Portsmouth - Gaydamak has his, brief, say...
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Gaydamak has his, brief, say...

The circus that is Portsmouth Football Club continues to 'stumble' through town - the latest chapter saw Pompey claim that customs 'got it wrong' in relation to the winding up petition yesterday, beggars belief that we can even go down this road to be honest as customs DO NOT get it wrong...

Everyone seems to be blaming everyone else and it is everyone else's fault bar anyone else's...Ok, maybe 'pointing the finger(s) of blame', or looking to find out who really is to blame is not going to help but SOMEONE stepping up to the poxy plate and sorting things out is what someone HAS to do as sorting out the mess is all that matters now.

Now we see former owner, although if he is 'former owner' is anybodies guess, Sacha Gaydamak today speak 'for the first time' since 'leaving' the club saying that he is as 'frustrated' as we are at the current state of affairs at the club, or 'confusion' as it is labelled by The Guardian.

Sacha Gaydamak casts doubt over Portsmouth owners - here.

The claims are, and have been for some time, that he is owed at least £28m by the club - the first instalment of £9m is due in the New Year, but he does not know if/when he will get paid: 'I join in the frustration of the supporters, and I would like to know who the ultimate beneficial owner is, what plans they have for the future, and if I am to be paid.'

It seems that Sacha has spoken in-depth to FansOnline, which I am sure you have all seen as well, that makes for interesting reading.

Although what I would say is I doubt your frustration quite matches ours Sacha as we love Portsmouth Football Club, this is our club and we cannot walk away, with or without countless millions 'profited', or maybe even lost, from the club - although I would completely agree that knowing who the 'ultimate beneficial owner' is would be VERY nice!

God only knows, and maybe he does not even know, what the hell is going on at Fratton Park anymore...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 31 2009

Time: 9:34AM

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Where has he been? And why is he only speaking out now he could of said somthing much earlier.
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31/12/2009 10:03:00

This nonsense has been going on for nine months now (more than a year since Gay first wanted to sell) and I'm becoming immune to all the gossip, lies and disinformation. It's now a case of 'what will be, will be' and the real truth will only come out when either PFC finally collapses or (hopefully) massive funds are put into the club. PS should have gone to Australia as a convict and left to rot there.
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31/12/2009 10:05:00

Gaydamek got us in this mess in the first place. All he cares about is getting his money back. And if the club does go into administration, he's likely to lose out on the millions that he is owed - or some of it anyway. That's the only reason he hasn't forced the issue yet, not because he's being nice to us. But we all want to know who the owner really is!
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31/12/2009 10:18:00

He might aswell of said 'Don't lose my money!'
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31/12/2009 10:25:00

OK. Just read Sacha's statement....It is well written and will probably go someway to soften many peoples opinion of him !! WELL NOT ME MATEY !!! You may well be "Owed" money by the people/person that bought the club off you, however.....you failed to mention where all the money went that you made of the selling of our top class players ??????????? COME ON SACHA - WHERE IS THAT DOSH ??? You may share my frustration.....but I get frustrated when the price of a Chicken Balti goes up, not when I don't see another click on the Million Pound column of my Bank Statement!!!! If the club is going to benefit from all of those transfer payments then fine, but if not, you're expectation of another 28M is a little rich (to put it V V V Mildly) SO tell us, what has happened to all of that money ???????
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31/12/2009 11:11:00

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31/12/2009 11:44:00

Succinct and to the point Tim!!
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31/12/2009 12:33:00

Super Bock 1898
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 13:00:00

I dont thik we can doubt what Sacha is saying to be honest, it adds up to why he didnt sell to Faraj... We all wanted Faraj as Storrie said they were taking this club to a new level, he even cast doubt over fahim and gaydamac as they done a deal behind his back. But it appears he was ringht, as his lawyers failed to find assurances, and now in charge they still fail to assure creditors, players wages, the Premier league or HM customs, so soryy but he is being honest in my eyes. The question now is how do we get these lasy buggers to give us answers and stop burying their heads in the sand. I propose a sit in after the coventry game all fans singing, "we will not - We will not be moved...We Want Answers" or something similar so we become a nuisance? But how do we organise that or something similar?
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 13:14:00

I agree ninjatim, Sacha IS a crook, there should be no doubting it with his background. I even read now that Al Ali has employed one of Sacha's Dads finance guys, as a troubleshooter who has been banned from practicing because he has a criminal record. I wonder who recommended him to Al Ali then? Come off it Sacha, your a double dealing, lying git, without an honest bone in your body, and you have been spending to much time with HR & PS. You don't think anyone with a modicum of intelligence take's anything you say as straight.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 14:43:00

***** off Gaydamak
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 15:11:00

So ***** is a banned word, eh? I wonder if French Connection know this and are part of the winding up petition? Shame, because I got an ***** T shirt, an ***** pair of shoes, a nice pair of ***** trousers ans a matching pair of ***** shorts. I particularly liked my ***** hat, my ***** pants and my ***** socks which had ***** on them in various colours. I wonder if the Pompey Board got any ***** stuff. It would be very fitting if they had so they could ***** about a bit more, then ***** off.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 15:18:00

RIP Gaydamak i wont be putting any flowers on your grave
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31/12/2009 16:12:00

Gaydamak has got some front - I'll give him that! Who is he trying to kid?
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31/12/2009 17:04:00

Just seen Twitchy on Sky telling us "and I quote" that the players he bought for only 20m were sold for ....... wait for it 80m. Now I ask you, if we made 60m profit and it went back into the Club we wouldn't be quite as badly off would we? I think I know where the money went! As its charades season here is a clue " His initials are "SG" Blimey you guessed it in One.
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31/12/2009 17:20:00

**** - sorry Bock but that had to be edited. Dave [Edited by taylor540]
Super Bock 1898
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:19:00

sorry i didnt think id get away with that! trying getting some anger out
Super Bock 1898
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:19:00

Too many questions, not enough answers. I fear total meltdown if the plug gets pulled. Scary months ahead.
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31/12/2009 20:23:00

The man should be treated as a pure hero.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 23:09:00

you are having a ******** laugh right TergeHauge?

ok, lets let him and his mates ***** your club over and see how much 'hero worshiping' you do!
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01/01/2010 01:23:00

Months matt? More like weeks or even days. This club hasn't paid anyone, from local companies to other football clubs - it's rotten to the core. And if anyone wants to know where all our money has gone, try agent's fees, brown envelopes for Sash, Pete and Harry, Nugget's Twix bars and Utaka's Roadrunner boots - which I think might need taking back. We're going to outdo Leeds and be the first club in the modern era to really implode.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 01:32:00

yes he may have giving us money to help us win the fa cup and be in the top half of the prem for two seasons running, but he treated it as a bussiness i dont think he gave a toss bout the club and just wanted money.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 04:19:00

How lucky was this cash cow ? Moves in, wins the FA Cup and then bails out. I know some owners look for a football club for investment, but this guy never intended to go the distance. That said they do say that to make a small fortune, you buy a football club with a big fortune and later sell it !! Methinks that money laundering does play a part in life of today.
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01/01/2010 04:33:00

Corrupt crook who never owned the club anyway. That honour belonged to his even more crooked and more corrupt arms dealing thug of a father
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 11:06:00

its a shame - did milan see this though? he promised us someone with passion for the club ---- yeah whatever!"
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 14:03:00

Tergehauge, you are a bigger ***** than SG and the current owners all put together. Go and make your banal comments on someone else's forum, I think you will find site for the mentally ill quite easily.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 17:14:00


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