Portsmouth - Doom and gloom today 'init'
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Doom and gloom today 'init'

I have not picked up any of the Sunday papers, when I stay in Cosham - as I am this weekend - the family that I stay with buy them so I do get to maybe browse through a couple...the 'online world of papers' is going into overdrive today though...

'The deal is going to be delayed until August...'
'Further delays will raise doubt about it actually going through...'
'Even if it does go through we will only sign 'cheap players'...'
'Paul Hart will be our 'saviour' again as he steps into the management breach...'

Blah, blah, bloody blah!

Of course that 11th July deadline has come and gone, this is probably why 'sometime in July' should have been the date we stuck to, by saying 11th July would be a date we kind of left ourselves open for the media to sharpen their knives and sink them in - like we do with a good number of things to be fair... - and so is it little surprise they are?

Ok, cards on the table time...

I would be lying if I said I was not 'a little concerned' now, as although this does take a hell of a long time to go through, the longer it takes the more you cannot help think 'maybe it will not happen?'


Lets put that 'but' out there, if it is not going to happen lets just come out and admit it, lets not treat us - the Pompey fans - like mugs, just come out with it.

We will rally round, backs to the wall spirit will see everything given. It would well and truly be Pompey against the world, with us having nothing to lose and all to gain...an interesting thought, and lets be honest it would show how true the support of some is I guess!


As is it, I still believe this takeover will go through though, but I do tire of saying 'I wish it would hurry up', but I wish it would hurry up...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 12 2009

Time: 10:38AM

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totally agree, its the not knowing thats eating away at me. time for some answers, the recent press is bad reading but some things are ringing true. let us know either way, we can handle it.
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12/07/2009 10:59:00

at this rate our dd willtake longer than citys did, and i would imagine thay have alot more to go through, than us. hate being like this but it smells funny
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12/07/2009 11:02:00

Yes, unfortunately the way that Pompey conduct their business plays into the press hands. A bit of clarity from Storrie would ease fan fears and show the press stories as false. We never take this route, bout time the club sorted it's PR out.
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12/07/2009 11:19:00

I expected it to take a long time. I'm prepared for it to take a long time. BUT, if everyone is so confident that it will go through, can we not at least puit out a message of confidence by trying to appoint al-fahims choice of manager? surely, somewhere, we can find the funds to give us a bit more hope...
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12/07/2009 11:22:00

But who actually said it would be 11th July ?? I don't recall anybody giving a specific date, sure we heard 'the next couple of weeks' and 'things are on track' but I don't think anybody actually said we would be all done and dusted by the 11th... Are we not building 'ourselves' up ??.. Sure there maybe problems but even if everything falls flat.. Will it really be the end of the world.. maybe we should start thinking 'What if' after all .. before Dr SAF came in we never had a buyer and were discussing the next season.. Sure without the money we might struggle but let's not give up the fight.. before it's already started.. The season is a few week away and the transfer window is open until the end of August and we all know most deals are done in the final week .. Let's keep it real fellas.. stay claim.. if it happens .. fantastic.. f it doesn't we are still PFC and will have the same number of points at the start of the season as everybody else..
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12/07/2009 11:32:00

Carps & Bluedr I don't see that Storrie or the club have done anything wrong.. They HAVE given messages that the press reports are rubbish.. they HAVE said that we are on track - Are you not just reacting to the press stories ??? Come on fellas do you really expect to hear how things are progressing at every turn? This is a multi-million pound deal they are hardly going to want it played out in public.. It's obvious the press would have a field day on this and I'll tell ya what .. If they *the club or Story) do say anything it's twisted around so much and sound-bitten so often it actually makes things worse.. Keep the faith
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12/07/2009 11:39:00

Look I have to appologise to you good loyal pompey fans,I am the one who is taking over as manager at Pompey this season and I am just waiting for the phone to ring so I can get down to the park and sign the back of a cigarette box to confirm my contract. I know I am being a bit stupid or daft but thats the way the whole takeover saga is becoming now. P.S I think I could get a couple of decent players in though,I know Paultsmouth can play a bit so I will be putting his name forwards to Mickey Mouse when he becomes our next manager,lol
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12/07/2009 11:39:00

chixy didnt dr saf / safs "agent" say a long time ago that they hoped the deal would be done by 11th july so that saf could go to the london pompey supporters agm and present his plans? thats all i remember anyway. ive already said my piece last week on how increasingly angry im getting ... were losing out on all the good players, we will barely have a squad to play with come august... its a down to the bare bones speech!
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12/07/2009 11:43:00

Chix, I agree I don't think the club has done anything wrong and maybe they do want to keep things quite until the deal can be confirmed (if it does). As time drags by I'd like to wake up and see that the SAF deal has fell through as I believe this is not in the best interest for Pompey.
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12/07/2009 11:44:00

I'm sorry JASON R it is me who is taking over next season I signed the contract last night
Roberto Mancini

How can that be? So did I
Sven-Göran Eriksson

Utter rubbish - It is I who will be manager of Portsmouth FC at the start of next season
Slaven Bilić

Jeez it looks like things might not be as bad as we all thought !
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12/07/2009 11:50:00

Nope it's going to be Gary Johnson from Bristol City.
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12/07/2009 11:56:00

Pess I'd have to look back for what he said exactly but although attendence at the London Supporters meeting was acknowledged it was also quite clearly stated that if the deal wasn't done he wouldn't attend.. also ..most of what was written about that came out of The News if I remember I don't recal anything 'official'. Maybe I'm just sick of us being knocked at every corner .. I'm given getting sensitive to our own supporters comments.. Sorry mate didn't mean to rant .. I guess we are all sick to death of it and want an answer one way or t' other and until we get oe we are looking for somebody to blame.. Whereas actually there is nobody to blame.. These things just take time!
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12/07/2009 11:59:00

Or... Paul Hart ? Bluedr ;)
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12/07/2009 12:01:00

Chixy, I would almost put my house in Port Solent on this.
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12/07/2009 12:04:00

Christ what a management team were gonna have down the park this year with that lot. But if I am not manager youre not playing with my ball and I will take it home.
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12/07/2009 12:07:00

Port Solent! You must be minted ;) Fancy buying a Football Club .. I'll chip in with a few quid and I'm sure I've got some 'Soccer Skills' training manuals in the loft.. You could be the owner.. Jason the Manager .. I take training .. anybody else wanna job ..? Careful fellas we are running the risk of cheering ourselves up !
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12/07/2009 12:08:00

bluedr can we swap houses,mine in Rowner for yours in Port Solent,at least one day in the distant future you can watch the lads train as they are 3 minutes walk away when/if the training ground starts.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 12:12:00

Things is fellas if you want a serious conversation then youre gonna have to put some sort of block on me as I am very rarely serious,I wonder if thats why people keep on calling me horrible names? AND CAN PEOPLE CALL ME JAS AS I BALLSED UP WITH MY LOGIN NAME,MY MUM CALLS ME JASON AND I HATE IT.
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12/07/2009 12:17:00

The UK average time for DD is 3 weeks. That is when both parties are co-operating fully. The DD involved here has taken a lot longer, and you have to ask why. On Friday SAF's spokesman said all was on track, and we had a report from Fratton Park that it was almost complete. Now the Observer, says there are problems. It's not the Sun et al, so it is a more credible story. Things are clearly not right, so why doesn't Storrie or someone shed some light on things. Why, because they are embarrassed by something, it's all gone tits up, or it's going through at a much slower pace because things are coming to light that are not acceptable. SAF has either got ***** in the pot or get off it. That way we would all know where we stand and someone, God knows who, can get on with the job of preparing us for the new season, good or bad. I said on here recently we need a good PR manager at the club to curb all this press nonsense. We are in press freefall at the moment, and it appears we are the only one's who care. That can't be right for a Premier League club in this day and age. PFC SORT IT OUT.
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12/07/2009 12:41:00

I think last night did a lot to lift the spirits of those who attended though. Keep positive that is all we can do.
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12/07/2009 12:41:00

I think last night did a lot to lift the spirits of those who attended though. Keep positive that is all we can do. why? what was said/happened?
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12/07/2009 12:52:00

This is all dragging on too long isn't it - it does make you wonder why and what is wrong. It's not a great stretch of the imagination to think that the dd might have unearthed a couple of cans of worms somewhere - and if that's the case they wouldn't tell us would they. What does worry me though, is that all of the transfer window is passing by, and we have a very depleted squad. If there's a manager and players lined up, as they'd have us believe, the longer it goes on the fewer of them will still be available. And if it does all go wrong, then all this time has been wasted, we will still have a very depleted squad, no manager, no confidence in the players and no 'pull' to attract or keep any players. We would also still have an owner who can't afford to keep us in the manner to which we've become accustomed and who has massive debts to be paid by the end of September. So I can't see how that wouldn't be disastrous? Lets just keep 'holding our breath' (OK not literally) and try to keep the faith and hope that it does all get sorted soon.
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12/07/2009 13:00:00

Football has become a media circus especially around Fratton Park. I can't wait for the league to start so we can all concentrate on what is the most important factor which is the game itself. I understand peoples worries for our club and the future, but so long as we have 11 players on the pitch every game we can all get behind them and do our job as twelfth man as we might need it more than ever next season!
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12/07/2009 13:01:00

Look guys we all slate the press as scaremongers and b#@&#hitters and we all say how they are slating us day in day out,but the thing is too many people are getting twitchy as the deal takes a bit longer than its supposed too,there is no timeframe,"in july", was quoted as the date the deal will be done by,we all want it sorted and are waiting with great anticipation but just be a bit more patient and dont listen to the vultures that are surrounding fratton park as we all know vultures only take dead things,and we are a long way from being dead and buried.
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12/07/2009 13:19:00

One plus side is that we are 14th in the table
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12/07/2009 13:26:00

Ok, so how come The Scum got bought in about 5 minutes, then?
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12/07/2009 14:12:00

Scum were rid of their dodgey Chief Executive, so their books were transparent? That, or SAF is struggling with the funding from his consortium. Whoever they turn out to be.
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12/07/2009 15:02:00

Im quite confident it will go through. This is just the press' way of trying to persuade Dr SAF to pull out & buy a 'bigger club' IMO. I keep getting the date pushed back for the purchase of my new house, ala Portsmouth FC sale. This just proves that dates can change, and target dates can be put back quite easily, with everything, including the purchase of a Football Club.. Calm down, and just grit your teeth at the likes of The Sun & the other muppets talking like they do about Portsmouth! I am!. Aload of bullcrap. The Scum got sold in 5 mins as they were in administration, and that made the purchase get pushed through quicker.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 15:06:00

et tu this is because they are in a lower league than us... due dilligence has also been done over a number of months previous. same with sunderland.. The guy that bought them was already a majority shareholder. So already scrutinised by previous FA bull*****. I work for a private equity company and Due dilligence for any company we take on takes as long as 2 months. Not only because of Books... etc we have to also check out every individual that works for the company that we are going to put money in to. I personally do not believe in SAF, not just on instinct but because of people my company knows in the middle east. DD I am sure has been done. The sale of GJ and the proposed sale of PC shows that our valuation does not match his...... Do not expect anything to be done UNTIL PC has been sold at the very least. This man is a business man... he will not run at a loss from day one..... He will look like an idiot in the middle east. City's deal went through so quick because of the stadium, training facilities etc.....WE ARE POMPEY and have none of the above... SAF(as you like to call him) is looking at everything....past, present and FUTURE. If he can't make money in Pompey then HE WON'T BUY
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 15:15:00

I think we were naive (given the components if this takeover) to ever assume that it would run smoothly. For one thing, the product on offer now is not the product Saffy offered 60m for. That is just ONE problem that springs to mind. I have given up worrying now. What will be, will be. Pompey was here before Saffy came along and we will still be here ifhe should go. Quite which league we will be in is debatable. But we will still have football on a Saturday and will still be arguing and debating the toss whether he takes over or not.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 15:33:00

Like what you say harrissman, however SAF as a businessman wants to make money, and not look an idiot, then surely he won't want us relegated. (Theres's no milelage in that for him) He has to get a Manager & players in place and quickly, to reap the rewards of his investment. Also, from what I have read he is a property developer, so our situation with the Ground etc give him ample opportunity to get something built in time for the World Cup if we get it. Even the Council are supporting that now.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 16:30:00

answers......either way, we'll cope, we need to know if there is hope or we are all rolling our sleeves up and doing what we do best, fight for 40 points from day 1, with cheap buys and freebies. Bring it on! Get Benji and Oneil back now! we need battlers and people who will die for the club.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 16:35:00

chixy - not having a go at every corner - just as pist off as you about it all ... its just getting a little too frustrating ... running out of time before this season is over before its even started! - and i SERIOUSLY fear relegation if we dont get something done ASAP!
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 17:07:00

I'm not growing concerned. I'm growing weary.
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 18:20:00

Would you buy ANYTHING which involved Peter Storrie without having it all completely checked out?
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 18:33:00

I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from Storrie.....Full stop
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 19:07:00

there are better negotiators at my company than Storrie to be fair
Report Abuse
13/07/2009 03:34:00

To be fair we are all fed up with the no formal information coming from Fratton, but in fairness they said the deal would be complete sometime in July and we are only at the 13th now. Don't believe that we have missed out on all the good deals at all, if as I believe Mancini is to be our new Manager, he is already sussing out deals and players he wants. Plenty of foreign players out there that with a good money offer could well bring them to Pompey, likes of Henry and Gudjonson for example. Who knows, if SAF is serious when he comes in, he might even put a big offer in for Torres? Only one person knows whats in the pipeline and that is SAF. The press are full of s**t, yet I still read it and still get wound up by them, but hey would be boring without any speculation I guess. Whilst we are still in July I am still going to have faith in the deal and as Pompey always anounce deals on a Friday, amd there are still 3 still to go.
Report Abuse
13/07/2009 07:58:00

So much of this is pure speculation and we all add to it. Let's be honest, DD takes several months in the real world, with both parties totally bound by confidentiality, so there's no reason to suggest that the purchase of PFC will be done quickly. Sometimes, fuelled by the ramblings of the gutter press, we put 2 and 2 toghether and make any number other than 4. What doesn't help are things like the comment from Crouchie's agent in the press this weekend.
Report Abuse
13/07/2009 09:25:00

Storrie negotiated himself £2.5m annual salary & Bonus's, not bad eh!!!
Report Abuse
13/07/2009 11:21:00

Never read the papers, don't trust them. When it's confirmed fact we will know to believe.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 09:47:00


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