Portsmouth - Milan, there's only one Milan...
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Milan, there's only one Milan...

'Milan Mandaric would be the owner that I would prefer at Pompey next', not my vote, yours - although these findings from Midge's poll are thoughts that I do not agree with to be honest...

Yep, Milan saved us previously and yep Milan gave us virtually everything that he said he wanted to - and promised he would - although his tenure did come at a cost too and started, although to be fair I would say 'continued' the slide, lets face it Pompey has been rotten to the core for decades!

In all honesty I do not want to go through my thoughts over again, I had already expressed them when 'news' of a possible first surfaced, but I guess in a fairly small nutshell - as much as Milan IS a football man - his pockets are not deep enough to help, and we cannot afford to let him put literally everything on credit and/or not pay bills, and this is something that he does do and the non-payment of various bills was happening even in his day.

Also, as much as some disagree, problems did begin under him as well, both on and off the field and again, as much as some disagree, he must have had some idea who he was selling to when he did and what the background of these people - the Gaydamak's - was...

As the saying goes, sometimes its better the devil you know, either way I think it is pretty clear its irrelevant as Balram Chainrai is almost certain to regain control in a couple of weeks himself anyway soon enough, and 'perhaps' it is time to give him this chance?

  • What the poll asked - We are limited on options so none of this Chainrai Out Crap. BUT!!! Who would your preferred choice?

  • How you voted - Milan Mandaric? 57%
    Chainrai? 25%
    Milan and Lever Consortium? 7%
    Stay under AA till a Rich Arab arrives lol? 4%
    Lever? 4%
    Milan, Chainrai and Lever Consortium? 2%
    Rob Lloyd? 1%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys...


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Friday September 3 2010

    Time: 11:00AM

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    not a happy bunny - I fully agree but I 've heard absolutely nothing more of this story gathering pace - depressed
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    03/09/2010 10:33:00

    Love the guy, but that time has past. I don't get this result: why do people want to go back to the days when: Pompey were linked weekly with corruption issues, Quest issues, Agent issues and fined; linked with malpractice and fined, and in case anybody has been living in a dark room with no communication for the last year. People also forget Milan took money out of Pompey - quite rightly in my opinion, but im just running parallels for the SOS types. Now i will always be gratefull to Milan but the HYPOCRISY of those who want the club clean but the man back is amazing. The Man is going on tax avoidance charges with his mates Peter and Harry. Now we cannot prejudge the outcome but do we really want that as the main headline AGAIN!
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    03/09/2010 11:20:00

    At the end of the day I don't see why people expect owners to put in millions of their own money without expecting a return, they are running a business!!! We just need someone with a proper structure in place which will eventually make the club money through ticket sales and merchandise, not borrowed money. As Lampitt has said that is going to take years which considering the mess we're in is no suprise. We need to sit tight and see what the new owner (whoever it is?) has to offer before predicting what is going to happen. PUP!
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    03/09/2010 11:25:00

    Did I mention anything about mis managed transfer deals? Or the fact that the man has already said HE CANNOT FUND a PL club. IMHO I dont want pompey to spend anytime longer than necessary in the FL i want the club to strive for success and that means a well managed club in top flight football.
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    03/09/2010 11:26:00

    but the question is do you want lever or chanrai as your other options. Personally, someone that sets up a BVI coy to purchase the company, is owed nigh on£16m and can quietly siphon away from other creditors as much as he can to ensure he gets a better than CVA deal for himself, or an adolescent with a dodgy dad borrowing heavily on the club... I'd take Milan, he has the money to put the club on a sound financial footing. IT's all about confidence and anyone without equity in the bank backing this isn't going to do that. And about Milan not having the funds for a PL club, well were not and won't be for some time. If you have any other options Russell then I would gladly listen but this is devil and the dark blue sea stuff.
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    03/09/2010 12:13:00

    and for me it's better the devil i know right now. I don't understand what the other owners' drivers are... I just don't see them being that interested in owning and running football clubs - let alone Portsmouth.. I can see that Milan would have a reason/ need/ passion/ driver to make it work
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    03/09/2010 12:57:00

    I'd take Milan again any day as Jim said what are the other options. All the time we are in this mess we are only going to attract dodgy characters and mandaric is the least of the evils. we have no chance of attracting someone only interested in the football club, and as there is no way of making legitamate money from our situation all you're going to get is con men pilfering. think about it properly and I'm sure you'll realise that 'back to the days .........' is not such a bad option.
    Super Bock 1898
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    03/09/2010 13:03:00

    there has not been one serious purchaser for the club since Milan bought the club originally...then he spent a fortune on odd players, and worked his wa through enough managers and staff to field a football team, until hewas lucky enough to happen upon HR-a footbal genius...of sorts, then wrecked that by sacking Jim Smith,and appointing the frenchman and the cat inthe hat serb fella....all along keeping faith with Peter storyteller....then sold us when it was largely rumoured along the coast in their Local-al-al Echo-o-o...that he was skint. WHo did he sell us to a russian mafia money launderer and failed gun runner...ooops sorry, son of a rusian mafia ..etc etc..who then dumped us a skint Arab and a jewish asset stripping company with a bogus Arabian as the figure head- please recall all his staff were jewish blokes not Arabians...we are now owned predominantly by a buisnessman who was owed £16m or so, by that same Russian cash laundry man, the precise amount of cash which was supposedly leant to the club...Since then we have had offer from ex spurs player and a skint property and horse breeder on behalf of another invisable man, and 12 year old boy, sorry 21 year old MAN, who's Father is a bankrupt tory Mayor who has been excomunicated from the party, and ---get this---owes the clubs administrator UH Packer, abundle of cash... I CAN SEE WHY SOME FILK PREFER MILAN... me....I would prefer the trust to raise the cash themselves, even it it meant borrowing against the club assets just like the bot wonder plans to do.....
    plymouth graham
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    03/09/2010 14:46:00

    sorry thats..FOLK...not filk
    plymouth graham
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    03/09/2010 14:48:00

    Well My Poll generated some interesting results, and by the looks of it a healthy debate :-)
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    03/09/2010 15:02:00

    Yeah the Trust would be nice but that is just a fantasy. It will never happen ever, unless, God forbid we really hit rock bottom and started again at non league status, I am talking realistic owners and there are no knights in shining armour galloping this way
    Super Bock 1898
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    03/09/2010 15:03:00

    not quite bottom super but near enough... I have not heard much from the trust and there hasnt been a real drive to raise that sort of cash. IS there a share scheme? HAVE they approached any of the bidding parties or the administrator for anything other than info? I rifle through the news for pompey based stories and none in the past 2 3 months includes anything about the Trust. I'd love it to be the way out if it appeared to have any teeth to it whatsoever?
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    03/09/2010 15:06:00

    I'd go purely for Mandric because I think he loves Pompey, has learned from his mistakes and kept a (personal) clean sheet at Leicester. But tbh honest I doubt whether he's that serious and Chainrai is the best other option.
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    03/09/2010 16:13:00

    Got to agree with Rug on this one. Never go back.
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    03/09/2010 16:20:00

    even if it means making an even bigger mistake?
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    03/09/2010 16:22:00

    jim4 pompey - allow me to help you out, MM took mortgages on players and cashed them in- so to clarify your position he did take funds from the club. He also didnt leave us with a legacy fund Gaydamak put a bond on it as surety. allow me to clarify another of your points for you; when MM was in charge Pompeywere registered to a shell company in the Cayman islands. As for other options - in the short term, despite your unfounded statements the fact is, Chanrai has not done anything sneakily, has been completely upfront, put the club into administration when he could have gone for liquidation - with respect ; sincerely meant- i dont know if you undertsand the way it works but he would have got his money and less hassle the other route. I am of the same opinion as moley2 it needs sound business management. The man also is paying out all small creditors in full - no obligation to do that. Also paid the charities that the club ripped off in full- no obligation to do that. paid salaries last season- no obligation to do that. For me that doesnt mean an owner who is going to send the next year in court and the papers for never ending HMRC and CoL tax avoidance charges. However dont let that stop people putting in unsubstantiated knocking eh!
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    03/09/2010 19:27:00

    moley i agree in principal with your first post
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    03/09/2010 19:27:00

    and you Dave's for that matter
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    03/09/2010 19:28:00

    As a business man its the unsubstantiated remarks i struggle with . As for the trust- its a nice idea, a great idea but there isn't anyone in it who could do it at the moment from when ive heard them speak. You talk about old regimes, well one or two of the trust and SOS were linked to and totally loyal to honest Pete Storrie, evenh when we all knew he was dodgy. RANT OFFICIALLY OVER
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    03/09/2010 19:33:00

    PlymouthGraham, i was told by a sponsor Smith went because MM suspected he and John Bond were involved in some dodgy's. Later to be proved, if you are media but not if you are a pompey fan. Interesting the russian mafia money laundering story; wouldnt happen now LoL there aint enough of it.
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    03/09/2010 19:38:00

    and finally ..... sorry Jim4 that was a bit harsher than i intended it to be; my apologies.
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    03/09/2010 19:42:00

    I do not think BC is a bandit unlike his predecesers...i just think of his son as mascot with a massive smile on his face.
    plymouth graham
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    03/09/2010 22:48:00

    I do not think BC is a bandit unlike his predecesers...i just think of his son as mascot with a massive smile on his face.
    plymouth graham
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    03/09/2010 22:48:00

    Don't apologise Russell, tell it as it is. I'm fed up with contributors coming out with their unfounded diatribes in these forums. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but let those opinions be based on facts not malicious gossip and innuendo. Fact - from day one BC has been our saviour, full-stop. imho he remains our best option and will have a sensible business plan that'll put us on our feet again.
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    04/09/2010 13:28:00

    Its not that I want Milan to own the club again. But I don't want Lloyd anywhere near it, or this Lever child. I'm prepared to accept Chanrai, if he's the only viable option we have. But if Milan is an option then to me, he's the best of a bad bunch right now. I'm afraid the Trust owning the club is complete pie in the sky, as nice an idea as it may be.
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    04/09/2010 19:26:00


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