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Storrie's involvement at PFC? Should be NONE!

'Peter Storrie should go away now and leave this club along having NO involvement in it at all', not my vote, yours - although these findings from Midge's poll are thoughts that I totally agree with, and I was definitely in the 92%...

I am sick to death of Storrieteller, his lies, deceit and inability to take any accountability for what has happened to this club.

I am also sick and tired of treading over the ground of WHY a chief exec SHOULD be held more accountable, yet cannot or will not, hold his hands up and admit as much, instead keep churning out the 'I am a club employee on a par with the tea lady' bulls**t.'

If the man had any integrity he would admit his shortcoming, and if he also had any respect or dignity he would hold his hands up and say 'fair enough, I know I am not wanted so I will now move on,' after all is this IS what he said he would do if the fans wanted this, and we sure as hell want this!

It makes me livid that a man that has helped play such a role in getting us into this position, and helped make himself so much money doing this, can continue to be retained even as a 'consultant'. This 'consultant' will clearly line his, and the agents that he deals with - such as Zahavi, McKay and Silkman - pockets when he conducts transfers 'getting the best deals' in the coming weeks.

A word of warning to West Ham though, having these said agents dealing with you on a regular basis is going to end in tears...

Unless this new CEO is no longer coming in, why is Storrieteller being able to profit once more at our expense? Has he not done this enough!

To be fair to Admin Andy, who would win more fans if he gave him the elbow, I would not be at all surprised if Storrieteller is digging his heels in and demanding a substantial payoff to 'break his contract early,' as again this about sums the man up - a decent bloke would walk away, but I would not put it past him not walking away unless he gets this settlement?

We just have to hope that his contract really does end in June, and he will finally leave this club as he 'said', then again what he says and what happens are often different things.

Storrieteller, you are not wanted - just GO...

  • What the poll asked - Peter Storrie's Involvement?

  • How you voted - NONE! Go away; leave us to lick our wounds 92%
    Stay, apply for a new job he was also a Victim? 4%
    Stay, reduced wage as his knowledge is required 2%
    Couldn't care if he stays or goes 1%
    Stay, Voluntary to show he actually does care 1%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys...


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Sunday May 30 2010

    Time: 10:00AM

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    It only proves 4% of Vital are certifiably insane, or blood related.
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    30/05/2010 11:03:00

    I agree with your well written article 100%. Storrie MUST GO.. I suspect he has some hold on the club. Is it just his contract or is it something more sinister? Surely if he is found guilty by the revenue for tax evasion he can be booted out. The guy makes my blood boil
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    30/05/2010 12:01:00

    Spot on Rug! That alleged crook has gotta go NOW, the more he hangs around the more I worry he is trying to get involved with a takeover consortium and certain of his local media mates will back him. A new Chief Exec David Lampitt arrives next week so there is no reason under company law for Peter Storrie to have any involvement.
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    30/05/2010 12:12:00

    Laughing about it now despite his dress sense non doc SAF actually wasn't a bad bloke; just a bit naive and had too much money invested in Dubai world and associated developments.
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    30/05/2010 12:15:00

    I think the club will have been dead and buried a year ago without Storrie holding it together. How much could he have prevented the mess? Would Peter Kenyon or whoever it is now be the world's worst Chief Exec if Abramovic walked away demanding his 800m back please and Chelsea went bust? Probably not as it is the owner who sanctions the final spending from his own money. And regarding Storrie's wages... why not.. if you can get it would you say no?? Of course not, and if that is the going rate for an experienced football Chief Exec, who can begrudge somebody for earning what the market will pay? His shirt/tie combos are truly awful but not reason to make him a scapegoat. The fans need to settle down and move on. And Pompey need all the help and experience they can get.
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    30/05/2010 15:42:00

    I suppose someone had to disagree with the final outcome. Employing family and friends at exhorbitant non sustainable wages is ok I gather. I'm a Saints but I will never forget what that man has done. With luck he will get his due deserts when the court case is over.
    SFC Forever
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    30/05/2010 17:40:00

    New the Poll would create a result requesting Storrie to go, but woould never have guessed it would be so much of a landslide. Can we not get these figures to Storrie and remind him he said he would leave if not wanted?
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    30/05/2010 19:51:00

    Liquor and Poker: You having a laugh? He was the second highest paid CEO in the country, so that was hardly the going rate, was it? Furthermore, if he was sacked for nothing else, it should have been for the Bonus fiasco that ended up with the FA Cup win actually costing Pompey money. His excuse? "I never thought we would win it." So why did he think Harry was getting an A list team together? To play tiddlywinks? Experienced CEO? The man is a clown and his CV proves it. You wouldn't get a job as the second highest paid CEO in the land with it, and neither would I. I'd go so far as to say you wouldn't even get a job as a Post Office Clerk with it. Its him that should move on, not us, and the sooner the better.
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    31/05/2010 09:01:00

    sorry L&Q, whilst i respect you for coming on and saying what you have i cannot believe that anyone can actually support the storrieteller? has 'helped' himself to more than enough, and all the while it appears that he is 'helping us' he is actually helping himself...quite literally i would say...
    we cannot 'move on' until he has moved on - how the hell can we? whatever what, whatever spin, and however you look at it as the CEO he IS to be held accountable to the highest order - his actions, or even non-actions, are simply unacceptable.
    until he is finally, 100% gone we cannot move on, or even contemplate correcting the wrongs - i am not keen on chainrai, but will have to accept him becoming the new owner and 'hope' he does good by us - i am not saying i expect a fortune put in, far from it, i expect little put in so long as he does not fleece us and bleed us dry taking more than he is 'owed' i can accept this, but this is for another day anyway...
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    31/05/2010 09:34:00

    the mercenary ******** does not have one ounce of dignity in his body so he will not go until he is good and ready to go - he will 'block out' the calls for him to go claiming they are not from 'real fans', what fecking planet does this man live on!

    he has proven himself a liar and a cheat time and time again, not just with us but at previous clubs such as west ham and notts county, certainly at west ham...

    as i have said countless times if he could just hold his hands up for once in his life and admit some blame i would have had much more respect for him but on countless occassions when this has been put to him as a question 'do you accept you have to take some blame' he REFUSES to do this, it is always that 'at the end of the day i was a club employee' ********* 'on a par with the tea lady', jeez that tea lady must have been getting paid a fortune!

    he has changed his tune so many times, he knew things were wrong, he did not know things were wrong, he knew gaydamak's money was dirty, he did not know it was dirty, it was redknapp's fault, gaydamak's fault and every other buggers fault but his own, then it was magically no ones fault. as a CEO if you saw, as he did - but then did not - that things were not sustainable you say something. if you are that concerned about it you fecking well resign out of principle. if, as this CEO, he genuinely did not see this then he has no place being a CEO.

    either way tho, as long as he got his grubby fat mits on a slice of the pie causing our deminse he did not give a stuff.

    he, like so many others over the years, has taken us for a ride - they have milked and bled us dry but thankfully - and fingers crossed - their corrupt and illegal actions are likely to be found out.

    greedy, mercenary and incompitent - those are his good points!

    oh and FFS, and a 'win bonus' of 3000 per game, or 1000 for a draw! what the hell is all that about, a CEO drawing a bonus on results - yep the guy is hard done by isnt he and he should be 'thanked' for what he has done for this club. storrieteller, like all the others has only done what is best for him, that brought us some success so that was a bonus for them all as that kept us sweet for longer and managed to hide the true problems for longer.
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    31/05/2010 09:36:00

    Storrie, in his time, did do a lot to help the club and I do believe he has had the best interests of the club at heart - alongside his own of course, but then who doesn't? But he has to hold his hands up for the mess that happened when he was chief exec and he should have fallen on his sword a long time ago. He should be long gone by now and yet he's still clinging on in there.
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    31/05/2010 10:15:00


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