Portsmouth - Pompey's new investors revealed?
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Pompey's new investors revealed?

Let us make this clear off the bat, we are not saying this is 100% completely accurate, this is info that various sources at Vital Pompey have been able to collate as a group - we are not saying it is without a doubt the case...

(Part of this if from a forum thread I added this this morning.)

How true it is I could not say, but I am told that the papers are going to be running with an article that says Richard Li, Zhang Zhixiang, Lee Shau Kee and Holger Heims are going to be the consortium, or part of consortiums behind Pompey.

Well some of the names - there are more Germans, more on that later... As Chix keeps telling us, the Germans are coming!

These names might not mean much to people but Heims is the German guy previously linked with Chelski, he is a serious player!

Chinese lot Richard Li, Zhang Zhixiang and Lee Shau Kee are all seriously, and I mean seriously wealthy men!

Richard Li, whist his estimated fortune is not disclosed, has been involved in multi-million dollar (both Hong Kong and US) deals over the years with his father 'said' to be one of, if not the richest man in China...

Zhang Zhixiang is 'said' to have an estimated wealth of $1.4 billion (US).

Lee Shau Kee, the daddy of the lot from the sounds of it, and estimated wealth of $19 billion (US), which is said to put him very high up the food chain, in the top 30, of the world richest people!

And of course SAF has the option of joining in, although 'if' true I would imagine that he 'probably' had a part to play in bringing some players on board - almost certainly Heims?

So, if all is as it seems, the Chinese lot look like being those that Peter Storrie has got onboard and the Germans thanks to SAF?

I would suggest not getting carried away, or taking this as gospel - it is just 'word on the street' but 'if' this proves true then I do not know what to say... Again we are not saying this is 100% accurate!

Other 'word on the street' has seen this info surface, from more than one person...

11 investors - 50 Billion combined:

60% - Storrie Consortium Richard Li, Lee Shau Kee and Zhang Zhixiang.
40% - German Consortium (Headed by Holger Heims) Martin Viessmann, Stefan Quandt, Axel Oberwell and Wolfgang Herz.

With the directors 'said' to be Peter Storrie, Holger Heims, David Dein and Sulaiman Al-Fahim.

Of course, again even if true, this does not mean large amounts of money will be available - and would we even want that?

Yet again 'assuming' all comes of as expected, or at least thought, just because they are involved - if they are - it does not mean they are all going to throw in millions, again would we want over the top money paid?

Put it this way just because Duncan Bannatyne goes into Tesco's it doesn't mean he is gonna spend £100,000!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 20 2009

Time: 1:28PM

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Nice one! Somebody willing to stick his neck out ..well done Rug. As you know I too have heard 'this word' but on a 'very different street' to you .. It's happening folks .. We both can't be wrong. Now will you all believe me that 'The Germans are Coming I've only been saying it six weeks !!
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20/08/2009 13:35:00

Please to god, I hope there is substance in this.
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20/08/2009 13:43:00

I believed you all the time - honest, I did, Chix!
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20/08/2009 13:51:00

Lysimachus - If this turns out to be unture then I think we have all been had ... Rug and I got info from different sources last night/this morning and then copmpared notes then deliberated for a long time before going with it as we (he more than me) didn't want to get peoples hopes up... then something happened so we just did it ! - The something concerns another news source !! But Just because they are loaded DOESN'T mean they are necessarily gonna through millions at us .. I see the plan as a way to act now and secure oour status (as a club and as a Premiership team) and then move on from there .. Our 'new' owners (collectively) might be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams but it doesn't mean they are gonna spend it all on us !
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20/08/2009 13:52:00

we are gonna be the ritchest club in the world then????
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20/08/2009 13:53:00

also does this mean their will be 10 people therfore they dont need to pass fit and propper persons test if only 10% stake?? i cant bare to go through that again.
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20/08/2009 13:55:00

jonathan greening season long loan to fulham??? didnt they reject a 4million bid last week. and he has 1 year left on his contract so can just join them on a free end of season?? thats an odd one that seem like the kind of deal we would do us being westbrom
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 13:59:00

No I wouldn't think so Hussler .. Just owned by a bunch of wealthy men.. not the same thing at all .. but we will have stability and let's hope a little bit of money to spend.. Hopefully (if it goes through quickly) before the transfer window slams shut !
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20/08/2009 13:59:00

Hussler .. Peter Storrie has already passed the F&PP test ... so the deal should be able to go through if the others put in 9% each..
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20/08/2009 14:02:00

So no money from SAF?
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20/08/2009 14:08:00

Let's hope something happens before we buy that pair of tw*ts from Bolton. Oh, and Duncan who???
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20/08/2009 14:13:00

whatever... i'm still bored of it all...
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20/08/2009 14:17:00

HSB - One source I had said that SAF would still put in a big % of the overall cash (26M I think) but that equates to covering the debts... The 'new boys' are said to be able to fund the investment of the club.. and take it forward .. I THNK we will see SAF involved .. but as a visionary not as somebody who gets involved on a day to day running of the club basis .. which is great as far as I am concerned as 'visioning' is his real strength..
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 14:17:00

Et-tu.. I hope so .. but feel that the deal is gonna be done.. no info from my end but the rags seem sure Hart wants to buy and Megson sell... come I think it's game on.. sadly !.. whether Nugent is involved or not I don't know.. possibly but when I spoke to his Dad last week he didn't give me any indication that David wasn't wanted at Fratton.. that was after the Wilson incident too
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 14:20:00

Carps.. I think we are all bored of it to be honest .. Just want us to get on with it and talk football .. only problem is that anit that great at the mo either
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20/08/2009 14:24:00

Lets hope it comes off; nice one Rug! I'd be intrested to know where Storrie got his funding from; perhapse he has been a good boy saved up his 1.3m he got from o us since he arrived?
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20/08/2009 14:25:00

I would like to see SAF still involved in the club. He has some great ideas and plans for pompey. And he is excellent promoting a Brand. LIke Chix says, i think he will be covering the debts and the rest funding for the future.... I just hope that after I win 64m on the EuroMillions on Friday that Storrie will let me in his 'gang' i mean consortium ;)
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20/08/2009 14:28:00

lets hope it sorts out...2 things though, 1. Uncle Pete has worked haerd to save his Job..his extremely well paid job, but that is no differant from a player trying to score and and get medals so good on him..2. three words/names.. Q.P.R. the richest club in England.
plymouth graham
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20/08/2009 14:45:00

QPR, richest owners in England... Just because their owners are multi billionaires doesn't mean that QPR have access to that capital. But i agree, the potential is there
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20/08/2009 14:55:00

This i know is not the most appropraite article to tag this to..but these are Megsons words about McCann and Cr@ptu..or whatever his name is...Its an admission he has some rubbish players he wants to off load...WHY WHY WHY? ...."As we stand we've got 21 outfield players and they're not exactly 21 really top drawer ones. There are some really good players in there, but there are some people that we've brought in just to give them a chance of going forward and it doesn't always work out."...come on Paul, dont even consider them...i now we are beggars and `beggars cant be chosers..but come on dont have the proverbial taken
plymouth graham
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20/08/2009 14:58:00

you know i always thought that it was ducan valentine not bannatyne but then again i never really cared so... lol
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 15:07:00

Bowlsey..thats my point (QPR)..
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 15:18:00

heh, in which case we're in agreement :) The stability would be a massive welcome though
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 15:41:00

I'm liking these rumours much more than the others. But I'm suffering from the thought of 'If it sounds too good to be true, it porbably is.'
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 15:45:00

Well reading the thread from the top again I think that if this does turn out to be a load of tosh (but it won't fellas .. trust me!) then I'm gonna have a crack at Taking Pompey on Dragons' Den... Do you reckon I could rasie all the money we need and offer them a 5% stake in the business?
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20/08/2009 17:00:00

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20/08/2009 17:23:00

If this story has any foundations to it, and these guys are as seriously rich as mentioned, then they are going to have very high standards ane expectations. They aren't going to ponce around with someone like "I don't know where the goal is Hart" as a Manager. They are used to getting things done, and quickly so patience isn't on their agenda ie Abramovich. He ought to resign right away and clear the path for a decent Manager to come in.
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 18:36:00

I agree with the Dragons' Den idea. Even if it fails, at least Pompey will be on TV not conceding goals for once.
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 19:04:00

I don't expect new owners to throw huge amounts of money at the club, just to have the resources and the wish to take us forward - thats all we need, and we need it soon. I've got so sick and tired of waiting for a takeover to happen though, that I will now believe it when it's all done and dusted and not before. We've had so many dates promised that have come and gone. And we've already had the 'if it seems to good to be true, it probably is' proved right once by Al-Fahim.
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20/08/2009 19:10:00

I hope someone takes over soon, but i got excited before and that still hasn't happened so i'm not getting worked up this time.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 19:43:00

All sounds great but when and does Hart have the ability to attract the type of players we need?
L L Blue
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 20:19:00

Nowadays it's all about the cheddar, not if the manager has the ability to attract players. (Cheddar meaning money).
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 21:09:00

Rug all theese jounalist contacts you have ? what you have written is almost word perfect of what was in todays Super Sun which i brought at 5.30 am today . are you sure your not a secrect Sun reader ? but then if its in the sun it cant be true can it ? according to you lot
Report Abuse
20/08/2009 21:31:00

I always hope for a better news. This is great news, but I can't dream anymore, before things are sorted out.
Pompey Malta
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So if we have 11 investors all at 9% each? does this mean they can invest as much as they like or if they go over a certain ammount then they have to take the FA's test? sounds great but still i aint having a piece of it till something is made official.
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 00:13:00

rob, it might have been in the sun but i couldnt tell you - i do not know how many times i have to tell you but i do not read it, if others chose to so be it, have i ever said that no one can? just because i, and others, might not like it it doesnt mean that i feel people cannot...i just found it strange over the summer that a paper that threw so much ***** at us would be one that people continued to read - and it was ***** as they have apparently said sorry for so much of it that was said, not that they would print anything to that affect...
besides they have to be right sometimes - maybe this time they are :-)
laugh, mock, whatever you are doing all you want but i only know what i am told by someone who knows people in that field - as far as i am aware it is not the sun that these people are connected with as they too, the ones that supply info, are not that keen on the sun. altho, not all areas and writers in this are bad, those bad apples seem to give all a bad name....
i 'think' you will find that those names are in other reports elsewhere aswell, and to clarify not all of this is what i dug up either...
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 07:52:00

here we go again
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 12:45:00

the german has no funds, he is SAF's advisor, so any money there will be SAF's. glad to be honest as i still think long term SAF is the answer, just not in the interim.
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 13:39:00

the german has no funds, he is SAF's advisor, so any money there will be SAF's. glad to be honest as i still think long term SAF is the answer, just not in the interim.
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 13:39:00

Just heard on Radio, that Richard Li has also distanced himself saying he is not an interested party.
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 13:40:00

I think 5 of these investors may actually all be Falcon Investments? Take a look at the link http://www.falconap.com/The-Team.10.0.html
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 13:52:00

That's my understanding too Midge.. There's also this to consider as well fellas .. Just a thought mind.. the 9% steake might also mean they do not want to be disclosed not to the FA but to ANYBODY... I know not of the Chinese but Hiems is involved i'm certain of it .... why would Fahim take 'advice' from him ?
Report Abuse
21/08/2009 16:51:00


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