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Why not eh?

The closer the semi final has gotten, and the more this week in particular goes by, the more I am feeling we CAN and WILL do it on Sunday - by do it I mean beat Spurs you know guys...

I am 'slightly' puzzled by the 'bastion of invincibility' complex that some seem to have about Spurs though!


Granted they are a top side but thy ARE NOT as 'invincible' as many seem to think that they are for some reason and it is not beyond comprehension that we are unable to 'do 'em' is it?

In all honesty I did not want Spurs - Fulham winning would have been 'ideal', then again the pressure and weight of expectation would have grown, right? Would I have rather Spurs than Chelski or Villa though, certainly Chelski without a doubt! - and I groaned when we got them, perhaps for all the wrong reasons though? But when you, will I, stopped to think about it, put aside who it was and all the 'previous' involved and decided that this is OUR day, it is about Portsmouth Football Club as is and not as was and know I want to enjoy it I though it is 'only' Spurs when all is said and done!

Even so, as much as it is 'our day' and so on - as mentioned above - when all is said and done as much as I do intend to make the most of it and have a 'jolly up' make no bones about it I DO want to win as I want to return in May to WIN the FA cup again.

In many ways this is starting to remind me more and more of the Old Trafford quarter final in 2008. The pessimism levels then were amazing. Ok, given it was Manyoo and all the years it had been since we had beaten them at Old Trafford I understood that it made it 'tough' even if we did have a decent side. Yep Manyoo were superior but this does not always count for much in the cup does it!

Spurs ARE, as said, a top quality side and there IS a gulf in this quality, but is the gulf really - if we can put out as 'strong' a side as possible - that much different than that on that famous Old Trafford day?

With all due respect to Spurs they are not Manyoo and we are not playing at Old Trafford are we. It is at a neutral ground in a one off, no thoughts of 'replays' or 'playing for a draw and winning the replay' game here, it is a winner takes it all game! If we get the luck like we did in Manchester that day, and lets be honest whatever we say we did have some luck, that will also help.

Given ALL we have been through this over the past 10-months, and as PFC plays such a prominent part in my day-to-day life - forget the weekends - I can say that some of these times have been the worst times of my entire life, with the 'karma' stakes perhaps needing evening out and the scales of 'fate' leaning in our favour I cannot help but think 'it is meant to be' this weekend...

Yep we ARE the 'underdogs' and 'on paper' Spurs 'should' win, although having:

  • Been down to 'the bare bones', as we REALLY have been in every sense for most of the season.

  • Been 'on the brink' of closure on more than one occasion.

  • Having possible already been relegated by the time we play.

  • Been 'cheated' or 'ripped off' time and time again.

  • Left in countless debt and administration.

  • Not to mention the fact that we have failed to score in our last 3 games is ALL irrelevant on Sunday afternoon as this is the FA cup here.

    Underdogs can, and often do, prevail in the cup - the magic of this seems to make it so - and football is not played on paper is it... It might be viewed as a 'fairytale happily ever after' ending but we ARE going to do it, we CAN and WILL win on Sunday!


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Thursday April 8 2010

    Time: 1:00PM

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    "On paper, Spurs should win"? On paper they should have beaten Middlesborough and Wolves but didn't, and on paper, Liverpool should have beaten us, but didn't. So I am going to Wembley thinking there is all to play for. If our luck is with us, we'll do it.
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    08/04/2010 12:31:00

    will it be more impressive beating a top 5/6 side comprised of a load of our former players/manager (motivation = done) with the squad we have, or beating a full strength, man u side (at old trafford) with the squad we had in 2008? I think they are fairly similar, both we were expected to lose, both there is a tiny chance of us winning. Bring it on!
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    08/04/2010 13:15:00

    True.. on paper Spurs should win.. lucky we are playing them on grass then eh !.. Bring it on boys and I look forward to all the Spurs squinnies who will claim (after they are beaten) that they should sack Harry and have a right to win cups and they are the best supported club in London and they are SUCH as BIG team .. yawn yawn yawn.. Hear it loud .. "***** all .. you're gonna win *****.."
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    08/04/2010 13:19:00

    My biggest concern (as a Spurs fan) is that the Spurs players take to the pitch wondering which designer is going to make their suits for the final rather than focusing on beating Portsmouth on the day. That sort of complacency could be the biggest problem for Spurs. The 90 minutes odds on Portsmouth are about 11/1 with the bookies. That's about as one sided as it gets. If you really fancy it you could make yourself a few quid...
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    08/04/2010 13:20:00

    Had a dream last night, we missed a penalty just before half time but their keeper got sent off. It went a bit blurry after that, but I'd fancy our chances against 10 men. Great read Rug, I can imagine Avram printing it out and memorising it for Sunday, pretending it's his own.
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    08/04/2010 13:22:00

    I respect you lot and i am very worried about this game, you have a few players back whilst we have a few more players out, at this rate crouchy will be in the centre of defence! Its going to have goals in it with a very tight margin! I guess it will come down to who wants it the most on the day!! Lets just hope it isnt decided on a contraversial decision, like a sending off, pen or goal that shouldnt have stood!! Good luck to all of you for Sunday, possibly the final and next season!! COYS
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    08/04/2010 13:24:00

    boy, are you in for a wake up call...This aint a fairy tale, and there will be no fairy tale ending....4-0 to spurs on sunday, and on monday when you wake up, all you will have to look forward to, is the championship next season!
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    08/04/2010 13:25:00

    We didn't beat Middlesborough because we didn't play them Pay Up Pompey
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    08/04/2010 13:33:00

    cyspurs - with you on that one - the Pompey dream will be over and they will be able to start planning in earnest for next season. Pompey will be up for it and will have watched the Sunderland game, but with the players that will be available to them on Sunday, they will not be able to compete. This will be a straightforward win for the mighty Spurs.
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    08/04/2010 13:36:00

    You guys have a real chance. We also have MASSIVE injury problems, our whole defence and midfield is out almost.
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    08/04/2010 13:48:00

    Cocky spurs fans like you lot are the reason we are hated as fans and as a club!! Its a semi and they got here with good results and probably a harder route than us! Dont underestimate them and they will have a good team out as everyone that is 50-50 will want to play at wembley a work that bit harder on their fitness! I hope it is but this will not be easy and in my opinion you are just setting yourselves up for a fall!! COYS prove me wrong and I will gladly pass the humble pie around!!
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    08/04/2010 13:53:00

    wow some of you spurs fans need to be brought back down to earth, i really don't think your heads could be much bigger... but to the rest of the spurs fans with some humility all i really hope for is a good game, ofc i want us to win but as long as we play well i don't think i'll be too disappointed if we don't win (not gonna happen btw :P) either way it'll be close i reckon PUP
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    08/04/2010 14:02:00

    Spurs having huge injury problems, particularly in defence with only Bassong I think available as a centre-back will help us. Can I see Pompey winning - not really, but I'll be there supporting my team having an awesome day out, win or lose it doesn't bother me! PUP
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    08/04/2010 14:05:00

    For me it is going to be all about enjoying the day. For the semi and Final last time we were favourites and as such there was such an air of pressure and worry over the games. This time 90% maybe more of the country expect us to loose, so as long as we give our best both players and fans I will not complain no matter the outcome. Well unless there is the usual dodgy ref decisions.
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    08/04/2010 14:21:00

    As a Spurs fan i have a bad feeling about this game. Both teams have injury crises and Portsmouth will put everything into this game. We are attacking a wounded animal without our full armour which is very dangerous. I am putting a little bet on Portsmouth to raise some funds to get *****ed on if we do lose - at those odds i should succeed in that mission but hope i don't have to! Would rather go out to Portsmouth than Chelsea as i quite like the club (except the 'play up Pompey', the rattles and the bloke with the bell). The vast majority of us Spurs fans are not cocky. We constantly have success torn away from us so we live in hope rather than expectation and enjoy any success we get.
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    08/04/2010 14:30:00

    Years since Spurs won the FA Cup 19
    Years since Pompey won the FA Cup 2
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    08/04/2010 14:42:00

    cyspurs and ParkLane67 i have been 'looking forward' to the championship' for a long time - i have had it with the premier league guys. of course one day i would like to return but it id destroying football in this country! so long as we DO have a club next season that will do me and i will have no deluded fantacies either about how 'great' my club is ;-)
    you WILL be surprised tho at how able to 'compete' our players will be on sunday...
    you can argue in some ways that what i say in my article is no different to what these guys are doing but at least i do it with some level of respect - oh how i hope these 2 comments come back to haunt you on sunday, and trust me if they do you will know about it :-)
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    08/04/2010 14:45:00

    "Spurs always do well when the year ends in 'one'" sang Chas and Dave and who can argue with that. All the best for next year, boys.
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    08/04/2010 14:54:00

    With a couple coming back and Spurs having half their team out the odds narrow. I will go 2-1 Pompey. Jamie will then show Spurs what he can do against Chelsea.
    SFC Forever
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    08/04/2010 15:07:00

    lads lads lads...Pompey for me play decent football and on neutral grounds,Im not gonna say we should take this...Its not gonna be easy and if we played like we did against Sutherland then bang,there it is...FA cup anything happens...And both teams play some decent football..
    Daz Hotspurs
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    08/04/2010 15:21:00

    Why not? erm cos as a team they are better than us. Still it's a cup game and anything could happen. I would be more confident if Herman was playing but I'm putting a tenner on us to win anyway!
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    08/04/2010 16:00:00

    Apologies for coming across earlier as "cocky". I meant no offence, but I am just stating things how I see them. Of course Pompey will put up a fight, but unfortunately for them, they will have far too many of their best players missing. We have far more depth and quality in our squad and I cannot see any result other than a Spurs win. I know all about the "magic" of the FA cup, but it would take a miracle of Biblical proportions for Pompey to succeed on Sunday. Good luck for next season.
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    08/04/2010 16:42:00

    ParkLane we've had most of our best players missing all season, in fact most of them f**d off to Spurs! Yet we've still got to Wembley this season. Avram has built a side with incredible team spirit, the kind that can only really come from the adversity that Pompey have been through this season, which has been unprecedented. I am getting really excited about Sunday now. And just as I didn't expect to beat ManU in the quarter-final 2 years ago, I don't expect to beat Spurs this time round, but you know what? You never know! What I do know for sure is that we Pompey fans will have an amazing day out at Wembley and we will get behind our side like nothing on earth - we're good at that. That's what Sunday is all about for us really.
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    08/04/2010 19:10:00

    i`m spurs & i hope to see a damn good game ,i like & respect portsmouth always have & hope you can turn your financial problems around ,get a decent board & our back where you belong in the premier league ,i dislike the running of your club but admire the fans ,if the right buyer comes in runs it right you`ll be loving life south coast again no probs ,anything is possible with great fan power ,good luck on sunday & if you win on sunday i hope you win it all ,hope the best footballing team decides the game & not some numpty referee or cheat ,c ya sunday good luck & all the best ,but i have to say COYS
    big cockeral
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    08/04/2010 19:11:00

    I just want us to give it our all & give them a proper match. I'd also appreciate if those around don't start chanting Harry's a Cnut & so is Defoe!!!
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    08/04/2010 21:28:00

    (Sorry I meant Sunderland, not Middlesborough) its all the same to a southern girl once you get past London! Well I must say when you get a nice Spurs fan, they are very very nice, and when you get a nasty one, their bloody orrible! (and best ignored - which they probably are anyway, hence the reason they are on sites like this seeking attention). May the best team win on Sunday - that'll be us hopefully!!! And Matt, please rest assured I WON'T be acknowledging Defoe or Redknapp, OR singing that filth......
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    09/04/2010 01:14:00


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