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Martin Cranie to Coventry

Maybe In

Moses Ashikodi Trialist

Elyaniv Barda Striker from Racing Genk - Tenuous Link

Anthony Vanden Borre Right sided Midfielder from Genoa - Sounds very promising

Oliver Thomert Left sided Midfielder from Rennes - Sounds promising

Bolo Zenden Unattached - In talks with a host of clubs

Chicken O'Neil Us and the Toffees link - Let the kid come home.. please

Wosisname Krul Looks Sunderland bound but why do we need another keeper anyway

John Mensah NMever gonna happen - wants too much dosh - but hope I'm wrong

All gone Quiet

Mark Viduka Think he's fallen asleep (or drowned) in Greece somewhere

Amr Zaki Is 'no news', bad news ? - Tenuous Link

Have I missed anybody ?

You know what to do people .. Thoughts below please

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 12 2009

Time: 1:20PM

Your Comments

Official .. Fee agreed for Cranie .. He's gone then.. undisclosed at around 1m i reckon.. with a big sell-on clause
i think Pompey could get Mensah on loan for this season.
I think Pompey have a good base, and it will be a case of teams just being worse than them rather than achievement. need at least 2 good lads in though
I reckon we're selling craine to get the 1 mil to spend on Mensah loan fee
Oliver Thomert is a player we have been linked with for many years. Will we ever see him?
I'm still trying to get to the bottom of the amount of loans we are allowed.. It's definately a maximum of 4 (but only two at any one time) from the domestic league but can't put my finger on the foreign club ruling and I can't recall us ever having more than two of those at once either .. so If we already have Freddy .. can we actually still sign both Mensah & Vanden Borre ?? .. and where would that leave us with Zaki and Oliver Thomert umm . I wish I could find the answer... I wish I could find the answer... I wish I could find the answer
Love to see GarryO back least he would bleed pompey for the cause.. And what about Benjani -city still owe money on the deal so maybe we could get him back for almost nothing
Well I hope the 1m raised for Cranie was for money of transfer fees rather than loan fees. I'm slightly disappointed we never got to see what Cranie was made of. I know plenty of players play for the U-21's but never make it to the senior team but Cranie was a consistent feature and as captain.
Cranie is not premiership quality, and never will be, we must need the cash to fund another deal, so go for it providing it is not for Viduka!!
Isnt the appeal for the South African left back being heard tonight?
Good shout Owens.. It is indeed .. Onion Bhaji some are calling him .. but Basahera is nearer the mark I think .. Without looking it up. That's another possibility as I guess if Pompey are appealing they must be pretty keen
I tried looking into the loan ruling yesterday. you are right about domestic loans, max 4 per season, 2 at any one time and never from the same club. I don't think there are any rules that limit the number of foreign loans. The official premiership rules state it applies to a) an association football club in membership of the Premier League; b) a club in membership of the Football League, the Football Conference, the Northern Premier League, the Isthmian League and the Southern League. There is no mention of foreign clubs.
Cheers Bowlsey, it's good to know that it ain't just me that can't find it .. maybe this could be a challenge for the Toast Team to provide us with a definitive answer once and for all. The only thing that makes me think that there must be a limit it that we have never (from my memory) had anymore than two at any one time.. maybe that's just circumstance rather than a ruling though... Still we shall have to wait and see, but if there's no limit I say bring 'em all in we need to bolster the squad somehow ! On a separate note the Daily Mail has us at 3/5 (I think that's 3 out of 5 rather than odds) to land Zenden before the other clubs.. but it is the Daily Mail so don't expect him to sign just yet .. if at all !
It does seem mad to let Cranie go unless we are brining in Vanden Borre especially with Finnan out for who knows how long and more than likely to get injured in his next game anyway.
I'm glad to see there's no talk of Sylvain Distin going to Manchester City. He wouldn't be good enough for what City are aiming for this season. I wouldn't be surprised oif you sold him though. Have you got David Moyes telephone number?
Sinbad.. Please don't turn into Spurs fans, we like Man City in Pompey (as do most other clubs), but if you start with the Spurs (we deserve success) arrogance you'll only lose friends.. If Liverpool and Villa are also after Distin he is good enough for City .. You may have big plans but you only finished 10th last season .. Anyway From what I'm told the Top Four will remain the same, Everton will get 5th, Villa 6th, Spurs 7th, Sunderland 8th .. so it looks like 9th for you .. still progress is progess ;)
Sneakay from what I'm hearing the deal for the Belgium is almost done and dusted .. So at right back we have a choice of him.. Wilson.. Kaboul; and Finnan and if push really comes to shove Linvoy ! .. shame to see him go but I can understand why he was considered surplus to requirements
Reading an article from Hereford Utd that their unprdictible striker Moses is on trial at Pompey!!!! So that's the replacement for Defoe is it? What the fck is going on?
Moses askikobi is not the player. He was on loan at swindon two seasons ago and was utter ***** . He never scored in like 12 outings and didnt bover to chase and cant hit a barn doo with a banjo. PAUL HART DONT SIGN HIM HE IS USELESS. sad to see craine go he was an upcoming star
But.. and it is a big but... Having players like Bopp and Moses around on short cheap contracts allows us to field a reserve side with minimum expense .. I don't think for one minute think either of them are intended for the first team but if we can get them for a couple of grand a month get them fit and allow them to put themselves in the shop window where's the harm.. surely it's better than having Lauren or Traore or Duffy picking up between 25-40k per week wandering around the place not really being that bothered about things.. And if somebody does buy them for say 50k then we have covered our costs and made a small profit.. where's the harm in that ? also another point ..nobody complained last year when we signed John Stewart.. If you remember him.. The keeper released by Weymouth !! [Edited by hickin]
Chix I'm assuming there's no limit on loaning players from abroad... On football manager 09 the restriction only really applies when loaning domestic players. Not sure if that helps at all!
Paul Hart seems to be thinking we are in League 1... Bopp & Moses Askikobi?! Only for 'back-up' maybe, nowt else. i agree there. I thought Anthony Vanden Borre already signed on loan yesterday?!
Shame we've had to release Cranie I thought he was a good prospect for the future, and good back up to the defence, but I'd rather he went than Distin, James or Niko. Times are hard, so we have to accept these things.
Yeah Gino you beat me to it, they are usually pretty accurate with everything on Football manager so I will trust that there are no limits to loan players from foreign sides. I do believe there is a rule about how many loan players a team can field in a match day squad though...?
Gino & Wa I'll happily take the Championship Manager take on things .. It's rarely wrong.. So good news then sign them all up !
LOAN NEWS LOAN NEWS LOAN NEWS LOAN NEWS... if we sign a player on loan with a view to a perminant deal, we can sign them up on a contract when ever we want thoughout the season past the transfer window closure.
ooh I've gone blue.. Andrew The word on the street about Ant Van Bor is that he has 'agreed'to sign but becuase he is away on international duty can not actually sign yet.. I'm excited about him .. a right sided midfielder .. wow
not sure about no limit if that was the case we would sell our whole squad and then sign a new one on loan.
glen johnsons having a stinker !! bet rafas thinking ow no 18million for a rightback.
Come again Hussler How does that benefit us
it doesnt its just LOAN NEWS. haha
Elyaniv Barda has scored tonite against northan ireland
anyway actually seen ant van borre? cause i've never even heard of the guy lol and tbh youtube is never acurate i could make duffy look good on youtube ;) but i'd love to see gary o back be nice to have some attacking through the middle lol
Hussler oh thamks for the loan news .. every little helps ! re Barda .. a lot of clubs are said to be interested but you never know..
PompeyM@ Wiki is probably your best bet to be honest.. that of the translated profile from the Belgium Football Association..
Maltese international Michael Mifsud (ex Coventry) currently without a team and scratching his arse in Valletta - we ought to snap him up for a bit of midfield terrier action. I know Malta is not exactly a scary football nation but Miffy is useful (scored 2 v Georgia tonight) and would be cheap.
what about defoe??
nah, he's past his best ;)
What about the Celtic left back? Nothing being heard any more. About Cranie, hmmm, I don't think that he is Prem quality. He is almost 22 and premier league quality shows before that age, generally. I suspect that we are very near Mensiah now, since we are letting him move on. The Belgian is also a possibility. I am sure that PFC are doing some good deals behind the doors.
Pompey Malta
Regarding Mifsud. The lad can be very impressive on certain occassions. However, when he plays for the national team he scores a goal out of 5 missed chances! Mifsud does not pass the ball, and although he has pace, I do not see him as a premier league player - too short and not very strong! Defoe is short yes, but very strong when compared. However, if we could get him for a very cheap price, maybe, why not???
Pompey Malta
And Benjani??? Why he isn't with us? I am sure that if we keep on failing in bringing strikers, we will get him on the last day. That is why I hope that Viduka won't sign the deal!
Pompey Malta
hes injured why buy an innjured player
Malta, HSB & Hussler Some good points made .. here's my retort (and I apologise up front if I dis Maltese football) but Mifsud kicking his heels in Valletta is hardly worth it .. I was offered a trial with Silema Wanderers (his club) when I was younger and turned it down because the quality of Maltese football was so poor and I don't think it's improved that much since .. Mifsud was at Coventry and then Barnsley last year wan't he .. Is he really worth a punt ? As for Benjani .. I am swinging to the 'yes' side but only as cover for Fred in a 4-5-1 .. Naylor is a def yes for me .. he'll be better than Hermann and Belhadj isn't quite the finished article yet ..
Hussler Is Benjani still injured .. are you sure ?
Just checked with the FA .. Benjani is not registered as player recieving treatment ,, so he is recovering at worse.. Is he worth a punt.. he'll be cheap and committed and we know up front what we'll be getting.. I say Yes !
the Zimbabwian lad has won his appeal according to the news
plymouth graham
b>Plymouth Graham Is that official then?.. I had a text earlier (an hour ago) to say it had gone through but nothing top warrant jumping up and down about... I guess if The News are going with it as well that's good enough for me.. The lad is not a first teamer (yet) but from what I hear shows a lot of potential.. played against Hawks and Basingstoke..
So how many players can we get on loan again?? ive read ur previous answer Chix, but is this still accurate? We already have Piq, so we can get one more abroad loan yeah?
b>Nods We've been looking at this all day without any conclusion but our (my with the help of Hussler and Carpet) think it's unlited foreign but no more than one from any one club and no more than 7 can play at once.. Once i get something official I'll let you know ... but def 4 domestic but only 2 at any one time
Chix, Maltese football will always be what it was - poor. We never made the grade at International level, and players like Mifsud are the best we can get, and yet he is an unwanted player in the championship. I am not sure if he reached an agreement with Leeds.
Pompey Malta
so that rules us loaning john mesiah from lyon then if we cant get two from 1 club on loan.. just seen that hull have made a 12million bid for a real madrid striker..
viduka would be a smart choice for this season - depending on the price / conclusion of ownership etc... stability up front, play of piquionne.. yea? cmon! get on board the duke wagon!
Viduka is *****e and has the wrong attitude.
what about benjani we need another striker.
I'd drive Benjani back down here myself. That legend needs to come home.

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