Portsmouth - Jacob speaks - now time WILL tell!
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Jacob speaks - now time WILL tell!

Mark Jacob has finally delivered that 'statement' he was going to give, although it is not so much a statement more a few lines on the latest shambles of non-payment of players and how the 'trauma' at the club is going to 'apparently' be ending...

Jacob has told sky sports that the money to pay the players is 'waiting in his account,' which begs the question if it has only just arrived and is ready to go now WHY had we said it was there before and would be paid Tuesday and then Wednesday, when clearly it was not?

Well, he says this will be paid tomorrow, Thursday: 'the funds are already in my account and they have been authorised to go, so depending on the banking system the funds will be with the players on Thursday morning.'

So, we now just wait and see - the players wages FINALLY arriving for the latest month that they have been late will be something at least!

He is also 'very, very confident' that a fresh injection of funds is on its way and wished to thank the fans of the club for their 'support' of the current administration during the 'one of two issues' that have happened recently: 'we're very confident this is the end of any trauma that the club has been suffering, not only in the last month or so but perhaps for the last couple of years.

'We're very, very confident there will be an injection of funds and I'd just like to place on record how supportive the fans have been over the period since the takeover despite one or two recent issues.

'The fans should be assured that the long-term future of Portsmouth is going to be secured.'

Well Mark YOU have gone on record as having said this, so IF things fail to materialise then it is your head that should roll! It is good that a 'statement' has been assigned to someone for a change so we know exactly where to point fingers should this not come off.

Lets just hope this latest 'assurance' proves true eh, but I must admit I will believe it when I see it now to be honest!

So, and as I say in the title, time WILL tell what happens next, or not - I want what he says to be the case but I cannot help but go with the 'I will not hold my breath' train of thought...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 6 2010

Time: 10:36PM

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"This is my last territorial claim in Europe" (Hitler, 1938) "There will be no whitewash in the White House (Richard Nixon, 1973) 'The fans should be assured that the long-term future of Portsmouth is going to be secured.' (Mark Jacob, 2010)
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06/01/2010 23:05:00

I'm giving up smoking (Cornypomp, Dec 31st 2009)........Erh!!
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06/01/2010 23:33:00

It's a cracker - a Jacob's cracker. although not exactly the full warts and all statement Daniel uzigob promised let's hope this statement is true. If it is we might just have a chance of staying in this league and MUCH more than that- I just might recover some of the £120 down I am following my regular tenner on Pompey regime.
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06/01/2010 23:49:00

Any mention of the transfer embargo?
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06/01/2010 23:55:00

want to believe it but i just cant keep doing it to myself. Theyre all full of shíte, including PS who got such rapturous applause and support the other week
Super Bock 1898
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07/01/2010 00:05:00

oh ffs, jog on jacobs, if this isn't true you should be shot, i swear, the last statement got my/our hopes up far too much for you too be sprouting this kind of bull ****. and even knowing all that i just can't help but feel a little bit of hope.... i'll never learn
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07/01/2010 00:06:00

the long term future is secured .... secured against what? if its the stadium/players/anything linked to the club ... then unfortunately we are screwed ... not that were screwed already lol.
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07/01/2010 00:55:00

We wanted a statement.. we wanted communication.. we wanted somebody to come out and say something.. This bloke has no track record of broken promises.. no track record of bull***** .. and yet we still do not believe him.. perhaps we should give him a chance... at least 24 hours before we all rack up with pitch forks !
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07/01/2010 07:40:00

If i was MJ reading this site i would be telling al-mirage what a bunch of two faced some so called pompey fans are, we are all tired of waiting for a statement. You wanted to know whats going on he now giving us a pointer to the club future it does have investment lined up so lets see. i can honestly say i actually beleive this bloke he said nothing up to now.so let see but dont berate him when he actually comes out with somthing posotive . Oh & dont worry if the players money dosnt get transfered today cos about 70% of the britishish banking system is down
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07/01/2010 08:14:00

Could have said a lot worse??
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07/01/2010 08:14:00

rob, i think it is only fair that fans adopt a 'we will believe it when it happens' approach, perhaps for some to even think 'i do not believe it' as so much has been said, and promised, about this and that and not delivered...
as said it is GOOD that we finally have a statement delivered with promises that has a name to it, not just a 'a pompey spokesman said'. i will wait and see, but in all honesty i will not be holding my breath - i want to believe but i find it increasingly hard to do so these days, which is a worrying thing as what you club tells you should be the ONLY thing you believe...
as for MJ reading this site and thinking we a two faced, i can assure you what is said on this site is a walk in the park compared to others :-)
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07/01/2010 08:50:00

A twist & turn everyday. The unknown is very scary indeed. Like all of us, we just want some truth, no matter how ugly it may be.
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07/01/2010 09:09:00

Jaccobs just needs to understand that words are not enough anymore, we are all to worn down by it to listen to a few choice sentences, a propper staement and actions is what we need to see now
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07/01/2010 09:23:00

Rug as i said before in my opinion the reason PFC probally hasnt made any statements before is cos no one will believe it & it gives us & the Press a stick to beat them with if things dont happen exactly when they say. this is exactly what has happened MJ has made a statement & already hes taken stick WHY? we wanted a statment & we got a statement now lets live with it & see how it developes .
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07/01/2010 09:28:00

Why would the £3M be going through HIS bank account?
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07/01/2010 10:54:00

Think of the interst on £3m over a week? Nuff said ;-)
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07/01/2010 14:29:00

I'd like to embrace Jacob's statement, Chix, really I would. I'd love to say, "oh that's great news", and feel happy that this ordeal is ending. But we've been through so much lately, that it just doesn't work like that anymore. Sorry. It would be so wonderful if this turned out to be true - I hope so, really I do. But I'm not counting any chickens, cos all I'm looking at is scrambled eggs.
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07/01/2010 16:13:00

Who knows what to believe any more? However, I agree with Rob and Chix - there's no pleasing some people. We seem to complain when they do say something and complain when then don't. As someone pointed out the other day, we are not shareholders and, harsh as this sounds, have no rights or say whatsoever in the running of the club and no should we expect such. As fans, we are merely paying customers, and, sure, we could vote with our feet but we know (and perhpas this is what they are counting on) - footballs fans generally aren't like that. Whatever we say or do is not going to make the blindest bit of difference one way or the other so sit tight - unless anyone has got a spare £50 million kicking around. I look forward to the day that we can all get around to talking about football.
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07/01/2010 18:30:00

Mark Jacobs recent quote. "As long as we can demonstrate to them, (Premier League) we are able to deal with our obligations, I see no reason why the embargo won't be lifted." What utter tosh, the first obligation should be to pay the wages on time. Or at least advise the players prior to late payment, as opposed to them finding out for themselves. Communication with the fans is non existent and obviously now with the employees.
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07/01/2010 19:26:00

Just read that Cusack of the Premier League, has accused us of lacking Integrity for not paying the players and various other things. Well , thats peachy isn't it, didn't they let the pillocks who now own PCFC pass the fit & proper test! I doubt the word Integrity has ever been said by any members of the board of Directors of PCFC as they don't know what it means. PS is ranting again about not being in charge of finances. Well Peter, that's the one good thing that has happened because when you were, you were a bloody disaster. £80K a week to Utaka, must have been a skillful bit of negoiating as he only wanted £40k. Well Jacobs you got it wrong again because you didn't demonstrate to the PL that you could meet your obligations did you! Why don't you all **** off, because the only thing you are proving is that you are only making matters worse, not better.
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07/01/2010 20:10:00

im not too faced but just trying to read btween the lines. you use a word secured and i only think if we dont get it right then all those securities will be gone. i want to believe him. we all do. but weve been wanting to believe a lot of people over the last 18 months and without fail they have all let us down. sceptisim is a part of the game. as pompey fans were normally good at keeping it real. just now weve had enough. i think people are frustrated and thats fine. but we need to SEE things and not just HEAR them. until then, im losing the will to care about the off field goings on. lets hope the on field gets stronger!
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07/01/2010 21:29:00


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