Portsmouth - A meaningless match!!!
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A meaningless match!!!

This season has been a rollercoaster for us, it is not yet done but we are all left physically, mentally and emotionally drained by it, right?

Some form of 'resolution' is close to being reached - yep I know that Administration is by no means 'a good thing' or the 'answer to all our prayers', far from it, but it at least, seemingly gives us the chance to attempt to regroup, reform and rebuild...

I, like so many people, have had a lot of anger over these months, and still hold this I cannot lie - admittedly from my own point, sometimes misguided - but this anger boiled over this afternoon when I read, in a couple of separate articles in The News the views that the weekends trip Burnley, despite the previous pedestal it stood on as being a 'relegation six-pointer', has taken on one of being a 'meaningless match!' Or at least 'rendered meaningless.'

A f*****g meaningless match!!!

Granted to all intent and purpose this game will not impact on how our league season ends but is there ever such a thing as a meaningless match?

Will any Pompey game ever 'really' be viewed as meaningless by any Pompey fan?

Has the fact that we came so close, not that we are out of the woods of course, to going out of business altogether meant so little to the writers at The News that they can casually toss this aside as being a game of no importance at all just because our 'premier league life' is coming to and end...

From a footballing point of view as we DO still have the FA cup, and pride, to play for this gives us the chance to build up some momentum ahead of a monumental effort at this - in many ways with the pressure off the players now we can only hope this sees the shackles well and truly come off and they adapt an absolutely nothing in the world to lose approach.

Try telling the countless hundreds; maybe thousands of fans making this trip to Lancashire that this is meaningless!

Personally my own journey for this 'meaningless match' will begin on Friday and I will not get home until Sunday! Merely to make my 7am Exeter meet on Saturday morning I will have to get a train to my brothers just outside of Exeter on Friday to be able to make this, and as I will not be back into Exeter until at least 10pm I will then stay at his again Saturday night before coming home Sunday. I can tie in some time with him and his family, but basically I am spending some of Friday, all of Saturday and some of Sunday away for a game that last for 90mins or so between 3pm and 5pm on Saturday.

This sounds like it is pretty meaningless to me, and many others making similar journeys, and those around the globe that will still listen/watch however they can!

And that is before you even think about how FAR from meaningless this will actually be from Burnley's point of view...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 24 2010

Time: 2:52PM

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Games are never meaningless! This would be a good game to win.
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24/02/2010 14:58:00

Can't be meaningless. If we do go into admin, have 9pts deducted. We still have a target set by Derby to overhaul. Otherwise what's the point? Just as well fold now and Bulldoze the ground! Personally I can't wait for the game...Something other than bloody boring accountants to think about...
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24/02/2010 15:00:00

I'll have a few meaningless beers on the journey up, eat meaningless food at the cricket club and then enjoy meaningless banter with the locals.
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24/02/2010 15:09:00

meaningless locals surely Tony !
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24/02/2010 15:14:00

Sorry Burnley fans couldn't resist it (lol) .. Agree with the comments so far ...it is not meaningless at all least of all to Burnley and dare I say Bolton, Wigan, Hull, West Ham, Sunderland and Wolves fans too
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24/02/2010 15:17:00

meaningless? no of course it is the start of 'the greatest escape in the history of greatest ever escapes in the history of the world of greatest ever escapes ever!' EVER...
the donkeys at the news might wanna start thinking about more about what they say or when paying my visit to premier league towers to burn them down i might pay them a visit too :-)
seriously tho i cannot, and really mean this, cannot wait until the weekend - admin is not good but it has 'released' some pressure and i intend to fully enjoy the football again for the rest of the season, we still have plenty to play for - the players still have points to prove so lets enjoy what i imagine will be a carnaval style atmosphere for most of what is left of this season!
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24/02/2010 15:22:00

haha i wish i could share your optimism Rug but i just can't, i sort of see where the news was going with it but i do disagree, we are playing for pride now and pride alone, and i'm sure the players want to put themselves in the shop window for next season so they should be playing even better if anything!
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24/02/2010 15:38:00

It would be dammed ironic if we went on a winning run...Hahaha; can't you just imagine the panic at Burnley, Bolton, Wolves etc...Priceless!
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24/02/2010 15:48:00

If it was the News themselves saying that it was meaningless, then shame on them. In a couple of years time, we might see this as a glamorous fixture.
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24/02/2010 16:18:00

It certainly isn't meaningless to Burnley, as a Pompey win would leave Burnley in even deeper mire and probably odds-on for relegation. And quite apart from our own pride, Pompey have a responsibility to all the other relegation candidates to give it our best shot. Nevertheless the big match for us now is the FA cup tie with Birmingham, so I hope we won't risk any injuries or suspensions unnecessarily.
erithacus rubecula
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24/02/2010 16:27:00

bet anymoney we will take 9point hit friday and then beat burnley and go on a run and get enough points so that at the end of the season if we didnt take a 9 point hit we would of stayed up on goal difference....
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24/02/2010 16:44:00

If it was the News we ought to do what the population of Liverpool did with the SUN and boycott buying it. What a disgaceful position to take for our local newspaper, if it's true.
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24/02/2010 16:47:00

pompeyhussler, if we do not take this 9pt hit i hoestly do not think we would see out the season! we would have more front than storrie and redknapp put together if we strolled into court bold as brass thinking that we could 'survive the courts' again - it WOULD NOT have happened, they would have wound us up..

these are the exact words from the 'Piquionne faces race against time' article: 'What was once a relegation six-pointer will now be rendered meaningless should the Blues fall into administration on Friday.'
so as said in the article it is words to that affect that they see it as 'meaningless', i guess to be fair they follow up by saying: 'However, a game of football is still at stake.'
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24/02/2010 16:58:00

so, i 'could' have been alittle harsh on the news - altho i saw the words 'meaningless' and saw the red mist...
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24/02/2010 17:18:00

Meaningless Lets beat them & take them with us 3pts will get us back into double points again 10 pts steady on manyoo will be crapping themselves in case we go on a run . at least with all the finanial crap out the way lets just focus on the the rest of the season in the EPL . & as the old song says next season "were goin back to our roots"
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24/02/2010 17:23:00

If we beat Burnley I will be jumping up and down with joy as always. It might be that our form improves now, as the pressure to stay up is off, players might start enjoying their football, and the fans might do as well. I know what the News meant, but their choice of words was unfortunate We could go on a bit of a winning run (well until the Chelski game) - that would be fun.
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24/02/2010 19:19:00

So . . . Green Giant . . . Are you seriously expressing joy that ordinary people who work for businesses owed money by PFC, or for PFC itself are going to lose their jobs? What sort of moron are you? I'm glad you don't support our team I wouldn't like to be on the same side as you.
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24/02/2010 19:35:00

NO GAME IS EVER MEANINGLESS!!! those who have been around Vital P fir a while know I take defeat badly, I desperately want us to get back up to the Premiership at the end of next season. I think in football second place is no place, I make a commitment to go to most away flights, I make a commitment to buy the flight or train ticket. I make a commitment to buy the match ticket. I EXPECT the players to make the same commitment to win! I make NO apology for this attitude. Winning IS everything, 2nd place is no place and I will have the same attitude next season. My best season in 37 years of being a Pompey; narrowly but probably the year we were promoted, the longest unbeaten record, what a fabulous accolade. Assuming we can limit the next season penalty to 12 points I would expect a push for mid table or play off place next season.
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24/02/2010 19:50:00

Who's Green Giant, Tracy? It's feasible that we could go on a winning run and escape relegation so every games still very important.
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24/02/2010 19:51:00

PFCblue the green giant is an "over vocal yokal, who to me is a local, A pasty munching moron who,s been a bit of a Bore On, another on the site
plymouth graham
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24/02/2010 20:31:00

The whole of next season could be meaningless if they give us a 20 point reduction before we even start, they may as well put us straight into league 1, talk about kick you in the nuts (us fans have to endure all this bollox because of these bloddy foreign owners with no money). Next season will be a real nightmare. Looking forward to the world cup now and the England friendlies as there aint much else to chear about in football at the mo.
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24/02/2010 22:09:00

oh and theres the fa cup. Can we really beat birmingham on our own turf!! Lets hope so, will surely make us a more attractive purchase for any potential buyer. Nice day out at wembley, great for business!!!!
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24/02/2010 22:12:00

This is not original and was posted on the new site by someone named “Old Pompey Blue” but I wanted to share it I'm a potential investor talking to the Administrator looking for answers: Do we get the freehold of Fratton Park? Admin: No, it is secured against loans by Mr Chainrai, but the team still get to play there for a mere £1million per season, payable to some account in the British Virgin Islands. Do we get the revenue from selling club merchandise? Admin: No, it has already been licensed to a third party for three years. We're not sure who is receiving it, but rest assured we'll check. Do we get the revenue from the Sky TV deal? Admin: No, that has been secured by Mr Chainrai. Do we get the payments from the PL for the next 2 seasons? Admin: No, they are also secured! Do we get to keep the players? Admin: No, we did a job lot with Mr Redknapp at Spurs. He said he was trying to help them find a decent home as he feels slightly responsibly for some reason. Do we get the revenue from the FA Cup run, especially should we get to Wembley? Admin: No, that has been secured already. Do we get to sit in the Directors box at Wembley should we get through to the Final? Admin: No, they have already been secured. Do we get the revenue from new season ticket sales? Admin: No, those have already been secured. Can you tell us exactly what we are getting for our investment in this football club? Admin: Well, let me see..... there is a very highly paid CEO that works tirelessly for the club and knows a lot about nothing and spins a hell of a storrie. He has kept the supporters believing in him for months. Oh yes, there is Big Kev the kit man. Told he fills multiple holes around the club! Then there is the tea lady, boy she makes a mean cuppa. There is a couple of cleaners and security staff, a mascot, an old sailor's uniform and plenty of unpaid bills. Investor: Do we get to get the replica of the FA Cup and other trophies? Admin: No, well, I don't think so. I was told that nice Mr Storrieteller has them kept safe somewhere. Investor: Thank you for your time, but as temptingThank you for your time, but as tempting as the offer is we think we'll pass. Admin: Oh, that is a surprise. Any real reason why? Investor: We thought we were buying a football club, not a shell of something that once was. Think we'll be better off investing in AFC Pompey.
plymouth graham
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25/02/2010 07:42:00

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mattslater/2010/02/portsmouth_fc_in_crisis_qa.html sorry folks but this is even worse
plymouth graham
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25/02/2010 07:51:00

i am very much angry rug today, but also drained rug - as said in another thread:
i have no idea anymore but do know i am done, i am completely drained and think i have to basically adopt a 'i cannot influence or change anything anymore so have to hope that the administrator will be able to do a job to save us and find a new 'milan' that will do this'.
Report Abuse
25/02/2010 10:42:00


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