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Bare Bones!

'I am down to the bare bones' was an expression that we heard a former Pompey manager use all the time - even though this was nowhere near as down to the bare bones we are now, this really is bare bones!

What is it, 15 pro players, with experience, at the moment with a handful of 1st year pros to add to them, it does not get much more bare bones than that...

That said I maintain my thoughts that most of those released a players that needed to be released my concerns are though that I do feel this will get worse before it gets better, numbers wise anyway, as we 'probably' will still see one or two go - but we will start to increase the numbers shortly, we will need to.

I would also suggest that we will need more than the 5 or 6 that it is 'said' we will bring in. We will do this though; I do not doubt this :-) I would doubt the fact we could get by with as few as 5 or 6 players though!

Just imagine how nervously twitching this guy would be about now if he was still here, he would be twitching out of control - well in fact he would have twitched all the way out of the doors by now, had he not done this already at the first real signs of 'bare bones' appearing...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 17 2009

Time: 7:52AM

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Morning Rug, I've adopted a no further comment stance on the current Pompey situation as it only raises the blood pressure. For Pompey to have any chance of remaining in the Prem next year we will need around 40M of players which I do not see as going to happen. We'd need a mix of Prem experience and youth.
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17/07/2009 08:05:00

Crouch to Fulham, Distin to Villa,and now I here that Madonna has been seen around Fratton Park trying to adopt one or two players - we are slowly bleeding to death. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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17/07/2009 08:11:00

im not giving in, we will stay up this season - survival must be the minimum aim, this is not what i was looking for it to be but i will take that for now and then we will build on this...building on last seasons survival were my expectations for this season tho, but thoughts change.
were at the 'bare bones' stage but this will improve.
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17/07/2009 08:17:00

I have just looked back on the News link and got thouroughly depressed reading the comments of our supposed Pompey fans, wanting to get refunds on their season tickets and resigned to the fcat trhgat we are already going to be in the fizzy pop league next year. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, thats the great thing about our nation, but why such negativity??? We have lost two 1st teamers only at the moment and yes granted we will probably lose Crouch. The rest is just media s**t as always happens. If the deal falls through then I will be a little concerned, but if as I'm sure will happen it does go through, then lets just see who is brought in. A friend of mine knoiws Crouch and he doesn't want to go anywhere, especially to Sunderland, but he has been told he doesn't feature in Pompey's plans. OK thats fair enough so perhaps, maybe a top striker does and thats whtat we will find out next Friday. I will never stop supporting this club, so whatever league we are in I'll be there PUP.
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17/07/2009 08:28:00

Rug, I agree if we set the standard at a relegation fight then we can only be happy if we do better than this. Thankfully now living up North it's impossible for me to make Pompey Home games due to business commitments, and bloody typical we are in the acquisition stage and my lawyer has been talking us undertaking Due Diligence on the purchase!!!!
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17/07/2009 08:31:00

Sorry just looked back on my spelling, should have checked before I hit submit.
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17/07/2009 08:35:00

Rug you are right, prem football next season is probably the short term goal, or even being in with a chance this January. But I still don't believe this man hasn't been in touch with some real expertise on the team level, we know he has talked to zahavi and joorbachin, they have openly admitted it
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17/07/2009 08:36:00

I think Prem survival is the aim every year. Well it should be. To be at the top table again is a fantastic achievement. What we wouldn't have given for a season in the Prem when we were in administration not so long ago. I think that Pompey fans are at their best when there is some adversity to face. We are at our loudest and show some real spirit. The last few years have probably softened us up, and I'm not surprised by the News comments Blarmy. Crouch is on 70k / week. With such a small stadium (which we don't even fill each week, let's be honest) we can't really afford to pay players almost 4m / year. Maybe this is a good rebasing of expectations. Last season was a rude awakening for me, one in which I remembered that we are Pompey and not Man United! I just hope that if we are taken over that this guy doesn't gamble the club's future on a season of glory like Sasha did.
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17/07/2009 08:45:00

I think the most annoying thing is that where facts are known then at least the club should let us know ie. if Hart is definately going to be the Manager, then come out and confirm that, or vice versa, if not say so. From not knowing the facts it does appear that Sasha is asset stripping the club to claw back his 30m personal loans, and that would seem to have some truth to it in, that 18m for Johnson and 12m for Crouch. But is Crouch not a Pompey asset and part of the deal?? If Pompey don't want him in their plans then I take the more optimistic view that we have a new manager lined up who has also got new players lined up. Roll on next Friday
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17/07/2009 09:22:00

16 players and 3 of them are goalkeepers! So what have we got left GK: Begovic- Above Ashdown as number 2 GK now. Ashdown- Looking for 1st team action, may move on too this window James- has been strangely quiet since his Op Defenders: Crainie - England Under 21 and just not a premiership player Wilson - Up and coming younggster - needs time to prove himself at this level, not 1st team material yet. Distin - off to villa for 3M? Kaboul- with Distin we can at least have a solid central pairing. Hreirdarsson - we nearly lost him! Primus- Player - Ambassador - Team Spiritualist? Midfield Diop - was missed last season Basinas - deserves a chance - played well when allowed to! Mullins- Huffs and puffs but no inspiration to those around him Kranjcar - Last season for Pompey and he's off, Belhadj - Ok can defend as well ;-) just needs to keep his cool! Hughes -Born Survivor the number of contract he has had. Strikers Utaka - mostly Right midfield last when used, next player to Go? Nugent - works hard when not injured! Needs goals, and needs to play up front in a 4-4-2 What can be said, except ill be going to watch the local pre- season friendlies, and take a look at the trialists, Shall wear my replica kit just in case they need to bring a supporter on to make up the numbers;-) Seriously though, Pompey can still put out a team that wouldnt look much different from a starting 11 at the tail end of last season. There is core of players still, which can be built on. what we need is some star quality to replace the quality we have lost last year. We need a defender in every position, a left and right sided midfielder and 2 strikers thats 8 players, so the new administration needs to buy 6 new players and bribe 2 loanees to join us, for Pompey to have any chance of survival this season. that's a fact Mr SAF its no good have plans for the academy, new training ground, a revamped FP, if we are bottom of the table and then relegated, your BP will just go down the drain, I for one dont mind where we are in the table next season, as long as its not in a relegation position. so bringing in players that will ensure our stay in the PL is OK by me, and so far I for one am happy that our wage bill has been reduced, we have sent out a message, and the message is we have got our house in order, and can at last possibly turn a profit. I for 1 am sick of players astronomical wages, Sol Campbell was supposedly on 100K a week, I know a players career is short but he will have earnt my lifetimes income in 4 months, nothing short of obscene when you think of it. so dont anyone give me any crap over this oK, cos player wages make me bitter, I did some maths Sol Cambell wages accounted for 50% all gate receipts in a year. Now that he has gone sure we can reduce ticket prices by 50%, and the club will still be better off. ok fantasy I know, but ifr that was the costs of just 1 player, make you wonder about the total and how easily the club couldl afford to almost give away season tickets, one thig is for sure you would easily fill a 50,000 seater stadiun for every game if season ticket were reduced by 2/3 rds. Anyway going back to the main point above, i anm happy for thi sclub to finish 16th this season as long as :- 1. Tangible evidence that work on revampng the stadium and training ground and academy is visible, - take note Mr Storey, no more spin, we dont want spin from you anymore, we are sick of it. we dont want dreams, we want something real, something we can touch. 2. PFC need to control its own destiny , not finance institutions, we don't want to read the rubbish that the press report or the opposite spin from the club, to later find out what the press said was actually true! 3. Oh and lastly, I don't care which manager is in charge at the start of the season, as long as players are brought in to the club to play in the the natural position of the best skill level, I dont want to see a prima donna player played out of position just to give home a place in the team, i would rather see 10 average outfield players in their natural positions playing above average team football because they actually know how to play in the position they are playing in. Last season was the worst i have ever seen in 15 years of watching Pompey play, so if you have to sell more players because we are overloaded in one position, Do it, but lets have 22 players, 2 natural players in each position. thanks for listening~ Doggo
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17/07/2009 09:45:00

Wow Doggo what a post and some very good points well made I enjoy reading that but I've got no coffee left in my cup !
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17/07/2009 10:09:00

we spend a reported 7m a year on crouch and distin wages...not including bonus i'm sure they are on... I for one don't mind seeing them go. Distin is a class player but his attitude last season was unforgivable, Crouch is also a great player and always gave this club his all and I will be sad to see him go. But that cuts 4m a year in wages which we can bring 2 or 3 decent players in. Plus hopefully it will stop us using that awful long ball tactic i saw us use last season... Such boring football. Get us some players that can play along the floor. If the rumours are to be believed we may have 3 or 4 free signings coming which will go a long way to beef the team up. Mokoena, Rothen, M'Bami, Lucas Neill (did he resign for West Ham?), plus we've been heavily linked with Marc Antoine Fortune, James McCarthy and Benjani. Plus we are known to have a few trialists at the club, noticeably from Africa and the UAE. Plus there are those flimsy rumours of Belluschi (did he go to portugal?) Ricketts, Chimbonda, Falcao, Darren Bent etc. It's not like we don't have options. I'm not worried in the slightest about next season.
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17/07/2009 10:23:00

Plus we have the exciting Matt Ritchie, and news on Gary O'Neil has gone completely quiet. Boro need to sell to balance the books and I wouldn't be surprised to see him back next season.
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17/07/2009 10:28:00

This is the first time I have looked at the internet in over 2 weeks as I am on holiday at the moment in the south of france. I was expecting to read the good news of Pompeys takeover and hopefully a new signing or 2. I am absolutely flabogasted that nothing has happened and that we are still in limbo days away from pre-season. As a former Pompey optimist and life ling supporter, I know have a sense of impending doom. This takeover needs to happen and happen now! We are the laughing stock of the premier league and if anything else goes wrong with this takeover we are gonna be worse of than the scummers in a season or 2 to come. Pull your finger out Dr DooDah. And Peter storie needs to stop all these transfers away from the club and our squad is becoming thinner than his comb over! Play up Pompey!
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17/07/2009 10:38:00

How bad is it at Pompey if Distin is willing to take a '20k a week' pay cut to leave? The good Doctor just better have a number of things up his sleeve or we're doomed, I'll tell ye, doomed. Next week I want to read about his (very) short term plans as well as the medium and long and say, " Ah, yes, of course, it was so obvious, now I understand, it all makes sense." BUT I am becoming very worried and the words 'rats', 'ship' and 'sinking' keep slipping into my mind. Sorry for repeating this.
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17/07/2009 10:50:00

The document ' Pompey - New Era' by Mr SAF has really got me worried, I did a Google on it to see if I could find it, what I found was that New Era are a specialist property development firm in Portsmouth, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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17/07/2009 11:17:00

Rumours are that Distin will stay and become club captain
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17/07/2009 11:31:00

Distin as club captain? :/ Not the guy I'd like to see lead our club....but maybe it'll be just thing he needs to buckle down and give 100% and keep his mouth shut.
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17/07/2009 11:39:00

The Valium have worn off a bit so before the next one's take effect, I just wanted to say that if SAF is a clever bloke like some of you have been saying.(I don't think any of us are Billionaires) Then he must have a plan, so when he takes over, he has a new manager and players lined because if he hasn't, he can't survive the season with the size of the squad as it is. No one in their right minds would pay (say) 60m for a PLFC club and not have assets at his dispoal to produce results, financial or football. I just don't think he is insane. So he has to be up to something clever which he will reveal when he becomes the owner. If what I am saying is just nonsense and he does't have a plan then boy are we in for some turbulent times.
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17/07/2009 11:51:00

I have heard a rumour on good authority that we are looking at Elano and Micah Richards. Now there's two players who would add value to the team and gives us a defender and a midfielder, just need a winger and a couple of decent strikers and hey we got ourselves a cracking team again.
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17/07/2009 11:59:00

IF that is true Blarmy then that would make all of the movements to date make sense. But it is a very big "IF", especially as we are just tying up Aaron Moekoena!!
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 12:52:00

distin as club captian? nope, not for me he isnt the right candidate to do this - not on last seasons form on and off the pitch...

doggo like chixy says a fine comment, and what a way to introduce yourself - could i take this and maybe use as an article? it would be worth giving it this exposure, right?
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 12:58:00

Sure No Problem Rug, You may wanna tidy it up a bit! Im sure we have all got the same thoughts at the moment, so lets air them!
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17/07/2009 13:41:00

Pompey have 23 contracted players including Peter Crouch. Current Total Player Market Value 61.4M Which Make Pompeys remaining Squad value the 12th most valuable squad in the Premier League. Full details On the market value and Contract detail of each player in the premier league can be found here http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/verein/1020/portsmouth-fc/uebersicht/startseite.html This should open a few eyes and make you think how come with al the megastars we had last season we performed so poorly. In MY Own Opinion I can understand why we are getting rid of most of the players, the players themselves di not perform to the market Value so they had to be got rid off, simple business. Also with the 23 contracted player we have we should still be Mid table,
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 14:50:00

Mike's right, it would make no sense to buy a premiership club and not even keep them in the prem. SAFfy must have a plan. Just let it be sooner rather than later, otherwise St James' hospital won't be able to cope with all the nervous breakdowns in the city.
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 17:36:00

doggo - last season, without a doubt, we underperformed. This season, I don't expect to still have many of our better players from last year. Or, in other words, I wouldn't say our squad was the 12th best in the league.
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 22:32:00

Some great points doggo and great link. Yeap we underperformed big style and totally agree with Mike, can not see SAF being so naive as to allow the club to get relegated in first season not good financial sense. Will be pleased just to get some stability at the club, honest players and long terms plans on the table with no spin...not too much to ask is it?
Report Abuse
18/07/2009 06:08:00


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