Portsmouth - What a complete and utter shambles!
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What a complete and utter shambles!

As the title says, what a complete and utter shambles, England today, that was eh!

Yep we SHOULD have had a goal to have made it 2-2, it was so clearly over the line it was unreal, but the defending was woeful and lets face it England HAVE NOT been good enough at this world cup and deserve to come home, the saving grace was that this did not happen a few days earlier so this gave the travelling fans more time in South Africa for their sacrifice, they are the ones I really feel sorry for...

Passionless, that is the main thing that I think we have seen from this bunch of overpaid, and under performing, prima donnas at this world cup and I am sick and tired of this from the modern day footballer.

It used to mean something to represent your country, it was an honour, but it seems all the more as if this is something that is not the case for far too many these days with that honour removed with an air, seemingly, of complacency from too many - taking it for granted that they will get in regardless. It 'seems' as if this is spreading with some other European sides in international football too though be honest.

Whilst following your club or your country, home and abroad, is about more than just the football - it is the whole package of the journey, the culture, the camaraderie and the people you spend this with, although in all honesty I am seriously having a rethink about doing this with England next season. I planned to join up with the EnglandFans membership and travel, as much as possible to the away games to build up my caps to go to Ukraine and Poland in 2012 although I DO NOT think that I will...

As said, whilst the football is actually just a part of the package if we are going to be seeing a shambles like that and a complete lack of passion and commitment, from apparently 'world-class' performers, I cannot justify spending some £300 per game when England play abroad for what will be, in effect, a 'jolly up' - I would be better off actually going on holiday for a week or so with friends or the girlfriend, right?

To be fair the manager cannot escape criticism either.

Yep, he had been outstanding, when it really mattered, in getting us to where we got although something has not seemed right for the whole world cup process - perhaps his style, whilst not exactly a bad thing, is not suited for international tournament football in the modern era? Spending a few days with players, not really communicating with them, announcing a team hours before a game and being as regimental as he is meant to 'probably' works when you are only together for a few days, not when this is weeks...

Then again it comes back to the pampered playboys I guess, so used to 'getting their own way' they think they are above the manager and can throw their toys out of the pram if they cannot have it their way.

Again, in many ways, is this not another spin off of the monster that is the premier league, and what it has done to 'ruin' football and continues to destroy it?

Tactically Fabio Capello has got things wrong at this tournament, and more than one. There seems to be this continued insistence on picking players no matter what they have done before, or how their selection leaves them played out of position or with an unbalanced looked to the side. And as for Emile Heskey, FFS we needed goals so why bring on that donkey and take off Jermain Defoe, someone that actually is a goal threat!

Things REALLY need to change, if that means turfing the majority of this group out and bringing in some younger, hungrier - even if they are 'less talented' - youngsters so be it, in all honesty I would prefer to see more guys come in, and not superstar names, 'if' they will play with pride and passion and give 100% all the time, even if they lose all the time!

Oh, and of course this means 'Pompey at the world cup' will no longer include David James...

Say what you will about Pompey from last season, we might have lacked quality but we NEVER, or rarely, lacked that full commitment, passion or pride and you cannot understate how much this actually does to a team - it can actually take a lot from that, as we found.

Bring on the real football next season, the no power championship where we will see 'real football' with 'real footballers' that DO care!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 27 2010

Time: 7:14PM

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Why play overpaid premiership footballers who earn more money in a week than it cost England fans to go to SA. Use lower league players who will play as a team and play for their country. At the moment I am very very angry, and need to compse my thoughts, yes our defence was woeful but their keeper CHEATED and the officials did not do their job. Blatter was there and yet he still thinks technology has no place in the game, unlike every other major sport, apparently it costs too much! Well I hope he has need of medical technology but it costs too much. I now hope Uruguay and Germany go out to dubious decisions and now, thanks to that offside goal, Argentina. Ooh I could rant for ages .Come on Brazil!!
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27/06/2010 20:15:00

Once I've sobered up I'll post a more considered response but at the moment I'm supporting Finland in their Euro 2012 campaign and stuff the Prima Donnas.
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27/06/2010 20:18:00

Rug, super summary. I can add nothing to what you have said, apart from the fact that England's performances have made me a richer man.
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27/06/2010 20:39:00

lol Lemmi! cheat or not Germany were better by 100 million miles! even if the goal stood so what we were still and are s***e! compared! best just get it over and done with and let the decent teams have a good tournament !!!
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27/06/2010 21:04:00

kick and rush said the Kaiser...hmm,, Anyway we were rubbish
plymouth graham
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27/06/2010 21:19:00

it costs too much.... in a game full of money! get the players to pay for it as a premiership tax or summat!
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27/06/2010 22:29:00

I'm sticking to domestic football and international ice hockey, stuff em. Still not sober yet hehehe!
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27/06/2010 22:30:00

Big lumps in midfield and no nimbleness or creativity just basic passing. No skilful forwards, no proper wingers with speed and no pairing of players going forward with quick passes in attack. Overall, a bloody awful spectacle with at team that were not capable of any more. Even O'Hara would have added a bit extra.
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27/06/2010 22:35:00

My only real criticism of the manager is that he didn't dare drop Rooney; otherwise Terry et al should be sacked from England, there is a real risk that we won't qualify for Euro2012 and maybe that's a good thing. Capello has been known to worry about the lack of English talent and didn't they prove him right. Rooney and Terry gave both been lording it and throwing their weight around the camp and they shouldn't get the opportunity to do that again; never should an English manager have to put up with that tripe. I would rather have a squad of players committed to our country than the overpaid ego's we have now. Rooney has proved he is not World class yet again, Upson was out of his depth, he even had his eyes closed when he jumped ( good jump) and scored, but the players are not the only issue here; if the greedy Prem League are going to insist on so many games there needs to be a mid season month break like equivalent leagues and this country should ignore FIFA and install goal line technology.
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27/06/2010 22:58:00

Hello Pompey, what are you doing down here?
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28/06/2010 00:26:00

The FA have to decide whether they want the best domestic league in the world or the best national team. They can't have both.
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28/06/2010 07:57:00

TergeHauge, we are down with the 'proper' footballers these days, obviously i did not want to be relegated but i have grown increasingly feed up and *****ed off with the prima donnas at the top level so i will NOT miss that at all - so i am happy to be 'down here' tbh...

sadly tony as the premier league basically controls english football, and the FA happily take their money as a result, i think that that question is already answered - the premier league HAVE decided they want the 'best domestic league in the world', sod the national team...
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28/06/2010 08:21:00

Hmmm....have to disagree slightly. I think its wrong to say how terrible they were, english football is in dire straits etc... What annoys me is the massive overreaction from the media both before (England are great, we're going to win it all etc..) and after the event (england are terrible, they didn't try, what a shambles..). This is nearly the same team that didn't even qualify for Euro 2008, and then they should win the world cup two years later?? I think second round/quarter finals is about England's limit. Anyway, for me Germany weren't even that much better than us. Looking at the stats we had more shots, more possession, more corners..Their goalie made several good saves (OK so did Jamo), disallowed goal etc..However, we did defend really badly for most if not all of their goals, which were mainly on the counter attack, and this was the main difference. I don't think it was that the players weren't trying - I think they were, despite how much they earn (which of course is wayayayayyaay too much) - but we just weren't good enough. I don't think Beckenbauer was right when he talked about kick and rush, but i do think English players, as well as not being good enough technically, have this problem about trying to get the ball forwards and into the opposition box as fast as possible (e.g. gerrard). All too often we had 5/6/7 players in the final third, with Barry or someone else trying to play the killer ball, they didn't have the skill/technical ability or options on the pitch, we gave it away and germany could counter. We need to learn to keep hold of the ball, pass it better and maintain possession. OK sermon over....I do agree about what has been said about the FA/Premier League though. The EPL might be the most exciting league in the world, but it certainly isn't the best in terms of quality. We need english youngsters coming through with better technique, not selling TV rights in China or Thailand or wherever.
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28/06/2010 13:21:00

A very good summary of England Sweden. The PL relies too much on the skills of foreign players, and Rooney and co provide the finishing touches and reap the glory.
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28/06/2010 14:02:00

I meant to add, what's the betting there'll be a rush to sign the Japanese, Uruguayan, etc. starlets as they did with Senegal a couple of WC's ago? (and previous post should have had a , after England, doh!)
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28/06/2010 14:11:00

A bunch of overhyped/overpaid Bottlers. If I performed at work like that I would be collecting Job Seekers. I bet they can't wait to get back to collect their Ferraries. Something radical needs to be sorted out at the FA, and we need to get back to basics of what it means to be a Footballer. It's not about Hello & OK magazine!!
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28/06/2010 14:48:00

Good one Mike.
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28/06/2010 17:40:00

Heres what I really dont understand, in the PL, these players are real stars, they have technical ability, skill and pace, they show it against their premier rivals week in and week out, they are sort of playing against the players they were up against here (not totally obviously) What I saw (or at least thought I did) was a Rooney who wasnt running his socks off harrying the ball carrier every time he wasnt in possession (which is what he does for the mancs)this can be said for all of the outfield players, in the pl, they run and close you down, close your options and sometimes gain possession, we just didnt see that from England...are they just tired? Surely the other teams would have been affected in the same way? It looked to me to be four games devoid of any real passion, or even more likely four games where we were to scared to loose, and as a result failed to win. I did not like what I saw, I see bags of heart and passion from our team when they know they are being relegated, may not be paid, they do it for the shirt, and for their own pride, I just didnt see that kind of spirit from England, and that is very very disapointing. Once again I have to live with the fallout of us being sh**, when are we going to pull ourselves together!!!
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29/06/2010 02:29:00

Also I think its a little harsh to blame Fabio....He made some howlers tactically (in my opinion in any case)(I mean WTF...Heskey) Anyway, the italians track record speaks for itself, He has a very impressive CV, but for one reason or another has not been able to pull this rabble of wetbacks together. The Sun (yeh I know glorious paper that it is) is running an article asking shoulb becks be given a try as manager, and although he doesnt have the coaching tickets, he clearly knowss the game, has the ear of the changing room, and I think unquestionably has the passion, maybe he would be worth a shot..........Look at Maradonna, yeh I know its completely different, Maradonna is a tw** but he is letting his side play football, not imposing a style on the game, and they are reaping the rewards, maybe its because they are technically superior to us, but I dont subscribe to that opinion, we just need someone who will make things gel nicely and let the players play their game, I say give Becks a chance, cant be any worse than Mclaren now can he??????
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29/06/2010 02:36:00


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