Portsmouth - Lets do it the right way, eh?
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Lets do it the right way, eh?

So, word on the street is that 'protests' or 'demonstrations' are planned by Pompey fans at Havant & Waterloovile tomorrow night, hmm, what will that achieve...

As for these reported protests or demonstrations, who are they aimed at? Portsmouth Football Club as a whole, the current ownership or the ownership in waiting?

Whilst I can understand and appreciate that the Pompey faithful are frustrated, disappointed or are even dejected and want answers but I cannot see how these proposals will benefit anyone, for me they would most likely make things worse in as much as they only add to the uncertainty in so many peoples heads...

Lets show what we are really all about, our backs are to the wall so lets give the best support we can, shout and sing and back pompey all the way tomorrow is what I say!

Yep, I want answers as much as anyone, I am trying all I can to get answers, I am pissed off that our own official website is not telling us more, ok, areas to do with the takeover cannot see much said, but other areas can.

Lets keep the faith lets not protest too much against what is going on, lets show the true Pompey support, the support at its best to make Dr SAF even more appreciative of what he will be getting, lets get off on the right foot, not the wrong one!

Put it this way, times have been harder in the past than they are now, have they not? So why 'protest' now, who is it doing this and what is it expected to achieve in a positive light?

We might not want Paul Hart, we might not want so and so and want so and so else, but at the end of the day we have to accept what we are given, and then support this as we support the club not individual, right?

If we do not like this then we voice our discontent by not going to 'proper' games...

These are testing times, like I say I can understand and appreciate the frustrations and emotions everyone is feeling, we are all feeling them but lets keep the faith a while longer, lets not kick-off tomorrow night, lets show Portsmouth Football Club in a positive light for what it really is, the club with the best fans in the world - fans that deserve more, and will hopefully get more, and a lot more respect too, when these times do change!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 20 2009

Time: 1:00PM

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Protesting now is a terrible idea, all it will do is put doubt in the doctors mind and if he pulls out now then we are totally @ucked!
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20/07/2009 13:25:00

What a complete waste of time. We are, and have been frustrated for 2-3 months now, and with a decision on the club take over imminent, why don't we wait to see the outcome before making fools of ourselves. The Press have already got their teeth into us big time, we are only helping them with this feeding frenzy by behaving in a ngative manner as well. Dignity please.
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20/07/2009 13:31:00

Absoloute nonsense that anyone should want to start demonstrating at the moment! I too, am a little worried by the thin squad and low quality we have left, however, this should be a time of showing our solidarity. Those who protest at the moment are the fairweather squad who never experienced Div 4 games etc. Lets show the Doc how great a fan base we are.
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20/07/2009 13:41:00

Protesting? We really do have some morons in our ranks dont we. Must be the same donkeys who post on the news website.
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20/07/2009 13:54:00

Forget the protests, that wont change anything, more importantly keep an eye out for those players that play and any triallists. Will we see the see the new left back? Also, guessing Crouch and Distin won't play?
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20/07/2009 14:41:00

Good shout Rug. You know my feelings are strong on this and in some respects I'm pleased I can't go tomorrow as if I saw somebody protest/demonstrate and spurt a load of crap at the team or Paul Hart or anybody connected to the club I'd probably just lose it - I agree most people are frustrated and want answers so do I .. but we have come this far .. What will a moronic bunch of 'supporters' (and I use that term loosely) actually think they can achieve - At times like this we should stick together and not dissent from the ranks .. We are at the drawning of a new era .. Why ***** it up .. when in another few days or weeks we will see Pompey change for the better (I hope) forever.
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20/07/2009 14:52:00

I disagree. Do I sit idle whilst a takeover that has taken an age, wrecked our pre season, and left us still wondering what is going on? Or do i voice my disapproval at the way the whole thing has been handled. I don't want Paul Hart as manager. I want more players and better players. I want an owner who has money to invest in Pompey rather than using Pompey as an investment. I am unhappy and know I am not alone. we plan plenty of protests at the pre season friendlies and if need be Premier league matches. Those who sit and wait patiently, I respect your view but not your method.
The Rabbi
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 15:06:00

Pointless waste of time likely to upset the man who's support and cash we need the most, we are all frustrated but sadly one or two of us dmbfuqs with it
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20/07/2009 15:33:00

Takeovers take a long time. Those who think otherwise are deluded. Unfortunately, in trying to give the fans some good news, Pompey announced the potential deal far too early. Has anyone ever tried buying a house? Were you able sell you old house and buy your new house in a month? Now look at multi million pound business....do you think it could be done in a month? Don't be so ridiculous. PUP
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 15:39:00

this is stupid whats the point in doing a protest, as you said rug they probs cause more damage than anythink, i agree also of what you say bout backing the team 2morrow, lets sing not protest.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 17:18:00

Rabbi So what are you (personally) protesting about ? and why do you think you have the right to protest ? and do you really think you are representative of Pompey fans generally ?.. It's obvious we disagree (I knew we would;) but try and make me understand - You've known me long enough to know I'm not just picking a fight for the sake of it - I genuinely want to know what you (personally) hope to achieve ..
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 18:00:00

I've mixed feelings about the whole thing, it's obvious that neither party has given a thought for the fans. We've sat back and watched as the strength in our team is decimated with not a word from anyone on why it is necessary or where the future will take us. Fans are an important part of the club, they are in most cases the longest surviving part of a club, most of us were round a long time before the players and will still be around a long time after the players have gone. It seems that the powers that be need to be reminded of this, whether or not a protest is the right way to go about it or not i'm not sure, but something needs to be communicated to the club and the dr. As Pompey fans we will stand by our team no matter what but we'd like to know a bit about why these drastic decisions are necessary.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 18:08:00

Gone the days when Pompey was backed from top to bottom "remember our first season in the prem" "the ac milan game" well renowned for our vocal support...... now look at it BOLLOX!!! Too many people jumping on the Pompey band wagon and when it all goes well they sign and well it doesnt they f@~k off and that gripes my s@~t!! Wheres the real fans gone?? I get *****ed off like the rest but christ i dont turn on the team/club and start booing!! Everyone has a right to voice their opion but do it the right way, i cant say what that but it sure as hell isnt protesting at games and making us look like the geordies even though we're not far off as it is. Hang in there guys, continue to back the team coz the boys are going to need you no matter how bad it gets or how bad they play. PLAY UP POMPEY !!
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 19:01:00

Crikey my spelling is bad - sing not sign, opinion not opion. Thats the night shift for you LOL
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 19:03:00

It doesn't seem right to go to Havant's ground and protest about Portsmouth. Not the right time or place in my opinion.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 19:05:00

I was hoping you meant Opium Tommo could have wiped out the pain of the last few months for us.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 19:55:00

LOL you'd need more than Opium ;-) to take your mind off last seasons shenanigans!!
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:02:00

Protests? What? I shall just be ignoring those morons.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:04:00

The Rabbi - you now have a forum in which to state your case! A motion has been put forward for Judge Gino to preside over - RussellM has said that he is dead against this protest, so I am looking for someone who is 'for' the protest and that person seems to be you! On the front page, look at the Judge Gino article, and contact me on the email address that is on there if you're happy to contribute - I'll explain everything you need to do, and it won't take up much of your time. Otherwise, I may just use your comments from this post if that's ok - but if you want to win the argument, then I suggest that you put together a decent 'statement of case'!
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:06:00

Hi Peeps ..me again back for another bout.. Steve C Agree with you on virtually everything you say mate .. apart from I don't see how the strength in our team has been decimated as a result of the takeover? ... You could argue Johnson but I reckon that was a fair deal between him and Pompey .. But who else ? Campbell ? well we've offered to him and HE has declined .. Erm Davis .. Well again we offered to him and HE declined... You might argue Crouch and Distin but at present neither of these have actually gone anywhere - The reason I make this point is that we look at the team and see a lot of gaps but those gaps were always gonna be there .. takeover or no takeover .. What we need to do is to fill them .. and although you claim that no body has explainned why .. surely ending the contracts of deadwood and expensive players is something the club stated up front they were going to do .. It was after Xmas if I remember correctly .. SAF (might) gives us some dosh to allow those gaps to to be filled . But without SAF... We would be exactley were we are today.. right ?.. So how has the takeover decimated our team ? - Simply it hasn't .. For me there is still nothing to protest about. (sorry to pick on you Steve, but I saw the phrase and went for it!)
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:18:00

Just had a thought, Pompey, Scummers & West Ham all previously managed by Jamie's Dad. All 3 have/had financial problems. A case for PFCGino I think?
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:21:00

I couldn't agree more with you all. Protests at matches just look so poor and to do it at an away ground is like airing your dirty washing, just wrong. If you have issues and want to raise them wait until the season starts, by then we will see exactly what the Dr's plans are and what players we have. The takeover has taken exactly the length of time these things take, rushing them just puts the new owners at risk and then ruins any new plans due to unexpected holes in balance sheets. As to Mr Storrie he can't say anything about the takeover and to do so would be in breach of corporate etiquette. Patience with the club and support of the team is what is required, and by tomorrow this could even be by Doctors orders !!!!;-)
L L Blue
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:26:00

We will be thrust into the media spotlight with our first friendly/public appearance tomorrow,as others said why give the media circus anything to run us down,it puts unwanted pressure on the players aswell,and remember some of the players are going to be youngsters aswell,so its not a good thing to rattle them before their carears even get started.The prem guys have already come out and said the media are very wide of the mark with their crap about the takeover,as I said the other day,I really think we will get some sort of announcement before tomorrows game.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 20:40:00

Chix i respect your point about clearing out the deadwood, Davis was probably always going to go, the club didn't want to commit to a contract without knowing what league we would be in and he took that to mean he wasn't wanted. Personally i think he's no more than a squad player anyway. Johnson leaving was inevitable when an offer like that came in. Crouch will definitely go otherwise the club wouldn't have accepted offers for him. Distin will probably go. We are nearing the season now and nobody has been replaced so our squad has been decimated. We will be signing the players nobody else wanted because thats all thats available, this is a direct result of the takeover any other season and at least players would have been onboard in time for preseason. I know it's rumoured we will have whatsisname from Blackburn on a free but if they don't want him, whats he going to add to Pompey? Who's to say that players that were offered deals wouldn't have signed them if they knew what was going on? They appear to be as much in the dark as the rest of us. Assuming the deal goes through we will have to throw together a team of misfits with no preseason behind them and hope for the best, i can only recall one manager throwing a team together in that sort of time and it performing right from the off, "He who must not be named". I hope the Dr is the answer but the longer this goes on the more i start to think of Spencer Trethewy and Aldershot back in 1990.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 21:06:00

Ps I don't feel picked on, you can't have a discussion without differing points of view.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 21:12:00

All this protest will do is fuel the likes of Sean Custis to stir up more 5hyte against PFC. Yes we're all frustrated it's taking so long but what's protesting supposed to do? It's childish. We're getting a rich new owner but we're throwing a tantrum because Xmas day won't come quick enough? Grow up!
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 21:24:00

Re the new poll - where's the option that says 'hang on in there and keep the faith, it'll happen' ?
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 21:25:00

SteveC I bow to your better knowledge on Aldershot .. I remember them going out of business but the circumstances have faded from the memory..But and I think we to some extent in agree all I am saying is that do you really think that things would have been different if the Dr hadn't have come in with the offer - I can't see how they would have been any different to where we are now - The players we've mentioned we see eye to eye on but do you think (again if the Dr hadn't come in) we should have just kept Lauren, Traore, Thomas, Little & co just to make up the numbers ?.. I'm not sure we would have to be honest .. As for replacing players and the lack of activity.. it's only 20th July there is still six weeks before the close of the transfer wndow and activity at the level we will perform at has been minimal so far so I'm not sure anything would have been different .. most clubs like us are waiting for the remnants of Man City & Newcastle and Spurs to fall from their sqauds .. Not many Prem teams of our stature have signed players.... As for Crouchy I'm a firm believer that it is HE who wants out and Pompey have (in my opinion) accepted offers as a contingency in case the deal does fall through.. No doubt we will find out in due course .. but I sincerely hope that Pompey have not just offloaded him or Distin for the sake of it .. But again have we actaully heard anything 'official' about offers being accepted for Crouch and Distin... No! .. but that's not to say they haven't of course.. no confirmation means no denial too of course. I agree the squad looks decimated but I still can't see why the takeover is to blame .. We would have been in this position with ot without Dr Safs offer.. If you remember back in May there was widespread panic about how we would cope next season.. becuase of the deal taking so long .. that panic has just raised its head again..
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 22:28:00

How are we supposed to buy new players when we have no money to spend? I honestly think we are on the brink of going into administration. Wait until the takeover goes through and then decide if you're happy or not. There's no point in protesting about the current situation as everybody's hands are tied until we have new owners, which as previously stated - takes time. Protesting would be so counter-productive it's just ridiculous.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 22:47:00

I guess we will never know what would've happened without the takeover, we don't know much about the true financial position at the club either, thats whats making people worry. Another Pompey fan site claims some one in the know has tipped them off that the Dr will be pulling out and we will be in administration by the start of next week. Others say that the Dr hasn't any real money with all the uncertainty and no good news is it any wonder that fans are becoming twitchy. As for Crouch i don't believe that he would want out if he was certain of what was going on, I think Distin would be happy to stay if he knew we would have a competitive team next season. Fans are getting jumpy, players are getting jumpy that will always happen when there is no solid information to draw on.
Steve C
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 22:50:00

I think a lot of this panic is because some people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the adverse press this takeover has attracted. If you break it down logically, then we don't really have much to protest about, if anything at all. I hink a good PR system in place might have alleviated all this angst.
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 22:57:00

Re: the poll, shouldn't there be an option; I think the following best describes the Pompey takeover - A normal business transaction blown out of proportion by a media circus?
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 23:10:00

Pompeysloth well said! This is a normal business transaction which is taking exactly the time is should have. The media will never let facts get in the way of a good story! Steve C don't panic just yet mate, I have it on good authority the Dr does have the readies and is looking to invest in the playing staff we desparately need. Calm down everyone:-)
L L Blue
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 23:19:00

nicely said pompeysloth, im sure ive seen you on vital pompey before, if not welcome, if so welcome back - same to you L L Blue altho i did this in another thread :-)
Report Abuse
20/07/2009 23:37:00

I think Mike1954 makes an interesting point - Redknapp's supposed deity status amongst many in the press is largely a function of him overspending on players that clubs couldn't really afford, well certainly not Pompey. As for the protest, I think Chix sums it up best - what are we protesting about? Do we think Gaydamak and SAF are preventing us from having a trillionaire owner? Are they stopping the complaining fans putting their own money in so that THEY can buy the club expensive players? I just don't see why anyone could complain about that. The players who have left would have needed to have gone anyway, again like Chix says. Only point for complaint would be limited communication, but hey, this is a takeover process and is always kept relatively under wraps. Don't really see a rationale for a protest.
Report Abuse
21/07/2009 05:47:00

SUAC51 - Moron? Brilliant. Last used by Jilted John in 1978! You sit there mate while the world passes you by.
The Rabbi
Report Abuse
21/07/2009 07:57:00

CHIX - i'm fed up the whole situation. I'm protesting at the club not the new owner. The whole thing has been very poorly handled. I have the right to portest just as you have the right to question my reasons. To be honest I wouldn't know where to apply to protest anyway!
The Rabbi
Report Abuse
21/07/2009 07:59:00

i am not sure if you have seen the comment left for The Rabbi by PFCGino? but he has a new idea, check out the Judge Gino thread, and he would like you to state your case for these protests...
check out the article then drop him a line if you can, failing that he 'might' be able to use your comments for the feature? but it would be better if you got in touch with him, if you wanted to?
Report Abuse
21/07/2009 08:05:00

The Rabbi Anybody that can get Jilted John into a discussion about Pompey's takeover deserves respect ! (lol). I agree that the ciommunication has been poor and it's a constant debate I have with Rug and the editorial guys - Although I think it is poor I do sometimes think 'as punters' we expect too much but as you or SteveC said we 'the supporters' are the lifeblood of the club.. How many of the current staff saw us win promotion to from the 4th Division !.. My last point I guess also has to agree with you .. even though I (personally) wouldn't protest (on this issue) I would defend your right to do so.. Even if I thought you were wrong
Report Abuse
21/07/2009 08:22:00


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