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Don't feel sorry just sort it out!

Just when we thought things might be turning around for the club the closing part of this week has been another nightmare with the 'chaos' at Fratton seemingly spiralling out of control - clearly the media have put that extra spin on things, but lets face it things are not looking good...

There is all sorts of talk about this and that, as we have all seen, and talk about the premier league taking control of the club as they assert their authority with new rules recently brought in, PFA talking about the payment of players and how they have been assured that this will be met in the next 24-hours etc.

Among all this SAF is being 'reported' as telling The Guardian - again though SAF why not be saying these things on the official website, even if you might have touched on them at the recent meeting - that the £50m loan he is chasing as investment into the club will be his 'personal responsibility' and not another debt to the club: 'I am feeling sorry for this big club with its heritage to be in this situation. I am finalising the £50m finance to save it.

'It's from the USA and [is] secured by myself and comes as an investment from me to the club. I am taking the loan on my security and my liability, not the club.

'It's not a loan to the club but a loan to me. Which means the club will have an investment from me and I am personally responsible for the debt.

'And it's from an international financial institution. But I am working with their USA office.'

Do not feel sorry for the club SAF just do what is needed to sort it out.

Although, whatever his status is, money or not, he clearly seems to have bitten off more than he can chew and I suspect he bit off a few things that he did not know about, things that have been passed on from owner to owner that have only gotten worse over the years...

I am always wary of people saying they are 'offering a gift' kind of thing, as we all know you do not get something for nothing, do you!

Further 'reports' coming out the past 24-hours or so 'say' that the Faraj brothers helped 'bail the club out' with the wages situation? Quite how true this is remains to be seen...

What does seem to be getting clearer is there is an increasing likelihood that the Saudi brothers will add investment to the club with SAF 'reported' to be keen on further talks with them about investment, again something he discussed last week: 'I was always open for any investors if they will add value, no matter who they are.

'I need people who want to stay with me and the club for the long term.'

We all want stability for the long-term, and if the Faraj's can help him to bring this then we have to hope and pray that something can be arranged, as if it cannot it might not be the long-term that we need to be worrying about...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 2 2009

Time: 8:28AM

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What is absolutely critical is that Storrie; who as CEO presided over the clubs financial faliure and SAF; as the owner who currently can't back his words with cash sort for once and for all their proffessional (loosest poosible interpretation) relationship. Storrie is revelling in the turmoil and saf talks to anybody. Even QPR fans are laughing at us!
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02/10/2009 08:54:00

Sorry, but I really think SAF is full of *****.
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02/10/2009 09:01:00

...full of 5hit.
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02/10/2009 09:02:00

We should all get behind SAF -and push him out of our club forever
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02/10/2009 09:05:00

Would like to see an owner come in and wipe all the slates clean, They need all the problems from past Owners/chairmen/Ceo's. Maybe peter Storrie and his corsortium would of been the better option but they definatley need a owner who is willing to pump money into the club and reshape the club from top to bottom, as a spurs fan this is why im glad we have levy in charge someone who is excellent at making money and keeping finances tight, Hope it gets sorted asap
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02/10/2009 09:07:00

All things being well I fly out for a weeks holiday to Dubai, in a weeks time. If I see camel breath, I'll kick him!!!
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02/10/2009 10:50:00

matt, for all his faults - and granted he has them - i think we should still show some respect towards him? like i say he has faults, and does not help himself but i still feel that he has been stitched up big time by those he bought the club from - there is a hell of alot more about things going on than we know, that i can be almost certain about... he makes the ideal fallguy figure whereas other, that helped get us seriously into the mess, seem to be getting away with it completely, without any blame put on them at all, which i think is unfair and unjust...
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02/10/2009 11:03:00

If SAF hadn't come in, we would already have gone into administration. Sasha wasn't going to sell to the Al Faraj brothers, so it was fahim or bust. Ok, he likes talking to the media, but actually, I think we should just lay off him, becuase expecting a guy to put 50 million of there own cash in is actually fairly unreasonable - it's a hell of a lot of money. Sure he's not the richest kid on the black, but so long as we don't go into administration, I can't really complain. And even if we do... it's still not entirley his fault!
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02/10/2009 12:34:00

i think its gonna be hard to sort it out from a hospital bed in Dubai lol.
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02/10/2009 13:27:00

Oh I don't know he'll have his people around him, bet his hospital bed in Dubai is somewhat different from being in a 6-bed ward at the QA and having to pay a tenner for a few days TV access. Rug is right though, for all his faults if he hadn't come in and taken the club off Guydamek we'd have been even further in the 5hit - although if it wasn't for Peter Storrie . . . . At least PS is telling it how it is at the moment as well.
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02/10/2009 13:55:00

Carps. I've been behind Saf since May and look where we are now? How do you know we would be in administration now? Saf tied us up for the whole summer, so we werent exactly looking for buyers, were we? The man did not buy us cos he loves us. We are a status symbol (in UAE anyway) with a massive and lucrative property development attached. He will hang onto us til the death - or hopefully his gall stone op anyway.
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02/10/2009 14:25:00

Gandor - I don't know if the club would have been in administration - but how do you know that it wasn't just sasha trying to prolong the deal to get more money? how do you know that the peter storrie consortium wasn't brought in again, to increase the price? For all I know, SAF could have been working his *rse off to save the club, and is constantly having people crying to the media making him look like an idiot? Maybe he isn't talking to the official site, becuase he treats that as the peter storries play thing?
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02/10/2009 15:16:00

Now the arab has kidney stones. Looks like he could do with losing a few stone as well. Anyway the media are saying that he needs an operation. Its sound like his press people have leaked it in order to gain him some sympathy and a reason for the Arab to stay away from Molineaux tomorrow. It can't have done his chances of raising 50 trillion quid any good as anyone lending him that amount might never see him again let alone their money!
The Rabbi
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02/10/2009 15:36:00

interesting linking the faraj brothers again ... anyone else think the 50m is from them ... in exchange for a % of the club (not legally of course for now - that would take forever knowing the FA)
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02/10/2009 16:02:00

Carps, we will never know the ins and outs of the prevarication, and, in my eyes, Sacha does not come out of this any better than Saf. However, the facts remain that Saf said throughout the negotiations that he was buying the club with his own money. When it came down to it, he doesn't have any.
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02/10/2009 19:13:00

This is beyond farcical now. It's becoming difficult to express any sort of sound opinion on what's going on. Whatever the rights and wrongs it seems clear that SAF has stitched us up. What was the fit & proper persons test all about? Wasn't it supposed to ensure he had the funds?
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02/10/2009 19:24:00

chins up chaps - hopefully it'll turn out okay in the end!
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02/10/2009 19:49:00

There hasn't been anything from a site editor for a while on a pretty dreadfull day for the club. But has anybody noticed the hypocrisy of chairman Pete regarding SAF talking to the press??? I hope SAF has a speedy recovery and think SAF should sell to the Farj consortium but, the way our chairman behaves talking to anybody who will listen and clearly loving the club turmoil fills me with disgust.
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03/10/2009 00:02:00

russ, i was travelling all afternoon to milton keynes, where i am staying this weekend with my sister - then when i got here i had something to eat before going out drinking until 3 in the morning, do have not had a chance to do anyway more...

what i will say is i have written some of my own words, hand written so need to type up - but will not get a chance before i leave for the game - but basically, in a nut shell, as much as SAF is a plonker my own thoughts were that he is just in too deep and well over his head, how can we actually blame him for the mess we are in? this all happened before he arrived - we can blame him for not helping sort it out, but people like peter storrie and especially sacha are the ones that are to blame for this mess yet strangly storrie seems to be deflecting all the blame from himself...
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03/10/2009 09:08:00


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