Portsmouth - Does ANYONE know what is going on?
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Does ANYONE know what is going on?

The situation off the pitch, forgetting on it, at Pompey just gets worse and worse does it not?

To be fair it is probably a 'bit rich' for SAF to be 'demanding answers' about things, seeing as he was not exactly someone that was backing up claims - even if, in all fairness, he was not making that many - with many answers himself...

Yet today he has told The Guardian - or is at least quoted as doing so - that he has 'doubts' that Ali Al Faraj will be able to do what is needed to get our transfer embargo lifted and has 'retracted' his support to our 'invisible man' of an owner.

He is quoted as saying: 'I would like to apologise for saying publicly last month that I was confident the transfer embargo would be lifted.

'I said this in good faith. As the embargo is still in place, then it seems there is still an ongoing issue.

'Avram Grant needs this situation clarified one way or another as we are now less than a month away from the January transfer window.'

Like I say, SAF can hardly point too many fingers can he but I think he is right in the way that SOMETHING needs to give now! It needed to give months ago...

None of the 'owners', 'part owners' or those that brought Al Faraj, et al, on board with the 'grand promises' - by that I mean Peter Storrie, granted he has his own 'problems' to be dealing with - are looking anymore credible with each day that passes, far from it. Mark Jacobs, Al Faraj's 'right hand man', only seems to say anything when he feels he has to 'defend' someone, yet these words usually offer further 'assurances' that are not backed up anyway!

I just give up now.

Things are bad enough on the pitch, even if the actual dedication being shown is not lacking, but the longer things 'stutter' - if they are even stuttering, is anything actually happening? - then the less likely it is that you can see any light at the end of any tunnels!

In actual fact, for me, the less clarification that we get about things the more concerned I actually do get about our 'future' should, as is looking more ominous by the game, we actually be relegated...

As said countless times, I do not fear relegation because it means going out of the premier league, whilst I do not want that my main fear about doing this is down to the massive losses in financial income we will see. We are finding it hard enough as it is at the moment with the riches the premier league offers us - God knows how we would cope without this, even with 'parachute payment' for a couple of years.

'Farce', 'shambles', 'joke', just some of the more mild mannered words, are the ones used to describe what has been going on off the pitch with Pompey for several months. The longer things go on the harder it is to disagree with these thoughts - and worse!

What is that saying, 'the left hand does not know what the right is doing?' Well that saying seems pretty accurate for Pompey, although instead of hands it seems as though you can replace that with the word 'people', as it seems one person does not know what the other is doing - and people in such 'power' should not be going about things that way.

So, the major questions that need answering are WHAT are these people that 'run' our club actually playing at? What, if anything, are they actually doing for us?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 3 2009

Time: 2:38PM

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WHAT are these people playing at? What are they doing for us? Well, in my opinion Ruggy baby....sweet FA. And I ain't talking Football Association. From Gaydacrap onwards, these ********s have totally screwed PFC with their lies and broken promises. And now they are stabbing one another in the back as well as the club. I do wonder how long these lightweights will hang around if we are for the drop. Not very long is my guess.
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03/12/2009 14:59:00

bunch of *****ers - is how i have refered to them in the past, stopped short of doing this above...

altho i suspect, actually i guess i know, you are spot on corny, which makes is ALL the more important that this trust idea can actually get off the ground, right?
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03/12/2009 15:06:00

Agred enough is enough. I am one who does NOT think the club has to tell all what is going on, only for things to NOT happen and we all get disappointed. I DO believe in tell us when its true, so we can ignor the rubbish in the press. But there is a line, and at the moment everyone needs to know what is happening. I think the line has been crossed and we deserve some clarity out of respect for the fans. We will be there no matter what, but just level with us... Maybe it time Vital wrote to Peter Storrie? Just ask for some clarity?
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03/12/2009 15:08:00

Why are Pompey fans believing a word AF is saying ??? I look around all the boards today and people are swallowing everything, yet the same people didn't believe a word he was saying a few months ago Do people really want to believe tne worst all the time! Yeah, their are problems at the club but none that can't be sorted out SAF knows **** all about whats going on -he knows as much as we all do -very little. The man didn't even know Hart was being sacked until it was in the papers. Does anyone really think that someone so remote from the action would know about the financial status of the club?
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03/12/2009 15:10:00

but could we believe what storrie told us tho Midge?
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03/12/2009 15:11:00

the point is tho monkey that NO ONE seems to know what is going on and NO ONE seems to be telling the truth - that is not to say that SAF is being believed is it, like i say above it is a bit 'rich' for him to be asking for answers...
i do not trust ANY of them and am finding it increasingly difficult to see what ANY of them are actually doing to help the club?
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03/12/2009 15:13:00

Maybe not Rug, but he was asked once by a fan in an email and it did trigger something. Maybe an email not asking for him to spilll the beans then, but for him to urge the owners to release a statement telling us what is happening behind the scenes, we hear them say plenty is happening, but maybe it would be nice to know what? something from them in the know to ease peoples fears, or atleast make us aware of the truth instead of hearsay?
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03/12/2009 15:15:00

i guess storrie is 'tied up' at the moment with him own problems - whilst it would be nice to see some official statement of intent it has not been unknown for the club to release official statements that have actually not been as they say has it...
lifting the transfer embargo would be something, the premier league announcing this would give you a better idea that it was true wouldnt it? that would be something positive at least wouldnt it?
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03/12/2009 15:19:00

Yes it would, maybe someone can find a point of contact on the FA then to ask Why6 it has not been lifted, and when it is likely to. But then again, theyre probably as corrupt too so maybe i'll go back to rocking in my seat lol
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03/12/2009 15:23:00

I echo everything you've said Rug but would go further and say that relegation is not the biggest worry at the moment - the whole future of the Club is. Financially we appear to be as sound as a chocolate teapot and no-one is saying anything that refutes that! Yes we've had a few half-hearted promises but many of us are fed up with promises - we need to see some signs of stability. If we go out of business - and that is not scaremongering, we've come pretty close lately - then a Supporters' Trust would help a new Pompey rise from the ashes. And I'm sure that those of us that care would still be there in the lower reaches of the pyramid and we would probably have a bloody good time. BUT we would prefer not to put it to the test! PFC speak to us NOW!
Ken Malley
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03/12/2009 15:29:00

Lets hope that those on the Quay Footy Show read some of this and try their damdest to get someone from the club to clarify. The silence is deafening and does nothing for the stability of the club or the sanity of the fans (I'm rather proud of that sentence!). FFS Peter Storrie, Mark Jacobs, Lucius Peart, Gary Double - you guys should be in the know - If you're not, SAY SO and encourage the owner and lap dog to sort something out!!! Very soon I feel a fan revolt on the cards. I don't mind bending over backwards for my club, but you ain't getting any further without a bit of lubrication ;-)
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03/12/2009 15:41:00

lubrication costs money Barney, so they will expect you to either bring you own or go without...
oh, and be proud of the sentence :-)

sorry to go off topic - and be lazy i guess - but can you still download the football hours later and listen to them? ken, and the future of the club seriously worries me too as you know, was on the other night so i would like to hear that - heard about 10 mins of so but that was it...
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03/12/2009 15:47:00

Rug - yes you can. they have a dedicated Pompey on Demand tab that will get you to the weeks footy hours.
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03/12/2009 15:59:00

OK..there goes my shred of optimism...According to Sky Sports News the players haven't been paid again
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03/12/2009 17:35:00

Rug, I heard most of Ken on the footy hour, in the car eating our takeaway before the game on Tuesday night. It's well worth the listen, and he had a controversial view as well - he must be more gutted than most we went out the Carling Cup!
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03/12/2009 17:52:00

SAF's statement is incredibly depressing, not just because it exposes the complete shambles that is PFC, but it also highlights how precarious our financial situation STILL is. i am starting to believe we are still on the brink of administration, and that it's truly inevitable. Starting to wonder when we should take the 10 point deduction? Depends if we think we can stay up or not this season. If we can't perhaps we should take it this season and take on the chin the shame of the worst ever prem points tally, but then start next season with a clean sheet? But then if we can stay up, it would scupper us completely. Whatever, its all so depressing.
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03/12/2009 17:56:00

Oh FFS ..I'm speechless .. I've just seen that too YCM .. also they state ..

"Rumours persist that Al-Faraj does not have the necessary funds to run the club and reports of players going unpaid will only add fuel to the conjecture."

First we had a media seeking skint Arab.. now we have an invisible one.. what or who is next .... Anybody want to hazzard a guess ?
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03/12/2009 17:59:00

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03/12/2009 18:02:00

Yep you're right yellowcheesemonkey. Loads of them are carrying the report that our players have not been paid. More cash flow problems. I thought all that was supposed to have been dealt with. More bull*****.
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03/12/2009 18:02:00

Rollocks .. I try and make a point and spell it wrong !.. but you get the flavour .. right? .. I (Mr optimist) now believe we are seriously *****ed .. not just skint relegation fodder .. seriously 100% *****ed ! - Pompey til they die !
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03/12/2009 18:05:00

On the Quay now, Not been paid again, Official word coming on the radio from the club apparently!!!!!........Does it never end ? Well, if we're going to get relegated, we may as well go the whole hog and do the admin thing as well......WHAT A BUNCH OF TO**ERS!!
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03/12/2009 18:06:00

Yeah....what ******** excuse this ******** time. The *****ing postal strike I suppose. Total lying ******** *****ers.
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03/12/2009 18:12:00

There has to be some kind of protest on Saturday -Sky will be there and we can show how we feel It might not change anything but I am totally, completed fed up, *****ed off whatever with is happening to the club I have followed all my life and I am sure that all those that love Pompey feel the same way
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03/12/2009 18:14:00

Yes monkey we do. When SAF first appeared I thought it was happy days for PFC, but it's just been a nightmare, and one we can't seem to wake up from.
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03/12/2009 18:40:00

Definite protest time on Saturday. Lets get behind the team on the day and during the Match....But, at full time we need to make our feelings known! Lets get on the green stuff , once the players have gone(all peaceful like) and make sure the Board are aware of how we feel - and hopefully the cameras will be able to portray this to our long lost owner and SAF that they have gone far enough. This is truly farcical. PUP
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03/12/2009 18:48:00

Does ANYONE know what is going on?

well i think my question has been answered this evening - these 'jokers' are running us into the ground...
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03/12/2009 18:58:00

SAF talking to the press again, why isn't he doing it in the Boardroom? Do Board meetings take place nowadays? Has AF ever attended one? Who's running the club? I'd made a resolution not to post to Vital during December to cause a change of luck for PFC (very superstitious mother!) but all these headlines on Vital today just make me so angry. Nearly 4 months into the season and it's the same old shenanigans as pre-season. PH must have had the patience of a saint to have put up with it all.
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03/12/2009 20:15:00

PFC you can say what you like about SAF, but he goes to games, he turns up to board meetings, Jacobs had to apologise to him, he does own the land around pompey and he has put 2 or 3 million more of his own money than al mirage has. I suspect if it all goes flat and we drop into the pop league ( sorryboutthat) then our SAF will own a large part of the club again
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03/12/2009 23:12:00

Had to laugh at another link from SAF about being transparent and keeping us informed. Ha yeah right!! only thing that was transparent about him like the new lot is that you can see right through them as a lying bunch of Wa***ers. All we can do though is on Saturday is to get behind Grant and the eleven players who step out on the park and show our 'so called owners' how much 'our'club means to us.
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04/12/2009 09:30:00


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