Portsmouth - Mandaric has his say...
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Mandaric has his say...

Milan Mandaric is a man that I will be forever grateful too as he quite literally saved the club, but I do wish he would keep quiet sometimes...

The former Pompey chairman is never afraid to voice his opinion and is never short of a word or two is he, so, and in many ways I am surprised that it has taken so long to be honest, his words in The News today that Pompey should turn to Jamie's Dad for a third time do not surprise me: 'Harry Redknapp is a fantastic manager. He knows and understands the game far better than most.

'He's a top manager and the right manager for Portsmouth. I rate him so highly.

'Managing people is his best quality. He's not perfect and sometimes he would drive me crazy, but that quality always prevails.'

Ok, I do not think that 'man-management' can ever really be questioned, although his ability to 'turn his back' on someone so easily as he can, and has, is a shocking trait - maybe it is a good one in a cut throat world like football though? Nor can his ability to manage the press, and keep them onside, but his 'morals' and 'principles', or should that be lack of, can and will be something that I can and will question from now on - I was far too blinkered to this before...

Out of a matter of principle I do not want this, and seriously hope this is not a bridge we cross again.

I would agree with Mandaric, as on the whole I think most would, that ultimately 'his' return the second time from the lot down the road was the thing that we needed and at that time - even though when you look at it in all honesty he did the dirty on them big time, left us for them as 'the going looked good' even with them in trouble, when they went down and we 'looked the better option' so back he came.

'He' was quite possibly, strike that probably the only one that could have saved us from relegation that season, and the rest as they say has become history. Of course I thank him for the part he played but I do think that he should remain part of that history, and not the present or future!

Of course when asked a question the Serbian will reply, as that is him all over he loves the limelight - and that having to share it with another with a large ego is what led to the split the first time - but sometimes deciding to be diplomatic is the best option perhaps.

Like I say, I am eternally grateful to Mandaric, and of course 'him', but focusing on his job with Leicester should be his priority as should allowing 'him' to do so with Spurs.

Dr SAF wants 'what the fans want', and on the whole we all know that the fans do not want 'him' back, putting aside the 'would he even return thoughts', which despite what most might think at Spurs, and what most of us might want here, I still suspect that he would you know!

In my genuine, and I would like to think unbiased, thinking - also putting aside any personal issues I might have on 'him', which by refusing to call him by name might question this I realise! - a return to Pompey for a 3rd time is not 'the best thing for the club' this time as Mandaric suggests.

Who knows what will happen next though in what is a crazy world of football, I would not put money against this happening again, but then again I would not be putting that much on it either! But, as they say time will tell...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 8 2009

Time: 12:32PM

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I read something last week that said Charleys Grandad didnt have full support of the Spurs board and was upset about having to stay a few nights a week in london away from Sandrah. As much as i'd be against it, I wouldnt be suprised if he did come back for the third time. At least it's never boring being a pompey fan eh.
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08/06/2009 12:54:00

It would have been a wonderful fairy tale had He stayed with us through the bad times, scratching around for the odd loan and digging up a talented African player no one had heard of on the cheap. Him shaking his jowls and asking everyone "wot can I doo?" when we lost a match. And then in comes Dr Saf with loadsamoney for Him to spend just how he wanted and take us on the great things. It could have been a legend. But no, he buggered off when the going got tough, so no, I don't want him back. We would always have in the back of our minds what he is capable of, and it would never be the same again. How could we take him to our hearts and think of him as one of us as we did before? No - we couldn't - could we?
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08/06/2009 13:04:00

No we couldn't!!
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08/06/2009 13:22:00

what was the result from the last poll? he must have been at least third favourite? - definalty ahead of mancini!
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08/06/2009 13:40:00

I'm going to put my head on the block here I know, but have given this a great deal of thought. I've had a major change of mind. Given a choice between Sven, Billic and HR, I'd go for HR because he's the best of the three, and if he did come back I'd support him because I love Pompey the team/club. I'm not in love with the manager and owe him no loyalty like I do the team/club. Does anybody actually think Sven would show any loyalty? The man is a money grabbing shark. Managers come and go, just like players, especially in the Prem. It's a results business and we want results. The emotion should only come into it as regards the team. We've got to stand up and admit we're a fickle bunch as fans, that's our prerogative, we're allowed to be, that's football. If the man came back, built a great team, and we were playing great football, Fratton Park would be buzzing. I would be happy with that because I support the TEAM/CLUB not the MANAGER. The chances are it won't happen, but if it does, I for one will get on with it and ditch my original disgust at him going to Spuds. Life's too short...PUP>>>
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08/06/2009 14:11:00

Yes very grateful to MM & yes he talks too much. He interferred when HR was here & look where that led us. I am a big fan of HR because of what he achieved when he was here. Yes, I hated him when he left but I am very much over that. I would imagine there are many good managers out there who would be chomping at the bit to spend m's to make us successful but bringing HR back probabaly wouldn't be the smartest move.
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08/06/2009 14:23:00

Yeah, I've got to agree there storagematt Bringing HR back probably wouldn't be the smartest move. I'm just preparing myself mentally, just in case it does happen.
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08/06/2009 14:39:00

Thanks Harry for all you did for us, i even forgave your little trip up the road. But your honesty stinks I will retire after this club you said, more fool us for thinking you might actually mean it. No doubt that you have the skills to be a top manager but not the stomach to stick it out when things take a down turn. Some may point at the great escape, but you couldn't lose there, keep us up you were the hero, if we went down the damage was done before you came back. As far as i'm concerned thanks for some great memories but i won't be calling for your return.
Steve C
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08/06/2009 16:07:00

More noise.
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08/06/2009 16:31:00

I think the anti Harry thing is stupid, in the same way I think the anti scum songs of JPFCW are pointless, the scum are irelevant and Harry's took coq; forget about em they are gone! Thank em for the entertainmemt but its time to move on
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08/06/2009 16:51:00

lol at you lot....harry wont be coming back.....he is at at a much bigger club, that also have "loadzamoney" as one poster put it, were also about to start construction on a 60,000 seater world class stadium in our fine capital city...and will be much more likely to win things with spurs...little old pompey will always be little old pompey no matter who owns you!....ala Q.P.R
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08/06/2009 17:16:00

Now then Milan, I have a lot of time and respect for you for what you did for our club, but please shut up we don't want him back!
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08/06/2009 17:23:00

He will not be coming back...it aint gonna happen. He might like the idea byt he kbnows that Spurs is a bigger club and will always have the financial clout. Russellm..i agree mate, the scum songs are pointless. I had donkeys years of abuse and micky taking from the red stripes, like alot of us non pomponian Hampshire boys. but now its all pointless and i actually miss playing them.
plymouth graham
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08/06/2009 18:01:00

What HR did for us when we needed it I.E to promote us then to save us and then to build us upward until we could not go any further, in my view gives him the open door to always be welcomed in whatever capacity. I originally thought that when he was with us and may have had enough of the manager job he would have stayed as a director or something. Do not forget what he did for us.
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08/06/2009 18:06:00

Russellm Right I'm with you more Pompey songs,& forget the negative junk & lilly read the comment's before you post 'WE DON'T WANT HIM BACK"understand now, big club ha! Ha!....ala Newcastle
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08/06/2009 19:14:00

the former Pompey chairman should keep his snout out!
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08/06/2009 19:28:00

I don't want him back but there is a lot of widom in wht Cornypomp says, which we should take on board - just in case.
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08/06/2009 19:36:00

I agree MM did so much for our club, and I agree he should keep his trap shut now. I can see corny's point but this game, especially for Pompey fans is all about passion, and that's why we may be childish, but he can't come back. Yes MM brought him back, and got away with that, and it brought us great success, but he really burned his bridges the way he left, and if Dr SAF, as he says, has respect for what the fans say, he won't do that to us. Any case, Dr SAF strikes me as his own man, with his own ideas, I can't imagine he'll be swayed by the owner before last.
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08/06/2009 21:33:00

I also think MM did so much for us when we needed him but we don't need him now. I think we should look at Jamies dad with the same light. He did great for us but we don't need him now. Lets move on.
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08/06/2009 22:25:00

One thing I haven't seen mentioned before is the nature of the club now compared to the club under MM and Sacha. Under those guys, the club progressed by buying players in and paying high wages. Dr SAL has already said that the club will be looking to develop youngsters and bring in talent from Dubai. Regardless of whether or not you want Jamie's Dad back, this isn't the way he works. Look at him since January. He went to Spurs, and promptly spent 50M just keeping them in the Premiership. This isn't the way Dr SAL wants to work, and it's not the way most of us want us to go. We did that in the past and paid the price. So regardless of whether you would like him or not, and whether he would come or not (he wouldn't!) I don't think he's the right type of manager. Sven is not on the shortlist because he's the wrong type of manager, and I think the same should apply to Sandra's husband.
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08/06/2009 22:43:00

Lillywhite, you are jealous... Be better yeah, so what. You cold blooded people. Have Harry mate, always moaning and saying he is buying every player and then ends up wanting all Portsmouth. You want to become Pompey in white. But now, we can keep our players cause we are richer than you are. And that is why he might come back.... he loves it here, not there.
Pompey Malta
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09/06/2009 05:52:00

Clearly Harry's been looking for way to ingratiate himself with us so he calls his buddy Milan to put in a good word or two for him. Here's the thing Arry. Had you been given the opportunity to go and manage at Arsenal, Manyoo, Chelski or Livepool, I don't think most of us would have begrudged you the opportunity and we may even be welcoming you back with open arms at this this point. No, the problem is that you left us at an hour of need for a second rate London club (of which there are many - QPR, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Brentford, etc). Now that you've discovered that they aren't the "Big Club" you had supposed them to be, you want to come back home. Sorry mush. The grass always seems greener, but it still has to get cut. Do a good job at spurs and who knows, maybe a vacancy at Chelski comes up next season at which you'll have a 20-1 shot at landing. But you're not coming back here cos we've moved on.
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09/06/2009 17:19:00


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