Portsmouth - So, this is our 'new level' then!
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So, this is our 'new level' then!

The 'new level' that we were going to be taken to by Ali Al Faraj has indeed been found...

Sadly this new level is an all time LOW level!

This bunch of jokers that 'run' our club have, for a 2nd time in a few months been UNABLE to pay some of the players, with the club officially confirming this.

To make this all the more poor, not only have the club not officially put this on The Pompey Site this announcement was given to The Quay to announce!

A number of the players have not been paid, or at least not been paid their full amount, but it is 'said' this will come in the next couple of days.

I asked earlier what these people were doing for this club, well they - even though what went before was not their fault - are, on the face of it, doing VERY little to help prevent it from being run into the ground...

Some people have started talking about 'protests' or 'not going to games', for me this is not the way, I know it is hard to continue to pump money into the pockets of those that are not doing anything to help us but WILL not going to games really help?

Yep, protest, but protest in the right way.

This way being offering the full backing to the club to show those in charge, or someone else that could be, that the major draw for Portsmouth Football Club is THE FANS, these are the ones that will never die or roll over and will continue to offer the support that makes this club so special.

Maybe then, just maybe - you never know - someone that CAN appreciate this might be willing to help...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 3 2009

Time: 6:43PM

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I do NOT believe it!! Sorry to quote Victor Medrew but what elase can be said.
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03/12/2009 18:53:00

You're right Dave. I was once in this sort of position with an employer. The inevitable happened less than a year later
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03/12/2009 19:00:00

This sort of thing can't carry on indefinitely. I've got a horrible feeling there's an end game being played out here, and it's not on the pitch. If we can't pay the players on time, what hope is there in clearing the debt, having a January transfer kitty and continuing to pay the players.
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03/12/2009 19:19:00

so much for the transfer ban being lifted then
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03/12/2009 19:24:00

What on earth is going on? Why did our owners buy the club without the resources to run it? We are going to into administration, aren't we! This time last year we were in Wolfsburg. Now we're just deep in the ******.
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03/12/2009 19:32:00

And does this 'Al Faraj' person really exist at all? Has anybody ever seen him?
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03/12/2009 19:38:00

It's depressing, Corny, but that sounds about our lot. Let's face it, if these guys had the money and interest in Pompey they would have cleared up all our debts ready for a fresh start in January. They can't even foot the wage bill *!**?*
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03/12/2009 19:48:00

Along with you Tony, I have worked for three builders who having had 'Cash flow' problems, went belly up, all within 6 months. Luckily I got out in time, others weren't so lucky! I hope and prey it won't happen to us, but lets be fair! it wouldn't be a shock would it? If we hit the Fizzy, as I said a couple of weeks ago, then I would expect no other...Dark days indeed!!!
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 19:50:00

I thought the whole fit and proper person's test was ment to safeguard clubs from cowboys like these!!! I think the Premier League have alot to answer for because Al Fahim and Al Mirage certainly have been nothing but trouble for the club!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 19:56:00

So what can we do? Us fans? We've always stayed behind our team, but that's not working is it?
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03/12/2009 20:14:00

i feel for you lot, all that promise when the first takeover wa sannounced but it's all gone downhill ever since - chins up though lads!
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 20:23:00

So *****ed off at the moment!
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03/12/2009 20:39:00

Thanks Merlin; any bright ideas on what we can do?
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 20:40:00

Heard on the footie hour that people might try and do a 10 min silents as a protest. Hmm?
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 21:08:00

THIS IS SUCH FKIN BS!!!! right before a crucial game, well done to the owners..
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03/12/2009 22:31:00

im not being dramatic but this news doesnt hurt as much as it should, with the summer and ongoing weve had, weve been here before and i still expect it. we hear nothing from the heirachy about anything, clearly everything is crumbling, but no one will tell us.januarys gonna be a joke and god knows how grants gonna lift these players this time, he wasnt wanted by them, they loved hart. i think relegation is the least of our worries.....
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 22:51:00

hmm, i've given it awhile to think it over and tbh i'm not angry or surprised for that matter and tbh i think that says it all about the last couple of weeks/months/years- ok maybe not years but i dunno, it feels like a life time. either way the only real emotion i find myself feeling is worry, worry at whats gonna happen when/if we get relegated and thats if we don't go into admin before then, we struggled to find a buyer when we are in the prem and even then we've only found two guys with **** all money between them. so what are we gonna do in the championship, we've been lead into a friggin dead end by people that claim to have the best interest of the club at heart and i'm sick of it. i'm honestly starting to think the only thing that might actually get it into their thick heads is a protest or if the worst comes to the worst a complete boycott, which will only serve to damage the club but it'll hurt the 'owners' more, i can promise you that!
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 22:53:00

You guys had said it all already ... What can WE do .. ***** all that's what.. There is only so much ***** taking that can go on and I am about at my limit .. I have known some dark days at Fratton as a lot of you guys have but nothing like this .. Venebles and Deacon seen almost exonerated compared to this fiasco .. it beggars belief it really *****ing does !
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 22:56:00

absolutely stunning... not! its typical joke pompey. a game we must win at all costs coming up and we dont pay them. are those "whole new level"Storrie worshipers still amongst us. SAF the fake sheikh, the dodgy doc is starting to look like the only one that cares.
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 22:59:00

I honestly think we are seeing the last days of PFC... I feel sick to my stomach and have never been so embarrassed to be a Pompey fan. The owners disgust me.
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03/12/2009 23:10:00

I'm with you Pompeym@. If the fans don't cripple the club, then sure as eggs are eggs, the owners will - maybe not now, but when it suits them. If the fans do something now, maybe they will be forced to do something on our time agenda and not theirs. I told you all in May when Al Fahim was first mooted: My father-in-law (who worked in Bagdad for years) always said, if you shake hands with an Arab, count your fingers afterwards. Turns out he wasn't wrong. (And I don't consider I am being racist.)
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 23:19:00

oh well enough of this soap opera, lets get on with the football. big game Saturday and if we play like we did in the game against wigan we will have a great chance of 3 points. who cares about the other ***** off the field and lets get behind the lads on saturday and push them on for a vital 3 point. james,benhaim,wilson,williamson,herminator,borre,ohara,prince,belhgadj,kanu,dindane. lets get at them with a 4,4,2.
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 23:42:00

kanu , dindane
Report Abuse
03/12/2009 23:43:00

Jesus, as a non Pompey fan, firstly all the best and hope Spurs let you have (and pay) O'Hara for the season. SAF owning the land around the stadium? What's that all about? Oh yes he is a property developer. Is that a big fat stinky rat I smell?
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 00:24:00

Simlpe fact Players are getting paid OTT wages & Crazy transfer fees in EPL as long as this continues more clubs will suffer.
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 01:47:00

Danny maybe clubs are just spending above their means.
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04/12/2009 04:07:00

We are an embarassment at the moment, I agree about wages though DB, most of them earn a week what we do in a year, it is crippling the sport, Pompey are first to go into meltdown, but imagine if Liverpool's banks called in the debt, or Man Citys and Chelsea's sugar Daddy's pulled the plug?
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 07:48:00

We are Pompey, pull together, show some pompey love to the players and lets use this to stick together. Lets hive Burnley a thrashing
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 08:56:00

Can't add much more to what has been said, but even if the transfer embargo is lifted, who in their right mind would want to come to a club that can't even pay them thier wages. I think the chant "Pay up Pompey" sung by 19000 dedicated fans might get a message across.
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 08:57:00

I fear we are well and truly f****d. All those who scoffed at our neighbours' plight a few months back must feel a bit uncomfortable now - I think we may soon go beyond the point of no return and this great club will sink into oblivion (and I'm usually an opimist!!!).
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 09:28:00

At least the world cup draw is today so there won't be too much media attention on this. Still, can't believe it has come to this!!
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 09:46:00

paultsmouth would like to know what u earn in a year!!!!
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 10:02:00

its a joke we are paying the african players to go and play in the african nation. and what if they come back with a broken leg oh well we still pay them.
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 10:05:00

I would not worry about the African Cup hussler. We probably wont have a club by then anyway!
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 10:13:00

This hasn't JUST happened, pay day was some days ago ! That probably means that the players knew about this before the Carling Cup game !!! Does that have anything to do with the performance that night ??? PROBABLY! So much for transparency - we are being taken for a horrible ride by this bunch of T*ssers - We NEED to make ourselves heard after the game - once we've supported the players....PUP
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 10:16:00

Storrie is very quiet these days, with reports saying he has nothing to do with club finances. What are his present responsibilities? It cannot be long before he has gone, just waiting for a bit of cash flow to pay himself off!!
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 11:30:00

Storrie will be gone. I think the club is waiting for him to be found guilty and then they can sack without a package. As for this timing on wages, it is orrible! Massive game and then they do this, tossers! Team should be IN MY OPINION 4-4-2 Jamo, Vandenborre, Williamson, Wilson, Herminator, Smith, Boateng, Ohara, Belhadj, Utaka, Dindane. I believe that team would beat 8-10 teams in Prem. GET BEHIND POMPEY TOMORROW WHERE EVER YOU ARE AND LETS SMASH BURNLEY 5-0!
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 12:31:00

The most important thing Pompey need right now is a top, top, experienced manager. look at what Hodgson did for Fulham. That's the only way to kick start things again and rouse the troops.
jinkin jimmy dimmock
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 12:35:00

theirs no good having a top manager if he has no money to grt players. and what players are gonna want to join pompey bottom of leauge worst stadium in the leauge and u dont even get paid.
Report Abuse
04/12/2009 13:27:00


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