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Boot the Sun out of Portsmouth!

Are you tired of the damaging nonsense printed about Pompey by the Sun? We are and as a result Vital Pompey and myPompey have teamed up to create a powerful coalition which will endeavour to Boot the Sun out of Pompey until it mends its ways.

myPompey and Vital Pompey are independent fans sites and as such we are 'rivals' in many ways given we try to ensure that each is a first port of call for Pompey fans - let's be honest here!

That said, with Vital Pompey and myPompey being among the best and most respected Pompey sites out there, we felt that joining forces on the issue of tackling the Sun will be beneficial for all Pompey fans and of course, the Club we all love.

We are tired of the slurs that this 'rag' keeps pushing our way and we are tired of the pain and hurt that this causes Pompey fans, the Club and the effect it has on the City as a whole. Not only does this publication damage us but it also influences others with its often inaccurate and mischievous reporting.

That's why we have joined forces to help... Boot the Sun out of Pompey!

How can you help?

Portsmouth and the surrounding area is one of the largest subscribers to the Sun. So we ask you to stop buying the rag and get it booted out of Portsmouth. Hurt them where it hurts most, in the pocket!

You can also help by refusing to read it online and generally wherever possible avoid it like the plague.

Perhaps if enough sales are lost the Sun will sit up and take notice and who knows, it might even mend its ways. Even if it doesn't, you know you will have done your bit for the Club and the City of Portsmouth.

Feel free to copy and distribute the 'Boot the Bun out of Portsmouth' graphic for your own related campaigns.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 22 2009

Time: 12:30PM

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Parts of Merseyside did and do this; some smaller shops and independents refuse to stock that publication, even today, whilst others keep their allocation and then send the whole back as SoR. It doesn't seem to make much difference but it sure as hell makes peole feel better. I've even seen individuals attacked in the street for reading it, but that is extreme and not a stance I support.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 11:10:00

agree tony, whilst - without doubt in the liverpool case - i can understand the immense feeling on the issue attacking people for reading is too much surely...
if people want to read the sun in pompey that is fine, fair enough, but those that love the club and the city are only helping them to aid hurting us by doing so - this might make no difference, but maybe it will?
we say why should those in pompey - and pompey fans wherever i guess - keep giving money to a paper that shows us now respect...
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 11:48:00

Never read it, never will but this campaign has my 100% support and I will do all I can to publicise it!!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 12:52:00

I don't get the "Bun" bit. Am I missing something?
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:01:00

currant bun, sun... come on sneaks think about it :-) plus possible 'copyright' issues might have meant using the sun's logo could have proved problematic...
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:08:00

I'm in. Not that I read it either, but their coverage of 'PompeyGate' is just plain rediculous and really went beyond the line and has damaged our club. You get my full support guys!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 14:44:00

I used to buy it every day but after some of the s**t they printed a few years back when were under Mandaric I called time and haven't bought a copy since. Times all the way now, way better sport anyway...
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:46:00

I have to admit though that I bought it last Thursday so that I could get the fixture list pull out and the racing guide for my day at Ascot. I feel ashamed now! :(
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:56:00

you filthy swine - go sit in the corner and think about what you have done sneaks, lol!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:59:00

I'll back that all the way. And although I don't live in Pompey the "THING" ought to be off the streets anyway, it damages your mental health. Never buy it anyway,I've got my reputation to think of. And don't ask what reputation...it's a work in progress.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 19:33:00

Me too, never buy it but this has my full support. If only we could get some shopkeepers in on this.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 20:09:00

Gets my full backing and good to see two Pompey fans sites join forces in a bid to get to the widest audience possible - Well done Rug and Chris - It's front page article on Pompeyrama too don't forget !
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 23:17:00

This get's my full backing. Many of you know how this rag's really got my back up over the past few weeks. I never liked it before - I absolutely detest it with a passion now. Maybe a general facebook group for all those on the Portsmouth network would help as well? Anything to get this peice of dump out of our glorious, F.A Cup winning city!
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 00:24:00

Thankfully, it's not a problem we have to worry about out here. But the Toronto Sun sucks as well.... (except the Sunshine Girl on the second last page...and maybe the Sport section...and the crossword...but other than that, it's complete rubbish).
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 02:30:00

...come to think of it, I'll stop reading the Toronto Sun to join with you all in a symbolic jesture of solidarity ! (but looking at the Sunshine girl isn't really " reading " is it ???)
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 02:32:00

as far as i can see most folk on this site read and write-even me and Penton who are from the sticks-so we would'nt buy that rag anyway..
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 07:59:00

My God those of you who know me . know i say it as it is .So you lot need to get out more . to even think that any one takes the sun seriously is a joke it must be the best wind up paper on the market its certainly got you all going. with its Pompey gate Calm down . i buy the sun every day i cant stand papers that are serious they print as much crap as the others but using bigger words . chill out guys its the summer, we all got wound up last summer about who we were going to sign at PFC . & look where that got us
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 09:21:00

You get more sense out of the Beano than that so called newspaper.
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 12:50:00

Stick it on the comic rack or even better stick it in the bin!!
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 20:32:00

Got to work yesterday with my copy of the Star, Mate John was sat down with the Express, and he hadn't heard of our campaign yet!
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 21:41:00

Ha Ha Graham, Found my passport mate im moving back to Whitchurch on August 1st, good to be going home! Juicer, spot on mate...can't believe so many say they don't read it...bet they do really
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 21:43:00

Join my Facebook campaign by following the link below. I was livid after last week articles by Shaun Custis and vowed to start this campaign, I have through word of mouth only around 450 members in just a few days. I also wrote The Bun an email, everybody needs to bombard them with emails just to ***** them off. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=92868033099&ref=mf#/group.php?gid=92868033099&ref=mf Sorry if its long winded for this post but here is a copy of my email. Sports Desk Can you please explain what Portsmouth Football Club has done to you and your newspaper, I refer to your recent articles in The Sun from Saturday 13th June, Monday 15th June and Tuesday 16th June 2009 named as 'Pompeygate'. On Tuesday 16th June 2009 you explained in great detail about the contact from the Premier League Chairman, Thaksin Shinawatra and Dr Sulamian Al Fahim ( UN Ambassador ) oh and not forgetting the Pompey Chief Executive Peter Storrie. What your in depth ground breaking story failed to mention was what is actually wrong with Mr Shinawatra and his associates advising Dr Al Fahim about and how to purchase a Premier League Club, are you not forgetting that Mr Shinawatra actually owned a Premier League Club which was ratified by the Premier League. I believe that newspapers like yours DO NOT want Portsmouth Football Club in the Premier League because we are not fashionable enough. We are not located in the glitzy capital of England like The Sun loving 'Spurs' nor are we a cheeky scouse club like 'Liverpool', a fun happy go lucky eastender like ' The Hammers', or maybe its because the best fans in the country ' Newcastle' have been relegated and you feel aggrieved that a club like ours are still in the Premier League. We are club from a working class city and play in a dilapidated football stadium ( if you can call it a stadium ), we share training facilities with a University from another near by city BUT we are Portsmouth and we love our club. We have arose from the depths of the English leagues to be where we are today thanks to recent regimes at Fratton Park and just when it looked like we were going to be a rich club with the money to build a new stadium, new training facilities and a club for the future, your newspaper is doing its hardest to convince the English public and the Premier League that we DO NOT deserve an owner like Dr Al Fahim. I would not blame Dr Al Fahim if he was to pull out of the deal after the English gutter press have treated him with total disrespect in recent days. Portsmouth Football Club are in deep trouble without Dr Al Fahim's financial input so where is the problem, his associates has met with the Premier League to prove sole ownership ( article in the Portsmouth Evening News dated 13th June 2009, http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Pompey-Al-Fahim-will-be.5363677.jp ), but I do not see that written anywhere in your daily newspaper, NO all I see are slanderous comments from Neil Cusits, is this man supposed to be a sports journalist ?, as he seems not to be talking about anything to do with football, just clearly trying to unearth some sort of story which clearly is not there. SO I SAY TO YOU AND YOUR NEWS TEAM, LEAVE PORTSMOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB ALONE TO GO ABOUT THERE BUSINESS, AND YOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR DAILY BUSINESS OF SPORTS REPORTING. Please do not email back with all your poxy excuses like you are only looking out for Portsmouth by uncovering if Mr Al Fahim or whoever are fit for ownership, because I do not want to hear such rubbish. I know its not going to change your financial position as a business but you can count me out of ever buying The Sun newspaper again, A facebook campaign to stop all Pompey fans buying your newspaper is being setup. I am not speaking just on my behalf but there is a lot of ill feeling towards Mr Custis and your newspaper in recent days. I hope Portsmouth Football Club ban Mr Cusits from Premier League games next season, and if it was up to myself your newspaper altogether would be banned. There is no place in football for such journalism like this. I look forward to your professional response upon this matter ASAP
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 22:13:00

Wow.. take a breath Dazz..
Report Abuse
24/06/2009 00:10:00

The "Bun" should be booted out of football, guys. They are the worst shower of unprofessional mendacious pettifogging un-disciplined petty boring embarassing juvenile sickly smelly lying cheating --- ummm, what were we taking about, just now?
Report Abuse
24/06/2009 01:02:00

but what about those poor little page 3 girls?
Report Abuse
24/06/2009 01:26:00

the problem with facebook groups is there are so many, you need one definative facebook group, they all need to br brought together and all campaigns united - a fully united campaign would have a much better impact than splinter cell campaigns...

as for reading the sun, ive never said that i have not read it, do not read it have not bought it, ive read stories that i wanted to regarding pompey online for years and have read it when its be given to me by others that have bought it - but i have not bought a copy myself for good knows how long and would not buy a copy again, nor have i viewed it online, and chances are i will not again.
Report Abuse
24/06/2009 08:06:00

Can we add the Mirror to this campaign as well? They follow the same trend of printing utter b*******.
Report Abuse
24/06/2009 09:40:00

I sometimes can't believe the rubbish The Sun print. The other day it was something along the lines of "James fears for his England place", even though we are the team that more or less resurrected him, gave him the chance to find his form again & get back into the England set-up as #1. Idiots. Get the **** out. He would have been on the bench at Spurs, now THAT would have ruined his chances.
Report Abuse
04/09/2009 20:13:00


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