Portsmouth - Dindane to Celtic/ANOTHER off to Spurs!
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Dindane to Celtic/ANOTHER off to Spurs!

Earlier in the week Aruna Dindane was off to Birmingham and now, according to The Mirror, the on loan striker is going to leave Pompey and join Celtic - also on loan until the end of the season.

Lens seems to growing 'increasingly frustrated' with Pompey, to say the least, with it 'said' that they have approached Fifa to get the loan cancelled - although this is not new news is it, this has been rumbling for a while.

I did have to laugh at The Mirror's words though, 'Dindane, 29, has been a hit at Fratton Park on loan from Lens.'

Granted he has had his moments but I would not say that he has 'been a hit' has he?

In all honesty, as much as we need players, if Dindane were to leave I am not sure I would be that disappointed really. Like Didier Drogba before him 'maybe' Dindane could be better in time but we do not have the time to find out, nor can we afford - quite literally - the financial risks involved...

Not content at pillaging Pompey for a manager, coaches and several players, the last of which, Niko Kranjcar, was virtually given away Spurs are 'said' to be hovering above our carcass again!

According to The Express Younes Kaboul will be the latest to not only move on, but return to Spurs?

They 'claim' that as well as 'dropping their claim' for money we still owe them for Kaboul they will give us £3m and 'accelerate' a payment owed to us for Peter Crouch...

It seems to farcical to be true, but these days who knows what is true or false and could or could not happen - I just pray that we do not sell yet another player to Spurs, if we do sell Younes, as seem inevitable, lets at least shift him elsewhere - would he even want to return to Spurs anyway?

Lazy journalism, hopefully!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 15 2010

Time: 11:44AM

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I wonder how much they still owe us for Crouch and when it's due. Amongst all of the news about how much we owe i've heard nothing about how much we're still owed from the various clubs for the players sold over the last year and when this money is due.
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15/01/2010 12:08:00

Dindane to Celtic, Kaboul to Spurs, James to Stoke, Utaka to Socheaux, Ashdown to QPR, Williamson to Watford, Piquionne & Finnan to Rangers, Belhadj to erm.. Wolves was it, Diop to Birmingham.. Why oh why does nobody want Mullins or Mokeona ... As you say rug.. lazy journalism.. hopefully
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15/01/2010 12:08:00

Who would want to support Portsmouth these days. Having said that Portsmouth supporters are probably the most loyal in the PL. They are in the deepest sh&it they could ever wish for. Hope they get a bit of luck soon as it's away overdue. With the loss of O'Hara and now possibly Kaboul they are loosing two spine players and that can only spell more problems. They would be better off relegated and regroup, like Birmingham did. Anyway best of luck in the second half of the season.
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15/01/2010 12:10:00

I for one, as a spurs fan would not take him back. There's a reason why we sold him, he's just not good enough. yes he's got a good spell going this year, but there are better prospects then him in the same age bracket. But the point that you still owe us some money stands and I think that's where this mambo-jumbo comes from. At the moment we only need a squad def. who can ease the pressure on our starting backs.
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15/01/2010 12:14:00

I very much doubt thta Kaboul would consider a return to Spurs, but for Harry being the man to buy him. the only issue I have with it, is that he left us because he wasnt playing football, so would joining us, with Dawson, Bassong, King and woodgate be any easier. That is assuming that king and woodgate have a future at Spurs.
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15/01/2010 12:15:00

are you lot forgetting younes failed at spurs? he is in no way good enough for us! a cente half who thinks he's a midfielder/winger/striker?....defoe came from us to start with and he is rightully back home now, but thanks for niko, pure class....and now that he has some real talent around him we are seeing what he is really capable of....remember we threw you jamie o hara on loan to help you from going down, and he was prob your best player, so think befoe you keep moaning about spurs!
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15/01/2010 12:17:00

For the PL to lift the embargo they need to be convinced that Pompey have means to pay any other debts and also wages. I guess following the meetings this week they cannot be convinced by what the club has presented. To reduce both of these it would mean 3 things, give back loan players and drop the potential fees payable, sell players, loan players to reduce the wage bill. All of these can be expected in the next two weeks before the PL will relinquish the embargo.
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15/01/2010 12:32:00

our site redactor share's my opinion.
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15/01/2010 12:42:00

Jamo not going to Stoke, they couldn't agree on who pays what of his salary.
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15/01/2010 12:45:00

More press rubbish and as Rug and Chix say lazy journalism. Spuds fans certainly saw the worst of Janice but we have seen the true player this season and without him we would already be relegated.
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15/01/2010 12:47:00

Im a Spurs season ticket holder and Kaboul always looked a beast of a player at Spurs and was surprised he was sold, just like Boatang. I agree he made mistakes in games which cost us bad but he had ability, big and strong, pace and could pass. He was a bit to cocky thinking he was Rio Ferdinand but needed time. I would like to see him back at Spurs, personally would like Portsmouth to stay up and we always get points from you, best away support we get at the lane, im sure Harry would lend you a Gio, O'Hara, Rose or even Naughton (has he gone to Sheff yet?)
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15/01/2010 12:57:00

If Pompey do not pay the money owed for Kaboul's transfer, could we ask for it to be ripped up and take him back? Or would it be a case of administrators etc selling to the highest bidder? Would prefer Kaboul back and then we do as we see fit rather than having some administrator sell him off and divide the money between all the creditors, especially as HMRC take precedence and then probably on order of when the transfers occured! We'll just take Kaboul back full stop if goes that far. In a way would be nice if the transfer embargo on Pompey was lifted as we have quality youngsters who need games and would probably be able to help and the relegation fight would hopefully do them well in gaining tough vital experience. Gio, Rose, Naughton even Bale to name a few. If the likes of Bel Hadj and Piquionne were to go, Bale, Rose and Gio would be perfect replacements. Gio would bring some finesse to the power and directness of Boateng and might actually form a very tasty partnership. As for Bale and Rose add pace and guile to your left blank. Not to mention MR O'Hara continuing the job already started. Hopefully the embargo is lifted and Harry can send a salvage team down there for both our benefits. Think the Pompey fans would also appreciate the attacking flair of the 3 mentioned. Atleast if going down, do it in style and watch some decent footy for your money!
El Jefe
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15/01/2010 13:11:00

I for one was against Kaboul going in the first place as apposed to our part time players ie King and Woodgate Kaboul would be a god send i am certain in my own estimation that Kaboul is head and shoulders better than Bassong any day so for me the sooner this transfer happens the better ! COYS the only way is up ! !
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15/01/2010 13:34:00

Anybody else fed up with being Spurs' feeder club ??? Cheerio Dindane, but would be a shame to loose Kaboul without a hefty price tag.....O'Hara and 5-7M might get a deal tho !!If the transfer ban is ever lifted - Still, this is GOOD NEWS FRIDAY !!!!! ;-) PUP
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15/01/2010 13:38:00

Good News Friday... hahahahahahah
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15/01/2010 13:51:00

I have to say I don't mind Spurs too much. Some of them are very entertaining and most of them do wish us luck. As for being their feeder club, we have had a fair few of their players over the years, and made good money from them as well. Re HR, they have a thread running at the moment headed "Spurs Next manager?". For Chrissakes Harry has only just been charged! Still, they have the right attitude and perhaps Harry and Spurs deserve each other?
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15/01/2010 14:47:00

I cant believe we still owe them much after making money off them for defoe, selling them crouch and kranky, altho nothing surprises me anymore
Super Bock 1898
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15/01/2010 14:52:00

Perhaps they are paying us our instalments, and we have to pay them theirs, even tho they probably owe us more than we owe them. Weird - I don't know how it works.
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15/01/2010 15:09:00

i guess it is the terms of the deal and how many instalments over how many years that means we still owe spurs money - oh, if only football worked where you paid the money up top, or the vast majority of it and only if you had it...
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15/01/2010 15:36:00

Couldn't we buy someone off Kay's catalogue? Or was that Mokoena?
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15/01/2010 16:04:00

I think it's Good News Friday....I'm going home now :)
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15/01/2010 17:16:00

I'm probably being stupid, and it's true that I haven't posted here for months due to not having a spare moment these days but if Spurs have a Crouch payment due that they can accelerate, how do we still owe them money? If I owed you 100 and then you wanted to buy a computer off me for 150, I would expect you to pay me 50 and wipe out my debt. If we owe them money and they owe us money (even if it's not actually due) then is it our stupidity or their stupidity that the debts weren't just cancelled out up to the value of the lowest owing amount?
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16/01/2010 03:19:00

Kabul did not "fail" at Spurs. He has tremendous ability and potential and could become a brilliant centre-back. I would welcome him back with open arms.
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16/01/2010 10:22:00

Might be loads of clauses contingent on this happening or that happening, etc. Defoe and Crouch are international strikers so there could be goal related clauses both for club and country aswell as appearances again both for club and country, etc. These only get triggered when the clauses are met, but say that the player is close to achieveing the stipulated clause, might waive it and accelerate receipt etc, who knows how these things work. Vice versa, Kaboul might have fulfilled appearance quotas so we are now owed. With such deals, it keeps it a lot simpler to just have straightforward anal adherance to what is in the contracts as opposed to the example above if owe you 100.00, but sell you something for 150.00, only have to give me 50.00, etc. Bit harsh to have a transfer embargo as regards loan signings as technically there might not be any money involved, etc and there are benefits to both clubs. Fair enough no buying of players on any type of credit to avoid fulling more into the red, but how exactly is it a good idea to stop someone in trouble from getting free help so to speak? Its a bit late to be punishing and if as the Prem league say doing all they can to help Pompey, well common sense dictates that would have to include allowing them to sign loan players to get out of there predicament (eg because the loan players are either better or because Pompey can sell players they own for cash and then replace them with loan signings to put players out on the pitch). Although it is slightly harsh on the club loaning the player having to also pay his wages (like O'Hara) whilst playing elsewhere, the owning club still get the benefit of the development of their player who should improve his ability etc by playing which in turn will increase his value and appeal whilst also keeping the player happy as opposed to rotting in the reserves. If Spurs are happy to loan O'Hara, Gio, Naughton etc to Portsmouth without any money involved do not see what it has to do with the Prem league or why an embargo is necessary. Indeed it almost smacks of a concerted attempt to get Pompey relegated and thus chucked out of Prem league so they become someone elses problem and embarrasment! One thing is protecting other clubs from losing money by dealing with Pompey in terms of full transfers, but loans are beneficial to both sides of the agreement thus Prem league should keep their noses out of such deals.
El Jefe
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16/01/2010 10:27:00

I accept what you're saying about contingent payments, but we couldn't possibly have owed Spurs more than they subsequently paid us for Defoe, Crouch and Krunchy combined, simply on the initial fees. Somewhere along the line, a chance to wipe out what we owed was missed, and it just seems bizarre to me. I cannot imagine that Spurs would have preferred a situation where they pay us money and wait for what we already owed them, which makes me suspect that it was us doing very bad business again.
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16/01/2010 18:54:00

Unless interest has been mounting up because of payments not made on time and Levy is paramount to a loan shark with extortionate rates of interest? Atleast Pompey look to play football properly, not all this Hull, Stoke crap. Bloody embarrasment to the Premier League and their own paying fans. Not one entertaining player in any of those team's that I can think of, barring perhaps Tuncay (at a stretch) and Bullard. Atleast he can entertain be it with a football or without it! Why can these team's not loan attacking flair players from the likes of us, etc? We have Giovanni Dos Santos on the bench doing nothing! Mexican international schooled at Barcelona. Ridiculous that these team's are not willing to recruit such players in order to entertain their paying fans whilst still attempting to get results and make the Premiership the best league in the world for showcasing the beautiful game.
El Jefe
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17/01/2010 01:39:00

If I want to see muscle and strength displays I can watch WWE or Worlds Strongest Man or whatever, if I want to see fast running etc I can watch athletics. For dirtyness can watch Rugby or Boxing, etc. For pure tactics American Football. Want to watch FOOTBALL, flair attacking players doing spectacular things with the ball and team's putting together brilliant passing moves, etc. Like I say Pompey try to play this way and hope they stay up over a *****e team like Stoke or Hull any day of the week.
El Jefe
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17/01/2010 01:42:00


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