Portsmouth - Storrie reassures Pompey fans
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Storrie reassures Pompey fans

At around 5pm on Saturday things were, momentarily at least, looking a little brighter - we had put in a decent showing, with a lot of effort and commitment shown against Rangers as we secured a win, although it was a little after this that 'more rumours' started filtering through that 'the deal was off'...

For me, in many ways this was not unsurprising at all really - although we of course know that since statements have against been issued by SAF's people denying this.

Peter Storrie has again moved to try and clam the concerns that people continue to have by telling The News that the deal is not off as well as lashing out at the national media: 'it's an absolute load of rubbish. Why do the national papers continue to go on about this?

'I am sick and tired of their accusations having at go at the club all the time.

'The national press has it in for Portsmouth Football Club. It's like some sort of campaign against us, it's ridiculous. They will not leave us alone and it's affecting things.

'We are trying to sort things out and they keep coming up with this rubbish. Why do these people keep having a go at us?'

I think that we have all, just about, learned that we do have to take what the papers say with a pinch of salt - that said at the same time there have been times over the years, and I do not just mean in recent times, that we have not always done as much to help ourselves as we could so can bring something's upon ourselves...

That is not to say that I feel we deserve the rough treatment that we always get, far from it!

It was being 'claimed' that Sacha had set SAF a 7-day deadline to come up with the money to conclude the takeover or the deal was off.

Although SAF's people continue to maintain that the deal is 'now in its final stages and the final talks are proceeding on a cordial basis' as well as saying 'all parties involved are exercising every effort to complete the sale as soon as possible in the best interest of the club and its supporters who are showing an extraordinary level of loyalty to this great club.'

Storrie has asked us to 'wait and see' with regards to the takeover: 'all I can say to supporters is just wait and see, just wait and see.'

The problem that he has? People will find it hard to believe that this is actually the case? Things that have previously been said have not always panned out as it was claimed they would...

This deal has taken a long, long time so it is only natural that the longer it takes the more you worry about it not happening.

What I can say, which very, very much surprised me with all the talk that 'the deal was off' on Saturday evening was the fact that having personally spoken on the phone to someone at the club on Friday lunchtime that although 'the takeover' was not really discussed the implication that this was in anyway in doubt was never given, in fact I was told 'the sooner this deal goes through the better,' and there was never any implication that they were aware - and I would have suspected they would have some idea - it would not...

For what it is worth - and clearly I am no more in the know than anyone else, I just know what 'people at the club sometimes tell me' and what various 'word on the street' people come up with - whilst I think it is pretty clear that SAF is not completed minted with funds ready to him, he is a wealthy man. I have always felt that it was his backers that would offer up most funds, but also felt that the majority of 'the better ones' would not come on board until January.

Why is this?

Is it because those coming in do not want to be saddled with the debt that the club have built up, as are some of the stories that are doing the rounds says, or is it because these people have been 'frightened off' by the fit and proper tests? In which case is this because they are not 'fit and proper' or is it just because so many Arabian business types like to keep things 'private' that they have opted against wanting to be disclosed, as they would now have to be?

Quite how true this is, again I could not say, but one thing that 'word on the street' has seen come up is news that SAF is now 'the guarantor' on the loan from the South African Bank? So, 'if' he is and 'if' he walked away - despite it being suspected that if he walked away he did so having lost nothing - he 'could' would walk away having to cough up some £20m-£30m for payment on that loan?

Whatever is happening, if it is haggling over who takes on debt, who gets what land or whatever it is lets just get this matter sorted once and for all - and lets do it before we get into the new season! Good or bad it is now time for both parties to agree to the deal and get what was 'agreed in principle' months ago concluded concretely! If SAF seriously does not have the funds needed to at least complete his part of the deal just admit it, although I am still not convinced that he is so lacking in funds that he cannot conclude that 'principally' agreed part of the deal, but who knows eh!

I retain my belief, despite admitting that it is not as strong - but remains pretty strong - as it was that the deal will go through, and also retain the thoughts that the early period of this will remain a tough one, but if we get through this the longer-term future will be brighter...

But, as said, lets just finalise what is happening one way or the other now.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 10 2009

Time: 11:30AM

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Good to know that its still on and fingers crossed it will be completed this week.
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10/08/2009 11:34:00

We'll all be one helluva lot happier once the deal is done, although I somehow doubt the gutter rags inventive tales of woe will stop there.
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10/08/2009 11:42:00

Basically Rug, you're as frustrated, nausiated by our demise and completely in the dark as the rest of us. Makes me feel soooooo much better it's not just me blinking in the black here. I don't think the paper's are out to get us. When was the last time they wrote an oooo aren't they wonderful piece about anyone other than villa and everton. Basic human nature dictates it's more fun to be harsh and exagerate the negative - sells more papers. And to be fair, we deserve it. We were FA cup holders 2 seasons ago bordering on a top 6 finish. Since then we've narrowly avoided relegation, sold 75m worth of player with about 6m coming the other way and are currently subject to the most cloak and dagger, protracted take over this summer - taking off your pompey hat for one sec... what would anyone else write? But after all that, I still thing, Brum, Burnley, Wolves, Hull and Stoke will ALL be weaker than us this year. I predict a 14 finish.
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10/08/2009 11:42:00

agree totaly with storrie and the article the media and papers etc have it in for us. when you think about it any new storry in the papers or online is untrue becuase the only peolple in the real know about the deal is sachas people and dr safs people and all they've been saying is that all these articles in national papers etc are untrue. don't know if anyone saw this in Piers Morgan's column in the Mail today. "Portsmouth will be absolutely fine. I know the guy who is buying them, Sulaiman Al-Fahim, and he is not only a very serious businessman, hes also stinking rich. So relax, Pompey fans." check out the linkvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNitIB0r874&feature=PlayList&p=086DEAB21B984B1A&index=0&playnext=1
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10/08/2009 12:23:00

If the deal is going to go ahead and I hope/still believe it will, I reckon it will be by this weekend and SAF will be brought out onto the pitch and introduced as the new owner. Not sure where I saw it now, but a few weeks back it was muted that SAF has a German backer waiting in the wings? If this is the case, then hopefully between now and January he comes in and then if need be spend to keep us in the league. As Jim says I still think there will be other teams weaker than us, and having seen the starting 11 on Saturday, I am not that worried anyway. Yes we coulkd do with more in depth, but with those that are injured back in the frey again, we should be ok.
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10/08/2009 12:59:00

Stinking rich is one thing having cash around to spend the amount he needs another. Everything crossed in Eastney too!
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10/08/2009 13:09:00

Got my fingers and toes crossed and something else!! LOL Play Up Pompey.
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10/08/2009 13:15:00

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10/08/2009 13:20:00

Well Mr Storrie, I'm afraid I've gone past my cut off limit regarding both what you, the press or the protagonists in this takeover have to say. That's not being negative, I'm just sick to death of the whole thing to be honest. And until we have an official announcement saying the deal is done, the money has been paid and SAF truly is the owner, I'm going play wait and see. There have been too many false dawns in this saga now and I'm suffering with "REASSURANCE FATIGUE"
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10/08/2009 13:38:00

Totally agree with PS too,I've been saying since the start that the press have been stirring things up and can't help felling it's a bit of a coincidence that the worst are two publications that a certain HR has a column in and it's Sunday sister .I also think it's on for this Saturday . PUP
blues to the core
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10/08/2009 13:41:00

I must admit I am as flat a pancake that has been steam rollered! Very glad to be proved wrong but after an emotionally exhausting 6 months, I don't have the stomach to worry about it like I used to do. I am resigned to what will be, will be & expect a lot of hard times ahead.
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10/08/2009 15:58:00

Well the 'wait and see' line from PS to me sounds a bit more optimistic, so perhaps things are progressing? Time will tell

On the idea of investors, if they do not wish to be known, why do they not put 9% in rather than 10% which I believe is the magical 'make yourself known' number? To get higher return for the investment they could put 9% in through different members of their family and all keep as silent backers! Well they would in my country anyway.

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10/08/2009 16:43:00

Got to admit, I'm getting fed up of being told "patience" I think we have been overly patient now!
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10/08/2009 17:24:00

Frankly. it's laughable (except that it's not funny) to be getting high and mighty, criticising the press for dreaming this up when the club themselves were issuing statements raising the prospect of more players being sold "should the takeover not take place". He can keep claiming it's the press that are dreaming this up, and a few people will buy it because we know the press do make stuff up, but the vast majority are going to see this as the self-righteous nonsense it is. There are multiple factions within the club, each putting out different stories, and it screams "crisis" from the rooftops. Instead of spinning to The News and the fans, the club should concentrate on sorting out their differences and getting something done before the crisis becomes a catastrophe.
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10/08/2009 19:04:00

When there's no information, rumours flourish - of course its going to happen seeing as this farce of a takeover has rumbled on for so long. I'm still hoping it will happen, but if it doesn't won't be too surprised - worried but not too surprised. As for reassurances - I've got reassurance fatigue too, I want action, not more reassurances.
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10/08/2009 19:33:00

i think Phil Taglia shoots from the hip and hits the bull right between the eyes
plymouth graham
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10/08/2009 21:12:00

I think Storrie has a nerve talking to us like we are children. We are customers who have forked out thousands of pounds in season ticket money and are quite rightly anxious to know what we are getting for our money.
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10/08/2009 23:25:00

If he was such a good chief exec; how did we get into this mess, lest we forget Harry wasnt tusted with negotiations and signings. It is just not feasable thathe didnt know and i completely agree with Gansor and other above, its not like we all get 1.5 million is it; sum are less wage capped than others
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10/08/2009 23:43:00

i agree with Gandor as well
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10/08/2009 23:44:00

the annoying thing is every one knows-the bookies, the press, and your mates who do not support Pompey, we are in the cr@p...its only Uncle Pete, who is costantly saying all will be OK...All along Ive had my serious doubts which i have posted..however, I do think if we can avoid Administration, we will do ok on the pitch this season
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
11/08/2009 07:51:00

Ah yes, I always like to read your posts of a morning Graham, cheers me up no end! ;-)
Report Abuse
11/08/2009 09:02:00


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