Portsmouth - Is someone having a laugh or what!?
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Is someone having a laugh or what!?

Before I 'kick-off' I must warn you that this is a rant - I am going into one, something that had been building up for days, weeks, well months and if it is a little incoherent it is because I am emotionally drained, and it is hard enough to write most things as it is, emotionally charged makes it more difficult...

It seems like it is one thing after another and I do not know about anyone else but I am just fed with the lot of it now! Well, to be honest I, along with so many of you had long since had enough.

If it is not the English media mixing it up it is the Arabian, which was seemingly relatively creditworthy back along - especially Arabianbusiness.com but this seems to have gone right down the pan and in fact now actually seems, along with a lot of the Arabian media, to be going rapidly downhill only offering up helpings of rubbish, well at least what is 'claimed' to be rubbish when it comes about...

I get home from work to see there is something on Arabianbusiness.com titled Pompey owner willing to sell club for 'additional gains' - here.

This, from what I can gather is something that the English media had also covered with The Guardian running, then pulling an article on comments and an article claiming to come from Ali Al Faraj to Arabian paper Asharq al-Awsat.

It is 'said' that in the article Al Faraj 'admits' he is 'only in it for the money', he 'is not a billionaire', he 'will sell within 6-months' and 'borrowed from several banks' to raise the £5m back along?

Most of which is 'said' to have been denied...

Quotes attributed to Al Faraj, apparently from the Asharq al-Awsat article said: 'we did not have the 5 million British Pounds, but we agreed with 3 banks to finance the acquisition, and they approved it based on the club financial guarantees we provided, such as annual revenue from TV coverage, and the income of the club Real Estate and other assets. We did not we give these banks any personal guarantee.

'Our plan is to stay at the club for a period of not less than the 6 months, until the club stands again, which benefiting the club and as well as us, this is based on the fact that purchasing the club was purely aspects of investment, and in the future we may sell it if we get additional gains.'

SAF has in the past week also been quoted in that same Arabian paper, with an apparent 'war' between the 10% minority shareholder and the 90% majority owner taking place?

Looking in our forum someone has said that Mark Jacob has been contacted and he has denied any truth to this 'story' and an official statement will be released in due course.

The thing that seems to give this little credit is the article is written by Anil Bhoyrul, and is he not a mate of SAF's? Is this 'bad blood' between the new, and former owner being made public with rubbish upon rubbish turned out - although I honestly do not know what to believe anymore and find it hard to trust anyone at the club, it just seems like someone is extracting the urine and we are 'the mugs' that are being laughed at all the time!

What I would say though is 'if' this is true and Al Faraj seriously thinks that he will be able to make a profitable return on Pompey in 6-months, maybe several years - if at all - then he needs his head looking at as I have more chance of playing in the world cup final than he would of making money on this club by the end of the season! Granted the guy WILL want to make money, that will be his aims and I have no problem with this so long as we benefit too as lets be honest he is not in this out of the kindness of his heart!

All we want is a stable and easy life - something we were promised we would now have? Well actually we were told we would 'go to a level we would not believe!' Is it too much to ask for this stable and easy life? Maybe the latest comments and article is rubbish, but like I say who do you believe now?

More than anything now we need actions to follow words a mere 'denial' of anything is not going to be enough, people will want, maybe even demand, to start seeing the things that we were told we would see happening actually start happing now and fast as faith could be lost, if it is not already?

Things have become an absolute joke with the club that I love more than most other things, with this becoming a huge embarrassment...

Anyway, sorry for the 'rant', I know it is but I just had to get it off my chest. Word came through to me at 1am about Storrie and his charging, so that got the day, well technically the early hours of the morning, off to a 'bad start', coming home from work to this just finished it off, but I am all ranted out now!

Sometimes it is good to vent your frustration, so feel free to do so below as well...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 23 2009

Time: 12:19AM

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I didn't realise that taking us 'to a level we would not believe' was meant as a threat.
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23/10/2009 00:42:00

well put, you right what i know i and therefore i suspect other have been thinking since we first checked VP then newsnow this morning. Some other rant questions might be;- who IS running the club? Considering that the gulf has its own politics but consider the stunning hypocrisy of criticising SAF for talking to other media and then doing it, both Alf if he did talk to Arabian and Storrrie for talking to the guardian before the official site. a strong statement of denial and a challenge to Arabian to provide evidence is required, a jacobs "ive been mis quoted" will not do. i dont know if Al Farj is a billionaire, the family is certainly in the many hundreds of millions bracket; theyve got more than me i do know, but if they can sell us for a profit in 6 months well then something good will have happened to the club between now and then. Rightly or wrongly the club just seems like a rudderless ship and i suspect from his press comments hart knows of more to come..... what had to put the club in hock to buy the cavernous empty space in the meat pies? Keep up the good rant Rug!! PUP
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23/10/2009 00:44:00

Is it late Rug, all we can hope for which you among many is do the talking on the pitch. I know the ownership of the club is a great concern, but while there is 11 V 11 you would hope that PORTSMOUTH FC always have a chance (With the 12th Man) of winning no matter what team they put out. That is the character of our team which makes us the most passionate supporters in the world. We never give up and we never will!!!!! PUP!!!
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23/10/2009 01:05:00

Sorry I ment it is late Rug!
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23/10/2009 01:06:00

Couldn't read the whole rant as I pretty much get the drift straight away as we're all feeling it. If there is any truth in it then I'd like Mr Al Faraj to know the NO owner will make a profit on this club. Also it doesn't bode well for Storrie as he promised us an owner that would take us to another level.
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23/10/2009 01:21:00

I echo your feelings and the joke that we have become with NO-ONE to trust...I posted my shortened concerns elsewhere... TALL Storries or FAKE Storries?....do you TRUST our CEO...? WHO DO YOU BELIEVE ?? FARAJ... “is not a billionaire”.....“is not interested in sports at all".....admitted having to borrow £5 million to pay last month’s wages....is looking for investors...in it for short term profit only...could keep the club for as little as six months... “We did not have the 5 million British Pounds, but we agreed with 3 banks to finance the acquisition, and they approved it based on the club financial guarantees we provided, such as annual revenue from TV coverage, and the income of the club Real Estate and other assets. We did not we give these banks any personal guarantee.” STORRIE.. previously stated that the takeover from Al-Faraj would take the club “to a level you wouldn’t believe". stated there would be Substantial investment in club infrastructure, ground and players in January. has now been charged with Tax evasion... AND recently about the land around Fratton Park.. So who owns the land? 1) The Fat one? 2) Gaydamak? 3) Al Faraj? it has massive implications.. 1) Storrie says Gaydamak no longer has ANY involvement (but he wont let on who owns the land) 2) The Fat one says he CAN buy it for 1 pound from Gaydamak, which contradicts 1) 3) Al Faraj did NOT deny the Fat ones claim and say it isnt true and that HE owns or has rights to the land... So there we have it... usual Pompey half-truths, lies and hidden agendas.. we are now a joke.. Hey..Fat one...where's the 50 million you promised....?.
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23/10/2009 01:38:00

Why did we not accept the bid from the consortium fronted by Storrie et al. if Al-Faraj doesn't have the money and then plans to sell it anyway? The consortium supposidly were loaded and ready to inject alot of cash into the club, hopefully this will all be cleared up soon enough, but I think it's the Arabian media getting a bit too keen with the amount of arabs on the Pompey board at the moment.
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23/10/2009 03:52:00

Don't you see guys see it, a Bournemouth, Portsmouth merger is on the cards, whichever ground/land has the highest value or best oceans views will be sold for private housing and hence line the new owners pockets, the combined fan base will be up to 23,000 allowing you to fill a stadium, the team will be called PortsBourne and I can see red and blue working well together. Sorry for the light humour hope you can get out of this.
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23/10/2009 05:17:00

Come on Spursex. What do you know?
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23/10/2009 08:41:00

Clucking bell!!! Just when Lady Hope appeared!!! Heaven only knows what this means if it's true but if the club has no money come January then the chances are more palyers will leave & a doomed season will be upon us.
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23/10/2009 09:15:00

I've given up .. I'm gonna find myself a bowls team to support.... COME ON YOU BOWLS...
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23/10/2009 09:25:00

If someone is having a laugh, I for one don't find it at all funny. Talk about "Hero's led by Donkeys".... Sure, the press will have a pop no matter what we do, but we seem to be bending over backwards to supply them with sensational headlines every other day. Where oh where are the men of honour and integrity who have the real interests of PFC at heart. Our historic old club must look like a den of thieves and chancers to any neutral observer. I actually thought that things were on the up and we could concentrate on the football and securing our EPL status. But obviously that is not to be. Isn't there anybody out there who genuinely wants to invest in our club without speculating on earnings that we haven't got, and again risking the very future of the club.
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23/10/2009 09:32:00

Portsmouth FC owner Ali Al Faraj would like to assure fans that quotes attributed to him in a Saudi Arabian newspaper and subsequently published in some of today's tabloid press, are completely false and untrue. Mr Al Faraj has not given any interviews to any form of the media and legal proceedings will now begin against the publications that published the alleged quotes and interview. The club believes this is the work of a third party who will also face legal action. The same Saudi Arabian newspaper last week published a story on Portsmouth FC quoting Sulaiman al Fahim and the content was subsequently retracted.
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23/10/2009 10:02:00

I'm sure this had all been twisted and manipulated to sound like something different, for starters the statement says he won't sell in a period less than 6 months has been turned in to he will sell within 6 months. He states that he will be involved till the club stands again, this will only happen if significant investment is forthcoming. None of us believe he got involved cos he was a Pompey fan, he got involved to make money same as everybody else who buys a football club. Personally i think there must be easier ways to make money but each to their own. It is quite possible that he needed to borrow the money for the wages because i doubt that he has money sitting around doing nothing, it is all likelyt to be tied up in other ventures, it would take time to realise some of this and redirect it to the club. I think the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion.
Steve C
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23/10/2009 10:21:00

aww chix bowls is not a fun game to support i suspect but well i suppose there'd be less controvasty.. how about you start the vital pompey bowls team XD
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23/10/2009 11:39:00

The November transfer window will be the first test of his true intentions towards the club. Let's wait, see and hope.
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23/10/2009 11:48:00

November window?? I wish Blue lol
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23/10/2009 13:37:00

There's trouble at mill - bigtime. It stinks. I think we are going to have a Middle Eastern Boardroom coup right in the middle of Portsmouth. Frogmore Road to be precise....
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23/10/2009 13:52:00

PS: The only thing that bothers me about all of this, is the ownership of the land around FP. This was mentioned twice at the Fans Forum and PS was squirming with his very unconvincing answers, claiming he knew nothing about it. However, he did mention that nothing could be done with this land, as PCC would not give permission for any development unless in was integral to the Football ground. So even if Saf owns the land or has the right to buy it for a penny, it is worthless to him. (Unless of course, he wants to be nasty).
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23/10/2009 13:59:00

I thought the tabloids had shut up bout this now, but somehow they always find somethink to rant about.
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23/10/2009 16:35:00


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