Portsmouth - Kalinic deal falls through?
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Kalinic deal falls through?

Nikola Kalinic does not look like he will be joining Pompey?

The Croatian striker was hotly tipped to come to Fratton, with him also tipped for success in the premier league by his national manager and former Croatian internationals but the 21-year-olds move appears to have fallen through due to transfer terms not being agreed.

Kalinic is believed to have agreed to a deal, agreed terms and a fee agreed with Hajduk Split but it seems that they wanted most, or the full £5.5m transfer fee upfront - but this was not something that we could agree to so, at this point in time the deal is off!

In all fairness, although - and in my opinion wrongly so - so many transfers these days do not involve most/full payments upfront it is Split's right to demand this, and in my thinking this is how transfers should be done, I feel clubs should pay most/all money up front or they do not sign a player...

Another one bites the dust then it seems - disappointing, as I was genuinely excited by this potential signing, but what can you do! It seems this deal is dead, well the media think it is, but you never know?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 30 2009

Time: 7:39AM

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well be ablt to see when Hull playat fratton...or droopy might get him as one for the future...trouble is Kranjcar will now leave i suspect..if Pompey ant afford 5m transfer we have had it...sasha or alf who's fault?
plymouth graham
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30/07/2009 07:55:00

Yep, would have been a good signing, still cant believe that payment terms to Hadjuk Split were not agreed, before we even talked to the player and his agent, c'mon, thats the first thing you do, negotiate how much and on what payment terms if you agree to seell, PS and the negotiating team are muppets and unbelieveably incompetent, or there is more to this than meets the eye. For example when you go shopping for a large expensive item, you agree a price with the seller , then decide how your going to pay, cash or HP or interest free loan etc, sign the forms and hey presto, you've allowed to have the goods. You don't go tot the shops, agree a price, take it home, and decide to pay for it over 100 years at 0% interest do you, FFS! Pompey get your act sorted out! money may be tight, my missus could have saved you a fortune she is an expert shopper! probably couls have talked the price down to a Million as well, Hadjuk would have been happy to sell at that price just to shut her up and get rid of her!"
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30/07/2009 08:00:00

Kranjcars gonna leave in the summer anywy PG and if he wants to sulk because his fellow countryman doesn't want to join PFC then he'd just as well ***** off now.. I've challenged Judge Gino on the point that his (NK's) commitment to PFC is unfounded and superficial but nobody is prepared to argue with me.. Perhaps everybody agrees with me ;) .. Shame about Kalinic .. but I've a sneaky feeling this is not over yet..
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30/07/2009 08:03:00

THIS IS A RANT- I MAY TAKE BACK SOME OF WHAT I SAY-There is something very wrong with all this. I feel it shows up the whole thing about foreign ownership. For a long time the question has been what happens when the owner loses interest and decides to with draw support. In our case Sasha is pocketing loads of cash and ALF aint putting any in because He aint got any. That sight that Chix and everybody discredits might not be far wrong about this bloke being a Gobs@ite-Jobsite- Promising the earth and delivering nothing, certainly we knew Sasha didnt have the cash to buy a Prem club and it was his old mans..also right from the off PFC/sasha bought the Spurs 3 on a mortgage. Now 77m back from sales and we still cant buy a 5m player???? Lets just give up Hope now, Don't Blame PH in this he has had his legs and arms tied..just wait til players are'nt paid like Livingston FC or Accrington...We are in the Jobsite alright
plymouth graham
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30/07/2009 08:07:00

This guy will sign for Porto today if the deal can be done!
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30/07/2009 08:09:00

my guess is given it's a balkan state club that they changed the terms late on. I have to say having dealings with a large number of nations, the middle eastern states and english tend to be straighter up front. The only other thing I can thing of is naivity. i.e. different business protocol led to conflicted expectations - assumption being the mother of all... Still VERY disappointed though. Still no news on Finnan on the Pompey website...
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30/07/2009 08:17:00

to be fair SAF has never promised anything, player wise, he said that he would sort out the infrastructure when he is in complete control of the club, which we have to remember he is not, he might be 'the chairman' at the moment but he isnt the owner - clearly i do not know the ins and out, neither do anyone else - but i would 'guess' SAF has put in what he can to keep the wolves at bay, and more will follow - quite probably not his, but investors he has lined up - but it is being left to sacha and storrie to sort out the mess that they, and others connected to the club over the years, have got us in, when this is done SAF can and will come in and the 'new era' will begin.
as i see it we have been saved from administration, and i seriously think this was pretty damn close - other issues need sorting out, but what can we do. it would be helpful if the club told us more, but how would openly coming out and saying 'were in the *****' help, any other 'assets' that could then be sold wouldnt be sold for what we wanted, they would be sold for what people wanted to pay as the would know 'officially' we have to sell for what we can get.
all in all, like i have said before, in many ways there is no point in finger pointing, we cannot undo what is done but there is also no point, in my thinking, writing off what the future could bring before it does - once SAF is officially the owner 100% of the club lets see what he does, until he is i cannot see we can cast too much judgement over him and to be fair 'why' would he get so heavily involved if he was not serious? ive always felt that he wouldnt be around for the long term as ive felt he was 'brokering' a deal a la citeh...
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30/07/2009 08:17:00

as for the kalinic deal, basically i said what i wanted to above, but like chixy i still feel there is more to 'rumble on' with this deal and do not believe that porto are as interested as his agent makes out...
as for kranjcar - you know that i see parts of what you say as being true chixy, i want to argue for kranjcar but feel i cannot as i agree with parts of what you are saying, altho i guess it is better than you winning a trial be default, so 'if' no one else is prepared to fight against you by the end of the day i guess i will have to have a good...i will go and revive that thread now :-)
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30/07/2009 08:20:00

Some reports seem to think the deal collapsed because Pompey wouldn't pay the agent what he wanted. One things for sure with Pompey we will never know the true story. I always knew this one seemed to good to be true.
Steve C
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30/07/2009 08:46:00

there is a really good thread in the forum about this kalinic deal at the moment, with plenty of croatian input - i would say well worth a look, click here...
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30/07/2009 09:04:00

If SAF had the investors to to put money in later..why could'nt he put it in cash now andpay off/ get rid of sasha and storrie, and then start the new era now before we are bottom of the league with NO POINTS...We nees Kalinic and Hunt and dabo etc but we aint gonna get them are we, kets be real here. We will end up with Bopp , diop and hughes in midfiels and the scouse mouse up front. oh and a 58 year old ex irish international captaining the back four.....We are becoming a joke..
plymouth graham
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30/07/2009 09:11:00

no Gray... Burnley, Hull and probably Wolves and Stoke will be the joke... we just need to be solid. I can see Kranc Diop Basinas plus a.n.other or Nuge in midfield - altho PH does seem to really like Muggins. That doesn't sound SO bad - though I agree it could be better and we've seen better - but financially this is our lot for the short term.
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30/07/2009 09:39:00

I suppose a lot of people like me thought, if we can another one or two like this guy then we might be alright to survive until January; it's just another disappointment and standard Pompey. I see no one has gone public on specifics of the deal so it might not be completely dead.
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30/07/2009 09:55:00

The interesting point made on the forum is that it's funny that no deals have been announced on the official website, Mokoena, Finnan? This may also apply to the Kalinic deal as the post said that from some reports the takeover will be properly completed by the end of this week allowing funds to be released to finalise these deals. Hopefully this is true as it makes sense to why these deals haven't been announced officially. Fingers crossed. Play Up Pompey
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30/07/2009 11:05:00

Thanks for the link Rug - doesn't sound like the sort of player you'd want in a relegation battle
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30/07/2009 12:18:00

LOL next........
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30/07/2009 12:38:00

Moley2, I expect the chap who updates the website has been sold to Rochdale for 150! ;-)
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30/07/2009 12:41:00

Graham, you say Sacha is taking money out of the club, but its money he put in the club in the first place. It wasn't a donation, it was a loan - they always are. As for foreign ownership, if we didn't have foreign owners we wouldn't have any owners at all, and you'd be watching Argyle reminiscing about the days when there used to be a football club in the @ss end of Southsea. Apart from that everything Rug said!
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30/07/2009 17:56:00

Oh - another point I wanted to say something about. Why doesn't Al-Fahim just put his hand in his pocket now and solve all the problems? Because the man's not a fool, that's why.
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30/07/2009 17:57:00

agreed Tracey. The whole thing is all about how mental football has become. I still can't get my head round a weekly income of over 50k. It's obscene and we can't afford to keep paying out millions a week. I am envisioning a situation where we are playing Scummers in the league in 2010-2011....
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30/07/2009 18:33:00

Ive calmed down now and Tracy is right wew have had 3 forriegn owners each has either saved the club in some capacity the previous two brought proper siverware to our club...i am old enough to remember John Deacon, and he was a prt...its just frustrating and scary and a real worry. I want us to sign a youngish talented player or four, not "old has been never was quite brilliant's"
plymouth graham
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30/07/2009 22:21:00

apparently Blackburn are in for Kalinic now as they've dropped their interest in Ghalis... but then may be they want Ghalis and us Kalinic - and we've agreed to each be "interested" in the other's player to get the agent's to stop mucking around - stranger things have happened
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31/07/2009 11:16:00

There are some deep seated management issues surfacing that if someone doesn't address soon, is going to put our Club in a very tenuous position. I have read all the various comments above and I am afraid, that because we don't know the truth. The innuendo being created is sparking lots of incorrect thinking, comments and criticism. I along with you all, cannot connect the dots and I think that is the same internally in the Club itself. What I do know is there a distinct lack of leadership. A blind man with a straw arse can see that. I also think that because SAF has basically not said anything with any confidence behind it, there is a lot of blind faith shown towards him, and currently that blind faith cannot be justified. For someone who is supposedly a Billionaire, he cannot stump up 4m for Kalinic is preposterous! Don't anyone dare comment that the sale is not complete so he can't, because any decent financial director could organise it easily if SAF HAS the money. We all know Storrie is an idiot, so you have to ask why he is allowed to carry on bodging things up over transfers. My blind faith tells me that SAF is a businessman, so why hasn't he seen what we all see and that is that his new lieutenants aren't up to the job. We see if from afar, so why can't he see it from up very close. As things are going, the cautious approach is not going to work. My reality now is leading me to believe that SAF is all smoke and mirrors and that spells big trouble. Gaydamak said he would hand over the club to someone who would build on the basis he had created. Well thats a bloody joke because he has virtually sold the family silver from under SAF's nose. Someone said their missus could do a better job than this lot. Well lets get her in there because we need her, FAST!!!
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31/07/2009 16:46:00

reports coming out of croatia are saying that kalinic has signed for blackburn, so it 'seems' we have definiately missed that one now?
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31/07/2009 18:19:00


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