Portsmouth - Paul Hart signs Striker
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Paul Hart signs Striker

The official site have just announced that Tommy Smith has signed for Pompey

Welcome aboard Tommy .. Let's hope for some happy times.

The statement on the Official Site read

Tommy Smith has signed a four-year contract with Pompey.

The 29-year-old forward joins from Watford for an undisclosed fee.

He said he was delighted to be at Fratton Park.

"I spoke to Paul Hart and it sounded brilliant. Everything down here is certainly what I was looking for and I`m sure I`ve made the right decision.

"The supporters here are well renowned for being fantastic, loyal and very, very noisy.

"When I`ve played here the atmosphere`s been electric and it`ll be nice to play on the right side of them this time, so I`m looking forward to it."

Blues boss Paul Hart said: "I`ve liked Tommy for a long time. He`s clever, infectious, enthusiastic and a hard worker.

"He can play as a centre-forward, behind the centre-forward or out wide, so covers a lot of positions. He`s going to be a great asset to us."

Smith scored 17 times for Watford in the Championship last season, with another nine assists.

Happy playing through the centre or wide on the right, Smith has already got on the scoresheet twice for the Hornets this season.

Smith has had two seasons in the Premier League with Watford, the most recent in 2006/7.

He spent a year at Sunderland and another two at Derby before returning for his second spell Vicarage Road.

Smith is Pompey`s sixth signing of the summer following the captures of Frederic Piquionne, Aaron Mokoena, Steve Finnan, Antti Niemi and Anthony Vanden Borre.

Thoughts fellas .. A welcome addition or another 'Nugent' as always post your thoughts below

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 27 2009

Time: 2:30PM

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"Smith is Pompey`s sixth signing of the summer following the captures of Frederic Piquionne, Aaron Mokoena, Steve Finnan, Antti Niemi and Anthony Vanden Borre." I think the last paragraph says it all ! We need bodies and those are starting to come in, It's just the quality that we are failing to get right. If (sorry, When) Distin departs that will be the final straw in a quality strewn Pompey that managed mid-table (ish) security, an FA Cup and a place in Europe! Now I know we have to re-evaluate our position and our aspirations, but I for one don't aspire being in the Fizzy pop league. Not at 600 for my season ticket. Now if they refund me 200 for this seasons ticket for the type of football, results and end product we are likely to get - Then, I will re-evaluate my aspirations.
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27/08/2009 14:41:00

If Tommy knows where the Net is, then whats the Problem, I welcome ANYONE who can score a goal.
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27/08/2009 14:43:00

"I spoke to Paul Hart and it sounded brilliant. Everything down here is certainly what I was looking for and I`m sure I`ve made the right decision. Welcome aboard Tommy, But could you elaborate which bits sound brilliant please!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 14:48:00

The "...and this is the contract we will offer you...." bit
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27/08/2009 14:50:00

Four of the new players can play in more than one position. PH seems to like the 'jack of all trades' type rather than the masters of one position.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 14:50:00

agreed midge, although whats the bet he gets played out wide just like 2 of our others strikers lol (ffs play utaka as a striker hart, we've seen he does better there!) although i'd like to see him play behind the striker where kranjcar plays when he can be bothered.. we desperately need someone coming from midfield into the box to score goals
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 14:51:00

Midge Ure wearing those bright spectacles !! (do you see what I did) - Sorry couldn't resist! I also welcome Tommy, it's the bigger picture I'm worried about
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 14:52:00

I think this spells the end for Nugent ,, especially after the sitter he missed on Tuesday.. If Tommy can put chances away like that he'll be great. (Hopefully) a good signing.. Well done Paul Hart . another one to add to the numbers .. they all count.
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27/08/2009 14:55:00

his career record of 1 goal in every 5 games doesn't suggest he's the man we need. he's played 400 odd games and only 23 games and 2 goals in premiership. This signing says to me that Paul Hart has given up on this season and is trying to get a team used to playing with each other for next season. His premiership games came early in his career, i'm sure he'd have been snapped up by someone before if he was premiership quality.
Steve C
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:07:00

Tommy is ok I think...not a world beater, not an up and coming star..but an experienced quick clever skillful player...just a bit old and not the real prem quality..but will do for now....Where is dindane?...More *Shittu type player links about Sunderland cast offs this time on the net now
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:08:00

Welcome Tommy! Been a fan of his for a while, and i hope he can do well with us. Stoke, Bolton & Fulham were after him a while back, if i remember. Welcome! :)
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:11:00

A signing that suggests we're preparing for life in the championship. Also, a four year contract???
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:11:00

Not sure I agree with the 'championship' comments fellas - We know we can't afford much an he gives us another option at least - Let's face it if he knows where the goal is that'll help.. but I must admit I was surprised at the fee 1.8m and also the length of contract..
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:19:00

4 year contract!!! Why??? At 33, will we still expect to have him playing!!! Or will he just do until January??? Scary stuff!!!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:27:00

Its good that we have signed another player but we need more players.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:36:00

it's a start. the teams he has been in in the premiership wern't great, so Lets see how good he is in a decent... err, well... in OUR team. One worrying thing (slightly off topic... but i've just thought of it), is that herman hreiderson has been relegated 5 times as a player already. lets hope he doesn't make it a sixth!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:53:00

How long does it take for Dindane to sign the contract?
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:54:00

I just don't see what else Paul Hart is building here Chix, except a Championship side....Simples.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:55:00

But I do prefer him to that waste of space that is David Nugent though!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:56:00

plymouth graham
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 15:56:00

just score and he'll be popular
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 16:05:00

Agree there if he can score a few goals he will be more than welcome. But there is a big IF.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 16:47:00

Michael Brown is a thug. Well past his past, which wasn't that great! And a defender from Watford to replace Distin!!! So this is the squad that is supposed to get us some points until we have a chance in the January window. That's if camel breathe has any money??? You can see Jamo looking for his life jacket ready top jump ship!!!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 16:47:00

It seems to me that after all this trouble we have been very negative, and who can blame us!? But we just need to put all that behind us and start afresh. I have heard so many people complaining about our latest recruits: mainly Mokoena (not wanted by Blackburn so not good enough for us) and Piqiuonne (a player who couldn't play at Lyon) and they have been great for us so far. Those, of whom we have great admiration, such as Kranjcar and Distin so far showed to be "simply not bothered". I think that Tommy will be a good addition to the squad. If we can have him as a decent substitute instead of below-championship level Nugent, then it is a great news.
Pompey Malta
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 16:53:00

Malta - Kranjcar was great against Hereford in a game that I don't think Melita were showing (ok, ok, I know they're not a tough team but his attitude was loads better than other matches). And Distin hasn't been that bad but I see what you mean in general and I agree that Nugent isn't worth his wages
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:04:00

i hate Michael Brown as a player and he will add nothing but misery to a team as i am sure he will get sent off and leave us with 10 less than adequate players trying to pick up the pieces...I thought i would nor say it but sack Paul Hart now...NOW...-brown and *Shittu what is he playing at- mind name wise they make a good pair
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:06:00

Top one Gray...Ha Ha
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:26:00

I'd feel better if we were signing quality championship players but we seem to be going for mediocre championship players. At 29 if Tommy Smith was a premiership player he would've been by now. Williamson only signed for Watford in January after playing several years for Wycombe, incidentally Tony Adams was the man who first took him there. Michael Brown we all know is a thug only a marginally better choice than Barton would've been. I know we don't have a lot of money to spend so why waste it on players that frankly add nothing to what we already have? I'd rather 2 quality signings than 6 mediocre ones.
Steve C
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:27:00

This whole saga since we first heard of Dr Dosh in May is like getting engaged, planning a lovely wedding and then just before the wedding day you find out that your partner has 6 kids that they didn't tell you about, your parents refuse to attend the wedding, there's a fight at the reception, someone pees on the cake and the bride ends up in custody covered in tears and mascara.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:40:00

Poor Bride, didn't get to consumate the Wedding ! WE ARE GOING TO GET WELL AND TRULY CONSUMATED !!!! Bring on Citeh! PUP
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:53:00

I've been trying to form an analogy for the last 12 weeks at Pompey - HSB, that's it, I can now rest easy.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:57:00

Am I missing something? I thought we only needed to stump up 1m to bring Amr Zaki in? Now all of a sudden we can afford nearly double that and a four year contract (what is it with all these long contracts for 30ish players!?) for a player who, with all due respect, is not in the same league as Zaki. We, on the other hand, could well be in the same league Smith is coming from before too long.
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 17:59:00

Its well over a year since I last posted on this great site. B ut I just had to comment on the news that we are allegedly after Brown. You dont have to be a profession footballer to know the bloke hasnt got it , never had it and certainly aint going to give us anything but championship football next year. What is PH and PS thinking about??!!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 18:06:00

A bit of passing practice and Piq and Tommy will get the benefit out wide or down the inside left and right channels. At the mo, Nico is the only one able to pass accurately enough. The miserable whinging Distin can bugger orf to the North and Nugent can just go. I'm happy with Piquionne, Smith and Dindane. I'm happy with mokeana and Finnan. Worried about Vanden Borre though, he could be another Ali Dia. Whilst you could argue that Wilson and Ward will not do, I am happy to give them the chance with Hermie ready to step into central defence if nec. So if the only other player we bought this window was a prem. class midfielder to run the game (and do all that passing stuff), I would be happy until January. Re T Smith, the Watford fans think he's good so he must be decent. Do WE think any Pompey players are good that aren't? No, course not. Well, except for that tit who sits near me in the North stand and, for 2/3 years has championed Johnny U and gets all snidey when anyone dares critisize him! But he's a git and we're not. So play up Tommy, Tommy play up. NURSE!
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 18:12:00

HSB That is bloody priceless...Yours too Barney...ha Ha ha Ha
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 19:40:00

still not convinced that smith is any better than what we have but he is another body, so welcome aboad - please prove us wrong...
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 21:48:00

Hammersmithblue, I know that he had a great game. Hart did praise him for that in fact. But we cannot keep on hoping that Kranky gives us a good game once in a while. True? He should be our main player in midfield and inspire others.
Pompey Malta
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 22:57:00

I am not sure about Dindanne anymore. I read articles saying that he has signed, but nothing official of course. But are we still after him. I hope so as he would make us stronger up fornt. Isn't Smith a better prospect than Viduka by the way???
Pompey Malta
Report Abuse
27/08/2009 23:03:00

My mate's a better prospect than Viduka and he uses a wheelchair.
Steve C
Report Abuse
28/08/2009 12:09:00


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