Portsmouth - Bilic approached?
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Bilic approached?

The News is claiming that Slaven Bilic's agent, Rudi Vata, has been approached and the Croatian manager would be interested in the Pompey job?

He said, when talking to The News: 'Slaven is open to offers and there is interest from Portsmouth.

'There are different clubs who want him but he is very interested.

'Portsmouth have tried to get in touch, but there is no concrete offer at this stage. But the idea of working with and building the club would excite him.'

Bilic has built up a decent reputation for himself with his work with the Croatian national team and has no shortage of admirers with other English, some Germany and of course previously Celtic 'linked' with him.

At the moment anyway Bilic appears to have become the latest 'favourite' for the Pompey job, which now makes him, what, the third to hold that status after Sven Goran Eriksson and Roberto Mancini...

It appears that the Croat has plenty of support on Vital Pompey too as well, with him the man that the majority wanted in a recent poll, which was suggested by coxy30.

  • What the poll asked - Which manager would you like next at Fratton Park?

  • How you voted - Bilic 34%, Sven 24%, Redknapp 19%, Mancini 14%, Someone else 9%

    I have to admit that the thought of Bilic does appeal to me, but I can also see the potential 'pitfalls' too - that said I certainly would not be disappointed should we be able to manage this, nor would I be disappointed, and this is something I mentioned before, in seeing a Pompey legend potentially return as I reckon he would be looking to bring Robert Prosinecki to assist him?

    Once again all we can say is lets wait and see, and until the takeover is 100% done nothing can be done can it...


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  • The Journalist

    Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Tuesday June 9 2009

    Time: 1:21PM

    Your Comments (oldest first)

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    Oh yes!! I've ALWAYS said Bilic - I'm a massive fan and I reckon that he'd be a fantastic manager for us. Plus, I'd love to say to Chix that I was right and he was wrong..... lol!
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    09/06/2009 13:46:00

    100% sure proof way that Kranky will stay too.
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    09/06/2009 13:53:00

    Guys off topic but on poll - Which manager would you like next at Fratton Park ? You could say Bilic because Croatian public is now officially really *****ed at him and we are ready to dump him ASAP. Reason ?? hmmm... a lot of them not just the loss against ENGLAND but the selection of players, we have much better players then these 11 who played last 2-3 games. Anyhow the last straw was yesterday's draw against Ukraine (tactics all wrong). So now if you read Bilic linked with pompey don't just say yeah right it could happen. (http://www.portsmouth.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=156814) I wrote that a day ago LOL.
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    09/06/2009 14:02:00

    Yesha Pleashe! Let's get this buying sorted so that Bilic can come in and pick a couple of players to compliment the squad.
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    09/06/2009 14:15:00

    yes, I saw Kranjcar19 - I didn't comment on it, becuase I'm not a great fan of Bilic becoming our next manager.
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    09/06/2009 14:32:00

    I have also written an article on why Bilic should be our man next season - don't get me wrong I had a word limit and there are plenty more reasons why he should come to Portsmouth!! It was published way back in February I think so it should be in the archive.
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    09/06/2009 14:51:00

    Some may argue that Croatia have had many great players in the last 15 years & their national team should do quite well. Does the manager take all the credit? Some cr4p England goalkeeping in the games against them made them look better than they really were. Does the manager take the credit for that too. I'm not convinced about Bilic! No prem experience, no real buying/selling experience. Could be a risky appointment.
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    09/06/2009 15:15:00

    he is gr8.......
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    09/06/2009 15:35:00

    storagematt you are wrong, very wrong you can't lay blame for loss against us on Robinson and Carson....in Zagreb you where already 1:0 down and for other 2 goals on Wembley Carson couldn't do a thing. We had many problems with our squad this year just like on Euro (Eduardo,Krizanac, captain Kovac retiring ,Kranjcar injury....) but we still won all the games in group including that great win against Germany. And we are still in the game for World Cup....so give him credit even though he made some mistakes he admitted them and tried to make things right. But it was extremely difficult without key players.
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    09/06/2009 15:46:00

    Matt - how hard can it be to sell/buy players? Granted he's not experience in day-to-day running of a club in the season but as a relatively recent former Premiership player he has a head-start at least. He has all his badges so why shouldn't he manage us? Plus, his managerial ability has been proven as Croatia's squad I wouldn't class as particularly strong when compared to teams like Germany/England - but they can get a result and that is definately down to the manager. We need someone passionate like Bilic who will fight and actually care about the team. Bilic will be fantastic manager, and will be great to watch on the sidelines too - he relishes big games and I think it'll rub off on our squad for sure.
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    09/06/2009 16:22:00

    Just putting a different slant on things. If Bilic is that brilliant Real Madrid would have snapped him by now!!! As for how hard can it be to buy/sell players? Actually it's very hard Gino. Not many get it right!!!
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    09/06/2009 16:41:00

    Mark Hughes has done really well having started at the national level, so Bilic could too...I have no real idea of who I want because i dont follow Euro footie and have no idea about mancini, but i know swen did well at city and HR does well every where-except SFC.. Matinez has gone to Wigan so ...who ever..
    plymouth graham
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    09/06/2009 16:56:00

    Bilic: no club management experience and a cheat (98 world cup). No thanks.
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    09/06/2009 17:26:00

    I see your point Matt and it is a very valid one, although one I persoally totally disagree with!! Bilic is a fantastic manager, and Real won't take him because they already have Pellegriniin charge! It may be hard to sign players - but look at the experienced managers buying the likes of Boumsong for Newcastle, Schevchenko for Chelsea, Michael Owen for Madrid/Newcastle..... it is hard to get these right so applying it to Bilic before he's even had a chance is, in my opinion, a moot point.
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    09/06/2009 17:26:00

    i can see arguments for and against bilic - i totally like his animated nature and passion. i also think that he could get the best out of players, but do have concerns that it has been much easier to get the best out of, and motive the croat players because of his status with the nation...
    concerns about having a lack of league, and more to the point premier league, management experience is something that i have but given the right back and support he could do a job i reckon - i could see the football being good to watch aswell, but with results, not just good football...
    time will tell, we are 'sounding' people out at the moment and i dare say his agent is doing the same!

    at this point in time my top 2 would be bilic, and believe it or not jamie's dad... im pretty surprised at myself at this, but am coming round to the thoughts that 'perhaps' he is one of the best candidates for the job - that doesnt mean to say i have to overly like and/or trust the guy again!
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    09/06/2009 17:43:00

    Rug I am with you with regard to him coming back. I'd hate it, but say what you like he did a job for us. I'd rather see Bilic in first though. As Graham said, Hughesy did well after international management, and this is probably because he played in the Premier League - as has Bilic. Ex-players already have more of an idea, and even more so when they have alread been a successful manager in one way or another.
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    09/06/2009 17:47:00

    thats a fair shout Gino, and that might make a difference - i think the bonus for hughesy aswell tho is the managers that he played under, of course sir alex, venables at barcelona i guess, hoddle at chelsea i think - pre chelski days, souness - love or loathe him at scum and blackburn, probably walter smith at everton and these, especially sir alex would have tought him so much...
    you cannot really put bilic in that same category can you? would it have been jamie's dad at west ham and 'maybe' howard kendall towards the end of his 2nd spell and smith at everton?
    i do not like the thought, but like i say i think jamie's dad is actually becoming a candidate that stands out more and more, altho he is only a candidate in the media's eyes and i cannot see us turning to him again, but you can never say never can you...
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    09/06/2009 17:55:00

    i think i have made it perfectly clear over the past week or so i do not want jamie's dad back, the thought isnt nice but like i say looks 'one of the best' options at the moment... out of principle i say no, but principle can often get you nowhere right?
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    09/06/2009 17:58:00

    One thing we have to remember the Doc has a short list, Now all this means that maybe Bilic is on it, but who else Gus?, Claudio?.
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    09/06/2009 18:46:00

    Admire him but don't think he's the ideal candidate. It would be nice to " hit the ground running " next season having a manager with at least some EPL track record. 1) Avram Grant 2) Allardyce 3)Sven. What we need right now is stabiity and a top 10 finish next year. Going off on wild goose chases with guys whose egos are more important than the long term welfare of the club can have disastrous results.
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    09/06/2009 18:51:00

    Krnjcar19: Croatia has some terrific players and very passionate fans, but if their unsatisfied with what Bilic has done or is doing for them right now, I'd have to say that they are unrealistic about what a country of that size should expect of its national side.
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    09/06/2009 18:58:00

    I hate to admit it as well Rug, but when you look at credentials for managing a team, Jamies Dad, has them all and that is why he was so good for us both times. Playing Devils Advocate, any manager if offered 5m as a sweetener would go, particularly if the owner had said there was no money to spend on new players in the near future unless there was a buy out. All managers and players are as fickle as it gets, contracts are worth nothing these days and any one of them would go if something, better comes along. The only loyalty in a club comes from the fans (Linvoy Primus is an exception in fairness). If H comes back and we win first few games and we have top players and play attractive football again, then I'm sure fans would learnt to forgive if not forget.
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    09/06/2009 19:45:00

    I wouldn't say forgive, or forget - however I think we would still have to respect the fact he is still a top manager. It's hard to say I'd want him back... but all in all, he wouldn't be too bad. However, he would have to learn to put up with being jamies dad!
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    09/06/2009 20:08:00

    Toronto I dont think the size of the Country has anything to do with it - otherwise Russia would be World Champions!! Croatia is spurting out talent. Rug I take your point about Hughes adopting his manager's approaches, and fair point that Bilic has been under a couple of "nobodies". That said, he has injected his own individual style into the Croatia squad and been successful with it so why not give him a chance? Bilic is perfect for us I really think so - plus Prosinecki as assistant manager would be awesome. There are fors and there are againsts, and we will all agree/disagree. Blarmy - I wouldn't forgive or forget, but I'm a fan of "Portsmouth Football Club", not a fan of "Manager of PFC", so I'll support him if he comes and trust his decisions.
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    09/06/2009 20:28:00

    I'm not going to repeat my thinking on HR because I've already expressed those feelings in the Milan Manderic debate. Billic is someone who really grabs me in one way but makes me a little nervy in another. I really love his passion and the way he has molded the Croatia team but am still undecided as to whether he'd cut the mustard in the rough and tumble of the Prem. Ok he's an ex player, but so was TA. Both have had glittering careers on the pitch, but the nitty gritty of club football in the toughest of all leagues demands someone with the nouse from the off. I've no doubt Billic could do the job, but whether he'd be able to hit the ground running I'm doubtful. I'd like like to be proven wrong and maybe I will be...
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    09/06/2009 21:58:00

    its prob not going to happen so its a non-starter anyway, but forgiving, nope not this time, forgetting, again nope but all in all as has been said in this - and other threads - loyatly is dead really isnt it... the more i think about it, the more i think pompey4me was right with his thoughts about most viewing what they do as 'just a job' now... to many it is, and most, if not all, have no genuine feeling and affinity to a club...
    would totally disagree with grant thoughts - 2/3rd of a season as manager of a chelski side that was set-up for sucess, not achieving this would have been harder, isnt premier league experience, fat sam is fat sam, we 'could' have done with him in hindsight last season but not in the future and sven, well that boat has well and truely sailed methinks...
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    09/06/2009 22:06:00

    I wish this duediligence thing would hurry up and be done with. Our options will be lessening as the days go on for both Manager and Player. I too, have softened on the Redknapp stance, isn't this what the Press have been doing this past week? Softening us up?
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    09/06/2009 23:31:00

    Bilic has done well for a country the size of 4.5 mil people. Lets be realistic they have ALOT of talent for the size of country. And like one of you said what can you expect the do with that....come on compared to 50 mil people countries...I love bilic he is passionate and brings that to players and makes them over achieve and if they dont goodbye...like he has shown of national level...Bilic is a slight risk but a big reward compared to others...that is my opinion everyone is entitled to think otherwise
    Report Abuse
    10/06/2009 05:36:00

    and its a good opinion, well back up Andyflag679, thanks for sharing it with us here on vital pompey - that is what we are all about, opinions and sharing them, keep doing this :-)
    Report Abuse
    10/06/2009 07:58:00

    If we could bring in Bilic while still having Brian Kidd around then I would be really happy! Bilic has so much character and I would love to have a manager again who is passionate about the team. His passion means that he is the kind of manager people want to play for. I know he is not as experienced as Sven but look at how well Zola has done at West Ham. Experience doesn't mean success.
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    10/06/2009 11:19:00


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