Portsmouth - Mark Jacobs Spills The Beans
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Mark Jacobs Spills The Beans

At 16:00hrs today Daniel Azougy, the Israeli hired on a short term contract to sort out Pompey`s dire situation was quoted in The Guardian as saying 'Mark Jacobs will give a statement this afternoon regarding the situation of the club. We have answers to everything but we didn't give it the right way to newspapers until now, so you will have all the answers there and you can check everything.'

He was also quoted as saying "When people and the fans of Portsmouth know how big (the problem is) they will appreciate what we trying to do"

Well let`s examine the statement then.

"Azougy has got it wrong'.

I have to say hats-off to Mr. Jacobs for providing the waiting World with that information - It will not please all of the people and some will always want to know more, but this is a start surely.

So guys and gals what do you think?

Was it worth the wait ?

Does it make you appreciate what the board are trying to do ?

Share your thoughts below

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 5 2010

Time: 8:46PM

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Most of you know that I have continually defended the current administration and even argued with many of you regarding your expectations from what is fundamentally a privately owned company.
But (to me) this latest episode just shows contempt
They know we are waiting for news.
They know we are concerned.
They know how much the club means to us.
To state to a national newspaper that a statement would be issued ‘later this afternoon’, without checking it was actually going to be issued is too hard to swallow., and then to come out and say that a ‘colleague’ “has got it wrong” defies belief.
To set an expectation and then dash it within hours is unacceptable.
I’ve no doubt there is a lot going on behind the scenes, they maybe working seven days a week and so on… but for ***** sake Portsmouth Football Club show some respect to the supporters of the club who walk through the turnstiles week after week, season after season, without us you cease to have a purpose. If there is to be no statement today, why go on record to say there would be?.. Unless of course mr Jacobs and Mr Azougy are working for ‘different people’

I have been anti-demonstrations thus far… perhaps I have been wrong!
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05/01/2010 20:47:00

they've weaved a right old tangled web it seems to me! Does Administration beckon?
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05/01/2010 20:52:00

just contemptuous
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05/01/2010 20:55:00

Who knows Merlin.. To be honest on the verge of herbernating until such time that somebody somewhere takes responsibilty for communication.. I don't care how bad the position is I just (now) want to know.
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05/01/2010 20:55:00

Paul.. Seriously I am stunned .. Me... speechless!
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05/01/2010 20:56:00

it takes alot for you to be speechless chixy :-)

i think it is fair to say that this is the final straw for us all, right? ANY confidence or (misguided) faith i had is surely gone now - not just because of this but because we FAILED to make the payment for players deadline today, i think this, and my previous statement say enough dont they, i too have beeb cautious on the 'protests' etc. but i think it is time that whatever is planned for birmingham is promoted strongly this time by us?
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05/01/2010 21:02:00

well said chix. you gonna be part of the protest now
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05/01/2010 21:03:00

As I said under the last thread on VP " let down again" I believe Danny boy Azougy and Jacob are working for different people and there is a power struggle within the owners. This is why Sasha wnats to know who the beneficiary owner really is. Not that he was honest about that and the involvement of his father the convicted crim.
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05/01/2010 21:10:00

Coxy .. If it is aimed at getting answers and not just screaming nonsense songs .. I'll happily be first in the queue ...
But I also think it should be inside the ground .. as the stewards will have to 'police it' which will cause as much fuss as possible .. If it is organised properly we can cause merry hell .. All I want is answers and a regular stream of information
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05/01/2010 21:11:00

Storie out, Storie out and take those goat rooters with him.
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05/01/2010 21:13:00

Russ.. that's the conclusion I've drawn.. if there is no cohesion inside the corridors of power at Fratton we are well and truly *****ed..
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05/01/2010 21:13:00

Sorry ... but is THAT the statement - 'Azougy has got it wrong' ??? I'm confused, lost, whatever - this is unbelievable
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05/01/2010 21:16:00

I also suspect , and this purely my speculation, there is a real chance that the true owner is not an Alfarj Arab at all but could come from the region.
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05/01/2010 21:16:00

Storrie is as good as out already Terge..
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05/01/2010 21:16:00

I can picture Mark Jacobs as a little yellow bear who doesn't say anything and Azougy as a grey dog that squeaks and there's some grinning fat bloke with his hands up their arses while they hit each other over the head. Izzy Wizzy let's get relegated!
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:20:00

Highland .. According the The Quay that is the statement made by Mark Jacobs tonight.. There are rumours that a statement by Azougy will appear in tomorrows late edition of The Guardian but by saying what he has Jacobs has already discredited it ... It's a real ******** mess my friend ..
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:26:00

Russ - Which region ? Saudi ? Dubai ? Pompey ?
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05/01/2010 21:27:00

"Azougy has got it wrong'.....so that's it is it? Sorry, I can't say anything else, I absolutely dumbstruck...WTF?????????????
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:28:00

HSB - A good analogy mee thinks .. but didn't the fat bloke die.. here's hoping !
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:28:00

Chix, im speculating but Israel or saudi, probably the former. Gaydamak Snr and Zahavi have very good links with the two countries. Gaydamak Snr used this a lot to get palestinians to play for his Jerusalem team
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:32:00

Russ.. it's an interesting theory but they why front it with Al Fahaj .. or is that just a short stop as he stumped up Septembers wage cheque.. ***** it who knows anything any more ..
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:36:00

Storrie has no credibility and i wouldnt be surpised if he is off once his tax evasion case i over. I think if he is found guilty he could well be sacked by the club on diciplinary grounds and therefor without compo. There will be a HMRC fine but nothing he cant afford then it will be off to Perth or one of the Asian clubs as reported in the Aus press.
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05/01/2010 21:40:00

the All farjed up consortia was aways bsed on one major player whome some have reported to be his sister who has links to the royals, the saudi defence ministry and a very large saudi minerals conglomerate; as stated by storriebook the main backer is known to have dropped out and with them so did the bank guarantees. Some had this person as the sister, some had it as somebody with whome the saudi government was not comfatable to have public dealings with. SAF is known to have expressed disquiet at the growing Isreali involvement, my family in dubai who read the article said it was critical of the Isreali club managment at portsmouth but not on an Isreali managing the team as reported in this country. What is also a bit odd is the various owner parties appear to be highly accessible to the guardian which has good connections in the region. Where as poor old pete is left with the mail and being "the highly placed source" for ESPN. As i said all my own fantasy/ speculation but i think sasha knows/ suspects who the real benecial owner is and it aint Farj
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 21:56:00

Even Chix is brow-beaten now - its a sad day!
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05/01/2010 22:14:00

Azougy is only one guy. He made a mistake. Jacobs hasn't got the report ready. OK, people are dissapointed the report didn't come out but settle down please children. Communications and factions at the club aren't on the same page, we all knew that a long time ago.
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05/01/2010 22:16:00

A fair point L&P but knowing that feelings are running deep in most supporters at the present time.. now is not the time to 'make a mistake' ... Enough is enough... As you know I have defended the current adminstration to the hilt and all I have asked for is a little communication to tell us what is happening.. that's all .. for a senior official to make a mistake whether fractions as disperate or not just makes people wonder even more ..
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05/01/2010 22:23:00

Guys, Villa fan here, I come in peace, I feel for you guys, real fans, not glory hunters, being treated like this and your club in such turmoil,its not good for anyone I really hope you can survive this
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 22:38:00

cheers trekker, appreciated...
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05/01/2010 22:42:00

L&P i just dont think that stacks up, i agree with Chix. As a DM i know that reports like that take days to produce and are a legal minefield; my compny assesments spend more days being rewritten by lawyers than i took to right them, you have to real careful what you say because any company you mention may get doiwngraded by D&B or S&P and you get sued. Azougy is a crook but not stupid; he would have known it so why say it? Why didnt Jacob mention the report before? Why would they publish a report like that (if it was to be produced) knowing that it would cause real friction when they need sasha's cooperation more than ever?
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05/01/2010 22:42:00

Good article Chix, i'd like to say its getting a little out of control, but I think we are way past that point, Jacobs is a Yiddo, perhaps it has been a plan to ***** our club from the inside until Arry has all the former players he would like!!!!!! The biggest problem with all this is the level of embaressment
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 22:52:00

Here we go then.......I hate to stick my head above the parapet, but being an old soldier, I can't help myself !!! Yep the communication between these muppets has been clown-like, and yes we have been kept in the dark..but, I still hold a crumb-of-an-ounce of belief that things are being put in order in some strange way. I think it is pretty obvious that Administration and Bankruptcy (unless the courts get us) are not on the agenda (of the owners) or else they simply would not have gone to the trouble of trying to re-finance and pay of debt(s). My ongoing positive attitude and good grace to this team is 5 days in to its last month, I'm not giving up yet !!!!! Call me Stupid (not all at once, I might hear you) but I'm playing the long game on this one and hoping that the twists and turns of January are going to give us a glimmer of hope, to see a bright, lustrous and proud Star and Garter beaming from the Jewel of the Solent that is Portsmouth......."Heavens Light Our Guide" - PLAY UP POMPEY
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05/01/2010 23:05:00

Yes Chix, it's difficult isn't it? People either attack the club for saying nothing, or when they do say something they make disjointed snippets of interviews to different sources and end up dissapointing everybody. Personally if I could choose I'd rather nobody at all at the club spoke about the situation until they can make a coordinated, positive statement that provides some coherent information whether good news or bad. Sadly I think we are going to have to live with Storrie, Azougy, Jacobs, Gaydamak, SAF and the Saudis giving us contradictory, unofficial outbursts until such a time that the issues are resolved. I still think that mass lynchngs will not be helpful, I don't for a moment expect that any party at the club intended to make such a mess of things or even lose great swathes of their personal fortunes in the process. @russ... sorry, what's a DM out of interest? Cheers L&P
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 23:08:00

rover here - i just gotta say you pompey fans are getting the short end of the stick and that sucks for any team. sorry guys.
the shire
Report Abuse
05/01/2010 23:12:00

Before I depart for the wooden hill...Cheers Shire.,
Report Abuse
06/01/2010 00:02:00

L&P its a defensive midfielder of course.... sorry i just wanted to talk about football for once, its been such a long time since i'v got when it comes to pompey....... anyway i think i'm just about with barney on this 1 i'll not give up just yet, i'll give em january and then i'll get my pitch fork and torch out of the shed and join in with the mob.
Report Abuse
06/01/2010 00:46:00

wow. he may as well have said "merry feckin christmas and come on you spurs".
Report Abuse
06/01/2010 13:06:00

Even the script writers for "El Dorado" couldn't have dream't anything this bad up. Am I in a Coma? When I wake up, will this be like Bobby Ewing coming back to Dallas? Please someone tell me this is not real!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
06/01/2010 15:05:00

Wow - had trouble with weather and other things and only just got to this. What is going on then if Azougy and Jacob can't agree. I now expect to see Chix at the front of next week's march, carrying the AP banner!
Report Abuse
06/01/2010 17:35:00


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