Portsmouth - Fit and proper - yea right!
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Fit and proper - yea right!

We CANNOT look to shift the blame for what has happened with Pompey over the years onto others, when all is said and done - whilst with the benefit of hindsight it is easy to see now - this has been done so poorly, so those doing this 'claiming' to have only done good, but never wrong, need to have a long hard look at themselves and drop the 'victims act!'

Yes Peter Storrie I am talking to you! YOU are not the victim here, WE are!

As I say, shifting the blame for things cannot be done, doing that would make us no bad than the current administration that have constantly been doing this - who DO have the duty to sort it out, how much they want to seems highly doubtful now?

Although the premier league seriously wants to have a look at itself and ask themselves the question - could they be doing more, at this point in time, to be trying to help 'save' Portsmouth Football Club?

The club is rotten to the core now, the decay is spreading outwards and a slow painful death carries on, although this process 'seems' to be picking up pace with a man that should have NO PLACE where he is currently finding himself, yet what are the premier league doing?

Turning a blind eye? Clearly, no matter if people think this is paranoid thinking or not, the premier league want us gone - so it is not their problem anymore, although their 'non-problem' is the problem to countless hundreds of thousands fans around the world that face having their club go out of business!

Daniel Azougy is a man that 'seems' to have great power, that he SHOULD NOT have...

The convicted fraudster is playing a prominent part with things at Pompey at the moment with the most alarming thing from recent weeks being the emergence that HE, a man with multiple fraudulent convictions, is pretty much 'running the show' and handling financial affairs!

This guy is instigating transfers, he is organising them and dealing with the monies but WHERE is this going?

I know that people are working tirelessly to find out what, if anything, can be done to stop this man continuing to 'asset strip' us - which, seems the only conclusion that can be drawn, as to what he is doing, and what is going on at Fratton Park.

The 'long-term', well even short-term really, future of PFC does not seem to be high on the list of priorities for these guys, stripping away what they can while they can seemingly is!

The whole 'fit and proper persons tests' shambles has been put under the microscope this season with it PROVEN that it is a complete farce - that said with a little less naivety and the backing he 'thought' he had SAF may well have been a decent owner for us. Although the one thing that CAN be guaranteed is SHOULD Azougy be subjected to such 'tests', which given the apparent level of his involvement at the club, there is absolutely no way he could get anywhere near to passing them due to his previous convictions instantly ruling him out, so quite HOW he is being able to operate in such an advanced role is beyond me?

The guy has already been thrown out of a premier league meeting this season as he was not authorised to be involved, if he was then he would need these testing, right? Which, as said he would fail!

Guys, things have looked bleak for some time, and whilst many of us have 'hoped' that some good would come (and it was not 'burying heads in the sand' it was just 'optimism' that is something that some have built into them, and I guess I, and many others, have had this) but events of the past few weeks have REALLY changed that for me on a personal level and I dare so most others, and especially alarming events in the past couple of days have, for me, made it critical that something is done as ANY chance of this club being saved is slipping away, and those grains of sand that we have left are disappearing!

Then again what can we do? Can we change anything?

Maybe not, but we cannot stand back any longer and let the club die can we?!

It seems that the premier league are of the opinion that 'everything is above board' as money coming into the club 'cannot be filtered off elsewhere,' of course it can! And it is highly likely that it is!

Once again Azougy SHOULD NOT be in such a position of power and if the 'fit and proper' tests were EVER going to be proven to work in some way, then now is the time for the premier league to really look into things and ensure that he has NOTHING whatsoever to do with anything happening at the club, which seems to be the case - yet what are they doing about this...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 29 2010

Time: 5:54PM

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Rug, mate, you are doing some serious miles today in terms of article writing. Hope you are looking after yourself
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29/01/2010 18:13:00

he only sleeps 1 hour a day
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29/01/2010 18:22:00

I also can't understand why on earth the FA have not got your owner over here answering a few questions,this is really beyond belief.
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29/01/2010 18:24:00

Robert, Perhaps the owner is here and in this country is called Azougy!!!!
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29/01/2010 18:37:00

there have been alot of people talking about various things today, so when these are all added up - and when you look at things that are happening infront of you it make it alot easier, even if things seem alot worse as a result!
the club is well and truly on its knees big time and altho i have been concerned big time for along time the past couple of weeks have seen so many big, big eye openers come along, if needed...
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29/01/2010 18:40:00

Once Rug starts you just can't stop him. These words need writing and more and more questions need answers. We will not lay back and be walked over!!
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29/01/2010 18:49:00

You can understand why a lot of fans have been refusing to go, can't you? The media have (rather unkindly, IMO) been suggesting that the fans are staying away because the team is losing, because they're not playing well, but when you can see people like Azougy raping the club, you can understand them not wanting to give them any more money. We all know the books don't add up, and probably haven't done for a long time. CraigRobert is right, it beggars belief that the "powers that be" (if indeed they be powers at all) haven't done anything, but I guess they're already preparing their "nothing to do with us, guv" speeches for when the end inevitably comes.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 18:55:00

Doesn't the 'Fit and Proper' apply to the owner/'s of the club, not who he choses to employ to run it? PUP
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 18:59:00

No, the FAPP test applies to anyone "acting as a director".
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 19:10:00

But Agouzy isn't a director .. and technically he isn't 'acting' as a director .. Agouzy can do a deal with a club but can not sign the papers.. Agouzy can advise what happend to the finances but can not sign the paper (why do you think Tanya Roberts stepped down) Agouzy can do anything he likes as long as what he does is sanctioned by somebody deemed 'fit and proper'.. and as for where the money is going all transfers fees paid to Pompey have to go via the premier league until further notice .. They will decide if anything needs to be paid to anohter club before releasing the balance .. and we all know there are some big bills due at the end of January ..
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29/01/2010 19:21:00

Good article but shame about the subject matter. I agree that Rug's been working his little socks off - me thinks he's powered by the Prodigy....let's hope it's not track 3 from the 'Experience' album ('Wind it up'!)
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 19:44:00

@Chix: Isn't that the whole point of this article? That we're having a real hard time working out who exactly *is* acting as a director of this club? Tanya Roberts and Peter Storrie are clearly not, but no one else is taking responsibility for anything that's happening either. We're supposedly signing new players and letting existing players go, but no one seems to know who is actually making these decisions. When SAF was being accused of having ties with Shinawatra, the FA were threatening to torpedo the deal, but now Mark Jacob and the Al-Faraj brothers have (rather major) ties with a convicted fraudster, but the FA don't seem to have any interest. Does the FAPP test exist only to cover the FA's backside? T'would seem so.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 19:53:00

It's like Scooby Doo. The real owner is a man from a corner shop in a big *****ty outfit...and you don't get a *****tier outfit than our current board.
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29/01/2010 20:38:00

hornsea islander
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29/01/2010 20:41:00

Oh hello, is it Oscar Wilde, is it Stephen Fry, is it possibly Stephen Hawking...no it's the scintillating wit and gentle humour of Hornsea Islander.
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29/01/2010 21:15:00

Is that wit with a capital T?
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29/01/2010 21:49:00

i think we should do a barca and all the fans pay a set price for shares in the club and its a fan run club with an elected chairman and employees of the club finacies split equally to each share holder with big decisions decided in group meetings ofcourse the price would be expensive but you would know the risk that you wud be undertaking and if you had say 100,000 share holders buying shares at 10,000 or more holders at smaller price the club could be a comminus free with no poor arabs leeching off it
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 23:50:00

anthonypompey ... the idea sounds great. but the current owners would have to agree to it. i think weve got enough on our plate as it is! saying that ... surely soon pompey will be available for 1 lol.
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 00:37:00

FFS lads how do you cope with all this going on ? RESPECT and best of luck
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30/01/2010 00:47:00

i dont know how everyone else feels. but can rug put up a new poll ... who should we really be protesting against? No-one; The Board; The FA/Premier League; The Media. I reckon people would go between the board and the fa. maybe our protest should be in soho square. there would be red faces all round and the media would love it. it would get national appeal. it seems most fans (even a few sc.um fans too) are feeling sorry for us and cant believe we put up with this turd. i dont think we can do much to salvage anything now. but lets not go out quietly. they wanted to test the NEW FAPPT ... well, i think we can all agree that its worked REALLY WELL! no really it has. they are fit - they run away as fast as they can, so fast we cant even see them. we, the fans, should be compensated by the fa and they should re-finance the club should we go into liquidation. the thing is, i am embarrassed. and as fans we shouldnt be. we are being made a mockery of and its not right. maybe we should have those that made it to motd2 give the bbc a fans interview. the media need to be assured teh reason were not going is not coz were bottom but coz were fed up and disallusioned by the whole thing. well anyway, im mumbling... but hopefully ya get me!
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 01:16:00

Good article as always RUG, It is just a shame that the subject matter is as such! Jacobs the Yid must be having a right old laugh from the inside, strengthen Tottenham and F**K Pompey over in one foul swoop whilst also getting paid for the privellage!!! W***ers!!!!
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 01:50:00

It's just incredible how all this could happen.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 08:59:00


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