Portsmouth - A little too convenient if you ask me!
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A little too convenient if you ask me!

Why am I not surprised that the man who has to have an opinion on everything, and I mean everything - nothing can happen without his opinion given, or sought - has to now have an opinion on our takeover situation, which he already had last week, and is now even saying they tried to help find us a buyer...

With tensions bound to be running high next weekend Jamie's Dad has moved swiftly to try and 'defuse' the situation, and make himself the 'good guy' by 'claiming' that he 'tried to help Pompey' by trying to find us a buyer.

He has told sky sports that he spoke to a 'couple of friends' who are 'very wealthy guys' to try and get them to invest in us: 'I did speak to one or two friends I know, very wealthy guys, trying to get them to get involved because they would have been great at the club.'

Thankfully, hopefully, please god lets this be the real deal and so on we 'seem' to have found someone though in Ali Al Faraj.

This takeover is one that he also says he hopes proves a 'successful' one for us: 'but Peter's found another owner and hopefully this time they'll be more successful and it'll be the right people to take the club forward.'

'Let's hope that happens because it's got great tradition the club, it's a good club, they've got great support, hopefully one day they'll get the new stadium and push on and be a Premier League club for many years to come.'

Oh, the praise does not stop, we are no longer a 'good little club', which is what he said we were when he left or even the 'good club' offered up in the previous sentence, we are now a 'terrific club' that he wanted these guys involved with: 'it's a terrific club, great support, good fan base - get the new stadium and it's a great club to own and take forward again.

'But Peter came up with an owner and he feels very confident the new people are going to be great for the club so hopefully they're the right people.'

This is all good to hear, and words that I appreciate but this does not excuse the fact that he walked out on us, twice! Actually why did you not make these calls to these people when we were 'most in need', or even while you were still here?

Sorry, but the timing of this 'I tried to help' comes at a far too convenient time, almost as if we were playing Spurs at Fratton next weekend... oh, hang on we are, fancy that!

Yep I appreciated the good times we had but for me the sign of a really good manager, and good person, one that could have gone down as a truly 'great manager', would be how they coped with the dismantling of a team and worked with this to survive without money... This was something he was not willing to do, and when it became apparent that he would have to do it this why he jumped ship to someone that would give him this.

I am taking bets on when the 'I gave the club its best years' speech will be rolled out, this seems to be laying the groundwork for it but if he expects that his 'I tried to help you out of a tight spot' spiel is going to help pardon or excuse him, then speaking for myself, he has another thing coming, as it will not...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 9 2009

Time: 5:19PM

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Jamies dad is just so full of s**t it's amazing..how does anyone buy this cheeky chappy rubbish. At xmas he'll claim to be Santa & the sun will believe him It is such a cheap way to deflect any criticism coming his way-truly pathetic. I always knew he couldn't be trusted ,even in the good days -this is the man who shafted Billy Bonds, his mate, for the West Ham job. I'm saving my energy to give Defoe agood scumming anyway for his total attitude when he was down at Fratton -why waste it on a sad old man like Jamies dad.
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09/10/2009 17:31:00

What a load of twaddle(Jamie's Dad, not you Rug (lol) - he know's he and this cronies are in for a 'verbal' bashing and he is just trying to defuse it .. Nice try ol' floppy chops but do you really think we are THAT stupid

all together now
Tottenham til he leaves
He's Tottenham til he leaves
It won't be long,
He's almost gone
He's Tottenham til he leaves
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09/10/2009 17:42:00

I mean no offence to any-one but, now we all know the mess that we were in at the time I can understand why he felt inclined to leave . He became a chemist with no chemicals and knew that what he had had to go. I do not support the view already mentioned and want us to go forward positively under our own steam whilst remembering with gratitude for what he did for us. He has the freedom of the city for goodness sake. We must prove that the club is bigger than the man but, he put us back on the map and saved us as well.
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09/10/2009 17:43:00

Rug .. Can you change the picture for the article .. the dog is barking at it, I'm about to throw-up and it's scaring the kids!
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09/10/2009 17:45:00

... and then ran away (twice) when he thought the grass was greener eh Dedders.. Some might be happy to marry the most beautiful girl in the world but if all she does is ***** on you, spend all your money and then leave you... wouldn't you have rather have married somebody less beautiful and had a 'nicer' marriage.
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09/10/2009 17:49:00

so harry, this wont hurt..its just a little truth serum....there you go....so, just how and why did you etry to get Pompey a new owner. Well geoff..to be sure...i flippin tried evryone i know..all the same blokes id rung last year when i tried to flog Bornmuff...but of course when i realised i was going to have to sell jermain in january i got a bit worried and when it looked like my own job was on line and i might have to rtake a pay cut I could, nt believe my luck and took the spurs job..my spiritual Home spurs so in truth to be sure jyeh ..i did'nt really
plymouth graham
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09/10/2009 17:49:00

Cut the crap saggy face (not you Chix ) if your really concearned for us give three points next week . although we are gonna win anyway . i hope you & your team full of money grabbing so called Stars F**k off back to london with nothing more than sore ears
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09/10/2009 17:52:00

Ha ha, Chix, love it mate! What a coincidence that we have the Spuds up next. Yes we know defoe (if fit) and crouch will score against us, but as long as we score one more than they do, and jaulnapps redder than pappa smurfs hat, I will be content! very content, verging on 'kin smug!
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09/10/2009 18:07:00

hahaha chixy - that sing along is just brilliant!!! as long as he doesnt come back to us i dont really care - hopefully spurs will rot away with him!
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09/10/2009 18:08:00

Words fail me...............I know, I know! :-)
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09/10/2009 18:11:00

All a bit irrelevant; who cares. I thought the not saying Harry Redknapp was truly pathetic. In my humble opinion it's like when we sang against the scum; it was mostly to detract from pompeys dreadfull performances. Love Westy in small doses; thought the sailor mascot ridiculous.It's about time people grew up and moved on to thinking about the future. That goes for the club executive and fans alike.
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09/10/2009 18:17:00

Unfortunately I can't take the credit for the lyrics .. It's not one of mine this time .. but I'll be singing it that's for sure !
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09/10/2009 18:17:00

At the least I would have 'been there' Chix!!
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09/10/2009 18:37:00

He's just trying to pretend that he still care about us.
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09/10/2009 19:32:00

Yeah, I wouldn't swap the Redknapp era for anything else. Like it or not, it is a colourful part of Pompey folklore now. I think people have a right to have a go at him but I'd rather not be like Spurs, and their endless diatribe against Campbell, and would hope Pompey fans could show some love at some point in the future. Football isn't about hate any more. Wish we would have stayed married to Perrin or Rix and watched them throw our money into the Solent? Nah, don't think so.
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09/10/2009 19:41:00

i honestly cant blame harry for leaving pompy and joining us the same as i dont begrudge berbatov for joining man u. They both chose to progress in finance and prestige and no1 can say in there situation u wouldnt do the same cos not many would. i personally wish portsmouth all the best and feel u guys have enough to stay up and am very suprised u havent picked up more points than u have as u have not been playing badly at all in the games ive seen. do any of u guys enjoy watching spurs? or is it too painful?
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09/10/2009 19:57:00

Apparently the worst thing you can do to Harry is ignore him and the Portsmouth staff will be doing that next Saturday.
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09/10/2009 20:56:00

In a way I agree with you Pompeyscum, but its just a bit too soon, its about a year and this is the first time he's brought spuds to FP, along with lots of our former players - let us have our go at him next week before we all calm down. As for the man himself, he just can't leave us be, he keeps having to get involved one way or another. At least that explains where those silly rumours came from last week.
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09/10/2009 21:06:00

And Pachna it has more to do with the way that he left, the fact he'd done it before, and things that were said beforehand than his actual career decision. But lets not drag that all up again!
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09/10/2009 21:08:00

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09/10/2009 21:39:00

why do spurs think so much about their club.... honestly more prestige? more money and location is the only reason Harry joined you otherwise he'd have gone to Newcastle
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09/10/2009 22:11:00

Well I finally got my first ticket of the season today and will be making the trip down to Pompey for next Saturdays feast of a game. If any of the Spuds players are looking for a friendly reception they have another thing coming. Let's rock it like it was AC Milan.
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09/10/2009 22:41:00

My philosophy is not to dwell on things that went bad in the past otherwise you can end up regretting your life. In respect of Harry I prefer to remember the good times he gave us since times at the bottom of the Championship. Why get so wound up? Words won't hurt him, but I think some of the posters might end up having from an apoplexy! Let's hurt him by thrashing Spurs.
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09/10/2009 22:50:00

True, tracyc, forgot it was the first time he would be back! Enjoy the fireworks
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10/10/2009 00:20:00

hussler - i reckon it was probably pini zahivi or whatever his name is and the other agent - harry only deals with agents now - massive payouts to them - they are all loaded - because harry buys the same players every time he switches club - when he leaves spurs ...note the certainty =) ... then he will attempt to buy half of spurs - its a game - a very silly one at that!
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10/10/2009 01:25:00

the weekend will be my 'closure' i reckon, this is what, speaking for myself, i have needed - that first return to fratton will close the book on this chapter, if we win even better!
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10/10/2009 08:09:00

Yes, symmetry and justice demands that we have our first home win incporporating a brilliant team performance against Spuds
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10/10/2009 13:41:00

Agree with Rug, this will be my closure too. I hope we dont sing Harrys a C###, and concentrate on ignoring him as someone already said that upsets him more than abuse, and you know he will just be in the papers saying why people need to concentrate on the Football etc etc etc. The only time we should sing his name is when we sing "Harry whats the Score"....
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10/10/2009 13:54:00

Excellent article Rug. While I can see why a lot of folks here are in "lets move on mode", I couldn't help but notice the Odds for next week's game as posted on the masthead above "Pompey 5.0 v. Spuds 1.82". 1) Buggers off in our hour of need after having claimed to be blue for life. 2) deliberately nicks our best players to rub it in, even though he doesn't need some of them. 3) Tries to rewrite history by now claiming to have in fact been one of the good guys. Karma catches up with you mate, if not next Saturday then it's just a matter of time. "Big Clubs" and those who unjustifiably like to think of themselves as Big Clubs, have Big Expectations. and are apt to Big Disappointment when such aren't delivered. In the meantime Sell stupid someplace else...we've had more than we need.
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10/10/2009 17:36:00


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