of the increased stewarding and policing costs involved with these matches.

Well, there go.

So guys what do we think of this - will you be renewing your season ticket/buying one?

Share your thoughts below...

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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Friday March 18 2011

    Time: 9:05AM

    Your Comments (oldest first)

    Change to most recent first
    got to say that giving us less than 2-weeks - and still about 6-weeks of this season to go - to buy them to save the £50 has not impressed me.
    nor has the inability to use credit/debit cards...

    if the second phase is 'probably' going to have this ability, as desperate as i assume we still are for money, then why could phase one have not been put back a few weeks to compensate this?

    yep, i know we have the zero % interest with 'zebra finance' but that is certainly not the way i would have wanted to do this - doing it by post is not something i would like to do and doing in person is hardly easy given i cannot just 'pop down' to the ticket office as i live in devon!
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    18/03/2011 09:24:00

    Hmmm. I'm sure I only paid £399 in last year's early bird, so this is an increase of more than 12%. Not sure the 3% levy, the VAT rise and £1 per game accounts for all of this.
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    18/03/2011 09:31:00

    Cash or Cheque only = No protection, You wont get it back if the club goes back into administration, this smells of something very dodgy. I mean seriously! there must be a cash flow crisis again!
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    18/03/2011 10:46:00

    My challenge is finding my cheque book.........................
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    18/03/2011 11:28:00

    I cant believe those prices!!...I was speaking to my mate the other day about his two season tickets at Villa Park for him and his son; a student. Both live in Lewes in East Sussex but make the trek because he pays...£285 and his son£260!!!! for Premier league football...Good luck to any that consider our prices to be worthy value!... Scandalous!!
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 12:39:00

    As I now live in the Midlands a season ticket is no longer via for me but the offer raises some key concerns. 1) Who is behing Zebra Finance? 2) Cash and Cheque Only!! 3) 6 or 7 confirmed players for next season at the moment. For what the club identifies as the "the most passionate in the country" this is not an appealing offer. PFC you can and should do better.
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 13:26:00

    I can understand a part of the £ increase in costs, however, I am more concerned about the 2 week window to get the early bird price of £450! It seems a little sinister to me, and £499 seems a little too rich for some of the dross I've put up with this season (yes, I know its where we are, but the lack of investment, from poor pre-season to lack of bodies/quality frankly stinks). Next season, I/ We have no idea if the current level of squad (what I really mean is starting 11) is going to be available, and yet PFC want me to shell out a potential £100 increase. Rather than be forced (due to taking advantage of my football supporters stoopid blind loyalty to "my" club) to shell out £450 within a two week window.....I would like the owners/new owners/next administrator to "market" to me/us, just what investment/plans they have that will want me to invest that £450 blindly with no guarantee that I will not be watching just a bunch of apprentices, over the hill journeymen, and the usual mix of loanees that they can muster with the potential minimal investment they would like to get away with. COME ON PFC, play fair, to get a guarantee of my money, and others.......just what do you intend to do for next season.... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! Come on, convince me !
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 17:42:00

    won't be renewing, will probably be winding up my involvement in this farce which tries to parade itself as my football club. starting to think AFC Portsmouth was a better prospect than whats going on down at sashas building site.
    Super Bock 1898
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 17:50:00

    We can't change what happens and I won't be cutting my nose to spite my face as I enjoy my football. However I will probably opt for zero per net as I'm sure being underwritten as a loan will carry some protection.. If this is available before end of early bird option then great, but if not I will probably choose to lose that discount in favour of security. Don't mean to sound negative as were still alive and kicking which 12 months ago we may not have been, but nothing surprises me anymore so rather than gamble my money a small security for a small additional fee if necessary sounds the best option to me.
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 18:36:00

    We can't change what happens and I won't be cutting my nose to spite my face as I enjoy my football. However I will probably opt for zero per net as I'm sure being underwritten as a loan will carry some protection.. If this is available before end of early bird option then great, but if not I will probably choose to lose that discount in favour of security. Don't mean to sound negative as were still alive and kicking which 12 months ago we may not have been, but nothing surprises me anymore so rather than gamble my money a small security for a small additional fee if necessary sounds the best option to me.
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 18:36:00

    If anyone knows the board on PST though, maybe they could ask them, to ask the club, why they can't wait the few weeks till credit and de it cards can be made an option? What's the rush? And don't they see the concerns fans rightly have?
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 18:39:00

    De it was meant to be debit in post above
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    18/03/2011 18:40:00

    £450 CasH Or Cheques only sounds a bit dodgy to me .with no team for next season . cant see the attraction in renewing . i think PFC are going to regret this move. another kick in nuts for us loyal Fans in the current finacial climate they must be joking.
    Report Abuse
    18/03/2011 21:55:00

    The fans are the lifeblood of this football club, they need (not want, NEED) to persuade more through the turnstiles. This is not how to do it. A bit shocked at the £50 increase, but maybe I can understand it. Not impressed at 10 days notice to renew under the early bird, and not being able to pay by card is ludicrous. I am not doing the finance deal - I don't do finance deals. Luckily I live near enough to the club to get there next weekend (that's the only 2 options???) - curious the timing that there's no home game until after the early bird window closes! There's a touch of giving us no notice so that we don't have any real option to argue or um and ah, we just have to get on and buy the tickets, or lose out. They are really taking advantage of supporters loyalties. But they don't give a to$$ that these are ordinarly working (if lucky) people who may not be able to find £450 each ten days before payday! And totally agree that if they haven't got the card payments sorted out then they should extend the deadline date. In fact as I type, I'm going from being totally convinced I'll renew my ST to reconsidering. But if I don't renew in the early bird window, I won't be paying more after its gone. Wake up PFC. Fewer paying fans = less money for the club!
    Report Abuse
    19/03/2011 08:45:00

    It is what it is. As Midge states there was a v good chance we would have gone for a while this year if Andy Admin's "creative" accounting got the CVA passed
    Report Abuse
    19/03/2011 17:31:00

    I downloaded the finance form this morning and it carries instructions to submit this with the season ticket renewal. I looked at the ticket office opening hours on the web site and found they were open till 5 o clock monday to friday. No Saturday morning opening and no late night opening so that fans can get there after work. I then rather stupidly rang the megastore on the outside chance they may have some renewal forms behind the counter. Silly me, of course not, they had loads of the finance forms for Zebra finance though. I think if we needed a pointer of why the club has been in such financial mire lately, just look at this latest season ticket fiasco! As another poster has written, if I do not renew at the early bird price, It would stick in the craw renewing at the higher price. FFs Pompey, do you want anyone through the turnstiles next season or not?
    Report Abuse
    19/03/2011 19:32:00

    RIGHT, I have had time to research and think over the options. Zebra Finance, I pulled all this from various web forums from suffering fans. 1. 0% interest but £20 admin fee = 8.89% APR= £420 for adult season ticket. 2. £40 Admin fee if you get 10 month loan =£ 440 for adult season ticket 3. Checked out application form, Good luck if you want to give these people all the info they require on the form, I would seriously ask zebra how they protect your data from hackers. 4. Research on the net, show Zebra will hound you and bully you and send in the bailiffs if you miss a single payment, they do not attend court hearings, and you may end up being unable to obtain credit for years to come as they are not good at removing errors. even CCJs against zebra have failed have bad credit references removed from your rating marks, so if you plan to go down this route think about it hard. and possible hassle later. 5. Zebra will pass on and sell all your data to whoever they like, you have no choice in this, however you can opt out of receiving junk mail. 6. Zebra are not regulated by the FSA, don't expect any help if you have an issue. it would appear if you cancel the agreement within 48 hours they will not honour it, and you end up with a black mark on your credit rating for the next 8 years. Other payment options. Sorry - but cant come up with £400 quid in 2 weeks, or even £450
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 09:18:00

    Emsworth - where/how did you download the Zebra Finance form from? We just looked for it on the OS and couldn't find it, the statement says it will be available 'shortly'. No link or anything. Only going to have a look - not decided anything yet, but this gets more farcical!
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 09:23:00

    Doggo - thanks for the info, ouch! I might have considered paying an extra £20 but not at the cost of what appears to come with it! Still looking like picking and choosing our matches next season.
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 09:26:00

    I was then going to say, have been a season ticket holder since 94,sat in same seat since north stand lower was turned into seating only, and feel pig sick, i cant renew my ticket, i would be quiet happy to pay in 2 or 3 installments like previous years, paying in cash only if thats what the club need, but finance stinks, and ending of early bird at end of march stinks, as the club is banking on the majority stumping up £450 after next payday. Club should realize they have made a big error of judgement, most of us havent had a Payrise for 2 years or or had wages cut to keep a job, taxes have risen,and we cant just do it anymore, The sentiment is the shared who ever i talk too. cant see crowds of more than 10,000 next season, Am not renewing, I have an expectation, PFC no longer meet my expectations, dodgy finance, reduced expenditure on players next season, worst facilities and stadium in championship, & still fed with nothing but flannel from a creative PR team who cant separate fact from fiction. PFC prove me wrong! sort yourself out,and look after the community who are your life blood.
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 09:50:00

    Tracy , go back to webpage with all the footie clubs, scroll down to bottom click download form. regarding admin charges, try the forum on other Pompey websites, some have them listed.
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 09:53:00

    And finally, If by a freak of results Pompey do make the playoffs and win the final, if you stump up £400 before the season finished, i dont think they can enforce a price rise for playing in premiership on those who have paid. so you may get a good deal ;-) just a thought. though in all honesty as the club hasn't even mentioned a change in season ticket prices on promotion, then i think you can take it as read, that the club have determined that it is not going make the playoffs this season.
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 10:02:00

    Doggo, really grateful for the fruits of your research, really scary reading though. I was considering going down the Zebra route because I want to renew for me and the lad (he is an adult but doesn't earn enough to be able to afford his ticket) and I just can't lay my hands on £900 in the next 10 days. However, if they are not regulated by the FSA I would not go anywhere near them. This is a real dog's dinner. I will now e-mail the ticket office and try to convince them they have got it all wrong and will suffer financially for this. If enough of us do this, surely they will realise they will lose out on thousands of pounds up front from season ticket sales? For heaven's sake, if the board cannot look after the best thing about this club, the fans, what was the point of keeping it afloat? To say I feel absolutely gutted and let down would be an understatement! Tracyc if you are still looking for the zebra finance form if you go to the official site and click on "enter the site" you will see a pop-up in gold which says "2011/12 Season Tickets: much more than just a seat". Click on this and scrolll down and there is a link to download this form. Hope this helps, but in all honesty, Doggo's research has put me right off!
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 10:39:00

    thanks Emsworthian for the info, but I won't be going anywhere near Zebra finance now. Unless the club have a turnaround, I don't think I'll be renewing at all, which I'm gutted about, but it all just seems too dodgy. Have sent Mr lampitt a strongly worded e-mail and suggest others do as well, if haven't done already - and I put the petition on the forum!
    Report Abuse
    20/03/2011 18:41:00


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