Portsmouth - Storrie confirms he intends to move on
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Storrie confirms he intends to move on

Peter Storrie has issued a statement on The Pompey Site that confirms that it is his intention to move aside after he has worked with the administrator to help find us a new owner...

Whilst I will admit I feel a bit guilty, that is my nature - and something about my character that I cannot change - am I sorry that he will move on, if he does?

Nope, not at all in all honesty, and as harsh as it sounds the sooner the better...

No matter how you butter it up or what way it is look at it as a chief executive of any business a lot of responsibility lies with that person and then with that a lot of blame must go with them for the BAD that happens, they cannot merely sit there and be happy accept the praise that comes along with the GOOD but brush off the bad as having 'little, or nothing' to do with them.

Anyway here, below, is his statement...


A Statement From Peter Storrie

Portsmouth Football Club has formally announced that it has gone into administration today and this is an extremely sad day for everyone connected with the club.

However, by this course of action Balram Chainrai has kept the club alive and given someone an exceptional opportunity to take this great club on with fresh investment to steer Portsmouth in a positive direction.

Whilst accepting as Chief Executive of Portsmouth Football Club that it was inevitable that criticism would come my way, the overall funding of the business was the responsibility of the owner.

What I am not prepared to accept is the very personal level of abuse on websites, emails and local radio which I have received over the last couple of days.

It is my intention to work with the administrator to help sell the business and I hope that will be quick as there is already interest in acquiring the club. I will also work with Avram Grant on the football side.

Once the sale is complete, I will tender my notice to the new owners as set out under the terms of my contract.

I find it somewhat ironic that a couple of months ago my name was being chanted by the fans at a time when I seriously considered my position at the club. Yet now, because I appear to be the last one left, they are calling for my head.

My decision to stand down has not been taken lightly, but I have had to take into account the views of my family who have witnessed first-hand the effect that the last 15 months has had on our lives.

I have really enjoyed my eight years at the club and the success we have enjoyed on the pitch: winning promotion to the Premier League and seven years in top-flight football, culminating in winning the FA Cup in 2008.

I will really miss the genuine fans who have been so supportive and good to me, the staff who I have worked with closely and the club in general. I and others at the club have worked tirelessly to save Portsmouth and wish now that the future of this club be secured, because, at the least, the fans deserve that.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 26 2010

Time: 12:13PM

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fair enough in that he was perhaps paid rather well, but i am sure that throughout he genuinely wanted the best for the club and during the recent months must have been banging his head on a wall in frustration as others were always not doing what they said they would and he was not in any position to tell the media or fans as it was.
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26/02/2010 12:23:00

What a pathetic excuse for a man -Jackanory still can't take any real blame can he! The only reason his name got chanted was he duped everybody that Al Mirage was the real deal. To be fair, he has taken Pompey to 'a level you wouldn't believe'.. don't think any of us could believe just how low a lavel. Now I understand why Notts County fans can't stand the man
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26/02/2010 12:25:00

That news will please the majority at the PVA and SOS Pompey who were planning an 'assassination' Rug you have no need to feel guilty as others have gone much further over the last days and weeks but as you say the buck has to stop somewhere and the CX is normally in the firing line.
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26/02/2010 12:38:00

yellowcheesemonkey, how right you are about cheering his name. I was appalled when I heard it, and every sinew in my body was cringing. His statement about "taking us to a new level" is almost as infamous as Gerald Ratner saying his "products were crap" at least Ratner wasn't lying.
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26/02/2010 12:51:00

I agree Mike. 'It wasn't me guv'. Pompey constantly being discussed on R5live this morning.
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26/02/2010 13:19:00

I thought the cheering his name was sickening; even worse it showed how storrie and two cohorts who love the media limelight were able to fool people. Made me sad to think people were so gullible. For those who thought he was only doing the best for the club might ask , why did he take so much out of it?his annual earnings was the gate receipt after tax of two or three games. Why did he get implicated in tax avoidance? Oh I'm sorry he can't have been implicated he was in sth of France when the tax evasion matter occured in Monaco a good ten minutes away. Pete yer soon to be gone, but rest assured never to be forgotten.
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26/02/2010 13:19:00

He's not prepared to accept the level of abuse he has seen on the Webiste etc? He's damned lucky some of the more hot headed fans didn't go round to his house, like they have done elsewhere in the country. (I thought I read somewhere that ManU fans have paid their CEO a visit). (Not that I condone this sort of thing - I don't). However, if he is going to do the honourable thing - for whatever reason -then good luck to him. Maybe he will think twice before he works with his mate again. Storrie not being able to say no to his mate is what has brought us down to this level - 70%. Sacha stopping the funds - 10%. Two owners with no money (Storrie's work again, should have done his homework like Balram has been doing) - 20%. I feel a bit sorry for him, no human not to, but am glad he is going, new broom and all that.
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26/02/2010 13:36:00

Despite being ridiculed by some I have 9 times out of 10 always defended Peter Storrie not in terms of his over exaggeration (or mis-placed enthusiasm) at times.. but I do firmly believe that he had the club in his heart. but during the past couple of weeks even I have had to concede that his position was untenable and felt that he could never regain the trust of the majority of supporters who blame him for everything. On top of that I also think it is a time for a fresh start so I would shake his hand, say Thank you for trying and ask him to remember the good times (we had many) and wish him the best of luck with his court case .. which I really hope he wins ... even though the hardened Storrie-haters will claim he somehow bribed the judge
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26/02/2010 14:13:00

Hope he rots
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26/02/2010 14:24:00

i have tried, as much as i could publicly - altho for reasons, which i have felt were in the best interests of this site, not always felt i could be as publicly open as i would have liked - that i have not been 'keen' on storrie for some time. behind the scenes i think i have made it more than clear for along time how i felt about him - time for him to move on, worryingly tho he is not doing this with immediate affect...
one of my biggest gripes with storrie is that he is MORE than happy to take praise, and have this lavished upon him for the good he does but when something bad happens he cannot distance himself from it quick enough, like a rat up a drainpipe he will somehow be on the defensive to shift it to someone else - you CANNOT be happy to be a CEO with the power to basically control everything only when the going is good and then liken yourself to a tea lady in terms of how much responsability you have when things go belly up!
my distain for the guy has grown even more with this very statement, yet again he REFUSES to take any blame whatsoever...this section here: 'Whilst accepting as Chief Executive of Portsmouth Football Club that it was inevitable that criticism would come my way, the overall funding of the business was the responsibility of the owner,' gave him the ideal chance to hold his hands up and take some blame, and when i started reading i thought he would, but NO, as usual it has nothing to do with him...
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26/02/2010 14:36:00

I think he needs to go straight away - it's the ideal opportunity from all sides as we need to reduce our overheads. PUP
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26/02/2010 16:54:00

I don't think he really cares about us, the fans, and he has made more dosh in his eight years than most of will ever make in our lives..I just agree with the new broom bit, and i sick of being LIED to, so lets hope something will change there.
plymouth graham
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26/02/2010 17:23:00

I haven't been one of the Storrie bashers, although I've always had reservations about him. I do belive that his heart has been in the right place and he has sincerly intended to help the club, and he has always been willing to speak to the fans. But enough is enough, as a highly paid CEO he must take his share of the responsibility for what has happened (as should his twitchy mate), and its time he 'fell on his sword', along with all the other board/director level people.
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26/02/2010 17:33:00

I quite like one metre Peter. It's been quite a ride and the end of the road has been reached. All the best
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26/02/2010 17:46:00

Not sure PS lied to us. He was lied to and passed on those lies. We all wanted to believe the best. Everyone was happy with SAF until we realised he was skint. No problem with all the successful businessmen/women criticizing PS's methods or acheivements but I always have to laugh at people who've never tried something criticizing those who do their best.
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26/02/2010 18:03:00

pompeypaul, a lie is an untruth, whether their was malice that is a different thing.On that score i am not sure, i really am not..but...i do believe Sasha was a puppet dictator for Arcadi, i believe Arcadi is accused crook, of laundering money...and i believe he Used Beiter Jerusalem to do so...I believe he used people to front company's that he owned, and i believe he left BJ-FC with massive debts.........and surely PS was aware of this...If you recall PS, HR and SG went to jerusalem preseason two seasons ago to discuss player purchases...why there? coiuld not sasha deal with it in London? or was it because Arcadi was not able to leave Isreal becaus of the interpol warrent out for his arrest for Gun running-i think that is against the PLFAPPT....so HR and PS knew it was Arcadi's club if my guessing is true...it all stinks....And we are expected to believe Uncle Pete that he is abot to walk away when a new buyer is found.... in yer dreams.
plymouth graham
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26/02/2010 19:54:00

Storrie to Spurs ;)
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26/02/2010 21:29:00

PS knew/knows the truth, of course he does. But he was still only doing what SG & AG told him to do. In other words he did what he was paid to do. Anyway the guy's off so this is all academic. One thing that seems to get little discussion is the fallacy that SG was putting his or his dad's money into the club. He didn't. He borrowed money against the club. If he'd merely spent his own money there'd be no debt.
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27/02/2010 20:55:00


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