Portsmouth - Campbell sticks the boot in!
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Campbell sticks the boot in!

If it is not one thing it is another these days and today's 'other' is the news that former captain Sol Campbell is suing the club over fees and bonuses he claims he is owed.

Campbell, who of course held aloft the FA cup just 18-months ago - although this now seems an eternity ago! - 'claims' that he is owed £1.7m in 'image rights and bonus payments' and has now started legal proceedings against us...

A Pompey spokesman said: 'the matter is being dealt with by our lawyers.'

So, yet ANOTHER issue will be dragged though the courts, with the name of PFC dragged through the mud again...

Granted if Sol is owed money he is owed money but is now really the time for him to be doing this? He can see that the club is on its knees so his actions have placed, and will hammer in, another nail to our coffin!

Although you will need to get to the back of the queue though big man...

No doubt the current owners will argue that the matter is between previous owners and Campbell, although I in all honesty that is not the way it will work is it? His contract was with Portsmouth Football Club, whoever owns it.

My God the 'muppet' that agreed to all these ridiculous contracts, and various clauses within then, needs a good shoeing - mentioning no names!

Now, which player can be flogged to settle with the man that we paid a fortune, is one of the richest footballers in world football, was a player that we rescued from the scrap heap, we helped get back into the England fold, aided him to win another FA cup winners medal and have another crack at Europe...

Cheers Sol!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 20 2010

Time: 3:58PM

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To be honest i don't expect much else and if we promised the bonus then i suppose someone with no real love for the club would do the same, but if its true that he wants interest on the late payment as well it just goes to show what a total greedy w@nker he and probably a few other mercenary 'pros' are. ruins any memories i have of that tw*t with interest.
Super Bock 1898
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20/01/2010 16:06:00

Sol - all I can say is I hope Michael Brown ends your career for pompey against arsenal before you end ours
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20/01/2010 16:06:00

can't arsene point out what a tit he's being - doesn't look good on his club if they employ a t*sser
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20/01/2010 16:07:00

keep fighting rug i know you dont like us yids but as a football fan i really hope you get sorted the league is better for having pompey in it, especially when you look at the alternatives i.e stoke or hull they dont play football you guys do KEEP FIGHTING and tell that deranged bell end to feck off.
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20/01/2010 16:08:00

Its not Sol Campbell whos @ fault here its basically down to blind stupidity by football clubs throughout europe & lets be honest here a lot of football fans have been taken in by this bull sh*** for neary 20 years now.
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20/01/2010 16:15:00

As I said in the forum, You can see why Spurs hate him so. I've always said on here he's a mercenary and boy he hasn't disappointed me!!!!!
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20/01/2010 16:21:00

The muppet = Peter Storrie. He was in charge of negotiating the players contracts obviously with the blessing of Gaydamak. They are the villains of this piece!
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20/01/2010 16:25:00

Danny - it's his choice though... he knows full well the implications his "action" will have on the club - he had the choice to give it a chance to suceed and see hi debt paid off - or to force it into administration and try and get something out of it - 1.7m is probably a gross exaggeration intended to recoup as much as he can when the administrators come in... he's choosing to try and put a 100yr old club into administration in the hope of picking up cash in the liquidation. He shouldn't have been a footballer when he's such a good bar steward
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20/01/2010 16:26:00

Wonder how many other ex pompey players will jump on the band wagon, just about sums up football these days. Losing interest in the game. Got the world cup this year and this is gonna put a downer on it. Every time someone scores a goal there value goes up by a million. Heres hoping something is done to the league structure and how the whole thing is run. Its going to take a large club like liverpool, man u, arsenal or chelsea etc for them to look up and take notice.
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20/01/2010 16:29:00

I can fully understand why Pompey fans would be annoyed about this, but the facts are, if Pompey owe him money, then that's really the end of it. Pompey's financial problems aren't his fault and if he is legally owed money then he's entitled to ask for it. Particularly if he thinks there's danger of you lot going to the wall (which I sincerely hope you don't) and never seeing a penny of it. It's harsh, but we vote for free market capitalism and therefore have no right to complain about its bugbears. Whoever awarded him the ridiculous terms is the villain as some of you have pointed out. Would your landlord let you off the rent for a month because you'd lost your job?
Little Dutch
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20/01/2010 16:30:00

my old landlord did do that dutch because he's human and actually cares about something other than his self and before i left he got it back with interest this world shouldnt be all about the money because that is why we are in this mess we are in sol is one of the richest players in world football that money will add nothing to his quality of life where as pompey and there 1000 's of fans it will mean everything
Report Abuse
20/01/2010 16:52:00

jljyid, cheers - you are right, in all honesty spurs are not my favourite team, but like you i HATE to see genuine fans of any club hurt like we seem to be hurt everyday now, it is soul - no pun intended - distroying, the thought that we might lose, which for me personally is all i have, is killing me. and i would not wish this on ANYONE and have never found it amusing when these sorts of things have happened to others...
in all honesty his is what football needs, altho, like i say i would not wish it on any team and certainly did not want us to be the 'big team' it happened to...

as i said LD, i guess to be if we owe him money we owe him money but surely - with all the millions the guy has and the fortune he earned from us anyway, and what we did for him as much as him us, he could have picked a better time for this!
we are on our way out, this could be the final straw that ends it now, and for what? basically 'pocket change' for him...

totally agree evildwarf, i used to watch every football match going but am totally disillusioned with the game - something i never thought i would, my mate ken has felt like this for some time, but is VERY surprised that this has happened to me!
as for the 'muppet' that signed off on these contacts, i did not want to mention him by name :-)
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20/01/2010 16:55:00

Thanks jlyid and that's the point Dutch. And my point - we will go to the wall if he he persists... yes some silly**** offered it to him but I think he got enough out of pompey (like his career back) - he can choose not to chase this - that's the point about life - it's full of choices
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20/01/2010 16:56:00

The timing is just shocking...and if it were someone else who maybe was a young naive lad not overly wealthy, or someone who was betrayed by the club. But the track record of the man is just horrendous. The betrayal he performed on Spurs to join our bitter rivals in that fashion (only a few years after we were in financial ruin) still stings the very foundations of our club. And Portsmouth were great for Campbell, they rightly supported their player all the way when he got that sickening abuse at Fratton a few years back. Yet when your great club is really on its knees, in the biggest crisis in your history he sues you for 1.7million? If hes owed it then fair enough, but for Christs sake hes worth and estimated 26million (2005 figures) probably much more since then, his timing is awful. His brain is absent. His morals were never there.But he has no sense of the word loyalty, and he's the greediest man in football. Your great club deserves better treatment. And i find it so amusing how hes back at the dump, they cant stop yabbin on how they got rid of 2bad eggs by selling Ade and Toure.....well theyve just inherited 1 enourmous turd in Campbell.
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20/01/2010 17:29:00

Well, if its in the contract, we owe him.....But...FFS Campbell, Timing and Integrity are obviously 2 lessons you learned from Redknapp !!! Just another day in the life of a Pompey Fan. PUP
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20/01/2010 17:34:00

LD, if your landlord knew you had massive problems, he knew you were gonna jump infront of a tube train if he didn't let you off, he probably would let you off a while. Same thing apply's here. Campbell knows that if hes successful then Pompy are probably gonna cease to exist. NOT get relegated...CEASE TO EXIST like that Belgian club who did recently. Comprende?
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20/01/2010 17:35:00

stories fault .... their was a rumor thaat winning the fa cup cost us more in bonuses than we won in prize money...
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20/01/2010 18:15:00

At the parade, the day after Sol became only the second Pompey captain in history to lift the FA cup, he stood there on that stage on Southsea common and said, "We (the players) love all of you (the fans)" Yeah, funny way of showing it. Trying hard not to take it personally but that FA cup win, was a big big deal to me (and all Pompey fans, I know) and the cost of it to the club has taken the gloss off it, this could negate it completely. Still they can't take that win away from us! I do understand that if he's owed money he's entitled to it, but he could afford to wait. Serves him right if he doesn't get a penny because the club goes into administration.
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20/01/2010 18:30:00

I can't see the point in having a go at Sol & staining the memory of those great seasons. Sol was the catalyst for many top players to follow. If he's due, he's due. The timing isn't great but I heard about this a month ago. I think with the threat of our demise it may have forced Sol to take legal action. Our anger shouldn't be aimed at Sol but the idiots that got us here!!!
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20/01/2010 18:45:00

I thinks Sol is being very mercenary (again), however, you have to ask how did PS allow this to happen. When Dr. Fake carried out the longest, and according to him the "most thorough Due Diligence" ever, they would have known full well about this. I remember at the time they said they were looking at all the players contracts in serious detail. Evildwarf says how many other players will come out with other claims, don't hold your breaths. Campbell will have got a real good legal brief, who has advised him to take action before we go under. It still wrankles with me why we pay PS 1.4m a year for his ineptitude.He's a bloody imbicile.
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20/01/2010 18:51:00

Every day there's something else to make us depressed. Every mornin I wake up and remember the plight our club is in, and realise the dream of winning the lottery and saving the club is only a dream. Its not relegation I fear, its not really administration, although that would (will) stink - its the very death of our club that I am getting more and more fearful about by the day. So what else is going to happen tomorrow then?
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20/01/2010 20:14:00

Sol Campbell has a house in Los Angeles and a house in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea which is about the most exclusive address in the capital....I'm now almost longing for us to go into admin so that these greedy ********s can't get their hands on any more money. Not that we'll be seeing Sol Campbell going home on a pushbike any time soon.
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20/01/2010 22:08:00

Well I am not surprised by this. I mean, if a gigolo were to sleep with the most unfashionable, ugly, vulgar, and quite frankly, moronic old hag... wouldn't you expect him to be handsomely renumerated. By the way, do you think it is wrong that my girlfriend is a fish?
hornsea islander
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20/01/2010 22:23:00

As has been said, if our Club are stupid enough to agree to such stupid terms then fair enough he may well be 'owed' the money. I guess he is not the only one though so expect that the little runt Defoe will churp in now. What I cannoy understand though is that surely if we pay a bloke 90k a week wages (or whatever it was) then we have a god damn right to use his ugly mush for whatever media exposure we want. He lifts the cup up, gets photgraphed and Pompey pay him for the use of the photo, unbelievable.
Report Abuse
21/01/2010 07:47:00

like I said - best paid bar steward in the world
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21/01/2010 10:35:00

Hornsea islander, if your Girlfriend is a Skate, thats very wrong!!
Report Abuse
21/01/2010 11:41:00


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