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What's it got to do with you anyway?

What's it got to do with you anyway?

I know we have debated this a lot, so we cannot keep going on about it but this issue incenses me!

Ok, I can see some side to the 'not allowing us', and will get to this, but I DO feel a real sense of 'injustice' here as I believe a decision is being made by those WITHOUT the 'right power' and somehow using there 'muscle', the financial one, to apply pressure to those that SHOULD be strong enough to stand up to them and prove 'who the Daddy' is...

Admin Andy says that he WILL continue to fight for a European place next season, and I say good on him! He has my full support and backing here.

First and foremost it is my strong belief that the ONLY reason we missed the 'deadline' to apply to the 'domestic powers that be', even though uefa - you know the ones that control the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE - have a deadline of the end of May, is purely and simple because they did not want anyone 'looking over our books' until they were good and ready. As I have said in comments, and in the forum, it is my firm belief that those 'running us' KNEW what would be found, so by not applying for the uefa license things did not come out that they did not want to come out...

So, given it was, yet again, the actions of shysters costing us surely a level of commonsense and decency to this clubs future, and us the fans, MUST be given here and if uefa are happy with us applying the FA - who for me, SHOULD have this final say domestically, and not the premier league - should at least give us the chance to PROVE we can be in a position to compete in the Europa league.

I know people argue that we cannot 'afford' to enter it, but the exposure it will give the club will be beneficial - it will also, in theory, allow us to keep some players we might not have otherwise been able to keep, and not just because we 'could not afford it', but because they would then say as European football could tempt players, that we could not have kept otherwise, to stay with us. Or at least be the extra incentive.

Not to mention the fact that I would think this gives us a fantastic chance of keeping 'our leader' Avram Grant, and hoe important could this be to us...

The positives of allowing us in could have many knock-on affects to other positives, further negatives of not letting us in could see things snowball further into decline - we are talking about actions that 'might' have such an impact on our future as a club!

An argument given by David Moyes is that Everton NEED European football to progress as a club, hence why he felt we should miss out...Then WHY can the same not be said of our club too? We are trying to rebuild and this gives us a better platform to build from, surely?

Again I have also said countless times, IF we are not in a position to prove that we can financially compete in this fair enough - a club in administration could not do this, but a club that HAS come out of this, and has seen a CVA agreed to see us then control 'manageable debt' has as much right as ANY of the other English clubs playing in Europe who ALL have debts, of varying amounts, yet they are not prevented from doing this. Well, at least not yet, I think new rules are soon coming into play though?

My BIGGEST gripe is against the poxy premier league though!

If you go onto the and look up the cup, the best cup competition in the world, you will see that this is called the FA Cup and NOT the premier league cup so what the hell has it got to do with Dick Scudamore and his chums at premier league towers?

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the premier league, so WHY their 'permission' is needed is beyond me...

I had previously written something saying it was the FA's chance to stand up to the premier league and show where the true power lies, but these spineless old gits at FA headquarters have just rolled over and proven that the REAL power lies with the premier league!

So, they may as well just accept this and let the domination of English football that the premier league has continue to grow until they, the premier league, finally get their way and football 'outside of the top flight' basically does not exist - they have no time for this, and do not want this, hence why a 'no power championship' side cannot be allowed to fly the flag for England in Europe, what sort of 'impression' does that send out if a 'giant' from the promised land of the premier league is not in European football and a 'no hoper' from the championship is.

Ok, we will not get in but why not, as a compromise drop a European place? Forfeit the FA cup one and prevent someone from the league from benefiting from our loss - cutting off your nose to spite your face? Perhaps, but that way the FA do not lose face and the premier league does not 'look after one of their own?'

If we genuinely cannot prove we can be in a position to play in Europe next season, fair enough I will hold my hands up, granted still be gutted, but say 'fair play' - again we would have to be out of admin without a doubt and have a CVA agreed to see debts 'manageable' and 'maintainable' for this.

Yet to be denied the opportunity to have a chance at this at least stinks, it is a disgrace and the FA should be ashamed of themselves for not being stronger, the premier league just prove how power crazed they are and how their strangle hold on the English game grows...


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Date:Friday April 23 2010
Time: 1:16PM


As much as I've sympathy for your plight, I agree with the decision not to let you have a crack at Europe. Going into administration is effectively cheating, spending money you don't have and then askign for outside help to sort the mess. That's why league points are deducted from teams in administration and I think that same levy should apply to European competition.
Little Dutch
23/04/2010 13:25:00
Sorry, morally bankrupt argument, the sins of the previous owners and executives have to be paid for. Simply agreeing a CVA does not guarantee your future, nor a deteriation in your finances. Your balance sheet and hence your ability to enter into any form of financial commitment will be severly compromised. You are also assuming of course that what you are being told by Admin Andy is completely accurate, whereas it seems reports on the radio strongly suggest otherwise. Can you imagine the liability and mess the FA and the PL would get themselves into if they did support your application and the club still failed and went into liquidation next year? Simply put, I can see exactly why the FA and the PL advisors will be telling them that the best course and most appropriate action is to refuse to do anything other than they've already done. Playing the 'victim' here, simply does not help your cause at all.
23/04/2010 13:27:00
granted we did spend alot of money we did not really have but it does seem that everyman and his dog has been screwing pompey, as a club and a community, over for donkies years, seemingly pocketing a fortune without really putting anything in so in many ways these people have not even 'really' been spending money they did not have, they just have not really been doing much spending at all, just using what has come in and borrowed others but good points guys, and when you stop to think about them the way you have - and take away the emotional thoughts - i guess, all in all you are right...
then again i STILL, without a doubt, say that it has nothing to do with the premier league when it is the FA cup.
23/04/2010 13:37:00
The sins of the previous owners certainly should be paid for, but will they be? Of course not, the fans, the employees, the creditors (some anyway) will be punished as will any new owner. Where's the morality in that? Where's the morality of someone getting the club into the brown stuff, selling it and then demanding more money, 'Oh it was only a loan' ? Where's the morality of an organisation run mainly for the benefit of a few of its members, the rest just being there as cannon fodder and allowed to pick up crumbs from the table? Certain clubs have been allowed to get away with murder, others are deposited on from a great height. From a financial perspective we don't deserve to qualify, from a footballing one we do, morally it's open to question (I can see both sides here) and therefore we should accept that we shouldn't be allowed in. This should however be the decision of the FA/UEFA and, although the PL were set up as an independent arm of the FA, it doesn't concern them. As for victims, well as above, it's us the fans etc. We should bow out the PL with dignity, win the FA Cup, win the Championship next season and then consider whether we want to join the whole sorry lot of them.
23/04/2010 13:50:00
I was thinking along the same lines as you, Rug, but now I've seen Admin Andy saying that our club's debt might still increase and that playing in Europe will be one of things that increases it, I now think its best that we don't enter European competition at all. It would have been nice, but the debt mountain is becoming a nightmare we can't wake up from.
23/04/2010 14:02:00
The management did not want to open the books and reveal the financial distress, so they didn't apply for the license by the deadline - an internal deadline, but a deadline nonetheless. That's that! It's an appropriate decision. The overriding power of the Premier League can certainly be debated and questioned, but this comes down to a simple requirement that wasn't met. I sympathize. I really do, but I think the correct decision was made.
23/04/2010 14:33:00
It's sweet FA to do with the PL, but having said that I'm glad for the decision because to go into Europe now in our condition would be letting our hearts rule our heads. As an aside, is Admin Andy been taking lessons from PS? He says things publicly when he must know that the opposite is the truth.
23/04/2010 14:52:00
I honestly don't mind NOT being allowed to play in Europe, what bothers me is that the FA/Prem League have stepped in to try to save the potential embarrasment of one of the Big 4 not gaining entry to Europe. If a European place goes to the eventual winners of the FA Cup, then that should be it! Therefore, if Chelsea and now Pompey cannot fulfil that place, it should go to the next in line in the FA Cup placings!!! NOT THE PREMIER LEAGUE. This is where Admin Andy should be placing his arguement and appeal to UEFA as their competition is being tossed around like a rag-doll to suit the premier league!!
23/04/2010 15:50:00
Ruddy premier league
23/04/2010 16:04:00
You just dont get it do you ? You cheated and cheated and cheated again and again and again. The PL bent over backwards to help you and what did you do ? Throw it in their face? They lifted your embargo in Jan and what did you do? bring in more players. You fielded players you missed payments on.As for the PL deciding you dont go into Europe , i think you will find it was a joint decision with the FA and anyhow its just been reported UEFA aren't going to let you in. An you all think Administration is the end of your problems , think again , its the start. Look at your near neighbours , look how close they came to oblivion , saved at the last hour with a better infrastructure and far less debt. Look how Mike Ashley couldnt sell Newcastle for 100m , do you really think you are going to get a buyer? Crystal Palace are a better bet than you are
23/04/2010 17:03:00
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