Portsmouth - Storrie - wages paid, 'outlook improving'
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Storrie - wages paid, 'outlook improving'

Peter Storrie told sky sports last night, quite why this was not said to The Pompey Site I do not know, that wages have been paid and refinancing is 'going well', all in all the same old same old I guess.

Quite how we paid the money who knows, another loan - so does this just increase our debt...

Sorry to quote a whole bunch of these sky quotes but this is what he said: 'I'm pleased to say that through the funds we had in the bank this morning (Friday) we managed to get 25 per cent out first thing and then this afternoon Ali and his advisors sorted out the small problem there was. It is now done and the players have been paid in full, I'm pleased to say.

'Also, on top of that, it is my understanding that the refinancing they have been putting together, because there is a lot of debt they have had to deal with, is actually going very well now and they want a bit of understanding from the fans.

'They had a big debt to deal with, and have put a lot of money in already, and the new refinancing is very close now.

'It's a difficult market in the financial world and obviously they took the club over with little or no due diligence, after the situation with Sulaiman (al Fahim), and there were a lot of debts there. Because Sulaiman was unable to put any money in for a couple of months there were a couple of months there where no money had been paid, so they had a lot to deal with and sort out.

'I reiterate that they have put in a considerable amount of money already and this refinancing arm looks as though it is all coming together. The first stage of that is that the players have been paid this afternoon.'

As he continued he also again spoke about the 'refinancing arm' that is getting things in order that will 'allow us to bring everything up to date and then the embargo, we hope, will be lifted well in time for January,' with Avram Grant already 'making plans' as to what he wants to do. He also stressed that Ali Al Faraj, and his team, are working very hard to sort thing out with the need for 'fans to be a bit patient' stressed again.

Well I say that IF the club were more honest and open with us it would sure as hell help - tell us, although I think it is pretty clear, that we are in big trouble and people can and will be more 'understanding', which we are anyway!

Although, and pardon my French, I am not best pleased at all with some comments - is he taking the piss or what?

His asking for 'patience' and 'understanding' is amazing, and not in a good way!

I think the club would be hard pushed to find another set of fans that WOULD continue to be as loyal to the club as the hardcore has been throughout this shambles so he, and the others running this club, would do well to bloody well remember that!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 5 2009

Time: 8:08AM

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Let's hope that was an end to the embarassing tabloid stories for this season...
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05/12/2009 08:20:00

...and they want a bit of patience & understanding from the fans

Sorry .. All used up .. ******** cheek .. We have never seen or heard from him (Al -Fahaj) and he calls for patience .. It really makes me want to spit .. Surely they knew they had wages to pay at the end of the month ..
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05/12/2009 08:25:00

I would like Peter Storrie to step in our shoes and see how we feel everytime somethink like this happens and what we've been through the last couple of months.
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05/12/2009 08:51:00

Beggars Belief! Storrie understand this our patience ran out on you a long time ago!
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05/12/2009 08:55:00

Storrie.......outlook.......improving.......understanding........patience........what planet is he on???? Get down from your ivory tower mate. You with the help of a few others have screwed PFC, and you have the audacity to address fans in the way you do. Bring back hanging!
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05/12/2009 09:36:00

Understand what? That our precious football club is a business which has to take out a loan to pay its monthly wage bill? An expense that it new was coming. The closer I get to understanding that the more my blood runs cold with fear for the future of PFC.
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05/12/2009 09:53:00

Asking for understanding is a joke! If this had happened at somewhere like Newcastle for example, there would have been protests long ago. Not saying that protesting is a good idea (I think it would do more harm than good), but he needs to look at how the fans have supported the team throughout this whole mess before insulting us with comments about understanding.
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05/12/2009 10:24:00

Now I'm a Peter Storrie supporter, but this is taking the Biscuit. Firstly, we were asked to give the new owners to November, then the end of November and it is now December.....Patience is given to people that you trust, and frankly trust is in short supply because of the way the club is treating its fans. Peter Storrie, Mark Jacob, Lucius Peart......whichever one of you has the information, the balls, or the nouse....step forward and give us a bit of honesty FFS WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
05/12/2009 10:55:00

Now I'm a Peter Storrie supporter, but this is taking the Biscuit. Firstly, we were asked to give the new owners to November, then the end of November and it is now December.....Patience is given to people that you trust, and frankly trust is in short supply because of the way the club is treating its fans. Peter Storrie, Mark Jacob, Lucius Peart......whichever one of you has the information, the balls, or the nouse....step forward and give us a bit of honesty FFS WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
05/12/2009 10:55:00

bring back hanging .... ha ha - has to be comment of the week
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05/12/2009 10:57:00

wern't we told pretty much the same thing a month ago?
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05/12/2009 11:33:00

Sorry Barney but I am gobsmacked to think that anyone can be a Storrie supporter. The man is CEO. He has to bear responsibility for what is going on. The man is being prosecuted for dodgy dealing. He is quick to blame everyone around him for what has gone wrong but he is the lone thread through all of the different owners and so forth should be the one who is making sure that Pompey's best interests are served. If all this is beyond his control and so on, why is he still there - why would anyone have a job in which they are meaningless...oh, the millions he's paid and the hundreds of thousands he's raked off, of course, silly me! Storrie is a crook or if he's not THE crook, he's the one that leaves the door open and the keys in an easy to find place. And it's MY club that he's robbed of finances, of credibility and of dignity.
Report Abuse
05/12/2009 11:34:00

Peter Storrie ... on trail for fraud .. coming to a high court near you soon
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05/12/2009 12:00:00

Blady blady blah!...........
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05/12/2009 12:07:00

No matter which way you look at it PFC has been appallingly run. But as we are all aware now, the club must have been hemorrhaging money even while the FA Cup was being won. I know it's easy to look for scapegoats at a time like this, but these problems were there before the present crowd of half wits entered the fray. There is one link that stands out in all the debris like a sore thumb, and that is Storrie. Forget the crocodile tears of a month or so back. That man was the CEO of the club, just as powerful as the owner. He effing knew what was going on, and while the big money was being spent, he sanctioned it. The guy was trying to save his own effing skin when it all started to fall apart, and that's what all the histrionics were in aid of.
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05/12/2009 12:29:00

Pass me my blue sentencing wig ... "he doth pretest-th to much" ... can't waqit for the pre-trail disclosure ... wouldn't it be great if twitch has turned supergrass .. on milan and Storrie .. ha ha .. 100,000k a week!!
Report Abuse
05/12/2009 16:45:00

Ps. I hear that PS is know renting a house oun hayling ... hhhhummm expecting to go on a long holiday??
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05/12/2009 16:47:00

I assume by 'understanding' he means we're not going to be another Chelsea or MC and that refinancing means restructuring our debts.
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05/12/2009 16:49:00

Be warned Mr Storrie - there is another month end coming up soon.
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05/12/2009 17:07:00

Just got home (what a crap game again) - first I've heard of this. Good article Rug and agree with you Corny 100%. The common denominator is the CEO; the same CEO that was the highest paid Ceo in the Premiership last season - sorry, no, the highly paid accountants made a mistake, he was only the fourth highest paid!
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05/12/2009 21:20:00

How dare Peter Storrie treat us like idiots. Just who or what does he think we are?
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06/12/2009 02:54:00

Hmmm, I may be outnumbered on this one !!!!! But being the trustworthy sort of guy that I am, I think we should remember the good things about PS (he says nervously). Until the bad times hit, he was in a minority of 1 of Chief Execs etc. that actually spoke to the fans. Recent dealings with our dodgy owners have, I believe tied his hands both legally and by having to spout the party-line given to him by his boss. I am sure this will all come out in the wash (well, I hope it does). I can understand everybodys frustration at the guy and the owners 'cos I am feeling it too, I am just not 100% convinced that PS can do much about it due to these bl**dy owners !............OK, I am now walking to the wall with a blindfold on.......FIRE
Report Abuse
06/12/2009 12:10:00


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