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FFS Kaboul I get, but Begovic too?

Sky sports news 'understands' that Pompey are in talks with Spurs over the return to White Hart Lane of Younes Kaboul...

That, lets be honest, is not in the LEAST a surprise, well at least a possible departure is not.

This departure seems to be a MUST for us merely to be able to limp on for the next few months as his departure 'could' potentially pay the wages, or some of it, and other outstanding amounts that will come in over the next few months.

Although, and 'if' true, the clearest of indications yet that literally everything must go is the news that Spurs are also 'said' to be in talks for Asmir Begovic as well!

That '3 club rule' would come in though wouldn't it?

Ex scummer Antti Niemi could well make his Pompey bow against them in the cup at this rate...

Portsmouth Football Club is well and truly in a pitiful state at the moment - 'shambles' is doing the very word an injustice, having the official website pulled today just compounded the misery - not that we have been seeing a great deal on that recently anyway!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 28 2010

Time: 1:51PM

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can begovic play for another club this season as he has already played for us and ipswich ..
Just take em all Harry, you feckin cant. Your spiritual home is all out of luck you may as well get the last few kicks in before we roll over and die.
Oh great another deal where we feel obliged to practically give players to Spurs, because we still owe them money and it feels like they were never our in the first place. Harry is the face of the grim reaper for us, although in a strange twist of fate he is supposedly helping us out and still being our 'saviour'. Surely the Begovic deal means that they loan him back to us for the rest of the season.
good old arry leaving the scummers right in it haha
Begovic going would well and truly be the last straw, he's an excellent product of our youth scouting system who's only played a handful games so we'll get peanuts for him, maybe 2m tops. In a year or so I could of seen that doubling if he stays in his current form and doubling again a year or 2 after that. We're currently pi$$ing all hope away. Even if we somehow survive the season it's going to take us 10 years to rebuild the club.
Break down and cry. Nothing left to do.
dazza147 surely you are on the wrong site, people like yourselves are not football fans, just morons, who take great pride in watching the demise of another club that has been around before you were even a fart in the fathers y fronts. So why dont you trot on to your teams website.
Gutted if we lose Begovic. He's been brilliant, not missed Jamo anywhere near we thought we would do. If he & Kaboul go to Spurs no doubt the w4anker5 will pay a token gesture. Talk about kicking a club when it's down. Meltdown!
Its tragic what's happening to Pompey, and that there's so much mystery as to why. Nobody is given an explanation for any of this. It's terrible and whoever owns your club now needs lynching.
evildwarf i can assure you that dazza IS NOT a 'moron' or taking ANY pride in us being ripped apart as he is my brother! he is pompey born and bred just like me and is a pompey fan - no sure why you keep calling us scummers tho daz? unless you mean he is leaving the scummers behind, such as niemi...
sad to say but is DOES, from what i am getting, seem as tho bego is also on his way out!
Where has all the money gone here?? I'm a spurs fan and seriously hate seeing this happen to you guys. It does seem that you are trying to stave of administration but the truth is you are facing a death sentence. This new owner how the feck has he made money b4?? mayb he did'nt realise we trade in real money here, and dont trade in camels??
So are we Rug!!!!!!
Must have big sell-on clauses, please. PUP I thought the spuds wanted a back-up keeper now, it's unlike Jamies Dad to plan for the future.
i'm a spurs fan, i'm really feeling sorry for pompey. can't understand the financial misery you are in. Having sold your best players during the last few years. I just hope harry won't get our beloved club in such a misery.
sorry penton, i was not suggesting that i, or dazza care anymore or less as we are pompey born and bred and not saying others arent - the point i was making was that dazza IS NOT taking pleasure from this as it seems like some think he is - that is all i was saying, if that is even what your 'So are we Rug' is refering to?
Sorry rug and Dazza, thought you were from the dark side.
I actually live near Peterborough. I'm gonna go support my local team. Or whatever.
embarresing, sad, painfull..what is worse, is that HR said he wanted a back up to HG, Bego is playing prem football with us and keeping DJ out of the team, my message to him would be just wait mate, just wait, and you will be no 1 at a prem club next season (maybe here) not a reserve at spuds...
plymouth graham
Wheres all the money from sky gone then. I reckon the owners are pocketing it then. Doesnt add up. They are gonna sell all our players and then do a runner.
evildwarf reports of a recue takeover frustrated by geing unable to see accounts. storrie and Avram unaware ofYK and AB sale to Spuds, apparentlythe isreali crook has organised the whole deal. lets face these guys are running the club into the ground, they want it to die so they can develop the land...
plymouth graham
This had better not be true FFS ! Kaboul, only if the existance of our club is in doubt, but Begovic would be a step too far !!!! I really do fear that the whole thing is out of control. Either one of them gone, puts the premiership place beyond reach, both of them going is tantamount to bending over and pulling our keks down !!!
I think you are right plymouth graham. Is it true the advertising hoardings were turned off during the weeks game to save on electricity. These guys are winding us down and there is nothing any of us can do. I am really worried, they have been waiting for the transfer window so they can sell all our players and maximise profits. Can they do this??? These guys are appearing to be more and more like criminals exploiting are great club. We need a massive demonstration to get these arabs out as soon as poss.
Avram Grant to resign by the weekend?
evildwarf,,sadly, the Arabs will get the blame, but really to me it looks like its an an Israeli group who has power. Bring on AFC Portsmouth, please someone get it started now...
plymouth graham
Asset Stripping demonstrated to it's finest. I had no idea Dick Turpin was an Arab. Sell off what can be sold and club in administration by close of play tomorrow.
great angle in the press, REDKNAPP SAVES FORMER CLUB...oh fanku arry sir... I thought it was more LEVY'S LEVERAGRE LEAVES POMPEY DEAD AND BURRIED
plymouth graham
reported 5 mill for both players :O PROTEST !!!! ******** arabs
Rednapp -he's just a to**er who karma will bury in the courtroom. Begovic -well he's been the one bright spark this season, a great young talent who's getting better -Pompeys future (if there is one outside AFC Pompey) I don't know whether to laught at the absurdity of everythings that happening, cry, or leave work early and go to the pub to get ratars**ed and forget. All thats keeping me going is the words of Travis Buckle: "Some day areal rain is going to come and was all the scum off the steets
All I was referring to Rug was your statement that Beggo was on his way out...So Are we I said. Crossed wires me old mate!
plymouth graham
I reckon 'Arry gets a chunk of the sell on clause money, scouting commision or summat!!
Stourbridge Villan
Lets face it, the coppers wanna nail the crook!
Stourbridge Villan
Hell hath no fury like a sailor scorned!
The Pompey Finance man I was talking to yesterday told me to keep this under my hat, but here goes anyway: HE reckoned that we have been held to ransom this January and not by Udinese. It was actually Spurs who are insisting we pay them the 4m we owe for Boateng. Apparently, the whole amount is due this January and THIS is why we have had our embargo lifted so late. This probably makes sense as the Prem is not interested in non domestic debts. I bet we have made one hell of a deal (not) with Levi to get the embargo lifted.
People have got the wrong idea about Harry, He is doing all he can to help Pompey. By buying Kaboul back Harry is helping them, I believe Pompey still owe money on Kaboul to Spurs, Also they owe money on the 'Prince' transfer, plus they still owe add-ons on the Defoe transfer from Spurs. It also looks like he is going to let O'hara come back to Pompey on loan. Remember as one Pompey fan said last week, Pompey are Spurs feeder club!!
Ox Yid
Yeah ***** off Yid!!!!
If its any consolation i reckon Redknapp, friend of MOTD, will soon get his long overdue comeuppance, never far away from the whiff of scandal that one.
cant imagine spurs wage bill now if they dont finish in campions leauge they are in trouble.. gudjohnson 100k crouch 80k defoe 70k keane 60k woodgate 60k modric 50k lennon 50k bentley 50k dawson 40k king 60k kaboul 50k krankjar 40k palacios 40k jenas 40k etc etc etc etc
Peter Crouch on same salary as John wonder we are f.c.u.k.ed
Can he go; that would be a 3rd club in a season? So Kaboul, possibly Asimir, and probably Dindane and we have brought in a non scoring striker who's lightning quick on the wing but nit very good at crossing - superb.
Without sounding too offensive to you guys, you're pretty fecked, to be honest. As a Chelsea fan, we were in a similar position to you - before Mr RA rescued us. However, you must be resigned to relegation now. The BIG question is, will you come straight back up?
Not to mention the mysterious Williamson- wonder if Belhadj will still be here.
OX YiD you wont be laghing in a few season when Redknob & his gang have done same to you lot !!!!!!!Trust me it will happen Rednob could brake the biggest of any club
Very sad if Bego goes. Storrie was on the Quay tonight - this deal was done behind his and Asmir's back, and he said that at least he would have got a better deal for it. The 5mill is just Kaboul, nothing agreed for Bego yet. He said the Kaboul deal also includes what we still owe them for it so its complicated and worth more than it looks. He also said that this will pay the players and keep club afloat for couple of months to get in new investors/owners, and if that doesn't happen then we're f***d. But good point about the 3 club rule, hopefully that will keep Bego here!
pompyhussler weve make a net profit every season since 2001. And our owner isnt Levy, Its Joe Lewis whos worth 4billion and is the 3rd richest owner in the prem behind Chavs and Arabs at City.
You keep saying were taking advantage...and sure in the Crouch and Kranjcar cases yes we did. Just like you did when you bought Defoe on the cheap for a measly 6m and sold him back to us for 15m!!!!!!!!Taking advantage? Let me tell you some home truths guys that you may not like to admit or even consider, but they are TRUE. Without the 15m for Defoe, 9m for Crouch, and the estimated 11m for Kranjcar, Kaboul and Begovic (3 of those are former Spurs players who you got on the cheap anyways) WHERE WOULD YOU BE NOW? If youre about to go bust now with that 30 odd million surely youd of winded up in the summer...stop hating on Spurs, hate on the real criminal of this disaster.....Sacha Gaydamak whos surely raped your club, i mean youve sold 90m plus in 2 years plus all the TV money (30m a season) yet your still skint? scandalous...and i hope you survive i really do.
Where did Joe Lewis get his money from? (sorry, sounds like a boring question but I'm interested in these things!)
Tracy, 'Jackostorrie' has absolutely no moral fibre does he. He says publicly he doesn't deal with the finance any more, and that he is only now responsible for transfers. Then as you say he states that transfer deals are now being done behind his back, and that he could do a better deal. Well his track record so far has been appalling, hasn't it. Storrie just walk away, you are a worthless soul who is CEO in name only. What does it take for you to be embarrassed for what you have done to our club. Bet your bloody glad to got Al Faraj in, it's taken you to a new level. Ground Zero!
huddersfielyido yes u have made a profit but now harrys with u trust me u will start to go down hill from now on money wise....
tbh ive just about had enough - i will always live and breathe Pompey but the die is cast Avram will resign when he isnt paid, the ground will go to the people owed money and the players will move on. WHEN SOL LIFTED THE CUP I WAS THERE ! WHEN JIMMY GUTHRIE LIFTED THE CUP MY DAD WAS THERE ! PUP PPU !!!!
i think he will go, the way that Avram was speaking of him post match tuesday..
i suppose mark jacobs is a spurs fan so he is going to do the best he can for his that is unfair, i do think they are trying hard, as for PS self glorifications as a good deal maker...come off it we are always getting done over, letting players go too cheaply
plymouth graham
Lets face it - we are sitting ducks for anyone who wants anything we have. Its a fact, and the sooner we get ourselves around the fact the better. It sure sticks in my craw tho, to think that HR would take advantage of us after all we did for him. And we bloodywell did. Cos if we didn't give him the platform and the wherewithall to win the FA Cup, then Spurs or Newcastle would not have given him a second glance, cos at the end of the day, his record before us was C R A P!
HuddersfieldYiddo no offence matey but do one. This isn't about your club, Harry Redknapp or 'your' players, this is about OUR club that has been ruined by a bunch of foreigners looking to make a quick buck. It doesn't matter whether we've made 60m from players or 600m, the club doesn't make money and will not until we get a new stadium. So it's back to the doldrums of the football league for us, in the hope that one day a rich fan will build us a lovely 30,000 stadium with corporate facilities and we can dream of Premiership football again. Until then, we'll still be standing as fans and singing our hearts out for PFC.
good luck, i wasnt gloating i was only defending the team i support from unfair criticism and also wishing you guys all the best.
Longtime Spurs supporter here. Plenty of us take no joy in your misfortune. Those that do-- are full of *****e. I want Spurs to take three from Pompey when we meet, but the bottom line is I want us to meet on the pitch, as respected foes, and for pints later. What's happening to your club now is brutal, and I'm sorry that we are there cherry-picking your boys. I understand it. I dont like it. Pompey fans deserve better. Good luck, lads.
Stourbridge Villain, you are right Harry gets a 1.5% sell on bonus for each player he signed for the profit/increase in value. This was stated by the Jerno's on Sunday Suppliment. THey said they could not beleive an Ex-Manager of southern team who is need of fire sales, has this clause added to ALL players contracts, so i suspect he will Always buy the players from Pompey for Spurs, to ensure their value has gone up, and he gets a backdoor bonus for each transaction... And there was Spurs thinking it was all in for the good of Spurs... WRONG!
Quote from Wiki: "He (Begovic) signed for Tottenham 29th January 2010, along with team mate Younes Kaboul"
Like my fellow supporter MichSpurs I am a Spurs fan, I also agree no supporter should take joy in Pompeys misfortune. The point is Pompey have been mis-managed for the last three years. When Harry was manager they spent money they did not have, brought in good players on high wages and won the FA cup, but boy are they paying for it now. The other thing I do not think Pompey fans can blame Harry, Like all managers if he says I would to buy Gerrard for 30m and the chairman/money man says OK he buys him, it makes his position better and his team stronger, he would be a fool not to do it.
Ox Yid
I agree with OxYid 100%. But again, nothing but sympathy for you fans of Pompey. Here's hoping you bounce back up right proper

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