Portsmouth - Would you work under these conditions?
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Would you work under these conditions?

I do not care what people think of Paul Hart, as a person, a manager or his footballing tactics - we all have our opinions on this, some most of us would share, others we might not - but you cannot deny the fact that the guy is working under conditions that PLENTY of others just could not, or would not tolerate!

It seems to be that it is one thing after another, there almost always seems to be something lurking around the corner - and, for me, the fact that things are so 'quiet' at the moment concerns me that something else could crop up at anytime now, I would just hope it is a 'good something' cropping up, but this is Pompey we are talking about...

He has seen player after player leave for mega bucks, with very little shown to him - I do wonder where this is going to be honest! He has had to beg, borrow or steal 'strays' from wherever he could, fend off the media with the same questions repeatedly and seemingly has also had things 'hidden' from him, such as the transfer embargo.

To top this all off this week he has again spoken about his new year 'budget', with him not knowing what this will be, or if he will even have one to play with! Although until this poxy embargo is lifted we are screwed anyway...

The thing that is most surprising, well I would guess shocking or appalling, of all is that fact that he, the manager of Portsmouth Football Club, STILL has not had a face-to-face meeting with the clubs owner Ali Al Faraj!

Although he is 'told' this will happen before the end of November and a 'strategy' for January will be worked out.

Will this meeting come though?

Were we also not told that the 'transfer embargo' situation would be sorted out by the end of the week, with this a couple of weeks back - although I guess we were not told which week... Then again we were not told it had been put in place, so will we be told 'if/when' it is lifted again?

In all honesty I could throttle Hart sometimes as I do think that the guy gets tactics wrong at times, and maybe these have cost us points this season, but what I cannot, and will not let anyone fault, is the commitment that he has to the club and has shown us. So, this is something I always come back to thinking about when I 'moan' about him and the job he is doing.

Lets face it the guy is not a 'youngster' so does he really need this at this stage of his life?

Although the cynical 'might' say he will get fat pay-off, so long as he does not walk away - he might get this paid over several years knowing us, but hey ho...Anyway, cynicism aside, can this really be doing his health any good? It does my health no good most the time and I must be half his age!

In a day and age of prima donnas galore, I guess the 'old school' nature of Hart is helping to see him through, but can we really point to many that would have tolerated things for this long? Inexperienced managers would have broken long ago, as would some vastly experienced ones - well, if they had not 'run off' somewhere else...

I would suggest there are VERY few mangers that would continue to work under the conditions that he has had to, and seemingly will continue to have to for the foreseeable future, and for that - and to get a side as united as it is - the guy deserves a bloody medal!

Assuming he does last the season, and lets say he does and lets also say he keeps us up, could there really be any other manager that could be named as the manager of the year?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 13 2009

Time: 5:00PM

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Well said Rug - we all get frustrated by his lack of tactical nouse, and I think we were hoping that having Grant alongside him would help, but what you say is absolutely right and we would all do well to remember the situation that our club is still in.
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13/11/2009 17:44:00

MONEY !!!!
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13/11/2009 18:35:00

Would I work under these conditions? Damn right I would, I'd cut my right arm off for the chance, and work on the minimum wage too. Let's get real with a little bit of perspective, and not so emotional about it. The guy's in a job he never thought he'd get, in a glamour industry.....Premier League Football. He won't be on top dollar, but you can bet he's still on six figures. If he was in charge of troops in Afghanistan, and responsible for their lives.....instead of 11 footballers, I'd have given a totally different answer.
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13/11/2009 18:51:00

Well said Corny. Plenty of people will share that view as well. Pressure? He doesn't know the half of it
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13/11/2009 19:00:00

Sorry Tony and pomp but, lets put it another way. Who do you think, of those that would consider the job, could do better. The only one I can see taking the job is Grant, and I think that he might start with a player revolt, as they seem respect Hart.
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13/11/2009 19:12:00

Come on guys, Hart has no plan B. His managerial record is the same as Mokoena, bloody awful. When his initial plans go wrong by opponents scoring early, he just does not know what to do. Maybe he still has the dressing room, but I have no clue what he see's in Mokoena, Hughes, or Webber. I just think it's Perrin all over again. I hope I'm wrong, I wish him all the best in his next venture but as our manager I don't think he is good enough.
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13/11/2009 19:17:00

gosport_gaz....Just answering the question mate. Now for your question. Who do you think, of those that would consider the job, could do better. If Hart gets the shove it will undoubtedly be given to Grant. Do I think he could do a better job than Hart....Yes! If the likes of Frank Lampard & John Terry rate him, that's good enough for me. Lose the dressing room? I don't see it, why would he. Especially if a few wins start creeping in to the statistics because of good tactical decisions.
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13/11/2009 19:35:00

I take your point Veccio, Corny and Tony. But what is the use of a first class manager? We had one and he buggered off at the first sign of trouble. I'm afraid its horses for courses at the moment, and although we don't have a Manager with the tactical nous we need, we do have one who has managed to cobble a team together out of nothing; and for whatever reason, he is prepared to stay with us through thick and thin. Full Stop!
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13/11/2009 19:44:00

Gandor.....I was just answering Rugs original question (Would you work under these conditions?) I gave a straight and forthright answer, which I think stands up if you take in the way it was delivered. I'm just trying to cut through all the emotional crap and accompanying crocodile tears associated with Harts position. At the end of the day he's a bloody football manager and a big boy. He's being "paid" to do a job. I just don't buy all this staying with us through thick and thin stuff. I'm not one of the Hart out brigade, but am being hard nosed about his ability, which is quite clearly lacking. Building a team is one thing....using them to the best technical advantage is another.
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13/11/2009 20:22:00

Unfortunately the only way to assess PHs ability (or not) is to get rid of him and let AG (an appointment PH wasn't told about) take over. What will the cry be then if we get relegated - 'bring back PH he would have kept us up"? I'm not being emotional when I side with Rug and say stick with PH until the end of the year. He's doing a difficult job in trying circumstances and I think he deserves to be given the chance.
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13/11/2009 20:41:00

Spot on Corny! Why hasn't Vandenborre been given full reign as opposed to Finnan, why hasn't Williamson been tried, even in the cup? Mokoena?????????? Someone tell me I'm not crazy,......... he is total garbage.
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13/11/2009 20:43:00

As I keep saying, PH has no plan B!
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13/11/2009 20:50:00

PFCblue...let's get a few things straight. I've stated I'm not one of the Paul Hart out brigade. I always favour the underdog, and have been willing him to do well, because if he does it means the team will progress. The emotional stuff comes about in making out the guy is nailed to a cross, he ain't. He's doing a job in difficult circumstances, so what. Big deal. He's chosen to do the job. A glamorous job in the EPL, which he is being well paid for. I really do hope he succeeds, but if he has to walk and Grant comes in, I for one won't be crying 'bring back PH he would have kept us up' I don't operate like that, never have done.
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13/11/2009 21:17:00

Someone tell me what they think of Mokoena please?
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13/11/2009 21:45:00

veccccio....go to the Boateng Article. I've put in my two-pence worth.
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13/11/2009 21:47:00

Gotcha! Where you stand on Utaka?
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13/11/2009 21:49:00

And, would any other manager,........rightly or wrongly be given this amount of time with the results we have been having?
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13/11/2009 21:54:00

Personally....I like him. As an out & out forward I'm positive he could do a job. But apart from a couple of times, he's always been played out of position. He can be quite rightly accused of not tracking back enough though, and working to regain possession when he loses it.
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13/11/2009 21:56:00

Yes, when on the right wing! Which is not his position. He has ran the 100m in 10.22 seconds. Which means he is quick. When I saw him with Dindane, they looked great together. Its like Belhadj, playing him at left back is professional suicide. Belhadj left wing, Tommy Smith right wing and Dindane Utaka up front, we would be a threat to most of the teams in PL. The Evertons, Fulhams, Sunderlands and Villa's are no better than us really.
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13/11/2009 22:04:00

Hart has to stay as pompey manager. We are in a decent run of form, despite the blackburn result. Hart has pulled together a team out of nothing, brought in high class players and got them playing. Let's not forget we have got 7 points from 5 games. keep that kind of form going and we will finish comfortably in mid table. we are now only 3 points of the pace, with over half the season left to go. If we get behind the team like we did at wigan every week, we can also help to lift performances.
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13/11/2009 22:23:00

Its good the drums are allowed back. Atmosphere is better.
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13/11/2009 22:28:00

glad to see i got some debate going on this...
on reflection perhaps the title was not as fitting to the actual text?

in all honesty i know i want a better manager than hart, i know that he has cost us some points this season - i am not being harsh, just honest, his tactics at hull might have got us a point, but i feel they also cost us a further 2pts... sitting back at blackburn cost us 3pts - had we balanced it out more we would have at least got 1, had we pushed on at 1-0 up we 'probably' would have won...but lets be honest a better manger WOULD NOT want to be here, they have not wanted to be here - if they had they would have quit by now. a 'lesser', in terms of experience manager would have cracked, simple as...

hart has the players onside, in this day and age that is half the battle - it should not be but that is the way it is - he now needs to open his mind to other ideas, and we have to hope that avram grant is offering up these ideas as if he is not then WHY is he here? we got rid of, what 9, academy coaches and could not afford to keep some other players, so how do we justify having grant on the payroll if he is not contributing?

yep, hart gets paid well for what he does - being a football manager is not 'real pressure' as such, like many others feel but this is football i am talking about, so in footballing terms he has had his arms tied about as much as he can - again i say he annoys the hell out of me at time, but you show me someone else that would have stuck out the past 3-4-months or so, and i would be surprised...
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14/11/2009 09:05:00

this is how PFC advertize the managers job . you will be Knee deep in crap all season , with no shovel to dig your way out, No money to buy one . No support from your employers , But your expected to give 110%. A few Know all supporters will say you havnt got a clue but they have no managerial knowledge or experiance but could do better. FFS let the guy do his best cos no one else will want the job
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14/11/2009 09:39:00

There a too few people like Paul in football and it makes a refreshing change. No one is perfect but I'm not sure we deserve him, to be honest.
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14/11/2009 10:01:00

Just a note for vecccio - Wiiliamson is cup tied having played for Watford in their Carling cup defeat at Leeds a few days before joining Pompey.

Totally with Rob (sea-juicer) on this.
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14/11/2009 10:05:00

Dave, ur quite right mate. Apologies, but he still has not been given a chance. Sea juicer, what on earth are you on about? Are you telling us you would not take the job? I would cut my right arm off for the job, in that industry, with the amount of money you earn, rubbing shoulders with wealthy well known people and living the dream we all crave for as football fans. I am not saying it is an easy job, but what a nice problem to have? As an M.D. of my own successful company, qualified C.I.P.D, attended many Management courses at the I.O.D. and a lifelong supporter of Portsmouth, I believe PH to be lacking in tactical knowledge. Only in what I have seen so far. Everton, Bolton, Tottenham and blackburn to name 4 games where he directly cost us. Tony Adams was clueless, Perrin the same and Paul is not much in front of those guys from what he has shown so far. In the business that is football, you are judged by the board on results, by the fans you are judged on play and results, so I'm sorry he is lacking in both.
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14/11/2009 10:42:00

again i think the title - and the 'question nature' of it is wrong in the context of the text...

whilst i would agree that i feel hart might have costs us some point through tatical areas i would disagree that everton was one of those games tbh - but what i would again say is, WHO would take the job he is doing? harry redknapp left when he saw the tide turning, others did not want to know when the tide had turned, the waters have gotten even rougher since hart took over in the summer, so point out a manager that would 'willingly' work under these conditions? i think you would be hard pushed to find anyone, certainly with the experience to cope with it.
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14/11/2009 10:50:00

None of us know the pressures and feelings what the managers go through really, but come on, it is a dream job! Rug,, if they offered it to you and you were qualified, would you take it?
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14/11/2009 10:54:00

Last thing I'm going to say on this.... Rug, I did indeed answer your question in the context it was delivered. Good to have a feisty debate though. As I said, I've never been in the "Hart Out" brigade, even when others have been calling for his head, this season or last. I've certainly questioned his playing style, tactics, but surely that's allowed? Again.... as I've said previously, I'm willing the guy to succeed. If Grant can help him with tactics etc, then hopefully they can pull off another season in the EPL. I'd far rather this scenario than the upheaval of Hart being sacked. If the board do decide to ditch Hart though, then Grant is the obvious successor. He's in place. Who knows if he could do better.... I certainly don't. But he did step into "The Special One's" shoes and take Chelsea to within a penalty of the Champions League. So is certainly not a flyweight.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 11:57:00

i still think that grant had it easy at chelski as all was in place for him, so not so sure how much judgement we can give him for that?

vecccciom of course i would want the job - i am a pompey fan, but it would probably be that love for the club that saw me take it. honestly, if i was not, and was qualified i am not sure i would want to be taking it - and maintain my thoughts that VERY few would, as has been proven. which is why i am saying we cannot knock hart too much really as he is doing something very few others would, and (and again as said) whilst maybe not always doing that as i felt he should, i feel he has certainly kept the boat steady and is doing something right with the players to keep them as motivated and commited as they are, something i am enjoying - seeing players play for the shirt and the club, not playing for the money or because their 'mate' is the manager...
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14/11/2009 12:17:00

Vecccio you obviously think quite highly of yourself with all your qualifications i was on about football i wont go into my own personal life but those who know me my own qualifications far exceed yours but this is not about us . & i dont like to brag you want a Good Job managing Pompey? your welcome mate i have been a life long pompey fan as well . would i want the managers job not a chance. & if you want to be rubbing shoulders with high flyers & the money you must be an image person like defoe crouch & all the other money grabbers thanfully PFC have got rid . when im with my mate Alan Shearer next . i ask him why he stood back from the mangers job at Newcastle but i already know the answer Shame ***** different club . So dont tell me i dont know what im talking about.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 12:26:00

Firstly, let me just say that if your qualifications exceed mine perhaps they didn't include spelling! Touching on a few points that you raise albeit nothing to do with the original thread. This is not about who has the most money or the fact that you feel the need to name drop. This is about Paul Hart, please try and keep to what this is all about and not the fact that you want to unzip and measure. I respect your opinion and I too want PH to succeed, I just think h he should be more attacking in his tactics as we have proved that some of the players are good enough, to potentially keep us up. Do you agree with his defensive tactics juicer?
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 13:06:00

veccccio you brought this on yourself. You implied that your qualifications give you more tactical nous than PH. What crap - you only have an opinion like the rest of us and because some disagree with you, you resort to verbal fisticuffs. I also could quote my qualifications to support my argument but won't because they're meaningless in this context. If you really support Pompey then get behind PH and the team. Rug I agree with you about Chelsea - I bet even PH could have done well with that set up.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 13:30:00

I've got a languages degree and RSA3 in typing? Do I get the job?
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 13:40:00

Been away again, so interested to to read the above. The most successful Manager in the PL is Fergie and he's got a City & Guilds in Welding. As I have said on many occasions on this forum would HART be considered for any other Premier Club, the answer is NO. Why not, he hasn't got the right qualifications or profile that an employer would draw up prior to the interview process. The only reason he got the Pompey Job was because he was there, and he had a pulse. You can't really see PS going through a screening process to refine it to the right candidate. He can't even do his tax returns. If the so called dicks who own the Club had put their money where their mouths were i.e. SAF 50m, and the Fridges millions, we would get a decent manager, but they haven't, so unless Harty's pulse stops he' here to stay. As for pressure, Football managers don't work in the real world, they are grossly over paid, and over compensated when they are sacked i.e. Curbishley 3m, Keegan 2m, Benitez will get 20m. If you want to talk pressure in a job ask a nurse, thats pressure.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 15:37:00

PFC thanks for that support & eastney dave too tracy you can be my secretary & check my spelling then vecccio your right i cant spell very well but it dosnt matter you got the point i was trying to make. as for name dropping A.S. is just one of many. As for defensive tactics 4-0 Stoke & 4-0 Wigan yep i can live with that if thats defensive
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 15:38:00

What about the other results and tactics? Real good eh!! Blackburn 3-1 loss, Spurs 2-1 loss, Villa 2-0 loss, 3-2 Bolton loss. Need I go on. All defensive performances, except really for Spurs until he changed it with 20 min to go and went defensive. Tactically he aint got it yet, I hope Grant helps, it seemed to with the two 4-0's. But Blackburn undid that for me. Alan shearer was a shocking manager too. So ask him did he jump or was he pushed. BUT, he was one of the greatest strikers the PL has ever seen. If he is your mate, I tip my cap to you. As for your views, I guess you are far more qualified and experienced than I, so I guess I'll go speak to my friend Harry Redknapp.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 19:34:00

veccccio, Harry will tell you that Hart is a small time loser that will get you relegated. Harry is still doing great work for Pompey in providing you with KPB and O'Hara, two players that will at least give you a chance of staying up even though both will be gone in the summer.
Report Abuse
14/11/2009 21:22:00

Vecccio your are a sarcastic Arsole & if you dont like open critism then you best F**k off .remember you started spouting off as a few members have already told . as for me i cant be doing with W****rs like you . your probally find a few spelling mistakes in this post to . Sorry Rug but why do we have to put up with Pr***ks like this on this site
Report Abuse
15/11/2009 09:38:00

qualification, amounts of or lack of, have NOTHING to do with this site and should have NOTHING to do with our ability to be supporters of pompey, and are we all - well Teddy aside - not pompey fans?

there is nothing better than a good debate, but views have to be respected, if they are not shared by yourself sometimes it is best to 'agree to disagree', we might think it is right, but you cannot keep saying it it right because you think it is....

lets just calm it down abit eh. we ARE all on the same side, right?
Report Abuse
15/11/2009 10:20:00

You have lost the moral ground now juicer!
Report Abuse
15/11/2009 14:40:00


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