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Kranjcar on his way? But others arriving!

The latest player to join Spurs, or should we call them Pompey MKII, looks like being Niko Kranjcar.

'Sky sports sources understand' that Jamie's Dad is closing in on a deal for the Croatian.

It never ceases to amaze me the pedestal that this guy is put on, yep on his day he can be a world-beater but as said earlier today when speaking about Niko the problem is he rarely has his day - well not at club level anyway...

We cannot afford to carry passengers this season, and as it is for me we have been carrying him and would just be 'accommodating him' with the new signings made the past few days so if we can get a decent amount of money for him now it is best to cash in now than let him leave for nothing next summer - and he has made it clear this is what he will do.

Obviously he is a quality player but I will not shed that many tears at losing him in all honesty - assuming a deal is wrapped up...

Plenty of players are 'said' to be coming the other way before 5pm tomorrow though with 'reports' from Portugal claiming that Benfica midfielder Hassan Yebda has agreed to a season long loan move.

The 25-year-old was a regular with Benfica last season but has fallen down the pecking order after summer arrivals with Pompey nipping in to agree the loan deal ahead of Everton and Blackburn?

Until this is official on The Pompey Site of course it is not official though - even though the reports claim it to be 'official'.

'Word on the street' tell us that Tal Ben Haim is believed to be at the club now undergoing a medical ahead of a move from Citeh with Bolo Zenden also believed to be at Fratton along with Amr Zaki, although reports suggest that an offer for the Egyptian striker has been rejected?

It promises to be an eventful evening and day tomorrow - I just hope that we keep David James, and if selling Kranjcar enables this so be it...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 31 2009

Time: 8:07PM

Your Comments

Silly boy if he does. Once Modric is fit he'll be a bench warmer. He's been one of my favourite players of the last 24 months but this season he's consistently been our worst player. Not the sort of player we need in a relegation fight. Thanks but no thanks Niko - time for you to ***** off and take your sulking face elsewhere.
Yep shame bout Niko, but atleast we are bringing in players. Looks like a really busy day 2morrow.
Niko, pack your bags, I'll get the Peugeot out and deliver you to twitchy!! I've got room in the glove box for the brown envelope. Can't wait for Brown to destroy you in the Pompey Spurs game!!!
Just think, last year we were signing Kaboul as one for the future, now he is almost our longest serving player!!
another one leaves the sinking boat. Your team is made up of... ermm. James and thats it, oh wait, and your Spurs MkII with all your ex-spurs players there. LMAO. your going down
I cant understand why old twitchy hasnt bid for our mega star Utaka ? after all he did sign him at FP perhaps hes too good for Spuds . but hes welcome to Niko the lazy overpaid T*****r
Cheers Borg, nice constructive input
Thank god Kranjcar is going, long overdue in my opinion. We've kept him in the side for far too long just on a few good performances. Atleast it now leaves room for a proper left winger to come in, or maybe a cheeky bid for Matty Taylor?
zaki at fratton? so whats with all the zamalak (or how ever its spelt lol) rejecting our bid and saying hes going no where?
lol borg, 'fans' like you are your the reason people don't like spurs, now go back to massaging your ego would ya
I have to accept the comments about Niko not being up for it, and that maybe he is not ging to deliver what we need, but FFS at least get a decent price for him! I know he is out of contract at the end of the season, but 2.5 mil is far from serious money in this day and age. make it clkear we will sell to sensible bidders and lets try and recpoup a few more greenbacks. Lets face it, 12 months ago the figures quoted were 12 million. He has to be worth at least 4-5 even on a short contract! To be honest, even the reports of Yebda coming in leave me less than excited at the moment. He has had more failures than successes, although he does appear to be on the up, and I hope to be made to eat my scepticism.
Hassan Yebda looks a decent signing tall and speaks French! PH will have to learn French quick or the team will not understand him.

Slovakia defender Jan Durica is another name coming right of the blue - watch this space on that one.
Apologies for the thumb tied typo's which make my spelling very interesting
krankjar 6-8m good business any less bad business. i think zenden has more than enough to fill his boots .. can tackle much better and left footed so ideal for left wing of 5 man midfield but can also play centre. but we need to re invest the 8million now stright into the team defender taylor or weater..
It seems that 2.5 is what we get AFTER Boateng and O'Hara are taken into account, so not too bad at all
I'm not going to slag Niko, he's done a good job while he's been here but no doubt he's paid too much for the new regime. More importantly, he's lost a bit of pace since his long spell out injured and obviously his heart isn't in it. He's not doing us much good at the moment so he might as well be off. However, it's clear that we need a manager who is good at managing morale - however much we get fed up with Jamie's dad, he creates winning atmospheres. Hart couldn't create an atmosphere in a baked bean factory. a better manager could have held onto Distin, Kranjcar and James etc.
The rumour from these parts is we got him on the cheap as we loaned you O'Hara, can't say i have seen much of him play and no idea how good he will be for us but judging from comments not very good, I have a soft spot for Pompey and really hope they do bring in a few players, Maybe take Gio from us on loan or summit i know in Michael Brown and Jamie O Hara you have 2 very hard working midfielders who will do well for you, Best of luck for this season and hope you start climbing the league soon
I made the comment on another website that O'Hara was like a 'ghetto' version of Kranjcar, not as well cultured but more ferocious which is probably the type of player you need considering your start. I'm a little bit worried about this attitude problem you're eluding too especially considering he'll most likely be a back-up when Modric recovers. Although must say 2-3 mil seams awfully cheap...Anyway good luck this year
Personally i think its awful whats happening to your club. I like Pompy and I hope you stay up but you look to be in freefall at the moment. I hope O'hara does a good job for you hes a cracking little player. Every decent player you had has left which is madness when you consider Diarra went for over 20m, Johnson for 17m where did all that money go?
3million storey must be best buddies with redcra p again because i remember him saying that he wont be dealing with spuds again after the crouch deal lost us 3million pounds.. 2.5 ur having a laugh story would rather him stay and leave on a free instead of letting him join for that
I see a couple of comments which say that the 2.5 million is the balance after paying for plyers from Spurs which would probably be acceptable, but do we really know this is the fact? As for the Spurs fans who are worried about his attitiude, I dont think you need to. Half of the comments on here are sour because Harry has raped the club. True he has looked sad this season, but then again, when you are used to passing to a world class squad, you make those passes to poor players who just are not where they should be. Players play better when working with other great players.
You Spurs guys on here...don't spose you've got room for Utaka as well...and Nugent...and Hughes...Have a word with Harry, for old time's sake.
i was wandering how o'hara would fit we know..Im ok with this as he seldom shines and although when he does it is great, this season we need more...he could walk out for free soon so take what you can..start again get the ground built win ther league cup and finish in the top 10..thats my prediction
plymouth graham
apparently 2.5 mil... thats pathetic. i'd rather we keep him really.
zenden in then...?? any news on him?? also whos this bloke from benfica already signed ?? is he another holding midfielder..
Harry may have left you twice and bought some of your players, but he hasnt raped your club has he? If anything hes MADE your club. In 5/10/20 years time when your in whatever division youre in youre gonna look back with great fondness of your golden era in the mid noughties. A time when Harry somehow attracted world-class players like James, Distan, Johnson, Defoe, Diarra ffs, Crouch and Kranjcar to your club and won the FA Cup. I can understand alot of your sadness at the situation, but i think youre overly harsh on HR. Id personally hold much, much more resentment towards Storrie and Sacha, the guys who balance the books (or inability to) Also this new guy looks dodgy as ***** aswell. GL anyways guys i think youl stay up just, there are 3 worse teams in the prem than you that im sure of.
wotz up you championship cun*s. your team the more i think about it is shi*. your mostly made up of our rejects - apart from jamie o hara who is back at christmas. Might give u hope till then. 2.5 mil for kranjcar great deal at his age of 25. seriously you are shi*. i mean who is piquionne. shows really how much money your fatty owner has. see you later till we kick your as* bitc*es
yid kid
HuddersfieldYiddo..... Spot on m8, pompey fans have to remember were they were b4 harry lifted there stature as a club. If anything gaydamak (sorry if thats spelt wrong) was the downfall in pompeys fortunes this past year, poorly run finances is not harry fault, he never put a gun to the owners head and asked for money. Pompey should be thankful we have brought players from them which surley has kept there debt down which was believed to be in the region of 20 million.
spurfect one
My word Yid Kid you do live up to your name, go back to the corner of your room and carry on rocking; and careful you don't trip over your knuckles on the way.
^^^ roll on the end of the school summer holidays. It's well past yidkids bedtime...
Spurs fans really amuse me! Our team are so ****, yet you fools are the ones taking our players. That makes sense! LOL. Go back to bed yid kid.
yidkid you knob does your mum know you are up ????. Your team will be full of pompey rejects soon . you got crouch , defoe , possibly niko and kranjcar plus saggy face , joe jordan kevn bond and the others . Anyway hope this Hassan Yebda dont join hes record is ***** and benfica fans reckon he is pants
theswe yiddo fans...eee ..when HR goes ro man city after hughesie is sacked and takes some of their players i will laugh my cock off
plymouth graham
Seriously Tottenham fans, you are right, that Harry attracted some quality players in, albeit on inflated wages etc, which he fully recommended. And, I will forever remember the days I had at Wembley this time around with great fondness, however he has Raped our club. More of a date rape I grant you, but nonetheless, he has used inside information to squeeze proces well below what may have been considered by any other bidder, and has then ' tapped by whatever indirect means necessary, the players. Look at Crouch - He was on the verge of a 12million move to Sunderland, and was happy enough to go for a medical before Jamies old man came in and got defoe to tell him he was wanted at spurs. Then, all of a sudden, crouch inflates his wage demands by 20 thousand a week, nly to drop the wage demand again when he finally transfers to tottenham fro 8 or 9 million. Tapping up led to us losing 3-4 million quid. Harry will one day dop the same to you, he will achieve with you, fergusson will retire, and redcrap will be invited to take over a bigger club. he will go, and will take every substantial player you have. Then we will see whether you too can live on your memory of the odd cup win!
Spurs is his Spiritual Home now isn't it? There's now way he would lea............ Oh wait...
It's good to have some sensible exchange of opinions on here as always and, in that respect, thanks to HudersfieldYiddo, Phartman and Waztap - proof that not all Spurs fans are total retards - although the likes of Sonic and YidKid do their best to dispel that notion.
Enough of the bait Spurs fans, you're coming across as childish and very arrogant. The problem is a lot of Portsmouth fans still value loyalty above success, we haven't completely sold out to the Premiership way of thinking yet and it's why many of us are still irate about Harry and some of the players that have jumped ship. It's getting to the stage where I think being relegated would be the easiest option - we can go down and hopefully come back with a clean slate. We have too many skeletons in the closet.
he wasnt motivated at potyysmouth Tottenham will fire him up thanks dudes.
Whilst i can see the logic of getting a fee for Krunchy now rather than letting him walk at the end of the season, where will the creativity come from? we were starved of it with him in the team, we've only signed more midfielders of a type we have plenty of. Basinas is obviously not in PH plans, Selling our only creative force now could cost us more than 6 million come the end of the season.
Steve C
That was evident - I can't really blame any of the FA Cup winning squad for being motivated when all of your team mates have jumped ship. But naively we expect loyalty from players. Get them gone and get some fighters in.
Niko was brought in to play behind a front two; a formation to attacking for Hart. Every player loses form and surely it's worse if they are played out of position. In form or not it's another well regarded international leaving to be replaced by someone of a lower standard; typically Pompey; doubtfull we will even get a going rate for him. What we do get Hart will waste :-) I'm on the happy pills
Yid Kids got his paper round in the morning please excuse him hes a little twitchy
wakey very fair point i guess mate, tbh if i was in your shoes id be devastated about the situation and equally peeved off about the Crouch saga. Youre right and its very harsh on Pompy. The situation has happened to us many times before though and it will again. As soon as we start to look like a very good side Taggart comes along and taps up our best player (Carrick) and even reverts to kidknapp on occasion (Berbatov). I Expect the red nose git to come after Palacios in 12months. We get *****ed over just as much as the next club (although maybe not as sudden as you guys currently). Good luck.
As a Spurs fan I apologise for the rude comments being made. I do like Portsmouth and I am very sorry for what has happened to your club and all the best in the future. If you guys perform how you did against ManC then I think you will do fine. You guys do not need Kranjcar. He has underperformed for you team for far too long and you guys need to get rid. I hope it will be a fair deal for all parties if it does happen.
Send us Bentley for Kranky, and we will say no more about it. ;) If he underachieved for us, what's saying he won't for you guys if he does go? Yid Kid is just a WUM, one who looks pretty stupid, tbh.
swap deal involving pavlechenko will do me krankjar and we pay 3 million..
I see Kranjcar as a stop gap for Modric so he wont be first choice for Spurs. That's why even if he underacheives it will only be for a couple of games. Personally I don't even understand why Spurs need to sign anymore players but if this deal does occur then I will have to trust Harry.
Always good to have options, i suppose. You've Got plenty of striking options, so why not have plenty of midfield/AM options too. Cover for Injuries and all that jazz. Also, Krany could also play alongside Modric, when he is back, will just need to alter one or 2 players/formation (possibly 4-4-2..) Sorry, i don't know the formation that you use.. Might even already be that.
We are playing a 442 already with Modric on the left mid side. We already have options on the left, ie Giovanni dos Santos, Bale and also if forced Keane, Lennon and Bentley can play there so that is why I do not see any reason to buy Kranjcar in the first place. But who am I to tell Redknapp what to do? lol.
I think Krancjar is made for a top 6 team where other players dothe hard work - I don't think he has the mentality fora relegation fight - so I'll be pleased to get a few quid for him, and it should make a better 4-5-1, 4-3-3 mix by Hart
spot on Stuart. look at all you niko haters coming out and blaming everything on him. who can blame the guy for leaving. before match day hart comes up to him and says niko today we are playing with a 4-5-1 formation and you will be behind that 1 lonesome striker and there will be no wingers and you will also have mullins nugent utaka and hughes behind you so i want you to create everything,i want you to set up 10 chances for nugent so he can just score that 1 lucky deflected goal. well who can blame the lad for leaving. pompey could make kaka and messi look like hughes and mullins and you all blame niko. 4 games 0 points 1 goal scored by a defender and of course it's all niko's fault. anyway good luck niko you were always the true professional.
dwight schrute
From what was a very good team this time last year to this, it's a joke as fans of PFC I feel sorry for you. From FA Cup winners and being part of Europe to having nothing. Something needs to happen and fast and I am not talking about new players. Hart needs to go now for the sake of the club and be replaced by someone that at least understands what an attacking formation is.
The problem Pompey have when trying to sell players is these days the player decides who he is going to, the days when the club told him where he was going are long gone. This has happened at Spurs too, Darren Bent told the club he was only going to Sunderland. Inevitably this will tend to reduce transfer values, if Niko was in his last year this would also reduce the value.

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