Portsmouth - No win situation - yet WE are the ultimate losers!
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No win situation - yet WE are the ultimate losers!

I would imagine that I am not alone in having a mind swimming with thoughts, all over the place not knowing what to think, say or do.

Yep, and to our SCUMMER friend Horsea Islander who has started 'joining us' recently, I AM about to publically 'cry' and bare my soul - if that makes me, or us an embarrassment or brings shame, so be it this is OUR club dying, not yours, if you are 'happy' about this then so be it, again that is your choice but this IS a Pompey fans site when all is said and done so you WOULD expect Pompey talk, devastation and upset over what is going on with the club that we love - much like you love your club!

The club does seem to be, lets be honest, dying on its arse - thinks look as bleak as they can be, yep they could always 'get worse' but that worse case scenario feeling really is starting to look closer and closer all the time! A reality of life without Portsmouth Football Club, as we know it - not an AFC Pompey or anything - is something that has started to trouble and worry me more and more and more recently, and is looking a distinct possibility...

I keep trying not to look back at 'who is to blame,' as that is done it CANNOT be changed, although with each new bit of damning news that comes out about deals that we done, monies that we paid players and 'bonus' and 'sell on' amounts that we included into contract the more patience and respect, which I think people that know me well will tell you I have not really had much of for the guy anyway, the more I think that Peter Storrie MUST do the honourable thing now and step aside - the guy helped, granted we cannot say we did not enjoy it, breed and grow the monster that got us in such a deep s**t hole it is unreal, if he has any dignity left he would step aside and, if nothing else, save his £2m per year, oops it is 'only' £1m, salary. Boy am I glad that I never brought myself to sing 'there's only one Peter Storrie,' my thoughts to that were 'thank f**k for that!' As one is bad enough!

But anyway, as I say looking back is not going to help things is it, it just makes me more angry, we MUST look forward but looking forward does not really seem to bring much comfort does it? The guys here now (who - sorry to go back to Storrie again - when all is said and done Storrie ALSO brought into the club, not 1 but 2 skint Arabs!) can blame past owners ALL they like but it is they that MUST 'sort it out' and it does not look like they can does it?

Hopes were raised with thoughts Mark Jacob and Ahmed Al Faraj came out with, although it seems that they only - like the likes of Storrie before them - have only said 'what we want to hear' as actions have not followed up these actions have they and they just look stupid, which makes PFC look stupid, a laughing stock and ultimately hurts us.

It seems that these guys do not 'have a pot to p**s in' now is the time to stop playing us for fools and admit this - I would much rather they openly come out and said 'look guys we are limping along, we are struggling to stabilise things and just about EVERYTHING must go, but we NEED your help, we NEED you to be coming through the gates to generate as much money as we can.'

As it is, going back to this silence is doing no one any favours, people are thinking 'why should I put my hard earned money into the back pockets of someone else' as that is how a lot of people are thinking, 'IF' they knew that this money was not lining someone's pockets but WAS being used to scrape together whatever money we can to pay whatever we can then surely more would turn up.

We DO have the fan base to fill a 20,000 - and more - stadium, but people NEED to know that their hard earned £30-£40 for the match ticket IS going back into the club to help us survive, it is not going into someone's pocket.

Like I say if they tell us this is the case, and flog whatever they can AS LONG as we still have a club that is ALL I care about. Of course I do not want to be relegated, I fear the damage this could do for us, but want a club more! Clear the decks, throw in the kids, throw in 'the crap that is not good enough' just get 11 guys out there that will pull on the Pompey shirt with pride and give us the pride to fight on.

We DO NOT want to throw in the towel, but people need to have a reason not to do this - in an ideal world a knight in shining armour would come along and rescue us but there do not seem to be too many mugs, sorry knights, willing to do this and until there is a greater level of transparency then even those that love the club will struggle to play their part in saving the club.

STOP making these comments about things that do not seem possible, STOP raising hopes and STOP taking us for mugs, this club have been doing this for TOO LONG - now, more than anytime, and this time is the worst time of all the 'bad times' we have had, is the time that the fans are needed more than anything so give us something to fight for, PROVE that you are not sitting in Fratton Towers just getting whatever you can for as long as you can.

I am NOT looking for meetings with the fans, I just want you to start telling us the score, tell us were screwed, tell us it is desperate and we are virtually operating on a day to day basis, but above all else TELL US that you need us, tell us that filling Fratton will do its part to help, people are worried to part with money in these tight financial times because they do not know where it is going, assure it is being used for good. We need Fratton full, but people are worried to do this, without this masses of revenue are lost, it does seem a no win situation but ultimately the biggest losers are US, the fans.

We cannot stand by and let this club with more than 100-year history die, and those running us - who I DO NOT believe have wanted this, or still do - cannot let this happen, this is our life, I know it is my life, I cannot bear the thought of life without it so now is the time for everyone to pull together and work together but we MUST know that EVERYONE, from top to bottom, is pulling in the same direction to get the outcome that DOES NOT mean the most important ones, again us the fans, are the biggest losers...

If this is not something that those 'running us' can do, they know what to do!

Oh, and this is not a drunken rant - I love a beer, but not at 2 in the afternoon, unless it is a match day, something that I am seriously starting to worry might not be many left!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 22 2010

Time: 2:07PM

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Rug....well said, and passionate too, but we are out for the count I think. The whole premier league is morally bankrupt. It’s all about Money...Sky subscriptions and foreign coverage. Years ago there were family butchers and bakers, now we all go to Sainsbury's, because we are sheep and do as we are told and that enables the corporate monster to gobble up the minor business' because it can sell cheaper goods to the masses. The problem is us the football fans, but the real culprits are people in Plymouth Guildford and Hong Kong etc etc supporting their “Liverchester Unicity chelsea hotspurs” Monster..and on the telly at that..rather than going to the local games...its all a mess, the whole lot. 20 years ago i got involved in happy clappy church-a-rama, even their there are unscrupulous businessmen-the Benny Hinn’s and Kenneth Copeland's of this world, exploiting the peoples sheep type nature for financial gain, you talk like many on this site with the same passion that some people i know, talk about the corruption of the universal church that these guys bring. The premier league, and the constant promotion of big name big clubs has killed English working class football...what can we do, NOTHING!!!
plymouth graham
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22/01/2010 14:42:00

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mattslater/2010/01/taxing_times_for_footballs_fri.html check it out
plymouth graham
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22/01/2010 14:52:00

Drunk or not Rug, it's a good piece. That's all the true fans really want. (In adversity, remember to keep an even mind - Horace)
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22/01/2010 15:04:00

Great link Graham, though rather depressing. The post article comments are certainly worth a read.
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22/01/2010 15:04:00

We can support FC United and United Services Rugby and Hampshire Cricket Club... that's what we can do... but we CHOOSE not to... partly because we love Portsmouth football club because we were all born in St Mary's or QA, partly because we are an old club, with a special ground and working class roots (regardless of how hard I try to not be working class) and partly because as much as we try and deny that part of us - we love to be able to boast that we are all those things AND we won the FA cup and are in the biggest, best and richest league in the world... What we need to face is we can be all those things and play in the Championship where it fits... I never minded mid table or play off champioship footie... all I hated was scum lording it over us or the interminable fights against relegation. Now scum are tier 3... I wouldnt mind right now if we shipped the big earners we wont be able to ship in the Champiosnhip and built a team of the quality youngsters we were able to invest in when we spent too freely and could attract talent to a PL club.
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22/01/2010 15:07:00

Let the heart flow Rug, we all feel your crying words and want to join in to make them louder so that everyone hears them. Save our Pompey!
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22/01/2010 15:11:00

Emotional words and feelings. The last two quiet days makes you remember the last ones in Vietnam and you expect the helicopters to arrive head high to take away the retreating generals. Yes you are spot on right. The real supporter needs to know quickly what we have ahead in order to support and take on together. Alienation to the present plight will halt the gates and make things worse.
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22/01/2010 15:13:00

I'm with you on this one Rug. I just want my club. I loved it just as much when we were rubbish and kicking about in the lower divisions. It's such a massive part of my life and I can't bear the thought of not having it any more.
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22/01/2010 15:21:00

me too jim and tim...besides if Argyle get out of their scrap safely...i can potter along their too, when we play them.
plymouth graham
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22/01/2010 15:28:00

Gosh, Rug your hurting. "Storrie should step aside"your biggest understatement ever.
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22/01/2010 15:38:00

Great Article Rug, I guess these words are echoing through many a Pompey fans Home at this dissapointing time.
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22/01/2010 15:49:00

Does anyone know what Pompey are registered under as a Business Name?
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22/01/2010 16:20:00

Great article!! Storrie & Gaydamak well & truly dropped us in it. To be fair to Storrie I'm sure Gaydamak said there were funds to cover it. I'd love to see those optimistic figures!! Even if the good times were rolling we'd still be in massive financial trouble! The club aren't gonna come out & tell us how bad things are though - as a business you would never do that. It would cause even more problems (if thats possible) With regards to Al-Faraj why would he put £20M into the club just to see it vanish without trace. Its a huge amount of money to throw away in anyone's book especially if he's "rich"!! In terms of the fan base - yes, we could fill FP but that would be the proverbial finger in the dam. I'm guessing there's 12,000 - 14,000 season ticket holders so that money was spent ages ago. That leaves at best 8000 seats at £30 (give or take a few quid) so the club would only get £240k max before costs for every home game if the grounds full. Peanuts, when the wages bill is £1.5M a month! Finally, & I hate to say it but I can't see anyone with half a brain investing money in the club unless they've just got money to burn. With no TV money & with outgoings way exceeding incomings the the club is will & truly in the brown stuff & I just can't see anyway out of it unless the current owners turn up trumps. My prediction, players will obviously be sold, club relegated & parachute payment disappearing straight into someone's pocket & the club getting no benefit! Gloomy eh, pass me the gun!! PUP!
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22/01/2010 16:35:00

Correction to above - I meant to say: "With regards to Al-Faraj why would he put £20M into the club just to see it vanish without trace. Its a huge amount of money to throw away in anyone's book especially if he's *NOT* "rich"!!"
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22/01/2010 16:39:00

Nice one rug. Whatever we have, it's got to stay as Portsmouth Football Club with us playing in Fratton Park. Anything else is a bonus.
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22/01/2010 17:11:00

Nice summary scum... agreed. Or Langstone.... lol
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22/01/2010 17:32:00

Rug, I'm amazed you've kept a lid on your hurt and anger for so long. You've spoken from the heart and the words you speak echo the fears and frustrations of every Pompey fan, even a JCL like me who fell hopelessly in love with this grand old football club and who, I assure you, will not bugger off back to Arsenal when the seemingly inevitable happens.
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22/01/2010 17:37:00

chix, dave and paul will tell you that the past week in particular i have reached breaking point - i just sat down this afternoon before lunch after nipping out and 'went off on one' and this is what i came up with, i usually check, re-check and check again what i write but i wrote this and other than doing a spell check left it, i did not want it altered or amended...
things have been building up, and brewing for a while for me, but the past weekend is when everything hit me at once - that game being called off, which is SHOULD NOT HAVE, proved the final straw and as i was away in pompey friday-wednesday i had sooooo much time to think and ponder things that reality sank in that 'we could see the end of PFC' and that broke my heart, as this IS my life...
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22/01/2010 17:52:00

not much more to add really, part from well said guys and lets hope that we do finally get a miricle at some point and the club does survive
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22/01/2010 18:17:00

tim .. you've been justifying your JCLness for too long now.. Consider yourself well and truly Pompey and no justifications are needed.

Rug mate what can I say to you that I already haven't ? But I'll will say this - Your expression of heart felt passion speaks not only for you but for those who are less talented and can not express their thoughts as well as you .. Your thoughts and feelings speak for a community that bridges many generations and many backgrounds and onw that will hopefully always be forever Pompey ..
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22/01/2010 18:22:00

Thanks Chix and well said re Rug's sentiments.
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22/01/2010 18:34:00

yep, got to agree with chix totally on this tim - you ARE a pompey fan, that is all that matters. do not justify yourself to anyone, at the end of the day NO fan should have to justify themself to anyone should they? i hate the term JCL, and what some people think it means - it is 'dirty' to them. i have used it myself admitedly but the more i think about it do people not want us to have new fans or something? everyone has been a newbie at some point in time, so lets see newbies from now on not JCL's - those that 'jumped the bandwagon', and lets make no doubt about it plenty did, have jumped off, now is the time for us all to come together and unite as pompey fans, new or old...
oh, and thanks for you comments chix - and everyone else for that matter tbh - appreciate it. i have never thought of myself as 'talented' when it came to writing, all i know is i like doing it :-)
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22/01/2010 18:48:00

Right then- wake up time. 18 months ago I became aware of the plan to liquidate Pompey, and here we are today with people still burying there heads in the sand thinking everything is going to be ok, well its not, the club will be wound up and be liquidated at the full high hearing for HMRC in the high court, full stop. its inevitable. This will bring absolute joy to all the property developers now in control of PFC, Sacha is sitting on £60M of land, Balram and Al Farah, are sitting on the Fratton park land and will get cash from player sales and future Player payments they are owed, so everyone gains, everyone except the fans. When the football club is liquidated the council cannot oppose the building on the land owned by PFC as Pompey will no longer have a football team or requirement for a stadium. this is a fact. So what we need is for the council to now make a political statement and prevent any building development on the land owned by sascha , Al Farah , et al when we do go into liquidation, so they do not realise any gain whatsoever, we have heard how the council has said the land cannot be developed unless a new stadium has been built, lets now see them say the same if the club is liquidated, Guess what the council wont, because ultimately all the council wants is a slice of profits to swell its coffers and provide more low cost housing for newly arrived immigrants. (Ask your local politicians) And before you have a go at me, I love this club to bits , its been my life, I ran a PFC website before you lot even knew there was an internet, so cut me some slack, & If everything does turn out ok , ill breath the biggest sigh of relief and the write the biggest apology ever. But we are so deep in the S*!t we all need a staw to breathe :-(
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22/01/2010 20:33:00

Doggo - you may be right but only time will tell. Is FP going to go the same way as the Goldstone Ground??? Is PFC gonna be the 2nd club on the South Coast to be f'd over by property developers??? BUT your theory doesn't explain why the new owners have put £20M into the club - if its correct why not just let it be liquidated?? If the club is wound up the players & everything else become assets to be sold. There won't be much left by the time the creditors have been paid! The new owners will get next to nothing back from their investment PUP
Report Abuse
22/01/2010 20:54:00

Holdz, the owners have not put a penny into the club. they moved debts around to make it look they have put money into the club, read the guardian or telegraph, which explained exactly what they have done. Nothing!
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22/01/2010 21:01:00

Pompey, as ancient and venerable as Shakespeare; he would have said, 'You take my life when you take the means whereby I watch Pompey'.
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22/01/2010 21:19:00

HI Rug, sorry to hear you writing in this manner, It truly is a sad time for us at the moment, I still find it really hard to explain why we are so passionate and why we truly love our clubs/teams to people here in New Zealand, why I would go and have a Pompey Crest Tattooed on me is beyond most peoples comprehension over here, why even as a fan from 12000miles away I still have a new shirt or two every season, even though they cost $150 NZ dollars a peice, why I have Pompey key rings and stickers on my car, they just dont get it, and they never will, I love Pompey almost as much as I love my own Family, even from over here its like a family to me, Its the reason I spend so much time on this Damn computer, I try and soak it in like a sponge, get my daily fix of Fratton life, I guess what I am trying to say is that your definately not going to be the only one who's life is shattered if we loose our club, I cannot tell you how much Joy it was for me too see the club for the Liverpool and Arsenal games whilst I was over at xmas, It was easily the highlight of my trip (thankyou very much)(and we didnt even play well...at all), things truly are F***ed up at the present time, and I keep hoping that there is going to be a silver lining, that perhaps the heirachy are just testing us as fans to see how much passion we truly have, they are going to step in shortly with a hundered million pounds and make us greater than ever!!!!!!!....but no, it seems that we are f$$$ed, it and is truly very very sad, I have my fingers and toes crossed, I truly hope something positive occurs very quickly, I just cant see it, It looks like its going to end up being a dark year in our History, maybe Final!( it will be the only final we make this year) I will still always be 'Pompey Till I Die'
Report Abuse
22/01/2010 23:08:00

Doggo, sad but true. Even if they did put £20m in - which I doubt -they'll still turn a profit in the long term from the land development and that, sadly, appears to be the ulterior motive.
Report Abuse
22/01/2010 23:20:00

Doggo seems to be on the exact same wave length as ive been banging on about for weeks. HOLDZ..I don't think you have thought this £20ml through old mate...its not Money Al Mirage has put in from his own wallet, its from a mortgaged/secured loan from the two financiers..who now have the deeds to FP. We are doomed,dead and buried, Gaydamak and all these other Israeli buisness types will make a fortune, and think about the laughter they will have when loads of uninformed English Football fans go off blaming Arabs for the demise of Pompey...
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
22/01/2010 23:37:00

Doggo just tried to send you a PM, but couldn't remember my password or how to do it. I did'nt want to sound condescending above thats all. I think we see the same writing on the same wall. WE DO NEED TO look to the future and look at the reformation of the club now, maybe contact AFC Wimbledon or Aldershot etc for advice. I would vote for people like Ken Malley Chix and Rug and a whole host of others form London Branch, south west branch etc etcto form a committee etc. We need a meeting a proper meeting organized at the guildhall and look to re form the club once these Vultures have their skin and bone.
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
22/01/2010 23:45:00

Only just read your article Rug, and its an excellent article, from the heart, and echoes what we are all thinking. It seems the unthinkable is very likely and its heartbreaking. All true Pompey fans will always be Pompey fans though, its in the blood - we're Pompey till we die!
Report Abuse
23/01/2010 18:50:00

I did attend some of the march/protest - at least from Milton Park onwards today. I know not everyone agrees with it, and if you asked me what I thought it would achieve, I spose the best answer i have is 'making me feel better'. I felt quite emotional at times, unable to sing 'Pompey Till I Die' etc because I felt too choked - thats how real the demise of our club feels to me. It was a peaceful protest, but I the only thing I wasn't too sure of was the level of abuse aimed at Peter Storrie. Having been called a liar and a w-, he still came out to talk to fans and was then greeted by a torrent of abuse - at this stage I moved back to try to disassociate myself from it. I know it's time he moved on, but we were shouting his name a few weeks ago. I suppose at the end of the day, I wanted to see what happened, and I didn't want to look back in years to come and say that I didn't bother. But that's just my feelings, I'm not trying to project them on anyone else.
Report Abuse
23/01/2010 22:04:00


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