Portsmouth - Crouch is 'available' are the 'latest reports'
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Crouch is 'available' are the 'latest reports'

The Sunderland Echo this morning 'claimed' that Peter Crouch is now 'officially up for grabs' - here, not sure about the guy saying most fans would be 'happy' with this either - with his agent, Jonathan Barnett, being quoted as saying that 'Portsmouth have financial problems and I think every player is available'...

This is something that The News soon followed suit with - here, although they of course give a more 'diplomatic approach' to the apparent agent quotes.

What I do not understand is 'why' would Dr SAF be looking for Pompey to 'balance the books' further before he takes over? How would this befit him and his investment, let along Portsmouth Football Club?

With only 15 senior players on the books if we let anymore go then, and to replace with the quality needed, it is going to cost a hell of a lot!

So, for me, and I may be wrong 'if' Crouch has been 'made available' it is for one, or more, of the following reasons:

* He wants to leave, so we are allowing him to leave.

* The 'business first football second' approach is being taken and the wrong decisions being made for what is thought to be the right reasons, but are in fact the wrong reasons? 'Good business' reasons does not always make for 'good footballing' reasons do they.

or, and for me as is most likely 'if' we are even willing to accept offers...

* We already have targets lined up to replace the England international.

Crouch is completely committed, then he is off, then he is staying again and now he is off once more - and it has been his agent that has been doing most of the talking!

Who knows what will happen, all I know is until we hear anything 'official' - and official news is not something we are hearing much, if anything of - anything, no matter who has said what and how much they - myself included - believe it to be 'gospel' it is nothing more than 'rumour' and 'speculation' is it.

I have tried to get a line from the club on this, but have so far had no luck...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 10 2009

Time: 11:29AM

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I can't believe we'd be stupid enough to cripple the squad even further before the takeover is guaranteed, so as much as this saddens me (I'm a big crouch fan) if its true that he's 'available' then it must be because takeover is nearly complete AND we already have replacement(s) lined up AND new manager doesnt fancy him.
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10/07/2009 11:54:00

Rug, I think things are starting to become clearer. Dr SAF has probably made an offer to Sacha for the club which may or may not include the debts associated. As we understand Sascha has his own debts (around 30M) which he has been financing the club with. SAF will not pay these off and has probably given Sascha the chance to do this with the sale of a couple of players, Johnson and Crouch would almost certainly clear 90% of this debt.
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10/07/2009 11:55:00

You migt be right bluedr, and alos the fact that Mancini who likes to play 4-5-1, has someone else in mind for the role, Henry or Gudjonson maybe??
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10/07/2009 12:02:00

MIDGES VIEW LOL 2 ways of thinking from little brain today. Way 1 - We wont see Crouch as such a big name under the new owner and manager, as maybe Crouch does not feature in their top 25 players? Way 2 - This was a Sunderland Paper, known to want him, and picked up by Tribal and Eatsleep, both of which are crap sites only copying stories from others... What will be will be, but i suspect its all rubbish
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10/07/2009 12:23:00

Everyone is having a panic over all of this again. I'm a firm believer that the takeover is very close to being completed and a new manager very much signed. Lets face it, Crouch had an ok season but is pretty one dimensional. If its Mancini as coach he plays a much more up tempo game that wouldn't suit Crouch...I don't want to see the guy go but he might not fit into the new coaches plans, simple as that.
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10/07/2009 12:31:00

I think that Crouch wants to stay. But he needs assurance. Who wouldn't want that? I am sure that once SAF is owner of PFC, Crouch will remain still. If he doesn't want to remain at the club, nothing will motivate him to do so - neither the no-owner situation nor the-new-SAF-Pompey. If he wants to leave, then it is ok. We surely be having the money to replace him once the takeover goes through! Even if, I want him to stay.
Pompey Malta
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10/07/2009 12:33:00

I agree Malta, there is no indication from Crouch that he wants to go but in reality he might feel he might be in the same situation as he was at Liverpool if high quality players as brought in so his agent is keeping his options open.
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10/07/2009 12:36:00

I read the article on the News website and to be fair it doesn't say that a) Crouch wants to go or b) confirm that the club is selling. It is just his opinion and let's be fair, agents only make money when there is a transfer. I would just hold tight for now and see what next week brings. Doubt we'll see anything firm until end of next week, even though that seems a million miles away!
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10/07/2009 12:57:00

All speculation as is always the case, but as tim says, its not Crouch himself saying anything its his agent. And as for being given time off, he was at training yesterday apparently. I wish someone like Meridien go down to the training ground and get a interview with him and get his views direct and not those of some crap comic journo
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10/07/2009 13:20:00

Agent says 'Portsmouth have financial problems and I think every player is available'...He may think but I hope and think he is wrong.
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10/07/2009 13:37:00

i dont care....sell him for 14m?...i would'nt pay that for him so who will?....Makems?..take it and run, buy dean ashton for 4m. DarrenOz..one dimential, thats true. dont get me wrong I like him, but he Aint the bee knees..unlike Defoe who was. The best have all gone except The Krunch. Diarra, Johnson, Munter, and Defoe...all gone now.
plymouth graham
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10/07/2009 13:51:00

The saga of this takeover has gone on far to long. It is now fast becoming a farce, with so called leaks and inuendo springing up everywhere. Come on SAF get your finger out and complete as a fit and proper person. If, and it's a big IF, there is a master plan, it had better be a good one. Because if all these players go and you have nothing to declare, all this takeover will succeed is get us relegated, and you will have wasted everybodies time.
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10/07/2009 13:58:00

I'd keep Kranjcar over Crouch any day and with the right forward line to supply, Niko can be a superstar.
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10/07/2009 14:01:00

Very neagtive Mike. These things take time and I reckon the press are bored because lets face it there isn't alot going on at most of the other clubs to get them interested at the moment.
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10/07/2009 14:03:00

i can confirm that crouchy has not been put up for sale by the club but offers, along the lines of those reported, have been made and its possible he will move on...
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10/07/2009 15:06:00

How can you confirm that Rug?
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10/07/2009 16:07:00

Because we can!! Rug is the editor and well let's say no more..
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10/07/2009 17:03:00

Maybe i'm wrong but it only seems to be the agent saying he thinks the club are in financial trouble and he thinks that they would sell. Well every player has a price but unless someone wants to pay well over the odds i can't see the club selling yet another quality player, sounds very like an agent trying to drum up some business so he can get a cut of it. It seems to me until the takeover is done and dusted we will continue to be subjected to this sort of crap. What i can't understand is why it's taking so long to sell the club. Since the takeover started both West Ham and that lot down the road have been sold so what's taking so long with us?
Steve C
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10/07/2009 17:46:00

Plymouth Graham Why would anyone waste 4 million on Dean Ashton not just a never was, even when he's fit he's a never likely to be. Actually he's a never likely to be fit. Crouch however has a well and truly proven record at the top level. regardless of what anybody thinks of Crouch his record stands up to scrutiny.
Steve C
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10/07/2009 17:54:00

Given that we now have on good authority that offers similar to those reported have been made, I think we should bite their hand off. He may be worth that sort of money, but he's not worth that sort of money TO US. He doesn't fit with our formation, he doesn't fit with our squad, and he doesn't really fit with the way the PL plays right now. He would almost certainly suit the way the Italian Serie A play, so if Milan want him, that would be a perfect fit. But Sunderland's money is as green as anyone else's if they're offering more.
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10/07/2009 18:14:00

Steve C, I completely concur, as I said earlier in this article, there is something going on that is holding things up. Someone said that it's haggling between SAF and Gaydamak over money, it's not, agreement was reached over the price in Rome. The DD process flushes out the creditors, debtors, liabilities, obligations and existing contracts (not just players) etc. I think it is so complicated in Pompeys case, that SAFS lawyers/accountants want all the detail flushed out, so there are no surprises in the future. It must be the case otherwise it would only taken days as in Scummers & West Ham case.
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10/07/2009 18:36:00

Mike1954 you are spot on with what DD is all about. Businesses are all about Assets and Liabilities and they all need to be thoroughly checked and that takes a lot of time. Hopefully not too much longer though eh?
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10/07/2009 18:45:00

I've been trying to ignore the rumour and innuendo, but if in fact this story is true, then something is seriously amiss. The worry would be that to start the season with such a dilapidated squad and very little time to add quality siginings is to invite a first half season of brutal football which could quickly leave us in a relegation battle. If the new owner indeed has ambitions for the club, selling Peter Crouch would send completely the wrong message. One could speculate that a Crouch sale is possible since Mr. Al Fahim doesn't have any control over personnel moves yet, or that selling Crouch et al would go toward clearing up Sacha's personal debts. Whatever. The point is that gutting the club in the hope of spectacular new signings before the transfer window closes is a recipe for disaster. It isn't Mr. Al Fahim's fault that the FA is making an example of him under their new strict set of rules vis-a-vis prospective owners, but since Crouch is in reality a club "asset", the prospective owner should have a veto on whether that asset is still on board once the sale of the club is completed. While I agree to some extent with what someone said above about Crouch being to a large extent a " one dimensional player", his is a dimension that we should not risk losing until we have a better alternative on board. Happy weekend all ! (and stop reading the newspapers til this deal is done ! PUP
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10/07/2009 19:05:00

I've heard and believe it to be true, that there are a whole set of players as well as the new manager lined up to come in. It may be that Crouch doesn't fit the new manager's plans. Or maybe he does, but can't reassure Crouch to get him to stay until he starts in the job. Or maybe Crouch does want to go. Or its just his agent trying to stir up business? I would love Crouchie to stay though - personally rather lose Niko than Crouch, but que sera and all that.
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10/07/2009 19:58:00

i think if crouch gets a bit more service and has a strike partner or just more creative midfielders and wingers behind him he will produce better performances and score more goals. but if a silly bid comes in like 17million then take it and go and spend it on mark vidukas wages coz hes free and kalou 11million then the other 6million on other players..
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10/07/2009 21:46:00

crouch'll stay. I have no doubt about it.
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10/07/2009 22:11:00

sorry, i had a conversation with someone from PFC today, but had to confirm it was ok to fully share what i was told - that little 'snippet' was all i could share, but have now been able to publish an article - from the horses mouth..., couldnt do before as i was at work...
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10/07/2009 23:41:00

Steve C you may be right about Ashton, you may be wrong..I've always liked him as i like Big Bustling CF's...and just plucked a name out of the air who fit the type i would like. However, i do think your analysis of him is over critical, and he is a good skillfull CF. Crouch had great touch when we had him before and i always knew he would do well, and he has....but how many chces does he miss?...it was like watching Benjani all over again. Be honest...he is overrated.
plymouth graham
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11/07/2009 06:44:00

I'll stand by crouches record it stands up to close scrutiny, his main problem has been the way he's been used and a lack of quality supply. Ashton i'm afraid is injured more than he's fit, viduka is past it. the trouble is the longer this takeover saga goes on the less chance we have of signing quality players, we will be stuck with the likes of Ashton, Viduka and anybody else that nobody wants just to try and make up the numbers.
Steve C
Report Abuse
11/07/2009 11:04:00

Don't panic people .. When Abbey made my breakfast this morning she assumed me that Peter was staying at pompey no matter what !
Report Abuse
11/07/2009 11:24:00

chix....what would want Abbey to make ter breakfast for...when you were obviously still sleeping. Abbey..not my type...Nigella, theres some one who could knock me up a Bacon sarnie.
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
11/07/2009 12:55:00

PlyGra Wht would I want Abbey to make me breakfast.. Well it's obvious really.. Cheryl was working late !! You can have Nigella Graham.. I wouldn't be able to think about anything else other than her Dad !.. (spits..)
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 10:02:00

Hope he stays but fear he will go. PC wants to be needed & may feel he ain't anymore. If it involves Sasha getting his loan cleared, he'll be sold.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 09:28:00


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