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I guess that's that then...

I would assume it is pretty safe to say that Peter Crouch will be signing for Spurs this summer, what with Jamie's Dad confirming to sky sports news that he is a player he could be interested in: 'I like Peter. I've signed him several times and he's a top player.

'He's a player that we could be interested in, but we'll have to wait and see.

'Portsmouth obviously want to sell him now, they've accepted offers for him, so if they want to sell him, we'd be interested.'

I think he knows as well as we do, there is not a 'want to sell' about it, we have accepted offers so clearly 'we will sell' Crouch and with an interest, albeit it not 'concrete' interest confirmed I cannot see the big man going anywhere else apart from Spurs now to be honest...

There were rumours of a 'fall-out' between Crouch and Jermaine Defoe before he 'skulked off' back to Spurs but the little man would not be against re-uniting this pairing: 'I spoke to 'Crouchy' over the summer, while we were on England duty. I've played with him for several years, at Under 21 and now senior level.

So, Jamie's Dad got one of his own players to 'tap up' the striker then...

'It's down to Crouchy, obviously he's going to go where he's going to play.

'If he wants to come here it's only going to help the team.'

In all honesty if I had to pick I would really rather he did not go to Spurs - not that it makes much difference where he goes, but then again I would rather he did not go at all, but there you go! He is off, this is not going to change, if it is to Spurs so be it I guess, what can you do...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 18 2009

Time: 10:42AM

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There seems little doubt Storrie wanted him out; crouch doesn't like storrie so it suits both parties; but this is the circus that is Pompey so who knowshow things will end.
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18/07/2009 11:01:00

i think for peter himself it is the obvious choice and no one can be surprised hes come back for him, especially knowing hes for sale. My gripe is that its cash and not a swap deal for some of their unwanted but very good premiership players, knowing he likes crouch could have meant we could have got a good deal on a few players, instead it seems couch will be off for a mill or 2 more than we bought him for, which in my eyes is really poor for an english international striker....
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18/07/2009 11:04:00

Yeah, As soon as I read that I thought Sunderland can kiss him goodbye. Storrie definitely wanted him out. He's pedaling the "it's all down to Peter line" It might not come off, but if he's gonna go anywhere the likelihood now seems Spurs. I wouldn't feel so miffed if I knew he was going to be replaced by another top striker, but again at the moment we know nothing do we..
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18/07/2009 11:25:00

that could well be what spurs will offer ruffcider, they 'could' be interested in a player plus cash/players for player deal? spurs cast-offs? if we need it i will take it if they give it everything!

i suspect that storrie and crouch did have this 'argument' that is said, storrie is no one to be crossed, if you do this its goodbye - not professional but that seems the way it works...
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18/07/2009 11:41:00

I can't see why Peter Crouch running away at the slightest hint on unsettlement is anybodies fault other that his own.. A good player yes, a good worker yes, but for gods sake as soon as things didn't go his way off the pitch he's running after a transfer like a kid whose running after an ice-cream van. Well Crouchy if that is loyality you can stick it where the sun don't shine and I don't know why so many Pompey fans are sticking up for you and giving you any more benefit of the doubt than Defoe.. all you did was stay four months longer... I'd love it if you went to Spurs so along with Defoe and old misery guts you can all hold hands an salute the Fratton End upon your return.. and take your applause ..yeah right .. Oh and Distin if you're reading this the same goes for you ... and while I'm at it... for the first time in history I am goona praise Niko Kranjcar although he may be off at the end of next season (or probably in January) he is as good as he word - Crouch and Distin you skill & ability might be missed but I'd rather have Hayden bloody Mullins working his socks off (not that that takes much) than you 'Superstars' who bottle it at the slightest sign of trouble - Good Riddance ! Rant Over
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18/07/2009 12:05:00

i hear what you are saying chixy and do agree but my thinking is how easy is storrie making it for crouchy to stay tho, or should that be how much is he easing him towards the door...they might not like each other, but professional and personal relationships should remain seperate, altho for me i feel that storrie does not work this way, much like jamie's dad, once you cross them your done - crouchy talking to the media, misquoted or not (being paid a fortune or not) for me was the perfect thing to set things in motion...and this was taken advantage of and things snowballed from there.
'if' the decision making is purely down to crouchy and he is the one wanting out, ***** him i do not want him, or anyone else like that - i just never had crouchy pegged as one to skulk off with his tail between his legs tho...
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18/07/2009 12:32:00

superb rant chix
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18/07/2009 12:34:00

well rug, thatll soften the blow a bit(not the blow that hes goin, i agree with chix there, but the price hes going at) i mean, bent, huddlestone, giovani dos santos, hutton, jenas, even perhaps bale. We NEED at least some coming in with some premiership quality.
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18/07/2009 12:36:00

I still think as I said the other day that Darren Bent will be coming here,theres a good chance a deal can be done involving crouch and Bent,a striker for a striker,the only stumbling block is that spurs turned down a 14 million bid,whereas crouchy is valued at 12 million.To be honest I would probably prefer Bent anyway if it was to happen.
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18/07/2009 12:40:00

maybe i do have crouch all wrong and hs is not the honest, genuine and loyal person i thought he was - then again not many are now these days...when some players say things you believe them, and crouch is one of those that i believed when he said things, storrie is not so i still feel that he is the one more than willing to push crouch towards the door...

that said, 'if' crouchy really did want to stay with pompey then he would turn round and tell storrie to stick it, he wasnt going anywhere as he had a contract, by not doing this and willingly accepting to go, pushed or not, he isnt happy to stay - so i guess i virtually completely agree with chixy the more i think about it...im still not overly keen on storrie tho ;-)
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18/07/2009 12:45:00

crouch for bent in a swap deal isnt something i would turn my nose at, problem is until we confirm hart is getting the job - which if he is just say - we cannot do deals to bring players in can we...
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18/07/2009 12:47:00

having just checked my email im back again with another comment on this issue...
ive been told, by what i would class as 'a reliable source', but someone who couldnt share these thoughts themselves the following, make or it what you will:
'Can’t put this comment in one of the links as I was told it by a close friend of Crouchy, but it appears it is Sasha who wants him sold to anyone as long as its before the SAF deal is completed. I know from my mate Crouchy is so angry with Pompey as he feels they have used him to keep them up and now just get rid. He doesn’t wanted to go and wanted to stay for the remainder of his contract. He feels that the Pompey fans will think it is him wanting to leave for money and that is strictly not true.'

clearly i cannot say this is 100% accurate, but it seems to back up my thoughts on the guy. 'if' true then i guess i need to say sorry to storrie i guess...i guess i can echo my earlier points tho, crouchy could turn round and tell all where to stick it couldnt he - he has a contract, if he wants to honour it honour it, stay regardless!
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18/07/2009 13:00:00

I'm slowly getting more and more depressed about this whole thing. And better still, I'm going away on the "magical" date (the 24th), so if anything DOES happen, i still won't know about it!
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18/07/2009 13:20:00

I wouldnt mind a swap deal and cash for crouch.Ok he is good player and but for me he gives too many fouls away.he is the tallest on he pitch most times yet still has to climb all pull someones shirt to head the ball.I wouldnt mind seeing hutton / huddlestone / dos santos or even bent here. They are all good and would improve the team.
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18/07/2009 13:29:00

if sasha wants him out, its a cash deal for his own/club debts. i think al fahim is gonna get this club for a song.......it certainly wont be for much with the amount of investment needed just to get it looking like a premiership club again. His outburst was very unprofessional but i had always thought his attitude was spot on, probably the most down to earth, likeable, footballer there is.
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18/07/2009 13:31:00

ruffcider - I think he trailed behind sean davis there from our first team regulars last season. but he will be a massive loss if we do lose him.
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18/07/2009 17:16:00

so if im right ... crouch + £3million = zokora + bent ??
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18/07/2009 18:25:00

zokora has joined sevilla
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18/07/2009 18:34:00

I don't like the sound of that "before the SAF deal is completed". That makes the whole thing sound really dodgy. Since I've been repeatedly saying I don't believe anything dodgy is going on, that makes me feel bad. On a brighter note, Robbie Keane must be spitting blood. He gets a "dream move" to Liverpool and can't get into the first team, then gets another "dream move" back to Spurs, only to get pushed out by Defoe and Crouch. Maybe we should put in a cheeky £5m bid for the striker who nobody wants. (Kidding)
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18/07/2009 18:50:00

oops my bad casual!
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18/07/2009 18:56:00

Can't see the logic of Sasha selling him before the takeover. Surely an asset worth £12m is simply turned into cash, which if that cash is taken away then the club is simply worth £12m less than it was before. UNLESS there is an agreement with SAF to only pay the debts after a certain period of time? Or gradually? In which case flogging players before he sells could let him take out the money straight away. Maybe this is the reason. Sasha is cash strapped and wants the money out NOW, not after a couple of years.
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18/07/2009 20:13:00

Oh, and for my tuppence worth, I think Crouch is overrated. Quite wasteful and actually has a relatively poor shot on him all things considered. The Dog-faced twitcher is welcome to him at that price. I don't think Crouch is half as dangerous as the midget Judas and they are worth roughly the same.
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18/07/2009 20:15:00

It makes sense that its Sacha wanting Crouch out (or at least money in). I can't see how Storrie could push someone out without the approval of the owner. I do think Storrie gets a lot of unfair flak (just read the comments on the News site), he has to run the club under the direction of the owner/chairman. Admittedly he doesn't help himself sometimes. Bottom line is though if Crouch doesn't wan't to go ....... Just shows how cynical its getting - I do wonder if Crouch wouldn't like people to think he was being pushed and really would like to see out his contract?! I also have a feeling that the 24th as a done date is being pushed too hard - don't be surprised if it passes with no further news. I'm out of internet range 24-27th - it's gonna be hard not knowing what's happening.
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18/07/2009 20:34:00

I can't see why Crouch should feel that loyal to a club who made him run his knackers off every week (and he DID put in the effort every time I saw hm play, no mistake) but that didn't give him much opportunity to make an effective strike force once Manky Midget had toddled off up the lane. No support up front - true, Crouchy needs a very particular person up front with him and therefore can't be considered versatile but if you're gonna invest in him, you need to invest in the other half of the deal - a nippy lurker. If I were him and I were offered the chance to team up with JD again, I'd definitely feel that this were more hopeful than wordering what the hell is happening next at Pompey.
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18/07/2009 20:36:00

said,it weeks ago..
plymouth graham
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18/07/2009 20:49:00

By the way, never doubted Crouchy's effort. He always ran hard and chased down half lost causes. Just think his quality wasn't always there. Nugent is a hard worker, come to think of it if I was let loose on the pitch I'd run for 90 minutes as hard as I could, wouldn't mean I was any good though.
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18/07/2009 20:53:00

I would say Crouch has been instrumental in our survival. What more can you ask of the guy? He's always been a model pro and gets paid accordingly. Sasha probably wants as much of his money back as he can get and the new owner is obviously not bothered if Crouch is here or not. A sad end
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18/07/2009 22:06:00

I can't blame Crouch for wanting out, it's painfully obvious with whats going on at the club that over the last few years it's been painfully mismanaged financially. Christ i'd like to get out myself but as a fan you don't have that option, once it's in your blood you're stuck with it. In the unlikely event that the Dr does actually complete the takeover surely he has to get rid of the mismanagers and bring in some proper business men to run the club properly.
Steve C
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19/07/2009 06:42:00

I think its as Dave said in Toast, Sacha is taking the money in case the SAF deal doesn't go through, in which case he'll need that money plus the Johnson sale to pay off massive debts in September. I've heard Crouchy has been told he doesn't feature in the club's plans - if that happens you might as well go. As for going to Spurs, I'm so punch drunk with this deal limping on for ever that I can't be bothered to care about that. Good luck to Crouchy, hope he gets his England place back regularly.
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19/07/2009 09:26:00

Dr SAF will complete his takeover, do not give up on this one guys - he is a man of honour and a man of his word, he 'probably' has had seconds thoughts, but its going to happen, and soon...
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19/07/2009 11:55:00

I remember Gaydamak saying when he put the club up for sale that he wanted the new owner to have the same values as him i.e. build on the team we had, build a training ground, build a new stadium. He then agree's to sell to SAF. Straight off Sacha then proceeds to sell our best players during D.D. which means our so called saviour can't build on the team because they've nearly all gone. The so called upside for SAF is the selling price is reduced. But is than an upside? Because he may have been prepared to pay more if we had kept them. If I was SAF I would be worried now that if he does buy PFC that he will have to inject a lot of money straight away to replace what we have lost. Not a great business strategy. I think Sacha has got a lot to answer for. I just can't get my head around that this is what SAF thought he was buying into, and does he feel as confident as to what he's entering into as he did at the beginning of this process. If he did withdraw now I don't think I would blame him. Sacha would be left holding the baby and a business proposition that very few alternative buyers would relish negotiating into.
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19/07/2009 12:19:00

i wish i had your faith Rug, the good dr should be looking to pay almost 30m less after the sales of crouch and johnson, assuming that the crouch sale goes through as expected.
Steve C
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19/07/2009 22:13:00

Oh dear, more bad news for you this saga seems to drag on and on for you, if it goes on much longer there will be a lot of bald people in Portsmouth.
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20/07/2009 02:29:00


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