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Good or bad it at least means life!

Administration has not been something that anyone would have really wanted at all, and it HAS NOT happened yet, although in all reality it is almost certain this will happen on Friday.

I do not care about the 'grief' the club will get for 'bringing the premier league down' by being the first club to do this, or the fact people will 'laugh at us' etc. - any real football fan would not anyway, nor have they at our plight and I think we have seen right here that Vital Football has proven itself to be the best network around as the support this club has got from all genuine fans, of any team, has been phenomenal although looking around some other places - granted I have not done this much - the fact that so many have said it would be 'good' for us to go to the wall and 'serves us right', even if in some ways I would agree slightly football needs something bad to happen - not this bad as it could have gone though, shows how narrow minded some people are, these sorts of people are not genuine football fans, they are most likely part of the modern breed of big club syndrome wannabe bandwagon jumpers!

Our main priority is that we STILL have a football club, and taking the admin route will mean that we do. And it gives us the chance to rebuild.

To be fair, although I must admit that I do have doubts, or concerns about Balram Chainrai I have to say that credit where it is well and truly due must go for him - I could turn up and tell him that I want to takeover the club and tell him I have the funds to do this, I could also get a lawyer to say I do but unless I had banking evidence and backing to support this he would turn me away as he has, thus far, the South Africans which has all in all been the right thing to do. Too many have 'talked the talk' but not enough have 'walked the walk' when it came to money, again to be fair from the off he made it clear he did not want the club and would not put anymore in, whereas others have been let in without proving they have what is needed, and/or being vetted enough!

The sorrow that I feel for the everyday, honest, genuine, hard working creditor that cannot afford to lose the money they will, as they would be left with a fraction of what they are owed, is immense - this is not their fault and they deserve better. The likes of Sacha Gaydamak losing out does not, in all honesty worry me that much at all I must say! I still, not that apportioning the blame hold him mostly responsible for our situation. Yep we enjoyed it, but enjoyed it in the 'hope' he knew what he was doing...

It is also some members of staff that will feel this as it is likely job cuts will occur, and that also saddens me - they DO NOT deserve this either! I cannot say people like Peter Storrie, who you would think WILL be on his way should an administrator be appointed as they would in essence be 'doing his job', moving on will worry me that much - sorry if this sounds heartless but I think that it is time for him to go anyway and also hold him majorly responsible too.

I would also think that the likes of Hassan Yebda, Freddy P, Aruna Dindane, Quincy and of course Jamie O'Hara would have to return to their parent clubs as I 'think' that if you enter into admin loanees have to return to their clubs, right?

Some will clearly be missed more than others, very much so and I feel sorry for them having to forgo playing football - and playing football is ALL some want to do, but what can you do...

Then of course, and for me the least worrying of all, is the 9pt penalty and certain relegation from the premier league. Yep, I cannot say that I have not enjoyed it as I have, but this has really soured in recent times and all in all I would not say that I will be sorry to see the back of it now - this money cow is milked for all it can be and it is the premier league that has essentially almost 'killed' the English game, and maybe still could?

Yet it is not all bad!

This means that the club lives on and 'should' in a way start with a clean(ish) slate and can hopefully attract and owner that will go about things in the right way and finally give us that stability that we have been looking for for so long, and will also - again hopefully - finally sort out the infrastructure of this club to give us this opportunity of finally progressing into something that is sustainable in the long-term. 'Long-term' has not been in the vocabulary of those involved with the club for some time now...

Clearly the football will not be of the same standard, nor will the players or clubs, but I want Pompey to live on at whatever level and I suspect that, on the whole, we will enjoy it a lot more than we have of late - again speaking for myself my distain for the premier league has really started to ruin my enjoyment and love of football, something that I never thought possible. A spell away from this, for as long as needed, 'should' rekindle my love for football - I suspect one of the first things that I will do fairly soon is get sky sports cancelled, I barely watch it anyway so what is the point in keeping it!

With players returning to parent clubs a threadbare side will be even more stretched but this 'should' mean that some of the kids are given a go, and why not? Recall the ones out on loan and give them a burn. Who cares if other clubs moan that it is 'unfair' that such a 'weakened side' is facing others - lets be honest have they not seen us all season, we have hardly been 'the bastion of invincibility' anyway have we!

Admin IS NOT a good thing, and until very, very recently this has been something that has been almost unthinkable but logically this has seemed the only answer for sometime and in a way - in spite of the negatives for those that do not deserve it - this is a welcome relive really and, as said, means we carry on as a going concern and I would imagine will now live on!

Even as a championship side I maintain my thoughts, without the saddle of so much debt we are such an attractive proposition as the potential, if done right, for this club is immense, it honestly is. We saw how we achieved things being basically mismanaged, imagine, in time, what we could do if we were managed properly and did things the right way eh!

I can honestly see the remainder of this season being something special, I think it will be an almost party like carnival atmosphere, especially away from Fratton Park - not that it will be bad at home either, with the results and the on-the-field goings on being completely second nature and being even more of a 'side product' than they already have been in some ways. The premier league will see just what an amazing thing they will be losing - as this WILL be a lot worse without us, as a club, in it. Ultimately though the premier league, because of us fans, will miss us a lot more than we will miss it!

In spire of this will be even more threadbare squad, what with the loanees set to return to their clubs, even if the chances of this happening are pretty remote, IF there is any justice in the world, as we as fans have probably been through more this season than most will in their lifetime of support for their club, we would get to the FA cup final - failing that we would at least make it back to Wembley for the semi final, and we are just the 1 game away from this afterall!

I know admin has not happened yet, but logically it will and when it does lets look at both sides of that coin - think about the loses some will make, and how this will affect their lives, hopefully in some way, shape or form these people can be helped out by future owners and/or The Trust or something - but also think that this means we live on, and that is something that I must say means the world to me! Of course we would have to come out of admin, but I am sure for reasons I mention and more we would...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 23 2010

Time: 8:49PM

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now is the time to take the nine point hit, as we are virtually down anyway. if we go into admin now, there is plenty of time to find a buyer, which should be a lot easier without a reported 80m pounds of debt. Obviosly there are negative consequences, but it is the best thing for the club, the fans and it the city.
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23/02/2010 21:09:00

The local small suppliers and any staff losses are the only ones that I feel sorry for out of this. Chainrai could come out of it with some credit, but we still only have words from him and we've heard plenty of them from plenty of others. I'm not concerned about dropping out of the top flight, but a trip to Wembley would be nice.
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23/02/2010 21:10:00

presumably Sol Campbell could whistle for his dosh then?
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23/02/2010 21:11:00

sadly i 'think' that sol will still get his money...
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23/02/2010 21:14:00

A happy, happy day... Administration and certain relegation, back to being a tiny no hoper club.
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23/02/2010 21:20:00

give me a 'tiny no hoper club' over no club at all GreenGiant13 and i will bite your arm off!
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23/02/2010 21:22:00

Another great article RUG, it is a really sad thing to have to do (Administration) but if it means that we still have our football club, then I am all for it, it is a real shame for some of the people who will loose out on monies owed to them, and I hope it doesnt have too much of a knock on effect, as it is our community after all, for the likes of Sacha and Sol, I dont feel sorry for them at all really, they both have the money to not have to worry about it too much (that being said, mismanagement or not, thanks Sacha for the FA cup). I did not realise that the loanees would all have to depart, but that makes absolute sense I suppose, that is a shame, because it probably means we will get steam rolled a bit in the latter part of the season, a new goals in one game record coming up maybe??? Balram Chanrai seems to be a very shrewd businessman, but also seemingly a man of his word, I think we could do worse than to keep him, damn shame he doesnt want to own a football club huh!, isnt it refreshing to hear from the horses mouth, and via the right channels the news that we are all concerned with, this should be a lesson to any wannabe owner, this is what are fans crave and deserve. Championship football is inevitable should the administration go through ( its almost inevitable if it doesnt) but that doesnt worry me either, the biggest problem will be the 5-6000 attendances that come with that, but you never know if Scum can acheive promotion there could also be som cracker derbies back on the cards!!! And finally,. and the saddest part at all is that I will no longer be able to watch my team play, as no championship games get aired over here in NZ, so that will suck beyond belief, maybe I will have to cancel sky sport as well RUG!! Survival of the club is key!!!!! PUP Sad Kiwi
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23/02/2010 21:29:00

Gandor had a lovely idea on a post somewhere or other saying that a raffle could be organised for the small suppliers/contractors who've been badly stuffed by the current regime. Don't know how it would be worked out but it was a nice thought and it would kinda show a return to a (hopefully) more community run club.
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23/02/2010 22:08:00

Wonderful oratory skills there rug. I imagine we will say goodbye to Avram as well at the end of the season as I don't think he see's himself as a Championship/League 1 manager.
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23/02/2010 22:26:00

Administration and relegation have looked inevitable for some weeks now. It is not the end of the world. After all we spent most of the last 50 years in the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th divisions (or whatever they are called now). So be it. But the real worry is what happens to Fratton Park. I am incredulous that Chainrai can somehow take it out of the ownership of PFC Ltd and keep it for himself and charge 1 million to lease it back, and meanwhile the other creditors lose everything. That cannot be right. Whatever little value FP has should be available to pay the creditors, especially the employees and local traders, and whoever buys FP should rent it to the new PFC for a realistic rent - certainly not 1 million as reported in the meeja. How about the Council making a CPO for FP and renting it to PFC for a peppercorn rent? Meanwhile let us be the first club to win the FA cup and be relegated in the same season!
erithacus rubecula
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23/02/2010 23:08:00

I don't know why anybody's having a pop at Chainrai - if he hadn't stepped in with his loans we would have gone out of business months ago. Also if he hadn't taken control when he did we would already be bust. And this is the man who from the off said he had no interest in owning Pompey. Although I didn't want admin to happen I feel a sense of relief that it's going to be all over soon and we've survived as a club.
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23/02/2010 23:47:00

PFC Blue .. You have just said all I wanted to say
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24/02/2010 07:28:00

http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/feb/23/portsmouth-administration-points-deduction Anyone seen the above link. Possible 20 pts deduction for next season!
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24/02/2010 08:40:00

Storage, that would be a real disaster if that was imposed.
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24/02/2010 08:49:00

Rug, I take all your points from your article on board, and share most of your sentiments. But with a big emphasis on your last sentence. That is, 'If' a buyer can be found. Contrary to what many seem to think, administration doesn't just mean a 9 point hit, relegation and off you go again. We would STILL need to find a new owner! For a relegated club, with very few tangible assets. A real concern. A non-Premier League acquisition is not going to be as appealing by a long shot for a potential investor. I don't see people beating a path to the Crystal Palace administrators' door at the moment for instance. I truly hope and pray that 'when' we enter administration, someone does come in to save us, but let's not get too excited about a 'phoenix from the flames' just yet . Let's save that for the day the receiver sells the club on to a wise, sensible yet wealthy benefactor, that "gets" this club and its fans. Play Up Pompey!
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24/02/2010 08:55:00

green giant...what team do you follow ..that massive club in somerset Yoevillie...or is that Pasty faced Pilgrim puppet pete's preposterous provincial PLIMUFF ARGHHHH-gile....WHere the most famous thing is a cockney actor doing a Bristol Accent in a car insurance advert..."Green Arggghhhh-rmy....you are a moron.
plymouth graham
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24/02/2010 09:19:00

As someone who has not had his views considered sympathetically over the last couple of years (fed up with Prem, happier in the Championship etc etc) I'm glad there has been a change of opinion, generally on this site and you are now agreeing with me. Those of you who feel that the Premier League is the be-all and end-all of football will presumably go back to your support of The Ar$e, Chelsea, Man Ure et al. Play Up Pompey.
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24/02/2010 09:34:00

come on Et_tu, lets be fair here - i would imagine that the vast majority of people on here will be pompey fans regardless. what we have to remember is vital pompey, unlike some other site on t'internet is only some 5-years or so old and for all intent and purpose only 'really' 3-4-years worth of 'decent' - no disrespect to previous eds - shelf life so vital pompey has ONLY known the prem league hasnt it.
on the whole i would say that the majority or the readership are of a younger generation, and would also say that most of these have probably only really known of the premier league too, hence he 'be all and end all of football' that is not to say that theu will go off and 'support' the likes of chelski, arsenal, manyoo or the bin dippers does it...
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24/02/2010 09:59:00

Some good points made there, life outside the Prem is fine for all those who play there. It doesn't matter what league you're in, its football and its your club. Don't, however, imagine that the Prem will be "worse off" without Pompey. Far from it! The Prem will continue to motor on, draining the smaller clubs with aspirations to play the "big four" of all their sense and finance. The Prem will continue as long as it can before the "big four" decide that the rewards are still not enough to support their ever growing debt mountains and jump ship into a full blown Euro League. Never mind the fans who couldn't afford to go to away games anymore - every other week a trip to some far of Euro destination anyone? TV audiences would pay - and anyone with subscription TV would be helping to continue this "abuse" of the smaller clubs in favour of the few. Pompey going to the wall won't change anyone's mind. The PL just want shot asap, so that the FL have the problem instead. It could even be the poor old Blue Square authorities that have the unenviable task of working with Pompey to get them back on their feet? Who knows?
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24/02/2010 10:29:00

i might have 'glossed' things up alittle in the article above but the MOST IMPORTANT thing for us is the club lives on, whatever shape it is in - and 'maybe' things will see us drop even lower but if it was lower or no club at all, i for one know what option i would rather have!
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24/02/2010 13:10:00

I've said for a while I'd be really happy to see Pompey in the Championship next season, at least then they'd still be playing and that will apply even if we do get a massive points deduction. Even -20 won't mean we're straight back down, hopefully we'd be up for the fight of staying up anyway. Taking the Great Escape to a new level!
Report Abuse
24/02/2010 19:31:00


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