Portsmouth - Chainrai ready to takeover again?
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Chainrai ready to takeover again?

Well I am 'shocked' and 'surprised' at the latest news, from The Guardian, that Balram Chainrai is 'set' or 'prepared' to become our owner again - through Portpin...of course I am being sarcastic as this does not surprise me at all.

Admin Andy, who I though had been a bit too quite recently, said: 'Portpin are the expedient route to move out of the embargo. Portpin finally came back to me and said they would be willing to buy Portsmouth, whether or not there is a challenge from HMRC.'

'We are working on a contract to sell the club which is quite easily adapted for any purchaser.

'There is still interest from other potential buyers so I have to keep our options open in order that we might get a better deal.'

So, it appears that with or without a challenge from HMRC on the CVA approval, Chainrai will be taking over again.

This will, inevitably divide opinion, and 'potentially' could cause some frictions again as it is well known that the Hong Kong businessman regaining control of the club is not something that has been liked by many - yep, myself included in the past but I have recently starting adding a 'but'...

Thoughts, and to be fair some proven, on this and that in his past are a concern and the fact that he previously made it perfectly clear that he 'did not want to own the club' are a concern as this is what he would now be doing - although we DO need an owner, and the thoughts that I am hearing are that, in spite of talks to the contrary, there are not that many 'serious' and 'sustainable' offers on the table at this point in time? There could well be in the not too distant future but at the moment, at least in the short-term 'word on the street' is that this is the best, and only realistic offer we have to hand.

Obviously we ALL wanted a 'clean break' with a new owner, without previous connections to the disastrous events of last season - or connections to previous owners that brought us to our knees but it 'seems' this is not going to happen, not just yet anyway, although moving aside quickly should a suitable owner come forward is something that is 'thought' Chainrai would do.

I am tired of the whole issue, I just want us to know the outcome of this CVA appeal process once and for all, sell the players that need to be sold, take stock of where we are and then look to have a relatively stress free season where the football can take centre stage!

We of course need this transfer embargo lifted, and to be honest I think, and suspect it will be - as it should be - limited to non-monetary signings, loans and free transfers. So long as Chainrai is paying the monthly wage, and on time, without lining his own pockets so be it, carry on.

The thing that I would remind people about - should it, Chainrai returning, happen - is to remember that David Lampitt is now in place. With him overlooking events we really 'should' be ok, right?

Lets just get this appeal process done and dusted, all being well without and appeal, something that Admin Andy thinks is not in the best interests of HMRC to do, then get the club sold before then look to rebuild it, even if it is with an owner that is not giving us a 'fresh start' so to speak, maybe, just maybe he will? Then again I could be nave...

I just want the football back. I want to be able to talk about how good, or bad, we are ON-THE-PITCH and not OFF-THE-PITCH again!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 9 2010

Time: 8:46AM

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If Chanrai is saying that his company will take over regardless of an appeal from HMRC, then why hasn't he taken over yet? Is it possible for him to buy the club before the cooling off period ends, or are we just waiting for a better offer?
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09/07/2010 09:04:00

I have NEVER seen anything PROVEN to suggest Chainrai is a 'bad apple' and as I said in the forum I realy don't see the problem - He may be linked with 'the past' in as much as he took control of the club he didn't want in order to protect his investment and why not .. wouldn't you do the same ?? .. Also had he had not done so there may well have not been a club to support at this stage. I'll challenge anybody to give me a decent argument to say why he shouldn't buy the club.... and if he does why would it automaically be a bad thing.. I bet nobody can offer anything other than unsubstantaited facts and fiction generated from some fan fractions (they know who they are) who think they know best
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09/07/2010 09:07:00

I dont see Chanrai as a Villain to be honest. OK he never said i really really want to buy Pompey, but he has kept us afloat, he pushed us into Admin and wiped out 80m debt in the process, he WILL keep us going till we are viable again, and i would prefer this to staying in admin, having another embargo and failing once again in the transfer market. So call me stupid, dumb, whatever, but for me the main thing was keeping Pompey alive, and he achieved that, and now it is to get us out of admin and i suspect he will achieve that too. I hope people will give him a chance. We dont want another protest against another owner, i only see this sending out negativity and doom and gloom. Leave the boardroom stuff to Lampit to worry about and lets enjoy our season.
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09/07/2010 09:07:00

And I agree with Chix, he was protecting his investment, and anyone who says they would not do the same is a bloody lier!
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09/07/2010 09:11:00

And I agree with you too Midge.. :)
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09/07/2010 09:13:00

the aricle Chan is trying to buy the club in the short term to get us out of embargo. Moley2 if it's a transferable contract in my business, I am a DM & CM on a major development -and I assume footie is the same, the principal is the contract can be assigned to include another party, be that new owner or another investor /partner investor. Seems like a good idea and assuming HMRC aren't just vindictive should mean we comply with the FA requirement
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09/07/2010 09:17:00

what a surprise as soon as the first bit of money starts comming through the door ie belhadj 3.8million... chanrai wants to be owner i wonder why !! he just wants to take back the 15m we owe him and buy conisidence we need to make 15m in player sales ... as soon as we have made that then he takes it and *****s off leaving us with no players no money.... sound familiar
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09/07/2010 09:19:00

dont agree Pompeyhussler. Not saying you are wrong and we are right, as time will tell, but i do think we need to draw a line in the sand, and move on. If that is with Chanrai, then great if its not with him then also great, as either scenario is probably the best scenario at the moment, and it DOES mean we are moving on at last
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09/07/2010 09:24:00

as i said in the forum: dream is right that the papers HAVE picked up on some of the things that have been said - and have run articles on things, problem is they, as far as i know, did not have enough concrete proof of this and that. so, as much as i had not been keen on chainrai until something is 100% officially proven that he is, as chixy called him, 'a bad apple' lets face it he is not...
i do not get the point you are trying to make about The News being sued by chainrai? 'if' what is claimed is not true then surely he had every right to sue them, or anyone else - it is then down to them to PROVE that they are right.
from the face of it, and from what i am hearing from 'media sources' - i hate saying that - it is chainrai or nothing - so long as he pays the bills he has to and is not 'ripping us off' then i feel i have to give him the benefit of the doubt that his previous links were actually long in the past? previous links do not mean that they are current do they? i have [Edited by pompeyrug]
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09/07/2010 09:28:00

cant read all that rug i got to go to work at 4!!
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09/07/2010 09:32:00

Rug I think you need to edit that little lot ..it 'tangle pasted' about ten times.. Can't follow it at all..
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09/07/2010 09:39:00

oh and Hussler.. any player sale money is already earmarked.. Chainrai could not take it even if he wanted too... Why the negativity
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09/07/2010 09:41:00

d'oh, edit mad - you should have time now hussler :-)
well technically chainrai can, and will, take money because as a secured creditor these guys get priority, right? altho he CANNOT take the whole lot, just a percentage of what comes in each time as this is shared around, along with the parachute payments...
as said, and the main thing for me, with lampitt around we 'shouldnt' really have many worries about things not being 'above board'.
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09/07/2010 09:50:00

the negativity is because the last 3 owners we have had have bumed us !! how can u trust the next one?? unless he is a fan..
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09/07/2010 09:51:00

whilst i understand and appreciate that previous owners have screwed us over, and have feared chainrai would too, can we go on forever not 'trusting' anyone? this trust has to be earned so it is down to chainrai to earn this - without being given a chance at all how can he?
i also disagree that you can only trust 'a fan'. wasnt an old palace owner a fan? look at the mess he got in, and how he was taken advantage of.
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09/07/2010 09:56:00

Well, not overly convinced by Chanrai as he has already stated that he doesn't want to own a football club, so why is he doing it? Surely his investment is already secure via the CVA etc? In an ideal world, I would have liked to have seen a Clean Break from the whole horrid, shabby past few years and rise again, in the long distant future (maybe before I die!)....But, I suppose, beggars can't be choosers! PUP
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09/07/2010 10:02:00

I agreee with Chix and Midge - and Chix again. So far all Chan has done is what he said he would do and that is a rarity at pompey. Chan stopped our club from disappearing and has mostly bank rolled it in the mean time. Yes he is now funding the CVA if he didnt the club would have been liquidated by HMRC. I think i would be telling those protesters and particulalrly the numpty SOS pompey- you put up the 30+ million then you can protest. I have to say Rugfrom what ive read just recently there are some seriously clueless pompey fans. Met somebody through and old girl friend..... links.... blah blah, with due respect - i ask you??? The man is a major property investor in Hong Kong and China possibly the worlds most glamourous property and upcoming markets respectively, but lets follow the links principal; who ever bought a perfect pizza in the last 5 years cant go to games cos you invested in Gaydamak- yep he owns it, indeed bought the final share with the same amount of money the club got paid for Matty Taylor- on the same day as well. Chan had previous links to Gaydamak family then sued them; thats a positive in my book. By the way Libel and Slander are very, very expensive cases to bring. Most people go through the PCC and when they win the result is a tiny apology.
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09/07/2010 10:02:00

Chix the "they no who they are" is SOS pompey who from what i can see seem mostly in it for themselves. These are mostly the same people who were telling us on radio how wonderfull Storries is, when most of us long before realised he was a wrongun.
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09/07/2010 10:07:00

Im sorry Hussler, you may end up right but at this time you have absolutely no facts to back up your opinion, nor i guess 30+ million needed to buy the club and lift the embargo. We've had fans as owners and they caused us administration, we've had poor quality business men who became fans and they have caused us administration. I would like a business man who has a track record in tough places like HK & NY who ideally then becomes a fan; if not he can put the club on a secure footing, get the embargo lifted then assign and transfer his contract. Who were you thinking Lloyd is he a fan? His consortium ( which keeps changing) are they all pompey fans? Some ukranians; obviously life long pompey fans? What is wrong here is people are trying to criticise someone because they are a business man, and as we know- football is a business.
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09/07/2010 10:19:00

oooh il go n rip a tissue
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09/07/2010 10:19:00

On the face of it i'm happy with Chanrai becoming the owner, as people have said he's tried to sort out this mess and followed the proper process to do it. He can't take the Belhadj money as that's all tied up as part of the CVA and I suspect that Lampitt might actually have a good overview of the accounts, what with him formerly being a forensic accountant. If people start kicking up a stick over Chanrai without any good reason it's only going to push him away and right now he's the best we've got. I think everyone accepts he's not in it for the long run and wants to get his money back (and why wouldn't he) if he makes a small profit and leaves us in a better position I have no problem with that.
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09/07/2010 10:49:00

At the end of the day guys, it really doesnt matter who buys us, if it ends up being Chan then it just means that he is protecting his investment, and will take charge long enough to sell to someone who will be willing to pay his cash back.......Thats not to say its a bad thing, as I see it, he has single handedly saved this club, maybe it is too save his money, but the fact still remains.
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09/07/2010 11:46:00

I hope we do get a new owner, and I hope that it is someone with some coin, that would be fantastic, but at the end of the day, all im worried about is survival, and on that front Chan and I seem to be firmly in the same camp.
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09/07/2010 11:47:00

I see desperation in many posts regarding Pompey's proposed new ownership. I think we are all agreed that we would love a new owner to invest in our clubs future. It is said that Chainrai wishes to buy Pompey to protect his existing investment. Protecting an investment and investing for the future appear to be a direct contradiction.
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09/07/2010 16:52:00

If you don't like the guy get your cheque book out
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09/07/2010 20:17:00

Interesting.. innit.. I'm encouraged by the very fact that those whose opinions I value tend to agree with me..
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10/07/2010 00:39:00

sorry fellas just re-read that last comment and it sounds crap.. What I mean is that members such as Russllm, Midge Stooh and I have not always seen eye to eye on a few issues but tend to give each other the space to disagree (which is a good thing for the forum of course) but on this point it looks as if we stand united - A clean break would be great .. but if not we could do a lot worse than Chanrai.. ThePompeypaul... loved your comment .. made me smile:)
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10/07/2010 00:46:00

I don't believe some of the comments made about Chanrai - most of them without proof or foundation. Bollox to 'links' etc. From his first 15m loan to bail us out and pay wages etc he has stated that he had no intention of running the club. His loan was reneged upon and if he hadn't stepped in not only would he have lost his money, but also there'd be no PFC.On that basis alone I trust the guy and hope he does take over and stabalise the club. If he then sells up and makes a profit I'd say good luck to him and thanks for ensuring that PFC still survives.
Report Abuse
10/07/2010 14:34:00


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