Portsmouth - Have them back? Nope, not one of them...
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Have them back? Nope, not one of them...

'I would not want any of the former management, coaching or playing staff that left for Spurs back', not my vote, yours - although these findings from Chix's poll are thoughts that I do agree with, but would 'bend' a little if it happened to be honest...

For me all of those that left for Spurs (and I guess we have to be fair and say whoever others left for) left for Spurs having the option to do so or not - none were forced to make this move, that said maybe some were 'helped along' a little more to go on their way but no one made them all go in that direction.

As you all know I am a fan of Peter Crouch's and had always thought that he was more 'pushed out' than anything, although it would appear, from his very own comments yesterday, that this move was actually because he did want this - by joining Spurs he cost us some £4m as a higher fee was agreed with Sunderland, but then to be fair once it is clear a player wants to go and the club wants this too it does go down to the player where he goes, right...

All in all I agree that I would not want any of them back, like I say the opted to leave and I guess this happens in football, people come and go - but the way in which some departed leaves a more sour taste than others, but there you go!

Whilst I say I would not want any back this is not to say that I would not support them if they did happen to return one day - you support the club and the individuals in place, right? It is not the individuals in place that you support and then the team...

  • What the poll asked - Which of our former personnel that 'debunked' to Spurs would you take back?

  • How you voted - None of them 45%, Old Floppy Chops himself 26%, 'Don't forget me Harry..HARRY!', Crouch 8%, All of them 8%, I'm just a visitor who likes to vote on polls 6%, 'Don't (sob) leave me (sob)' Squinny Defoe 4%, 'Yes but no but yes but..' Jordan 2%, 'I'm a superstar - look at me!' (Prima) Donna Kranjcar1%, 'Gis a job' Bond 0%, All the players 0%, All the mgmt team 0%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys...


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Friday October 16 2009

    Time: 11:34AM

    Your Comments (oldest first)

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    I respect your club immensley and hope you get out of the trouble your in BUT............ surely you can see they left the club to better their careers??? just like if when berbatov, carrick and keane left us, Manure and loserpool are bigger clubs than spurs and offered the players more money and a better platform to play on. So the same goes for all your ex players and management that left you to join us, they didnt do it because the hate pompey, they done it to better themsleves and to join a so called bigger club......we've had to deal with it so maybe you guys should take it on the chin. Thanks for listening.
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    16/10/2009 11:48:00

    Better make that a pint of bitter and twisted with your meat pie pompey..........
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    16/10/2009 12:23:00

    If what we read is true, then the money received from all your sales since last January has already gone. The fact that you couldn't pay your players the other week shows the financial trouble that you were in, and the simple fact is that you DID have to sell those players. You made a lot of money that you clearly needed. I don't really see that Defoe, Crouch or Nico really pushed for a move, and as for Harry, you received 5m for him inbetween transfer windows, that the club desperately needed. I hope you get out of the situation you are in, and think you're probably being unfair in your assessment of the players that have left you
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    16/10/2009 12:25:00

    granted you see the positives, we sold players for a lot of money - but clearly, as much as we needed this, some could not wait to jump!
    when all is said and done tho this is the result of a poll, i cannot speak for everyone can only 'briefly' summarise, and that is what i have done as i do not want to keep treading the same ground over and over, with some brief thoughts of my own...
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    16/10/2009 12:38:00

    Pompeyrug the sad thing is your club could end up like Leeds........
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    16/10/2009 12:43:00

    You'd have none of them back. Are you mad? Defoe/ Crouch or Tommy Smith /Wossisname? Let me think....
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    16/10/2009 12:55:00

    Weststandenclosure.. the sad thing is yours already has.. did you nor realise your club is ...Oh such a big club.. oh such great support.. oh such wonderful players.. oh such rich history..oh such CRAP ... You might be in a different division to Leeds but you are definately in their League !! ..Anyway ..whatever we feel about Redknapp and the players that left (for whatever reason) has nothing whatsoever to do with you or your views that we (in fact as it was my poll suggestion) 'I' have to 'get over'.. All I did was ask a simple question.. It might have turned out as 'All of them' but it didn't ... simple fact is the poll decided that we (PFC) wouldn't want any off them back... and oh ALEX N17.. You say 'I don't really see that Defoe, Crouch or Nico really pushed for a move' YOU'RE 'AVIN A LAUGH .. Defoe stopped playing and caught a fake cold (now commonly known in Pompey as Defoeitis') .. Crouch refused to go anywhere (Sunderland desperately wanted him) other than Spurs hence the reason you got him so cheap.. and don't even get me started on old lazy Kranjcar... At the end of the day fellas it's all about opinions so you go off and hate your Judas and those of us in Pompey who want to do the same to your manager will do the same .. We are not asking for your permission or even for you to understand .. in fact I don't really give a toss what you think... So be on your merry way .. and wear that Cock on your shirt with pride !... Maybe you'll see them all kiss that cock tomorow.. oh I forgot they kissed him for getting them out of the sinking ship that is Pompey.. silly me !
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    16/10/2009 13:05:00

    Chix- one word for you................PATHETIC!!!! they moved on to better things so deal with it, this hatred you have for all things spurs/redknapp is quite alarming. Pompey are a good club with really good fans but they arent as big/good as Spurs! i know it hurts to accept this, but its true. Just like Liverpool and Man Utd are bigger than Spurs, Its a dog eat dog world we live in pal so just accept it and enjoy the team you support.
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    16/10/2009 13:16:00

    Nope, I'd take Harry back & Defoe & Crouch!!! I think we are cutting off our nose to spite our face over this. There is little loyalty in football. Every club loses star players to someone else. Time to concentrate on Pompey, to try & beat Spurs & ignore the sad hype.
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    16/10/2009 13:16:00

    Oh Chix, you sound like a very bitter man. You didn't have to give permission for Harry to go, and if you hadn't then the rest of the players might not have wanted to go. The fact is you needed the money and had no alterantive. That started the ball rolling. You still needed money, so you sold Defoe, Distin, Nico, Crouch, Muntari, Diarra, Johnston and others. Then you managed to lose that 80m too, so much so that you had nothing left to pay the players that did leave. As for Crouch not taking the move to Sunderland, i can understand your frustration, but a player shouldn't be forced to join someone he doesn't want to just to please you. I think its the people in charge at Pompey that you should be ranting at, not the people who have been moved on to just help you stay afloat
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    16/10/2009 13:21:00

    storagematt- you obviously have plenty of common sense, good luck for the rest of the season......after saturday of course ;-)
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    16/10/2009 13:22:00

    wow - im in a minority here - i said i would take jordan back... hes the only one that i think if he came back would have an immediate impact on the squad we currently have - he would also be forcing hart to get better success as i think jordan would make a better manager than grant. but i also think hart and jordan would work well together - you wouldnt want to pee them off lets put it that way (stereo!). we dont need redknapp and therefore we can rule out bond. as for players - they have all come and gone pretty quickly. the only one i would consider is crouchy - as he wouldnt upset the current balance in the team but i dont think he could come back and play with any heart - weve ditched him twice now for financial reasons - but he can score and provide - could imagine him with dindane! and darbinho - yes tommy smith and wossisname (freddy p / dindane / kanu / utaka) are better for what we pompey fans want - grit and determination - defoe is a massive sulker and crouch will regret his move to spurs in the future - especially when arry leaves spurs to manage bournemouth!
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    16/10/2009 13:22:00

    storagematt you speak a lot of sense. Every club has players who want to move on, even Ronaldo did it to Man Utd, and the club gets paid well for them 30m for Berbatov was a steal looking at how he has played since, but we would still have liked to have kept him, but we move on. We have to.
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    16/10/2009 13:24:00

    Opinions Guys - We don't hate Spurs - just some of your employees!!! Personally I'd rather have the commitment / work-rate / attitude of Tommy Smith over Defoe any day. Whilst he was here it was good to get his goals but It always felt like a girl whose boyfriend was playing rumpy pumpy elsewhere !!!
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    16/10/2009 13:56:00

    Welshyid .... I don't need a patronising thought from you thank you very much I an inteligent enough to understand my own feelings and I will support my club however I like ...Whether I am PATHETIC in your eyes is irrelevant to me .. .. "i know it hurts to accept this, but its true" ...
    Alex .. If you seriously think Redknapp was 'sold' to Spurs you are deluded "The fact is you needed the money and had no alterantive" ..... He left of his own free will and after all the promises he made he did the dirty again .. If we or indeed me) are so bitter and twisted (which actually I'm not) ... Let's hear a good word from your lot about SOL CAMPBELL ... I bet I don't get many takers ....what's good for the goose ... and all that
    Oh and (Storage) Matt ... You are STILL living in Cup Final Land.... Where has your passion gone my friend .. and don't say Redknapps leaving had no impact on you .. You sulked for six months !!!
    Pess.. Good shout about Big Joe .. top both .. my only downer on him was his indecision .. should have said 'unsure' rather than 'I'm staying' only to go two days later..
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    16/10/2009 14:09:00

    Chix I can see why your club are now struggling.............you sir are ranting on like a mad man/woman who has not got a clue.........The fact is one thing Redknapp is'nt....... a fool. He could see a sinking ship the minute it started taking in water and grabbed the first lifeboat.
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    16/10/2009 14:14:00

    I'm with you Barney. Never liked Dwarfie - even when he was scoring for us.
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    16/10/2009 14:16:00

    Think its great how you criticise Defoe now that he has gone. If you didn't like him, I don't know why you have the hump so much. Redknapp may have left because he wanted to go Chix, but you also DID need the money, and 5m for a manager is pretty unheard of, so you did well out of. He bought in players that you made a huge profit on. As for Sol Campbell - he made promised and then left for NOTHING. If he had told us of his intentions we could have sold him to Man U for 17m. I totally agree, whats good for the goose and all that - but its clear you don't, or lese you wouldn't be moaning so much
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    16/10/2009 14:40:00

    I think that we have moved on from twitcher's days. But this fixture has become an emotional hurdle for us to cross. Our current squad is better for our club both financially and because of their attitude.
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    16/10/2009 14:46:00

    Yes you are right Ars'ol camp'bell is one player never welcome back at the lane, as notts county and you must now know is a greedy money grabbing toilet prowler.........The great pat jennings went down the road to the pikeys, but is always welcomed back here as a hero so its not us being narrow minded or having double standards!! Our small club as you put it........ have welcomed back many ex players Sherringham,Klinsmann,Keane, Defoe and even Chimbonda!! not all of them left on the best of terms but still recieved our support on their return!!
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    16/10/2009 14:59:00

    I think what you're trying to say West Stand is that there are ways of doing things ! Sol didn't handle his move to Arsenal very well - don't know as not personally involved like you guys are! In our position, Harry (among others) didn't handle his move to calmer waters very well - This i know as I was emotionally involved !!! Its not the fact that they moved, but how they conducted themselves before, during and after....and in all honesty, only the fan of the club involved will have the truth (both sides) and emotional facts. We will never slag down Sol, because he did a job for us and left, without a big fuss. Obviously to you guys that is different - likewise us with HR etc.
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    16/10/2009 15:08:00

    To be honest Harry departure was so sudden that i don't think he could have been angling for a move away. Ramos was sacked one day and Harry was straight in. Not even the papers got a whiff of it before it happened. As for afterwards, has he really been that bad ? Only think he has questioned where the money at Portsmouth has gone, which is no different than what most Pompey supports must be thinking surely ??
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    16/10/2009 15:29:00

    West Stand & Alex - I'm not moaning or ranting just having a healthy debate and trying (although I fear failing) to try and get you to take your rose tinted 'harry' glasses off .. I wore them for a long time I'm not ashamed to admit .. I agree with Barney and with Wellyit that our current squad (although no way near as talented) are far more commited and I bet it would surprise a few Spurs fans to hear us say that Prince-Boatang and Kaboul are (probably) are two best players at the mo .. neither were wanted at Spurs (Ramos and then Redknapp) so it cuts both ways ... but as for moaning about Defoe after he has left .. yes of course that is easy to do .. but as I've said previously after he got 'poorly ???' alarms bells started to ring and after he missed that penalty and just shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care when we desperately needed points it just speaks volumes for his attitude (after HR left Pompey)... I'm looking forward to tomorrows game it's sure to be a good game and the best team will win.. :)
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 15:36:00

    Alex .. just to add to your last point (you made it whilst I was typing) .... as for Harry being bad since he has left he hasn't really .. he sticks his nose in from time to time just to unsettle players but we never really noticed it when he was with us .. He makes more comments about Pompey than any other Prem manager and considering he was here for two spells left he should really know the Pompey community better ... All that said when the history books are written he will go down as (one of) our best managers ... In my opinion not THE best but certainly in the top three .. but I guess that is an opinion based on what each of us knows about our club .... A bit like a lot of Spurs fans will always believe Bill Nicholson was your best ever manager .. no matter what Harry does or does not achieve ..
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    16/10/2009 15:43:00

    Chix, i for one do not have Harry rose tinted glasses. He would never have been my favourite to take over from Ramos, but i can't complain with what he has done since he got there. Defoe was always popular as was Keane, and so bringing them back would always be popular (although Keane doesn't seem to be the same player). As for Crouch, i would rather have looked elsewhere, but he does ajob for us, and can't complain with what he adds to us as we are a small side up front otherwise. I was always a fan of Kaboul and think he justed needed a bit of time, which he has clearly got at Pompey. As for Boateng, he was never given a chance, but was highly rated and glad to see he is now playing well. Just as long as he has a bad game tomorrow !! For me Harry still has to push us on to the next level to be classed as really turning us around as we got to this sort of level with Jol, and then his face didn't fit. Hopefully i will be proved wrong on him, and so far i have been
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 16:17:00

    Interesting points Alex.. I think Harry will do alright by Spurs but beware his dodgy buys as he really does make a few howlers (to go along with the odd rough diamond he finds) .. Utaka.. Nugent.. Lauren... Djimi Traore... Andy Cole... there are many I could name who he just paid large amounts of money for (and to) and then rarely used them or they were awful.. Anyway it's obvious to see that Defoe has Spurs in his heart and for the player to be his best that must add ti his game .. Benjani at Manchester City (for us and him) just does seem right .. Defoe is Spurs through and through .. Good to see that you are fair with YK & KPB .. an number of your lot were laughing when they signed ... Football eh .. Funny old game
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 16:36:00

    We have already had Chimbonda in and out, playing just an handful of games. I am happy to admit being wrong about him so far. The thing that worries me is that he will have more money to spend at Spurs, so those mistakes could be costly. Hopefully the squad we have is nearly there and needs just a bit of tweaking, and we do have some good youngsters knocking on the door, like O'Hara. Should be a good game tomorrow
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 16:59:00

    IMO harry only made those buys (utaka, traore,lauren,cole etc), because of a limited kitty. i think he's proved that with big money he 9/10 always brings the goods. When he had a good budget at portsmouth he brought in good quality players (bar nugent) eg Muntari, crouch, defoe, kranjkar, Diarra, campbell(high wages), distin (high wages), mendes. So if you look at his poor signings at pompey then i think you will find they cost naff all (bar nugent). IMHO harry is a top, top manager whrn it comes to signing quality players.
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 17:35:00

    utaka costs us 7m!
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 17:39:00

    did he? i thought he was 3mil. soz, my bad.
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 17:43:00

    i basically worshiped the ground that jamie's dad walked on, not once but twice and both times he spat this back in our faces - had he just been honest and open about his reasons for wanting to go to spurs, as much as i would have felt alittle let down that he was going as he knew money was drying up i could have accepted it more, its all these storries he had spun in the meantime that the press lap up that get me... WHY are these only surfacing now? simple answer, and the one that is easily assumed is, because he wants them to... that is why i would not want him back, he said some things that he broke promises on that cannot be fixed, but like ive said over and over closure happens this weekend

    ive been a big fan of crouch and felt he was more forced out than anything, altho it now appears not as he himself admits that he wanted out - so i would not want him back again for those reasons...

    kranjcar had the ability but barely delivered, i think we are better off - and better balanced - without him. i do not miss him at all i must admit...

    defoe is a goalscoring machine, i was delighted when we got him but his attitude was shocking - i still cannot believe how he acted towarded the end to get his move, that isnt something i could forgive...

    jordan, now that was a man that i thought would stay loyal - perhaps TA's pondering too long about what he wanted his role alongside him to be cost us him moving on?
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 17:48:00

    yep, sadly he did... unfortunately we will do well to get 3m for him if we sold him, which we cannot seem to do!
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 17:49:00

    I would have loved Crouch to stay. The lad can score a goal when least expected. He would have had a good season this year with the attack minded players that we have in Yebda, O'Hara and Boateng, not to mention Tommy Smith and Piqiuonne who can give us depth down the flanks.
    Pompey Malta
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 19:52:00

    26% would have harry back over a quarter of you well well?
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 20:20:00

    Pessimist I was the other person who voted for Jordon. I remember when Jordon stuck with us the first time Jamies dad went to Scummers. He would be ideal for PH and would help Freddy Pic and Dindane understand the Premiership.
    Report Abuse
    16/10/2009 23:35:00

    storagematt hit the nail on the head. WHERE exactly is there loyalty in football anymore? It doesnt exist so to get all up in arms about it is a little sad. When Carrick, Berba and Kane went i was gutted, i even booed Berbatov for the way he treated us with such contempt. But id have them back, everyone of them. Aslong as it wasnt so crude and insulting such as Campbells free defection to Arsenal then i dont see the point. Its not as if Harry went to Southampton is it.. oh wait..
    Report Abuse
    17/10/2009 00:36:00


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