Portsmouth - Open letter to those ruining, sorry 'running' PFC
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Open letter to those ruining, sorry 'running' PFC

Dear Ali Al Faraj, Ahmed Al Faraj, Mark Jacob, Daniel Azougy etc.

Think of something that you really love - something that means just about as much to you as anything else in the world.

Have you pictured that?

Now think how you would feel if a complete stranger came along and threatened that existence of that particular thing.

How does that make you feel? Not good is it!

Well, that is how I and just about every other Pompey fan feels right about now - we genuinely do not know what each day is going to bring, but genuinely have a fear that with each day that passes it moves us closer to our existence, of over 110-years, coming to an end!!!!

You, Mr Ali Al Faraj have not even bothered to show yourself to us - you have rarely even addressed us and when one of your 'aid's', or 'advisors' address us they treat us like mugs.

Mr Jacob, lets just quote a few of your own words: 'I (Mark Jacob) have a message to all football fans

'It is: be pro-active. Don't be passive. Don't accept being treated as turnstile fodder. Don't accept poor facilities, useless managers and players who go through the motions. Don't just grumble, organise!'

Oh, and his speaking about your club, Spurs, I get an eerie feeling of déjà vu but about us instead: 'the club's DNA is being eroded by a chairman who knew virtually nothing about football before he bought the club.'

Maybe we should just call you 'Nostradamus...'

Jacob you are standing by and allowing faceless people to gut our club, they ARE ripping it down brick by brick yet you are able to sit comfortably while they do this - you are a hypocrite of the highest order!

Azougy, a convicted fraudster is being left in charge of our finances - it is seriously believed that HE is doing our transfers at the moment, quite how he is being able to do so is beyond me, legally and morally he should not be allowed, why the premier league are allowing this when someone must know this is beyond me!

You, and this is a 'collective you' to those 'running' the club, like others before you had asked for 'trust' and 'patience' - trust and patience is something that we have done for so long and I find it neigh on impossible that you could find another set of fans that, on the whole, are as willing to do this as we do so do not be going down that road with us!

I, and many, many others, have TRIED to give you this time, and have put trust in you but it is very hard to trust people that constantly seem to be doing things that leave you unable to trust them or have faith in them.

You say this and that is being done - but IS IT?

Is money really being put in? Or are things merely being juggled around and the money that is being used is merely the money that the club is raising anyway, mostly due to that which WE, the fans - you know the ones that DO care, unlike yourselves, put into it!

I know that people here before, including a certain Mr Peter Storrie, left behind a bloody mess, but if this is not a mess that you are willing/able to clear up then what exactly are you doing, what is the point of you owning Portsmouth Football Club?

Taking us for what you can, before the seemingly inevitable death of the club comes, seems to be what you are doing - thanks guys!

Yes, that mess is someone else's but when YOU, that collective you, took over the running of Portsmouth Football Club you took on that responsibility, so this is now YOUR problem, but this is a mess you seemingly have no chance in hell of sorting out as you struggle to even pay the poxy wages for the players and staff each month on time - there will come a time one day when you cannot pay it at all!

You have a whole club full of disgruntled employees, from top to bottom and I know this for a fact having spoken personally to several of them - we suffered the ultimate embarrassment of seeing the official website taken offline as payments were not met, we are taking a payment of something like £2,000 here. The electronic advertising hoardings were offline on Tuesday, not due to a 'technical glitch' due to non-payments, the fans marquee has been shut for the past couple of games, due to nothing else other than non-payments so generators have been taken away - I suspect that the marquee itself will be taken down by the time we face Sunderland in our next home game, well assuming we make it that far!

We cannot ignore these things that need paying and hope that they go away, go away is what they are now doing but not because they are 'letting you get away with it', they are taking away their survive as they are not letting you 'extract the urine', I think you know what I mean, anymore...

The prognosis for this once proud club is looking dire, administration - at best, not that this is a 'good thing', seems a ray of sunshine at the moment but then just think of the local community, a community that could be crushed as this falling into admin could destroy so many local business! I sure as hell know that I do not want Portsmouth Football Club to be remembered as the club that destroyed so many businesses in Portsmouth! Admin looks the 'best case scenario' although liquidation seems the most likely!

Do you have ANY idea of how much this club means to so many people the world over?

Go back to that thing that means the most to you, and again you are there but this heartbeat is getting fainter and YOU will be responsible for this fading away - but you will be ok, you can swan off from whence you came, no doubt with a few quid profit in your back pocket while we are left with the devastation.

Portsmouth Football Club is my life, as it is hundreds of thousands of others around the globe, and I cannot imagine a world without it but this seems to be getting closer - I fear that you are only helping us down this path and 'seemingly' taking what you can while you can! From my point of view is just looks like were are now going through the motions with whatever can be salvaged from the carcass being salvaged, but where is this money going?

Is 'seems' like it is going to YOU until the inevitable happens!!!!

There are some rumours of a possible 'saviour' coming in for us but their interest could end because you will not allow them to see the books - this only adds to the thoughts that the death of Portsmouth Football Club is what is wanted?

The left hand does not know what the right is doing it seems, one of this administration says something then someone else contradicts it - no one seems to know what the other is doing and people that are MEANT to be on the 'same side' are working against each others, and WHO suffers?

We, the LOYAL Portsmouth Football Club fans! Yet sadly we continue, and to adapt slightly your own words Mr Jacob, to 'accept being treated as turnstile fodder!'

Can those 'running' the club please now move on for someone that might actually be able to do this to ensure we DO have a club in the not too distant future - unless this is your end game, to see that we do not and then reap the benefits of this somehow...

I gave you this trust, I gave you this patience and I gave you this time but my patience has run out as has the time I give you, so - not tat you care, or will listen - I implore you to move on and let someone that can save us come in and take us away from this 'new level that we would not believe,' we certainly would not believe this level, I just wish that we had been told it would be an all time low level!

Put up, or move on, but PLEASE do not let Portsmouth Football Club die and stop treating us all like morons, stop bleeding us dry. Although all in all I have no doubt most likely wasted x-amount of time writing this as do you even give a stuff?

I very much doubt it as you all seem morally corrupt anyway...




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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 29 2010

Time: 10:48AM

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Here, here........Well said Rug........right beside you - I'm going to get the pitch fork and light a torch!!! LONG LIVE POMPEY !
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29/01/2010 10:54:00

The phrase is 'Put up or shut up' I believe. If you cannot get this club back on it's feet make way for someone who can.
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29/01/2010 11:00:00

i have really had enough now, these past couple of weeks have done it for me - ANY confidence i had in this lot is gone, they are selling us down the river, and from where i sit - and what i hear left right and centre, to be fairly mostly from people that do know - money coming in is going where it should not be going and this has to stop.
i am still not one for marching but i personally WILL NOT back this lot anymore, i would love to be proven wrong and if they turn things around fair play but do we honestly think that they will turn it around? my faith in this has been going all month, the remaining slithers have now gone...
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29/01/2010 11:02:00

That is totally spot on -great open letter
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29/01/2010 11:07:00

Rug, you've totally nailed it mate. Personally, I don't see any hope now. I pray I'm wrong but it's like a slow and painful death.
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29/01/2010 11:13:00

as i say tim 'liquidation' now, for me seems the most likely thing unless another takeover (which i am not entirely convinced is as possible as might be said tbh) happens...
as much as i have not wanted admin for the knock-on, as much as what happens to us, and cannot see how we could come out of this, but it would mean getting rid of these guys but i suspect they will have got what they wanted by then anyway?
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29/01/2010 11:16:00

great letter rug! funny though, interestingly enough despite the issues, SkySports have just shown a vt of jamie o'h back at pompey, along with Nuge, and Dindane up at Brum. There is certainly a lot happening behind closed doors, but I think we are all just crying out for some transparency. I actually am one who is still on PS's side, he is seen as ultimately accountable for the success of the club, but if it is true that things are happening behind his back, then what can you do? I am just so scared that part of the negotiations with the EPL to get the embargo lifted would be that if we declaire ourselves insolvent and go into administration, it will not be until after we are relegated! The 6 week rule applies - see this interesting artical about administration, and inplications of when this happens.http://soccerlens.com/surely-its-a-wind-up/39950/. Basically, if we go into administration this season, we may have a chance of holding on to FP - I am already recieving texts renaming it Flattened Park! - and rebuilding next season! If however an agreement has been made to differ this until the summer, and we get the pts deduction next year, with turmoil surrounding the club next summer can we strengthen and rebuild, I dont think we would have a hope! 3 important dates for everyones diary - today, rumoured payday (will it happen), Monday, end of transfer window (what will happen), and Feb 11th - the HMRC court date - time i guess will reveal all!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:19:00

just to clarify, I meant that O'Hara, and Nugent at pompey, Dindane at Brum...
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:24:00

Completely agree Rug, what's interesting is that if they think they can develop on this land and sell at a profit they've got another thing coming, do they really think that 10's of thousands of fans would idly stand by whilst fratton park was torn down and new buildings erected. I'm sure that some people somewhere could be extremely disruptive if it ever came to that, plus they'd actually have to sell any property, i'm sure some people would go to great lengths to deter this and put off perspective owners, If these clowns really do have this intention at heart they need to realise that the people of Portsmouth will not stand idly by, if they succeed in destroying the club they will be hurt in the place they apparently hold most dear, their pockets!! Uprising and civil unrest!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:27:00

saints fan in peace, i feel for you guys and although i would probably enjoy seeing you being relegated the last thing i would want is to see you go completely and therefore no derby games in the future to look forward to
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:40:00

We are being asset striped prior to liquid/administr ation. And the worst thing is there is nothing at all we can do. Nothing. Protests mean nothing. We have no money. There is no moral pressure to be brought to bear. Nothing. Even burning the ground down would give them an insurance windfall! And re PS, better the devil you know, eh?
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:41:00

Thanks Dazza, I have always wanted to be in the same division as Saints - the derbies are awesome.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:43:00

can't really say much more than i completely agree Rug, i've gone from pure anger to just an overwhelming sense of dread at the moment, and i'm seriously thinking about not reading any news until after the window shuts at least then i can pretend that all is well... and agree Et_tu its the definatly the feeling of uselessness thats the killer, but i dunno about Storrie might as well get rid imo, he's on way to higher wages anyway and we need the money obviously
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 11:53:00

I like the 'probably' Dazza! I know what you mean, most of us here thought the same about you last year, relegation yes but non-existance no, first of all, the derby games and secondly the fans don't deserve it, whichever club it is. (MK Dons aside)
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 12:03:00

Storries I am a victim spiel on Quay last night was sickening as was the cow tow display from the prat in the stand who was trying to absolve the saintly pete from any responsibility- even when honest pete said he supported the owners. Furthermore this proud man signed the Kaboul deal off , the old" I was doing as I was told" excuse was trotted out and it doesn't wash!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 12:13:00

Some of us have been saying this for a while, thats why we marched from the Guildhall prior to the Sunderland game, its a shame that some did not suppport the protest then as a bigger one may of embarressed the owner more, but hey now that more fans can see what is happening to our great club its time to unite and to stage a bigger and better protest. We cannot just stand by doing nothing while these people "rape" our club.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 12:22:00

Well put Rug and I know that the decision to publish what you (personally) feel was a hard one. I think you have hit the nail on the head and as one who has argued the toss with you (and a whole host of others) for the past few months I have now, after yesterdays events and knowing the discussions you have had have to admit that I can find no defense whatsoever for the current administration. As for Peter Storrie .. one has to question why he is still around but I am glad he is .. If his position is untenable (which it obviously is) then (forgetting what you believe from the past) he has absolutely no reason not to tell the truth .... He's hanging on in there and is clinging on (like the rest of us) in the hope that there is light at the end of this very long and very dark tunnel .. The same I'm sure can be said for Tanya Roberts. I've said all along that Jacob and co will not admit defeat and therefore not put the club into administration .. for me the writing is now so clearly on the wall .. In big bold capital letters it reads LIQUIDATION .. and that as we all know means the end.. I so hope I am wrong.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 12:27:00

B_army, welcome by the way - supporting or not supporting the march for me probably would not have made a blind bit of notice, and opting again marching did not see that people 'could not see what was happening', this has been seen but hope had to, in some small way, always retained that 'something could happen', this has seemingly become more and more obvious that this is not going to happen in recent weeks, altho i am not sure that any amount of marching will make a difference even now? and have to say that i do feel that a fair few of those marching did not actually know what they were marching for as it 'can' be easy to follow a crowd...
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 12:30:00

and russ, as you know from our chat last night, storrie is NOT the victim, so playing the victim is shocking the ONLY victims are US!
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29/01/2010 12:32:00

I too stand shoulder to shoulder with Rug on this - and we all must do! Portsmouth Football Club has been allowed to slip into meltdown, by who we do not care. But it is not a toy it is OUR lives and MUST not be allowed to die.
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29/01/2010 12:42:00

Villa fan here, i really hope things change for you guys, i've liked you lot for a while - mostly due to your passionate fans, and i'd hate to see another great club with a long heritage go down the pan
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29/01/2010 13:06:00

What can I say Rug? I know how passionate you are about Pompey, and what it means to you. I know how hard it must be for you to sit down and write about something so precious to you. I have been well documented over 18+/- months about my fears for the future of our Club. You and I have had misunderstood words over both our stances as regards the Clubs finances. You the eternal optimist and me the eternal pessimist! I have seen in the last 2 months or so a definite change in your stance regarding the Club. I'll be honest I never thought i'd see it. Things have to be bad for someone like yourself to admit it's standing on the brink. I hope our differences don't mask the fact that ultimately we wanted the same things for our Club? I have been a working man for 28yrs and 22 of those running my own business. Time and life teaches you Business is an unforgiving beast. Sooner rather than later the books were going to be shown up for what they were; A shambolic disaster. I've never understood how we were funding everything. I long gave up on Fairy God Mothers! they only exist in Fairy tales; and this is as far removed from a Children's story as is possible to get...A Stephen King Novel more like. Anyway Rug, I'm not saying either of us were/are right or wrong, i'm just saying; whatever's happen over the past 3yrs, we both just wanted what's best for the Club...Just a shame not everyone in a position to do some good wanted the same!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 13:41:00

Great read Rug, sums up how every fan is feeling. Even if the big-wigs don't read it, it feels good to know that even in these times of despair, the fans are all in the same boat.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 13:57:00

Regarding the timing of any points deduction, I have read the article referred to by dave.jolley81 (at http://soccerlens.com/surely-its-a-wind-up/39950/), but this only describes the position in the Football League (not the PL), so I am still not clear whether the 6-week rule would apply if we go into administration before the middle of March. The PL's Handbook is silent on the point and simply says: "Upon a Club or its Parent Undertaking suffering an Event of Insolvency the Board shall have the power to impose upon the Club a deduction of 9 points scored or to be scored in the League competition." Nothing about which season the points would be deducted in. Another complication is that the PL presumably has no power to deduct points in the Football League, and the latter would have no grounds for doing so. So it seems to be uncharted territory. A commonsense approach would be that neither the PL or the FL would want a Club to evade punishment simply by the device of going into administration before an arbitrary deadline. So I expect they would find a way of deducting the points next season anyway. This all assumes that we are still a going concern.
erithacus rubecula
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 14:28:00

Well said Rug! Why some many people don't like Mark Jacob,he's new man in club what you expect from him?
Stanley (Moscow)
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 15:15:00

Sorry Rug - I didn't have the heart to read all that. I was gutted to hear Grant might be leaving - happy to see him here again today. Happy to see O'Hara back which MUST signify some sort of deal having been done with Tottenham for Kaboul and/ or Begovic. I'd be more disappointed to lose Asmir than Kaboul. Mainly because for me we've given him his chance, we've atched him grow this season and I think he'd have stuck it out and been a hit in the Championship. But for all the horrible things happening I can't see what else the club can do... every business in this sort of mess waits for the second red letter (website ref) and if you need to find £2m to pay this months wages and there's no more shady billionaires out there then sell a multi-million pound player or two. Given his recent form Begovic was always going to be a target sooner or later - could we realistically expecte anything else - hot talent his value may go up yes but at 22 his fragile confidence could also see him do a Robinson etc etc - he's worth a lot in good form and in January... we clear debt to a PL club (no more TV rev distribution - thinking parachute payments here) and make some money to clear the debt. If we stay afloat long enough to stay alive becuase of these two sales then I'll be happy watching us flirt with the play off zone next season. I can't bring myself to blame the incumbants... I don't see we could have attracted anyone else with £80m debt as was and only a 20,000 capacity stadium - I'm sorry Rug - I share your dread and your anger but I just dont know where to direct it and in my gut I dont think it's Al Faraj. This was never in a million years going to be a magic wand waving exercise so I'm just going to stick with it and the harder it gets the more I'm going to love my Pompey and enjoy the gut wrenching fear of seeing a higher number in the first column than the second column on the weekend. I'm too tired and just want us to win against all the odds weekend after weekend as we did before to be angry at anybody right now.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 15:18:00

I may not have posted very much lately, but I have been on line every day, three times a day - just don't know what to say.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 17:27:00

Spot on Rug! whats happening here is bloody terrible
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 00:16:00

As someone from the other side of the globe, I can confirm that we too, are feeling this, its diabolical that the club has been able to get into this position, WTF!!!! Please billionaires of the world, we need you!!!!!
Report Abuse
30/01/2010 02:24:00


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