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Tell us something, and fast...

Another day and the outlook for Pompey, well at least according to the media, is as 'bleak and depressing' as the weather when I look out my window - and where I am it is persistently p**sing down, and has done most all day so far, as it has most of yesterday and overnight!

You know, everywhere you turn it is the same story, the Peter Storrie and 'that email' story... I am not, and will not point any finger of blame at him, or anyone else - all that I do know is it is time, and long since passed, for us to be told some truths.

David James has said we are down to the 'bare bones', which we are and he hopes we do not sell anymore...

But the message all over t'internet today is the case will be we have to sell more, although do we really have many more saleable assets left?

There is more about SAF and his deal not going through at all, this player and that player going but even the 'good news' that Amr Zaki is 'said' to be on his way on loan is being overshadowed, then again Nikola Kalinic was 'on his way' but he is now a Blackburn player, subject to a work permit... That deal, for whatever reason did not happen so it is not worth finger pointing on that one either, as how will it help?

Of course all over the media and t'internet today there is, as touched upon briefly already, a story attributed to Storrie and 'that email' that he is 'said' to have sent a fan...

This email was doing the rounds yesterday and was being directly quoted in 'everyone's favourite' The Sun today, although despite what various reports since are telling us this is not 'something that the club have told the fans', it - if it was even said, and I am not saying it was not as there is every chance it was - was told to a fan, one fan! So, singular not plural! So, the fans were not told what the email said - that was an email to one person, granted one person that would share it with others...

Something that we do know is Storrie has responded to the fans before, so like I say this is highly probably to have been the case - thing is 'when' was this email sent? This could have been weeks, even months ago, then again it could well have been in the past couple of days or so.

Whatever though, we really do need something to happen, we need to be told something - surely we have to make some form of announcement in response to today's revelations?

'Word on the street' is that serious protests are planned for the Rangers game at the weekend.

Whilst I, like everyone else, feel frustrated and want to hear something I still cannot see what this will achieve, and - as has been pointed out in the forum - the thing that I worry most about is the fact that this could turn 'very nasty' and even lead to our own fans turning on each other? And how would this help anyone? Again, as pointed out in the forum the best way to point out displeasure is by not going!

This hole that has been being dug for sometime, a hole that had been covered over at times over the months, but beneath this 'cover' was continuing to be dug, the problem now appears to be that this cover has come off and the rain that is persisting down has filled this up, which has left so many struggling to now tread that water...

So, and a message that I guess I can only echo that has been shared in this, and other forums, is we desperately need to be told something - and fast, collectively, not individually, we need the official website to act as the vessel it is meant to be, that official port of call where something we all need to know is told to us as a group! We, as various forums, then report this back.

Problem is, people have become increasingly cynical and will they even believe it now? That is another concern, will they just think it is spin?

Maybe this goes totally against what I have said above at times, and I am not burying my head in the sand, I am not trying to be blinkered to what is going on and I am not trying to be positive for the sake of being positive - as I admit I have been up and down recently and my head is spinning big time, but I do maintain my thoughts (maybe this is more 'hope' now though, I do not know) that when whatever is going on to prevent something that needs to happen from happening is sorted out we will still get this better future, the problem is we are seriously running out of time for these actions that could come about to happen before it is to late to prevent the worst case scenario..


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 4 2009

Time: 12:42PM

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Rug - I agree wholheartedly - whilst I am slowly coming round to the idea of a protest, a better form of protest would be not to go. I think for one game next season we should just not bother turning up - no season ticket holders, nothing.
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04/08/2009 12:45:00

Me too, it is time for action as it has gone on too long. A statement now would avoid any possible problems on Saturday.
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04/08/2009 12:53:00

We deserve some sort of information. Why has SAF and his people suddenly gone so quiet? What has happened to ArabianBusiness.com and Gulfnews.com? Where are the leaked reassurances? Just such a saddening situation.
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04/08/2009 13:00:00

rug- i think the article is a very good insight into whats happenin at fratton but i just feel so angry with all the board and management at pompey that i think a protest is the right thing to do so they actually realise how angry we are, otherwise this will just continue,
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04/08/2009 13:01:00

are you all going to the match? cos we could meet up before? ive not met you all.
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04/08/2009 13:04:00

If this takeover is for the sake of stabalisation then will Al Fahim still be here if we end up in the championship? Obviously I want pompey to remain in the Premier League, but if we should go down I would be happier knowing that we still had investment and the backing of Al Fahim. I hope he wouldn't just jump ship and would still deliver the plans from the 'New Era' document. The way this season is shaping up though I really can't see us staying up, we'll be relying on teams doing worse than us again like newcastle. PUP!!!
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04/08/2009 13:12:00

Personally I think all any protest will do is drive the doc away! And at the end of the day we are all only customers, therefore have no right to know about the inner workings of the business (club)
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04/08/2009 13:24:00

I don't know what to think any more. I'm not sure what a protest is really going to achieve, but I understand how frustrated and worried, even angry everybody is, and I guess people feel that their feelings aren't being taken notice of, so maybe its not a bad thing. As long as it doesn't get silly and there's no trouble, because you know how the press will spin it if they get a chance, and they won't make our fans or our club look good at all. As for not going to the match, I'm not sure about that, I've paid my money, I plan the rest of everything around when there's football (except I got it wrong with the Fulham game but thats off topic). Bottom line - we need to know what's going on and we need this today.
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04/08/2009 13:24:00

Hear hear, stop keeping us in the dark and treating us like a necessary evil!! It would seem we've all Pompey have got at the moment...
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04/08/2009 13:24:00

Is there still a legal reason for the silence? Is what needs to be said, the explanation, likely to make us hate The Doctor in the short term? Does saf want the club to enter administration for a cheaper sale? Is Gaydamak asset stripping the club before selling? Have they 'fallen out' and are working against each other? Who is calling the shots with regard to signings? Who has decided we can only afford Third Division standard and old players? Is there a stand-off for some reason and is gaydamak, 'showing off'? Is there a date for 'the sale' and anything Gaydamak sells before that date, he keeps? Is this 'good business practice' and should we ever have faith in someone who cares so little for our pain? So many questions . . . . . . .
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04/08/2009 13:27:00

.......and so few answers!!
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04/08/2009 13:33:00

Unless there is some positive news, I am going to Boycott the game against Rangers on Saturday, Just what is the point of paying 20 quid to watch the youth team, Ive already done that against Havant, Basingstoke and Eastleigh! Im a season ticket holder, I've paid to watch the home games, - so the only way I can protest is not go tot he Rangers match, I'm not giving Sascha my Money, so he can walk out of FP on Saturday with it. Bare the thought! and as for S.AL Fahim, I think he has just about lost all credibility, he doesnt care about this club, in truth I think all he see is a nice little property development opportunity.
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04/08/2009 13:38:00

Just checked the OS..zilch. The longer this goes on without any denial on that email the more I'm suspecting something actually is wrong. But now it's been used by the BBC of all people surely something is going to have to be said by someone.
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04/08/2009 14:09:00

The more I think about the less I think that protests and boycotts are a good idea. Our club's in financial trouble -so we need more fans showing up and paying their money not less. We also need the few players we have left, who probably feel a bit up against it, to feel the warmth of the Fratton roar and know that the fans are behind them come what may. By all means sing about your frustrations in the stand. But come and sing in the stand. Because that's what true supporters do!
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04/08/2009 14:20:00

Unlikely to be true but rumours say Pompey need to find 10M by Friday or go into Administration.
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04/08/2009 14:36:00

It is very scary. Administration is a killer!!! Is Dr Saf waiting for that or what? We'll be taken apart on & off the pitch!!!
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04/08/2009 14:43:00

Where did you read that, bluedr?
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04/08/2009 14:43:00

UK Tony, sorry I cannot disclose or someone would be liable. Whilst I do believe the source I think they too could be being sold a line which I think is not true. It is likely that SAF is overseeing this with a view to picking up all things fratton on the cheap. To him he could get the club for 1, and then pick up all the TV Rights etc.
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04/08/2009 14:46:00

Cheer up fellas. Try to look at the bright side. It's obvious from Storrie's comments why we haven't spent any dosh thus far - Sacha & SAF are locked in a *****ing match over the final sale fee. Logically that means 2 things could happen. A) the deal falls through (and I'd say that's pretty unlikely at this point since Sacha will lose his shirt and SAF will have made an ass of himself) or B) the deal goes through and money is freed up to bring in new players (albeit with very little time to do so before the window shuts). In any event, I'm sure they both realize that the thing can't drag on much longer and someone in this Mexican standoff is going to have to blink. These are difficult and anxious times, but it's better to know than to not know exactly what the problem is here, and at least Storrie's tidbit email shines light on an alarming but not lost situation eh ? PUP Faithful !
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04/08/2009 14:49:00

Re a protest - Nah...lets just be stoic and play it out eh. Let the lesser teams' fans whine in public :-)
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 14:50:00

Still nothing official from Pompey though - even the News have joined in with calling for a statement. The prospect of SAF waiting for the club to go into Administration before buying it up cheap concerns me though. So much for the picture of the fan-friendly chairman he painted when he first came!
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 14:59:00

Tracy: If he allows that to happend then he won't be buying an EPL team anymore will he ? I think it's all about two big egos vying to come out on top of a deal. Sanity (or mutual self-interest) will prevail, I'm certain of it.
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04/08/2009 15:04:00

Good article rug! This is so depressing, trying to understand something we cannot. Like 1898 said, sometimes I think that PFC is a business like many others and we have no right to know what is happening 100%. Let us say you are a fan of Canterbury sports wear, and suddenly you hear that the company might close down. You feel sad, but could you ever demand an explanation??? No. Maybe, same here.
Pompey Malta
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 15:23:00

I'm going on Saturday - as long as I haven't got swine flu off my flat mate. Will it be okay to turn up and pay on the day?
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 15:35:00

Pompeyscum, Yes there's loads of tickets left, you can pay on the day. Just go to the ticket office, and they only want cash on the day. Not sure why that is - shall we start another conspiracy theory? Probably to save time if a few thousand turn up?
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 16:02:00

I presume instead of cash registers there will be bin liners and a van left running out the back. Would be nice to see Mendez again (presuming it is the real Glasgow Rangers and not Newport in disguise)
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 16:46:00

Who do you protest against? Storrie for lies, Hart for " footbaling reasons" lies; sasha the business man for selling players he had clearly mortgaged to cover his debt, SAF for not wanting to take on sasha's debt; do you want to really bite the only hand likely to feed you? Storrie for driving down salary whilst being paid a stunning amount; he's doing what he's been told. By all means protest, targeted ones often work but you have to work out whom you are protesting against!
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04/08/2009 16:46:00

People need to consider the possible effects of a protest; start with an end goal; sorry about the pun
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04/08/2009 16:49:00

As has been said a vocal protest will not achieve a great deal, however a few empty seats may have a more desired affect.
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04/08/2009 16:54:00

People need to consider the possible effects of a protest; start with an end goal; sorry about the pun
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04/08/2009 16:55:00

To make a statement, empty seats would say it best.
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04/08/2009 18:45:00

I think we need to keep supporting the club and more importantly each other
L L Blue
Report Abuse
04/08/2009 21:04:00

A good article Ruggers .. and I think LL Blue's cmment above says's it all really..
Report Abuse
05/08/2009 00:51:00


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