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Radio Solent Forum - the full Storrie

You can now listen to the whole Forum by clicking

Well the Toast team took a very welcome new member to the Radio Solent forum at Fratton Park tonight in Gandor who made copious notes and has prepared this in depth article.

The forum was graced with the appearance of Chief Executive, Peter Storrie and Manager, Paul Hart along with most importantly over 300 fans. The mood was definitely mixed with many fans being positive about the coming season and some being full of doom and gloom.

What went on

A very pensive Paul Hart, a chirpy Peter Storrie and Lawrence Herdman (of BBC Radio Solent) presided over what was a very civilised and well behaved meeting - all things considered. Herdman welcomed the 300 supporters present and addressed a brief summary of the position we find ourselves in. Peter said things had been tough with no finance for 9 months and that it was important to ensure the club survived. He said he had signed a player today and was hopefully finalising another two on Monday with more later in the week. Paul Hart said we had a massive challenge in front of us but we still possessed players capable of playing in the prem who could cause all sorts of problems on the pitch.

The questions were then thrown open to the floor, and Pompey mascot Cyril asked Paul Hart, who is going to replace Brian Kidd? Hart said he was disappointed that Kidd had decided to go home to Manchester. He then said that there were many more people responsible for last season's relegation escape and mentioned Woan and Guy Whittingham amongst others. He would not be drawn into making a quick decision but had one or two ideas. Storrie then interrupted by saying he had spoken on the phone to Brian Kidd today and that there was still a possibility that he would rejoin us.

Herdman asked Storrie if he regretted the email he sent to a fan. Storrie said no he didn`t and talked transparency and honesty and how he likes to tell the fans everything. He said there were a lot of things ticking along at the moment, and that we were to wait and see. (He said this on at least three occasions throughout the meeting).

When Herdman told everyone that Dr SAF would be in his Box for the game on Saturday, a member of the audience said it was no good his being at the game, we would rather he stumped up the money. Storrie absolutely agreed and said that when Sacha had bought PFC, it had taken 6 weeks and that he had given money to buy players before the deal was done to help us buy players in the January window. He also knew nothing of Dr SAF attending the Fulham game!!

Herdman asked how we were in our current position. Storrie said it was because of the small gate which could not sustain the huge wage bill. He said he had warned Sacha several times re overspending, but Sacha went over his head, giving Harry everything he asked for. He said Sacha had been a brilliant owner but his stocks and shares were affected by the 'credit crunch'. He said we had sold all the players we needed to for economic reasons and now, any players now being sold would be for tactical reasons.

Graham from Copnor asked why ticket prices had not gone down in line with the wage bill? Storrie said that some ticket prices had come down but could not do more as we needed to buy players. He said a big problem was the allocation of 2,000 tickets for away fans, which were rarely taken up.

Pete from Gosport asked why, if Dr SAF was listening via radio, could a Conference call have not been set up, so that we could hear what he had to say. Storrie pounced and said the time for talking was passed. He went on to say that Sacha and Dr SAF were now talking and that he knew absolutely nothing. Herdman then asked Storrie if he thought the takeover would go ahead and he said No!

When asked why the deal to Spurs took place at 9m when we were offered 12m by Sunderland, Storrie said this was down to Peter Crouch wanting to go to Tottenham and nowhere else. He said he would be glad if he never had to deal with Tottenham again. They had only offered 6m for Crouch and Storrie talked it up to 9m on the last day of the negotiations. He also said he would be quite happy never to deal with Spurs again!

When asked if Sylvain Distin would be staying and if he would be Captain, Hart said yes to both. Storrie said he had had a lot of interest in Distin, including an offer this morning which was refused. Storrie said he had outlined who was for sale and who was not but the powers above could sell anyone they wanted to.

Eric from Bishops Waltham asked what progress was being made on the Training Ground. Storrie said everything was in place to commence work once funds were in place.

Hart was asked about the fact that the Bookies had us marked down for relegation. He said the team were in high spirits and had a strong desire to win. He said they were training very hard and that we were bringing some good players in before the end of the transfer market.

When Storrie was asked if Officials were in France trying to secure Didane, he said 'No Comment' and then smiled. He also admitted to travelling abroad next Monday to try and conclude a deal. He said the club were trying to sign players on a 'try before you buy basis`. T a round of applause he added that the club would not disclose any details of players they were interested in.

When asked why Gabara (Dr SAF`s man) appeared to be speaking for both Dr SAF and Sacha, Storrie said that Gabara definitely did not speak for Sacha, and there had been no comments from Sacha.

When the audience were asked if they would trade the past for stability now, about 40 percent said yes they would.

Storrie said that once we had a 32,000 gate he would try to encourage youngsters to come to the football and become fans for life, by giving them 1.00 tickets. When asked if he had a message for the players he said, watch this space - things will change soon. We need the fans support, we are a partnership. When asked if there were contingency plans in place should the deal not go through, he said no comment.

When asked about the new stadium he said, the most important thing is to get FP to a 32,000 stadium and then think about the new stadium.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that Peter Storrie is as fed up with it all as much as we the fans BUT he knows something which he cannot tell. When asked if the club could survive without the Dr SAF bid going through he simply smiled and 'Wait and see`

Is there another buyer in the wings? He obviously cannot tell but he knows something.

Once again many thanks to Gandor for her scribbling and the typing of most of this article. If you see her buy her a drink!!

You can now listen to the whole Forum by clicking


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The Journalist

Writer: eastneydave/gandor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 13 2009

Time: 10:29PM

Your Comments

is there another deal in the wings i ask my self? If not Storrie has just finished himself off.... so to speak
and will i be able to download the show off iplayer or similar?
"Herdman then asked Storrie if he thought the takeover would go ahead and he said No" ???
Do get the impression that Storrie and SAF are hardly drinking buddies don't you?
Can we just clarify that Storrie actually said he didn't think the SAF takeover would go through? That is a really strong statement by Storrie.
i wasn't able to listen to this so thanks for the very accurate summary! i haven't had one doubt that SAF's takeover would go through, i do now though, "no" says it all really. lets just hope that there is another buyer in the wing and that they are as wealthy/optimistic or better still as SAF. still, if so doesnt that mean that whoever it may be has to go through all the due dillagence and fit and proper again?! PUP
bleeding blue
" Herdman then asked Storrie if he thought the takeover would go ahead and he said No. "... that's not good news. and "When asked if the club could survive without the Dr SAF bid going through he simply smiled and 'Wait and see`" - that makes it sound even worse.
sounds like a newspapers dream interview!! u can imagine how many headlines they can twist and turn out of this hey??
However the statements are from a man in control and capable at his job. We should be thankful for that. Methinks there is a lot of egg about to land in someone's face. Yes there could be a plan B. Anyone heard from FA Cup Triumph???
because the due dilligence is done it doesnt have to done again like happened at scummers some one just came in and wrapped the deal up . . lets just hope their is a richer better looking guy to take over.
Well done Gandor by the way!
One gets the impression here that Storrie has been driven mad (bit like one of those tigers in the zoo) and is just nodding and smiling.... What he says makes a lot of sense. Jamie's dad needs controlling strictly and Sacha was obviously beguiled by him.
Excellent Dave & Gandor a brilliant account of the procedings.. See I told you the Germans were coming .. wink wink ....
Can we please get some confirmation over the "no" comment? That's absolutely huge if so! Especially as Storrie is so coy normally and not wanting to give too much away until things are certain...
I said on another thread that I thought they had something up their sleeves.
I can confirm that PS answered NO!! when asked if he thought the takeover would go ahead.
Thanks for the transcript for those of us out in the wilds - makes for interesting reading, not that I have a clue what's gonna happen next !! PUP
david beckham is gonna take over the club and play at the same time and be manager and put his sons in the reserves and posh is gonna be the mascot.
Bye the way, is there any relevance in Chix mentioning the Germans coming and Battenberg posting next ?! (Or am I just of a certain age?). PUP
germans always cum!! i had a few in my day hairy arm pits though.
No comment !!
The thing is PS is not involved in the transfer of ownership he is an employee of the club. He was asked for his opinion as to whether the deal would go through. He replied 'if you want my honest opinion, no'

The more interesting thing was him repeatedly saying 'Wait and see' about the future of the club.
we have been waiting to see for the last 3 months !!
It sounds as if he thinks there are other options, but as he regularly tells us he's not involved in the discussions, so would he know ? Who knows ? PUP
Hart said England goalkeeper David James would be fit to start the campaign at home to Fulham after missing the friendly in Holland with a knee injury. "We have nursed him through the last few weeks and he is in decent nick," he said. The former Nottingham Forest boss also revealed he signed his two-year contract as manager back in May. New chairman Sulaiman Al Fahim has yet to complete a buy-out of the club from owner Alexandre Gaydamak, even though talks started in May. i think hart was signed up as manager before the takeover even was talked about. then if we wanted a new man we would of had to pay 2 years contract up.
Anyway time for bed said Zebedee, gotta get the grain in tomorrow. PUP.
I tell you fellas The Germans are coming.. The eagle is about to land.. watch this space..
Interesting Gandor, thanks veymuch for getting that posted - I was still at work when it was on, very annoyed that I missed it. It really doesn't instal much confidence in me though - Storrie is slowlystarting to creep back up in my estimations, but not to an extent where I'm bowled over at the thought that he may have some other kind of funding in the background. I'm bitterly disapointed that he seems to think SAF won't complete the takeover - which begs the question what EXACTLY is the thing that's become the sticking point in the deal? I guess, and I hope, time will tell.
i reakon/hope SAF (he doesn't actaully have a doctorate O_o) could just be the deal maker like he did for man c, cause it seems pretty certain he ain't gonna be buying the club. and chix i'd welcome the germanys at the moment (wow never thought i'd say those words ;D) just anything to get us moving forwards again... well actually just to know whats happening would be nice but thats life lol
oh yea and great transcript gandor/dave very interesting read indeed
Dave asked me what I thought when I left the meeting and I said to him - I dont know - its all too much to take in. Still don't know what to think, except Storrie was extremely chirpy for someone who has been (and still is) under a lot of pressure. I think Paultsmouth put his finger on it when he said he doesn't think Saffy and Storrie go drinking together. I would imagine he has signed his death warrant tonight cos we were told Saffy was listening and so was Gabara.
Battenburg -I confirm when asked by Herdman if he thought the takeover would go through, he used one word - "No".
storries not an idiot if theres any chance of the deal going through and your asked that question with your potential new boss listening you would definatly not say No, you'd say anything but no!
chix i agree with you; i think the bloked name is Holger Helms or something like that; got the ownership bug from some bloke called roman at chelski
if it is Holger, he's a little bit large in the wallet
russellm do u mean this bloke .. the doctor could be the doctor of deal breaking!!! just getting the seat warm for this german .
Well I hope he buys the DD from Saffy - I couldnt bear to go through it all again!
der german deal is zehr gut ja ? if not get Bill Gates on board hes got a penny or two :)
A couple of us have been speaking (behind the scenes) about 'Holger the German' for about six weeks now.. most of it was suposition and gossip and HOPE.. but I heard something last week which made me think he was definately involved and not with Storrie attitude tonight I REALLY DO beleive something is afoot.. To be honest I don't care who does or doesn't come in and who has and hasn't got money .. I just want the whjole matter resolved but I do agree we a lot of the posters that fans and staff are bonding in a way that can only streghten our resolve.. Play up Pompey.. and can't until Saturday.. oh tomorrow !
just dont mention the war :) i mentioned it once but i think i got away with it :)
Now I'm confused. With Storrie thinking the deal is on the verge of collapsing, and the wry smirk I'm imagining on his face when he says "Wait and see", and all this talk of the German coming in, I don't know what to think.
Wry smirk? He was positively giggling!
I was there & before I rant, well done for Gandor for all she has done here. Like roman generals, Storrie & Hart were magnificent but will fall on their swords if the takeover happens. However I am quite sure it won't & will be very surprised if Dr SAF will be there 2morrow. Even if he turns up, I'm not sure what he thinks it will do. It just adds to the ongoing agony. Quite surprised by the 'wait & see' quote if Dr SAF fails. What does PS have up his sleeve???
On the subject of the Storrie NO reply - those who may have heard the edited version on Solent this morning will rightly say that he did not say NO and is was Paul Hart who said but it was edited!

Herdman badgered PS on whether he thought th deal would go through and he said 'no comment' 'I possibly couldn't say' etc. Then when asked for the last time he leant back in his chair and shook his head and said NO. He was away from his microphone and may not have been picked up BUT everybody in the room saw and heard it.
Well done Dave & Gandor. If the Germans do come it'll mean an end to "The Dambusters", although the away fans will doubtless give it a go.
For confirmation guys: Herdman asked PS first if he thought the deal would go through and PS replied "I just don't know", Paul Hart when pressed, said "I've had a view for months - No!". PS stuck to the "I Don't know" routine, stressing that he was concentrating on running the club day to day. A very good interview, and I for one think he has been the reason why we are still afloat. PS gets a lot of undeserved flack, but that's what he's paid for, however, not many Chief Execs face up to the fans like he does....Respect. PUP
Great article. Thanks
So I presume the Vital T-Shirts are on hold then!!!
I have now added a link to the BBC stream at the top and bottom of the article.
Thanks Dave, and the very much better looking half of the Toast team... Gandor, superb!
1. Excellent report Gandor and good i am emailing the link to non pomey fans who have an interest.. 2. All along i have made my feelings known albeit over dramatically at times, about not believing in i ma not surprised. 3. chix...what do you know .......i am emthralled. 4. I have just placed a 3 E/w bet at 66/1 for pomey to win the prem without big if they finish 7th i get about 13/1...i have faith that PH and this team that is -to me - looking aloyt better than the bookies and pundits are giving us credit for. 5. Sorry ive only read half postings as im in dublin at the email..
plymouth graham
Well done Gandor for well-taken notes. Well this is interesting isn't it. If the deal's going to collapse, I just wish they'd get on with it, and lets get those Krauts on board! It's reassuring that PS was laughing when he said 'wait and see' - perhaps he's fronting a consortium himself?
Not sure about the germans but i've heard tid bits today about a certain ex vice chairman [?] of arsenal possibly coming in.

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