Portsmouth - PVA and Al Fahim
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PVA and Al Fahim

I arrived at the meeting with Dave with a fairly open mind, we all heard the rumours circulating and to be fair our first concern was whether or not our owner would turn up.

Turn up he did, about 15 minutes later than scheduled, but he had phoned from the A3M to warn chair for the night Colin Farmery.

He arrived with his spokesman Ivo Gabara and another advisor called Luogh (pronounced Luff). Also present at the back amongst the fans were Peter Storrie, Lucius Peart, Gary Double and Johnny Moore.
He immeadiately took the top table with his men and made a short statement to get things rolling.
His statement was to point out that the threat of administration was completely fabricated and that all was in hand, in fact he pointed further to £50m to come into the club within the next 3-4 weeks.

As questions started to flow, the obvious ones came to the fore, how much have we got?
When is the ground getting started?
What about the training ground?

Well first off, it ws made clear that there is still some debt to sort out, the £50m safeguards our future for now, the debt may be cleared by November but could linger until January, this was confirmed by Storrie. When quizzed further on the matter, it was pointed out that Pompey were legally bound not to say how much our actual debt is.

As for the ground, Mr. Fahim made it clear that he favours the Horsea island project over any sort of development of Fratton, the re-hash of Fratton was not ruled out, it was indicated that the board as a whole would vote on this matter, but don't expect much movement on that front.

The training ground seems a lot higher up the agenda, a portion of the £50M is set aside for something to happen here, tweking of the design was cited for lack of activity here.

When quizzed on relegation, Mr.Fahim stated we would fight our way clear, that he was truly shocked that we had yet to register a point, and if the worst was to happen he would stay at the helm.

More investors where welcome to invest and he is actively seeking suitable ones, when asked on the Al Faraj brothers, he said the door was open and he had had contact, Peter Storrie consensually nodded to this.

It was pointed out that fans needed something tangible to hang their hopes on, and again it was made clear that things were happening, but again the fans made it clear that until we saw something with our own eyes that will all be taken with a pinch of salt.

Someone pointed out that Pompey's priority was to keep Peter Storrie on board, this was met with apllause and Al fahim reiterated his desire to keep him as such.

When asked on Paul Hart, Al Fahim said he had no plans to replace him in the forseeable future.

It was pointed out that fans feel agreived at the way foriegn media is used to give out snippets of information, Al. Fahim pointed out that he turns away 90% of interviews and that a lot of what he says is recycled and misinterpreted. When asked if he could just say 'no comment' he made it clear that this would not be the case.

When asked if he was going to wear his Pompey shirt again, he indicated he would as this is how you watch sport in his country, it was made very clear that the fans felt this was an embarrassment, Mike ashley was mentioned and he was asked to wear a suit in future.

Another meeting was suggested for the second week of November, this is when he said he should be judged and when he felt he could answer questions a bit deeper.

As the meeting drew to a close, Mr Fahim seemed in no great hurry to depart and mixed for a while and seemed a lot more relaxed, Peter Storrie also stayed on, but I can't say I saw any communication after the meeting was concluded.

Hope this answers a few questions, I'm ready to be grilled!

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The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 25 2009

Time: 10:51PM

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Probably doesn't come across very well in my write up, but Fahim was seriously grilled, he never actually turned away a question, but some still seemed to be answered without being given any meat to bones.
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25/09/2009 22:58:00

Does anyone else think it strange that PS should be in the audience and not up with Al fahim and his advisers?
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25/09/2009 23:02:00

Thanks for that brief Paultsmouth, my first thoughts: I am a little surprised that the guy is "truly shocked" that we haven't got a point. It is down to him that we have gone into a season under-resourced and unprepared! Where is the 50m coming from? is it his investment or is it more debt to clear our current debt? Glad to hear that PS got some recognition, but from your account it still seems that these two are worlds apart if they weren't even sitting together! I guess that all he has done is appease at best, and I think we still have some more weeks to go before any of us know the true picture or will have any idea if things will improve. Lets get behind the team and PH tomorrow and just hope that he listens to you guys and wears a suit! FFS ! Well done guys for attending PUP
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25/09/2009 23:04:00

The 50m safeguards against current debts, but isn't that just creating a new debt?
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25/09/2009 23:04:00

You beat me to it Barney ;-(
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25/09/2009 23:05:00

It was made clear that Saf is responsible for the debt, if it is called in he is liable not the club
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:06:00

Forgot to say , he made it clear that funds are available for signings in Jan, the question he was asked in Spain was " would we be signing stars like David Villa" this was answered with not this season
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:09:00

Hey, the PFC OS has just posted "SAF promises to invest 50m" - maybe this is a start - he's starting to use the website = Da Da
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:11:00

So whose money did he use to buy Pompey? If it was Sacha's money who has to pay Sacha back Fahim or Pompey? Why when he clearly has no money did he buy us?
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:19:00

Where and what does this 50M debt apply to??? I thought we had sold a few players and had some Sky money! Has Sasha lined his pocket as well ?
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:22:00

Sadly after after 4/5 months i'll believe it when I see it...Talk is cheap; actions cost dear!
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25/09/2009 23:22:00

I give up even trying to understand...I don't!!! I was mug enough to think that the players were sold to pay off debt...FFS! How big was this debt? we sold 80 million for Christ sake!!!!! And now this fictional 50mil is to service more debt? who's running this club?...Gordon Brown????
Report Abuse
25/09/2009 23:29:00

The most positive thing is that he is open to new investment. So if these Al Faraj brothers are serious then this may actually come to something.
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26/09/2009 00:08:00

SAF did say that he has not touched the Sky money or the gate receipts. The 50m will be used to clear the remaining debt and then to invest in the club how the board decide - either training ground, develop FP or new players. Tim is right he WANTS new investment and would welcome GOOD investors with football knowledge.
The size of the debt was not disclosed as it was confidential. He used his own money to buy the club and the new debt will be HIS. Sasha according to Storrie at the previous meeting has written off over 29 miilion pounds as a personal loss.

Hope that has answered all the outstanding questions that Paul did not. I am off to bed now where you all probably are anyway. Been out since and seeing Billy Gilbert dancing in his boxers is enough for any man!!
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26/09/2009 00:50:00

Cheers to Dave and Paul for keeping us up to date. I don't feel anywhere near as desolate or furious as I did this time last night, although I am far from ecstatic. Let's see how things progress and more importantly get 3 points on the board tomorrow. Night all.
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26/09/2009 00:53:00

Like others my brain is coming close to exploding with all this information. We're meant to be scrapping for our lives in the league but it turns out we're scrapping to merely exist. I just want to know, regardless of whether SAF is a cowboy, how all this debt happened / how it was sanctioned. It's a never ending circle with the curse of Fratton Park right in the middle. Until we get a proper ground we can't attract or afford decent players. If we can't attract decent players, we'll get relegated. If we get relegated, the gates go down and a new stadium is no longer a priority as we struggle to fill 20,000. My brain!!! So basically this club can only survive as a Premiership team, if we have a very generous owner who likes to burn money.
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26/09/2009 01:04:00

Really glad that Saf turned up for this, i suppose Storrie just wanted to take a back seat for this, he has said his bits and it was the Doctors time to answer our questions. Does reassure me just a little PLAY UP POMPEY!
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26/09/2009 01:31:00

Sadly it would help if Dr SAF realised a few tough points. Always be proactive rather than reactive. It's all well and good saying you are going to get 50m but if you are getting it on credit then surely thats still a debt? Also Pompey can't buy any players until January and if we are still bottom with Paul Hart in charge then few players will see Pompey as an attractive club to join. I think the guy means well but just doesn't have a plan or the right PR around him. He doesn't understand the way the people or the fans of Portsmouth work.
The Rabbi
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26/09/2009 06:23:00

Thanks Paul and Dave a) for representing us at Vital and b) for getting the minutes out so quickly and being available on line to answer any questions.. Personally no matter what he said tonight I would not have bee happy I want ACTION ! .. be interesting if he has listened to the feedback about wearing his Pompey shirt..
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 07:49:00

Wow.. err were do we start then... I hope we *do* use some of thet 50m in january and not just think about using it.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 08:33:00

I really don't know what to think about Al Fahim at all, so all I can do is hope for the best and hope that at least some of what he says comes to be.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 09:03:00

i just hope he swallows his pridets and gets the brothers on board, i think that would take the pressure off...
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 09:47:00

Thanks for all of the info in the article. As said previously perhaps he's taken on board some of the fans strength of feeling, hence the article on the official site. What he wears today will also be another pointer. January will be the real time to tell with whether we spend a little bit of money (i'm not expecting or even hoping for David Villa). It's apparent he's not mega rich but hopefully he's got contacts to bring enough cash into the club to keep us up and ticking over until the 'infrastructure' can be sorted.
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26/09/2009 09:59:00

There's been too much talk & no doubt there will be a lot more, yawnnnn. We have a poor squad, a poor manager & very little hope. We will keep going with this sub-standard situation & see what turns up over the coming months. Any hope of staying up will be decided by the quality players being added in January. We won't stay up with squad & manager!
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 10:20:00

giood news then, great that he did turn up to the meeting.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 10:29:00

50m in footballing terms is a drop in the ocean - and its borrowed. It is debt that will need to be serviced no matter who is liable for it at the end of the day. The servicing of this debt will eat into the already inadequate income of the club. I get the feeling that Saf will keep this club going on a shoestring until he has all his big investors in place to begin development on Horsea island. That, it seems to me, is his goal - developing Horsea Island.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 10:49:00

I think tbh Gandor he wants to develop anything he can because he is a developer!! Not sute though who pays the interest on the loan gthe club or Saffy!! as you call him.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 11:05:00

Im soooooo excited about Pompey against Everton. I put big money on Everton today! Jetbull has Evertons win at great price 1.85!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 11:46:00

Report Abuse
26/09/2009 11:48:00

Please, SAF, wear anything but that Pompey top.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 13:30:00

Dave, I bet you a pound to a penny that Pompey will be servicing the debt. I remember seeing last years' accounts. Sacha had invested money into the club (that he had borrowed) and was charging the club 15% at a time when he couldn't get 5% anywhere else.
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 16:41:00

SO: Did anyone see Saffy? Was he wearing a suit?
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 19:19:00

On TALKsport they specifically said that he was there in a suit Gandor ;)
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 20:00:00

Thank you Squee. So he is listening then.....
Report Abuse
26/09/2009 23:46:00


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