Portsmouth - Toast Season 4 # 8 - a topsy turvy kind of day.
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Toast Season 4 # 8 - a topsy turvy kind of day.

What a last twenty four hours as Pompey have been to Hull and back in more ways than one and survived the process.

Last week I finished the column by saying we would spend the week in the jungle playing with the Lions and the Tigers. Well it was not as dangerous as we thought because despite the odds stacked against them the return of six points was magnificent. We now sit proudly in the top half of the table just three points off the play offs. Well done to the management and playing staff.

Early reports from the KC Stadium suggest it was another commanding performance against a Hull side who are down on their luck at the moment. It also sounds as though David Nugent should perhaps have notched hat-trick but had to settle for just one and it is good to see new boy Greg Halford get on the score sheet too. Plus a late arrival for Hermann too. That makes it ten games without defeat against the Tigers and Nugent was NOT offside.

That all sets things up for next weeks visit of Nottingham Forest to Fratton Park where early indications are that we might just get a full house for the first time this season - that is of course if the deals that are going on behind the scenes are signed and the club ownership sealed and administration ended. I am told the box office has been busy this week so if you want to see the game, get your ticket now.

Well done the Hawks after their 2-0 win over Histon to reach the FA Cup First Round - just for Tracy that one - maybe another cup run on the cards.


There is only one problem with writing a column such as this, when you think it is finished something happens and all that work is wasted. Well of course it happened on Friday as news broke the club was sliding inexorably towards liquidation and all panic broke out. Emails were flying in to my inbox asking the same simple question - what is going on? On went Sky Sports News and the whole 'story' began to unfold.

Somewhere in the world, possibly Paris, discussions had broken down over the final details of the agreements necessary to exit administration. For some reason the media unit at the club decided to put a grim message on the official web site and email all staff with the same story. The man at the centre of events, Sacha Gaydamak claims that this came out of the blue for him and Admin Andy also called the story unhelpful.

So why was the article predicting doom and gloom run on the club site? Last week when I was at the club all was what could only be described as 'uncautious optimism' and just six short days later they have sent the football world especially the city of Portsmouth into absolute turmoil. WHY??

Of course we are all desperate for news of the transfer of ownership and exit for administration and were wondering why things had stalled during the week but this was just stupid in my mind and has caused a lot of fans a great deal of heartache since it was released. It also had the effect of dragging the clubs name through the mud again! Even Sacha`s solicitor was quoted as saying 'I was baffled and saddened .. to see announcements saying the club was at the brink, it has caused anxiety for no good reason.'

Life is hard enough being a Pompey fan without your own club driving you to despair.


Last week we talked about the Watford Gap and we were asked where is the Watford Gap? Well ask any fans who have met up at Watford Gap services before the game!! Watford Gap is the oldest Motorway service station and 50 miles north of the town of Watford!! Watford is a small village situated between two hills hence the name.

Have you ever got lost on the way to the game? I remember my first trip to Bournemouth for a pre-season friendly many, many years ago arriving at Dean Park cricket ground and not Dean Court!! Thought it must be close - wrong it was miles away (well at least a mile and a half). If you have got lost in funny circumstances on the way to a game why not tell me about it.


I hope that you all take a look at the 'On this Day` feature that is prepared for us by our sister site pompeyrama. Always brings back memories for older fans with good memories. We used to feature some of the information in Toast - birthdays etc but I thought we might look at some of the things that stand out today or later in the week.

23 years ago today Ian Baird scored his only goal for Pompey at Loftus Road. Not a bad return for £285,000!

57 years ago today up at Hillsbrough it finished Sheffield Wednesday 4 Pompey 4 and Johnny Gordon scored his only Pompey hat trick. Those you saw Johnny play back in the sixties did not realise he mad his debut right back in August 1951 alongside the likes of Jack Froggatt, Len Phillips and Peter Harris

Happy birthday to my friend Pat Neil - 73 years young today!!

Next Thursday it will be thirty years since that trip to Anfield!! A day those there will never forget when as many as sixteen thousand fans descended on Liverpool for a midweek League Cup tie between the European Champions and a side fresh out of Division Four. I will never forget the trip up the M6 with every service station packed with fans and the atmosphere was unbelievable even though the Kop left their voices at home. We lost 4-1 but it was an absolute travesty.

The tickertape that night dwarfed anything the Argentineans produced in the 1978 World Cup as we stood knee deep in paper on the Anfield Road end

Sadly some idiot set fire to it as we started to leave the ground too which warmed up a cold night in Lancashire. A night to remember!!


I liked Brian Oliver's take on the Millwall game the other morning. Brain is the Sports Editor of the Observer and is a much respected man in football circles who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier in the year - oh and he is a Pompey fan to boot. His report included -

'It was an unusual night out. As news of Margaret Thatcher's confinement in hospital was announced, the pre-match sight of a huge police presence at London Bridge brought back memories of her 'I hate football' days in the 1980s. There were scores of police outside the Barrowboy and Banker pub outside the station (London Bridge), and riot vans parked all the way down the road. There were police everywhere all around the stadium and a raucous atmosphere inside.

Among the away fans, bizarrely, sat Sulaiman al-Fahim, the Walter Mitty character who played a big part in Portsmouth's financial troubles. What the Dubai property dealer made of it is anybody's guess, because it wasn't exactly a directors' box atmosphere.'

So what was SAF doing at the game? It is bad enough going to the New Den for a game but when you are hated by both sets of fans it makes no sense. Nice pub the Barrowboy too.

TV Coverage

Fans are not happy with the TV coverage from Fratton Park. The BBC claim they will not climb to the TV gantry on top of the South Stand because they only have one member of staff available. Perhaps they should send a taller cameraman!!

If you think fans should pay for an improved service including interviews then go to http://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/vote/ and have your say.


We have slagged off the five officials plan in the Europa league in past editions but on Thursday it at last paid off when Liverpool defender Paul Konchevsky cleared from the line at Napoli. The players appealed and the commentator thought it was over but the officials waved them away and TV replays proved they were probably right.

One up for UEFA there then although the official had wandered slightly off his line. Of interest to Pompey fans Hasan Yebda came on as a late substitute in that match.

Trust legends

Scott Mclachlan of the Trust dropped me a note in the week -'I now have final approval to move forward the Trust Pompey Legends so I need a decent list of players to be voted on.

Firstly I am looking at players for shirts 9,10,11 (Strikers) - can I have your submissions please. One name for each number please.

Please don't add to the thread as it makes trawling through votes and the inevitable comments really hard, so please email Scott direct with your choices.

I will then take the 5 most popular from each and submit them to a Fanwide vote to decide who will be on the Trust Legends T-shirt series.

The deadline for submissions will be Wed 27th when I will then launch an appeal for Midfield players.

Again, email me direct to Scott Mclachlan at scott.ross.mclachlan@googlemail.com'

Bet you will have plenty of names Toasters.


Click here to join in the debate on the club forum.

The Journalist

Writer: eastneydave Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 24 2010

Time: 12:00AM

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i was there at loftus rd for scummer bairds only goal
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:05:00

ps-SSN saying we are out of admin (00.06am)
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:07:00

Morning Toasters looks like Graham stayed up late just to be beat me to it!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:14:00

Well Dave, we have apparently come through the last twenty four hours and are there! Where's there? no-one knows but thats where we are. (I only became cynical when I became a Pompey fan - it goes with the territory, methinks). Our new owner says he has a surprise for us fans, can't wait to hear what that is. Now bring on the fairytale: We win the league, BC falls in love with football - and us- and we all live happily ever after. Amen!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:24:00

Yeaaahhh..its on the official site too....where is the stuff about Balu and suprises?
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:28:00

Sounds plausible Gandor but after the torrid times we have been through anything is possible!!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:29:00

Graham - Balu said in on SSN this morning!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:34:00

Its some where on Newsnow Graham. I just thought of what I have said above. Last 24 hours?!? Our world as we knew it skewed off kilter on the 26th October at 5 to midnight, when Twitchy disappeared into the darkness leaving us to our own devices 12 hours before our Sunday game. That was two years ago and we have been living a nightmare ever since. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of us having come through the other side. I hope so.
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 00:42:00

Now it's traditional, I laud Dave's article then start into the trust. bother cracker Dave.
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 01:31:00

Done it!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 01:32:00

Very happy this morning. Pompey keep winning and now we're out of admin, and looking to the future, suprises and all! Suprises are not always good ones though, I wonder what this is? Thanks for the mention for the Hawks, Dave. Everytime I go to WLP and listen to the Pompey game on the radio, both lose, so this time I just checked the web on my phone every so often, and look what happened! Looking forward to the draw today - bring on the scummers!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 08:15:00

Nice one Dave....a topsy turvy kind of day is about right. I was all over the place, couldn't believe what I was hearing over the radio on BBC news. Still ...it's alright now eh! Onward and upward. SAF is obviously Balu's big surprise. He'll be named as the clubs new official mascot and taken to games wrapped in black plastic in the back of a Transit. Watford Gap....well you learn something new every day. Spent many an hour in that service station, always thought it was named for geographical reasons. Ok guys...on with the day, let's hope this really is a turning point for the positive, PUP....PPU....
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 08:58:00

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-J-J-J-Just C-c-c-c-c-can't-T-t-t-t-t-ake a-a-a-anym-m-m-more. Is this t-t-t-t-orrid t-t-t-t-ime really o-o-o-over? N-n-n-nurse more v-v-v-valium p-p-p-please
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 09:19:00

Great news this morning. Was really miffed to miss the Liverpool game, was stuck in Jersey trying to find decent coverage on the radio. I think we managed to get Victory on FM (the wind must have been blowing in the right direction!). Have a copy of the special programme from the next home game (Barnsley ?) with the tickertape picture on the front. PUP - Onwards and upwards.
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 12:08:00

Good chatty Toast, Dave. I remember Baird for never being able to time his jump for a header - he was always coming down when the ball reached him! It's also good to see the postings in the forums are now getting more relaxed and full of optimism.
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 12:22:00

Can't believe it was 30 years ago that Liverpool game. I was 15 at the time. I remember my dad getting into an argument with a mounted policeman about whether horses were really necessary at the game and nearly getting nicked. I remember the coach back stopping to let the lads pee in the woods but my mum who wasn't a confident shrubbery pee-er having to sit there breaking her neck desperate for a wee till we got all the way home. And the main thing I remember was just how offside David Johnson was when he scored.
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 12:58:00

quality toast as always dave, it tasted abit sweeter this morning too!
we got lost, well my sister - i went with her from milton keyenes to wolves last season - on the way to wolves last season, she took a wrong turn and freaked out but we managed to get there in the end when she calmed down. arrived just in time for whatshisnames - the algerian guy - winning goal!
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 13:46:00

I was living in Bolton at the time and remember meeting My dad and Brother Tony-he looked like Joey ramone with his long black Hair and leather biker jacket -at Bolton railway station.. Met loads of old school mate there, remembering we all come from the Overton /Whitchurch area of the beautiful Hampshire county side (not that smelly Naval metropolis that is the home of our wonderful club, where i guess most of you lot come from)....was pretty amazing...i can hear your heads boiling now...Lol
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 16:10:00

Dave, When you meet with the club under your Trust guise; ask then waht steps have been taken to secure pompeys commercial confidentiality? this is an organisdation riven by politics and corruption; what stos Pompey' s commercial discussions being spread around the league to competitiors?
Report Abuse
24/10/2010 17:44:00


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