Portsmouth - Harris in to help sell with 5 interested?
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Harris in to help sell with 5 interested?

At a supporters meeting at Fratton yesterday, which included members of Supporters Trust, Supporters Club and the Independent Supporters Association David Lampitt is 'said' to have said that as many as 5 parties were 'interested' in taking over at Fratton.

SOS Pompey were not present, apparently not invited with Bob Beech saying: 'I don't want to hear rehearsed answers to rehearsed questions.

'They should have opened it up to all fans on a first-come, first-served basis.'

Ah well...

No names were mentioned although Lampitt did say that there is, and has been, a decent level of interest in the club with 'more interest than there has been for a while', with 4 or 5 interested now: 'since last spring, shortly after the club went into administration, there has been a fairly consistent level of interest in the club from anywhere between one to three parties.

'That hasn't really changed. At the moment I think we have got four, maybe even five, interested parties.

'At the moment, in terms of pure numbers, we probably have a bit more interest than there has been for a while.

'That is understandable for the fact we have got through the administration period and have three or four months of reasonably healthy trading under our belts.

'Any takeover speculation is quite damaging. You cannot say very much about it because often we don't yet know whether a particular party is going to come up with the necessary to take the club forwards.'

Unlike Balram Chainrai, with comments he made recently, Lampitt does not think that this will be a quick '2-week' process, which is not something I would have expected anyway: 'Balou made some comments recently but the reality is we are still in a situation where nobody has proven funds.

'My anticipation is it won't be a particularly quick process.'

The fact that Keith Harris, the chairman of investment bankers Seymour Pierce, has been appointed to help sell the club cannot really be a bad thing can it as they, Seymour Pierce, have been involved in many takeovers.

Any takeover now MUST be the right one, so it MUST take the right length of time required, if this means months rather than weeks so be it! We cannot afford another balls up when it comes to a takeover and the next owners MUST be the right ones to offer a sustained period of stability to get us back up and running and then build the right way.

As I have said before, even if others might not agree, the way things are being run - in as much as who comes in and what is outlaid for them - the club is being run the right way really under Chainrai in many respects.

We have a massive wage bill that still needs to be addressed so we could not add too much more and more to this, nor could we justify adding further debts to what we have by spending too much on players.

Reducing this wage bill further will be the order of the day in the summer, removing more of the big earners and then 'hopefully' bringing in decent championship standard players on realistic money and contracts, is what I think we 'should' expect to see this summer.

'If' we are under new ownership and 'if' they are doing this then that would please me to be honest...


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Thursday February 24 2011

    Time: 9:40AM

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    I somewhat agree with what Bob Beech has to say on the way the club invite members along. I think it's unfair they should just allocate them to supporters group and that's it. Some people are not associated with any groups, so really it should just be you email/write in asking for tickets and they are allocated on a first come first basis. On the Keith Harris bit - it all sounds very good but he also has a very bad reputation within the business world. One of the 'interested parties' is actually refusing to speak to the club until Keith Harris is gone so it's a bit rash saying this can only be positive.
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    24/02/2011 10:04:00

    Why is Orville being asked to sell the club? lol

    Makes sense to involve an expert though to get the right deal at the right price. Let's hope the process can be completed quickly and the club start the rebuilding necessary asap.
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    24/02/2011 10:58:00

    Mmmn... not sure I agree with you there Dave. You know what they say about experts. Keith Harris is not a philanthropist he's a bloody investment bankster, he'll be looking at what's good for Keith Harris first and foremost, just like all the other parasites that attache themselves to these deals.
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    24/02/2011 11:39:00

    sorry pompeyinsider, you are right on that score that ANY pompey fan should have been invitted to such an event so i was slightly wrong by what i said on that score. i guess i was also a little hasty with the thoughts on keith harris and seymour pierce - i only said it was a 'good thing' as they are well known and have brokered plenty of deals with clubs over the years, the majority of which have actually been good for the clubs, and fans, involved.
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    24/02/2011 11:43:00

    I am hopeful over the football club with the stewardship of Lampitt and the support of Chanrai. I thought Chanrai came across extremely well during the SSN Special Report, as I have been impressed with his small mutterings previously. I was however less than impressed with the portrail of SOS Pompey and the 'leader' of this faction Bob Beech. In fact I would say embarrassed. I am thankful for Chanrai's involvement in Portsmouth FC, as without him we would have no club. He has risked significant finance to keep the club afloat, even as a fan of Portsmouth I could not justify risking that level of money even if I was a much wealthier man.
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    24/02/2011 13:31:00

    SensibleSoccer - Where do you think that money came from? Are you certain that it is his money? Hmmm...Chainrai did say 'some' good things but he also made me cringe!! I though they were interviewing 'Big Sam' at first chewing all the gum, and then to say that he has fallen in love with this club...well that is just ridiculous! The sooner he is our the better I think.
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    24/02/2011 13:38:00

    SensibleSoccer - I would have been very disappointed if BC came across badly as he is a very successful businessman - whether that means he has the best interests at heart or is just a good talker is another point - are you always so easily led or are you able to generate your own thoughts? It would be nice if BC could use someof his experience to turn the club around but he really doesnt seem interested - and the bit about I'll bee lucky to get my money back, well that goes against all the evidence of his business acumin - if you believe that I want some of what youre on!
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    24/02/2011 14:24:00

    Bob Carulgees and the ghost of Rod Hull are also thought to have been asked to offer their assistance.
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    24/02/2011 14:55:00

    Didnt Bob Carolgees play for us in the 80's Tantona?
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    24/02/2011 15:28:00

    Look guys, lets be honest..Portsmouth is a minor english city as far celebrity;s go..its not London liverpool or leeds therfore ther are no Pop/Film star fans of any great merit who might ad kudos or buy the club. The club has fantastic supporters....in Portsmouth, and few of us Hampshirite's from the provences. we have a ground that needs pulling down and no training or academy facilities, we are in the second teir of english soccer with several larger teams already in that league or below. we owe massive amounts of cash, and there are consortiums interested in us who have either not shown proof of funds or mafia links. I AM NOT CROSSING MY FINGERS ABOUT A SALE TO ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T SEE THEMSELVES MAKING A GREASY BUCK
    plymouth graham
    Report Abuse
    24/02/2011 17:32:00

    Weller, thanks for the interest in my comment. I would not say I am easily led, just like a balanced viewpoint. I can also confirm I do have my own thoughts as most of the piffle and dribble directed at the clubs owner is in my opinion unfair. BC's reference to being lucky to get his money back is a fair comment. He has reportedly upward of 18m (17m of loan plus working capital) owed to him by the club. What many seem to forget that he had to forego the security he held over the assets in addition to his personal guarantee of the CVA. It appears I am on my own with these thoughts, but it is always easier to blame someone than to think about it.
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    24/02/2011 19:01:00

    So you are just going to ignore the question I asked you SS?
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    24/02/2011 20:16:00

    SS - your first comment wasnt balanced in my opinion, more like a PR exercise for BC! And slating honest, if not elequent, pompey fans which is very poor form for me. With regards to getting his money back, isnt BC's debt tied up as part of or alongside the CVA process along with other secured creditors? Which, if the club is run breaking even, will get paid with interest? Then of course you have any profit from the sale of the club he got for, lets face it, nothing? He is clearly a clever man, his actions on taking over the club and stuffing SG and the taxman I have to doff my cap to begrudgingly. He does come across well as does Lampitt - but then again so do the heads of the greedy banks, Tony Blair and David Cameron and many other people past and present who havent had the conviction they showed at face value. Forgive me for being cynical, but I dont believe anyone these days until they have earned my trust with proof and evidence - alegacy of my job as an analyst probably... there is no tangibility to what they are saying as yet so to blindly follow them becasue they come across better than some pompey fans is a bit naive, specially after the last 2 years?? If he doesnt want the club why would he have the best interests of the club at heart? I dont blame as such and I'd like to think that I have thought about it, I reserve my judgement but am pessimistic based on all that we do know so far... maybe its you who should think a bit longer and (particularly) wider... or do you really think BC has fallen in love with the club?
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    25/02/2011 07:18:00

    I have to say I take any comments about BC having 'fallen in love with the club' with a pinch of salt. I didn't see the SSN report (anyone got a link?), but I do wonder if the numbers of 'interested parties' is being exaggerated as a negotiating tactic. Its natural for us all to be a bit cynical after what's gone on at Pompey. At the same time, whilst clearly BC never wanted to be Pompey's owner, and still doesn't, he's always been honest about that, so I wonder why some fans still expect him to finance new players etc - its not going to happen. What we do need is a new owner who can take us forward properly and provide the investment the club needs. What we don't need is another disastrous owner, that will be the end for sure! It strikes me though that BC could snap off the first arm to wave a cheque book under his face, but hasn't because he's waiting for someone who generally does have the means to take the club forward. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe that's not the reason he hasn't sold yet, none of us actually knows. But currently we still have a club. A weakened, poorly club, but still a club - and despite our weakened state, 10 points out of the last 12. I'm just grateful for that - and it wasn't for BC, we wouldn't have anything. By the way what's with all the personal comments towards other posters? Isn't this forum about expressing opinions?
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    25/02/2011 12:47:00


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